Shocking Poll Reveals Number of Americans Who Want to Leave Country for Good

. . .According to a recent Gallup Poll, a full 16% of Americans want to leave the United States for good, which matches the numbers from 2017. What’s significant about the numbers is how much they sharply contrast with the number of Americans who wished to leave during the George W. Bush (11%) or Barack Obama administrations (10%). While Gallup did not inquire upon people’s political leanings when taking the poll, desire to leave was strongest among women and young Americans.

“During the first two years of the Trump administration, a record-high one in five U.S. women (20%) said they would like to move to another country permanently if they could,” reports Gallup. “This is twice the average for women during the Obama (10%) or Bush years (11%) and almost twice the level among men (13%) under Trump. Before the Trump years, there was no difference between men’s and women’s desires to move.”

Obviously, none of this has to do with any of President Trump’s policies, because contrary to the fantastical ruminations of feminists, women do not live in “The Handmaid’s Tail” under this current administration. So if women are so triggered by President Trump that they want to leave, it seemingly has everything to do with his character and rhetoric. . .

For younger Americans under 30, the 30% who wish to leave also represents a significant uptick over earlier years, with 40% of women younger than 30 saying they would like to leave versus 20% of men in the same age group. After age 50, the gap narrows and eventually disappears.

Poorer Americans also desire to migrate at higher levels (20%), more than twice the percentage than during Obama’s term. “So far under Trump, three in 10 Americans (30%) in the poorest 20% say they would like to migrate if they could, compared with an average of 13% under Obama,” reports Gallup. (Read more from “Shocking Poll Reveals Number of Americans Who Want to Leave for Good” HERE)

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