WATCH: Here’s the Altered Video of Trump That Got a News Staffer Fired

Post a doctored video of Trump on Twitter and you’ll probably end up getting more (left-wing) followers, but air one on live television and you’ll get fired.

That’s what appears to have happened to a staffer at Fox News affiliate Q13 in Seattle after the now-former employee aired what was clearly an altered video of President Trump giving his first ever address to the nation from the Oval Office on the issue of border security.

The video the staffer aired was altered to give Trump an overly-large mouth and to make him at one point push his tongue out in bizarre fashion. The colors of the video were also adjusted to make him look more orange. . .

A local radio station was tipped off about the altered video and produced a side-by-side comparison (see below).

“A listener to my program sent me a video that appears to show a deceptively edited video of President Trump’s speech from the Oval Office,” KTTH’s Todd Herman reported Thursday. “We performed a side-by-side comparison of the video from our listener, apparently taken by a smart phone recording of Q13, to the raw video of Trump’s speech from CNN. That comparison revealed the Q13 video creating a loop of the President licking his lips — making it seem bizarre and unbalanced — it also seems that someone distorted the President’s face and may have added an orange tone to his skin.”

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