The Democratic Party’s Fault Lines Are Immigration and Identity Politics

. . .Take immigration, for example. As the Central American migrants storm the U.S.-Mexico border, the line of argument has shifted within the left from “they are never going to come” to “they are only poor refugees.”

Reihan Salam pointed out in the latest National Review podcast that migrants, who had to pay thousands of dollars to human traffickers in the past, can now have the relative safety and comfort of travelling in caravans, with food and blankets being provided by activists and NGOs, helping their every move. This is almost a copybook replication of the European migrant movement, with NGOs and activists with immense funding acting hand in hand with human traffickers.

It is also unsustainable, as the majority of the migrants in this scenario are military-aged men (just like Europe), brandishing their own countries’ flags, chanting worker’s solidarity slogans supported by socialists, and pelting stones at U.S. service personnel. Regardless of what some in the rational left still think of mass migration, this optics will eventually force them to choose between taking a stance of de facto open borders, or use of force and deterrence to stop this precedent. . .

The second fault line is identity politics. Post-2016, the Democrats have not found a way to move forward and are even divided in their diagnosis of what the problem is. The progressive wing of the left wanted a free hand and got one in the recent midterms, but the results were not kind to them.

Two key races, for example, showed the limitations of identity as a factor. In the gubernatorial race in Georgia, the far-left Stacey Abrams is refusing to concede in a manner now prevalent on the left. Abrams was a darling of the media, ticking all the intersectional boxes, which somehow led her to believe in her inevitability of winning and she is now disputing reality. (Read more from “The Democratic Party’s Fault Lines Are Immigration and Identity Politics” HERE)

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