Elizabeth Warren’s Stunt Was so Terrible That She Might…Apologize for It?

Just two weeks before the 2018 midterm elections, 2020 presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren released the results of a DNA test in order to “prove” she’s Native American. After all, she used the title to get ahead in her academic and political careers.

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday sought to explain her controversial decision to list herself as a Native American in a directory of law professors for nearly a decade before getting a job at Harvard Law School and said she is absolutely qualified for her job.

But as decision time for 2020 inches closer, the failed stunt has turned into an even bigger albatross for the Massachusetts Senator. According to the New York Times, Democrat advisors believe Warren may have blown her 2020 chances and that the damage of her cultural appropriation may be beyond repair. In fact, some believe her only way to survival is through an apology.

Advisers close to Ms. Warren say she has privately expressed concern that she may have damaged her relationships to Native American groups and her own standing with progressive activists, particularly those who are racial minorities. Several outside advisers are even more worried: They say they believe a plan should be made to repair that damage, possibly including a strong statement of apology.

The advisers say Ms. Warren will have to confront the issue again if she announces a presidential campaign, which is expected in the coming weeks, and several would like her to act soon.

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