America Is Pro-Israel Because Americans Are Pro-Israel

America is pro-Israel because Americans are pro-Israel

Social media is ablaze reacting to the Twitter insinuation of anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., that Jewish-Israeli money is the real reason why American policy is very supportive of the state of Israel.

Omar’s anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are proven incorrect by virtually every legitimate polling company in the United States that measures Americans’ support for the Jewish state. In fact, last year, according to Gallup, U.S. support for Israel hit a two-decade high. The statistic is incredibly impressive when you consider how hostile and unfair much of the legacy media has been in covering Israel over the past few years.

There are many reasons why Americans support the nation of Israel, which is by far the most free country in the Middle East. For conservatives, it’s largely about our shared classical liberal and Western values. Others cite Israel’s modern economy, impressive technologies, its culture of tolerance, entrepreneurial spirit, respect for the rule of law, insistence upon equality and human rights, and its democratic governing process.

Americans are not fooled into supporting Israel, as Omar seems to imply. America supports Israel because the vast majority of Americans are pro-Israel at our core. (Read more from “America Is Pro-Israel Because Americans Are Pro-Israel” HERE)

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