White House Preparing ‘Gingerly’ to Replace Ginsburg

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had never missed oral arguments during her tenure on the high court until Monday as the court’s eldest judge continued to recover from surgery to remove cancerous cells from her left lung.

Now, a new report suggests that the White House is quietly preparing for another Supreme Court appointment given the possibility that the 85-year-old Ginsburg’s health could force her to retire. . .

According to the Daily Caller, “gingerly preparations” are underway in the White House counsel’s office in the event that Ginsburg’s Supreme Court departure comes sooner than expected.

“Gingerly preparations are underway, not just for Ginsburg but for any SCOTUS retirement,” a source “directly involved” in the process told the Daily Caller.

Indeed, another source told the outlet that President Donald Trump’s White House and White House counsel Pat Cipollone, remain well-prepared to handle another Supreme Court appointment, given the existing infrastructure inside the West Wing from Trump’s first two high court appointments. (Read more from “White House Preparing ‘Gingerly’ to Replace Ginsburg” HERE)

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