Watch: Trump Rips Apart Reporters One by One, Including Absent Jim Acosta

On Friday morning, President Donald Trump unloaded on reporters for asking “stupid questions,” their lack of intelligence, and their overall “nasty” behavior.

During a media gaggle outside the White House, CNN reporter Abby Phillip asked the president if he wants Matthew Whitaker, named acting attorney general, to “rein in” Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who’s overseeing the investigation into so-called “Russian collusion.”

Trump was, uh, direct. “What a stupid question that is. What a stupid question,” he emphasized. “But I watch you a lot; you ask a lot of stupid questions.” . . .

“I think Jim Acosta is a very unprofessional man. He does this with everybody. He gets paid to do that. He gets paid to burst in. He’s a very unprofessional guy. Whether it was me or [former President] Ronald Reagan or anybody else, he would have done the same thing,” slammed Trump.

Acosta was not present at the gaggle, though. On Wednesday, the Trump administration suspended Acosta’s press credentials after he refused to give up the mic, physically pushing off a young female aide who, doing her job, was trying to grab the mic from him after he asked three questions. (Read more from “Watch: Trump Rips Apart Reporters One by One, Including Absent Jim Acosta” HERE)

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