Watch: College Students Say Thanksgiving Is ‘Racist,’ Give Hilarious Excuses to Support Narrative

By The Blaze. Campus Reform correspondent Josiah Tejada visited the University of Oregon campus to interview students ahead of the university hosting a Thanksgiving-centric event titled, “Thanks But No Thanks-giving.”

The event, according to the outlet, “labeled the holiday as a ‘celebration’ of ‘ongoing genocide,’” and aimed to make its attendees more “culturally aware.” . . .

All was not a total loss, however: Several of the respondents admitted that they didn’t believe the holiday is a racist one, and some copped to simply appreciating the holiday because they have the freedoms to enjoy sharing a good, home-cooked meal with their families. (Read more from “Watch: College Students Say Thanksgiving Is ‘Racist,’ Give Hilarious Excuses to Support Narrative” HERE)


Is Thanksgiving ‘Racist’?

By Campus Reform. . .To find out what students at the University of Oregon had to say about this topic, Campus Reform Oregon Campus Correspondent Josiah Tejada asked a number of students if Thanksgiving is “racist” or a “celebration” of genocide.

“There’s definitely a racist history to Thanksgiving and that should probably definitely be addressed more in education,” one student said. Another student told Campus Reform, “the whole concept with, like, taking land and assigning a value to it through cost is, like, it was different through European cultures.”

Yet another student characterized Turkey Day as “racist,” because “we’re celebrating taking away land from Natives.”

“It doesn’t have to be not celebrated, but if we can change it to instead of feeding ourselves maybe feeding the natives or donating to natives. Do we really need a giant feast?” one student opined. (Read more from “Is Thanksgiving ‘Racist’?” HERE)

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