Catholic Church Hierarchy Under Fire for Heresy and Rape of Nun

By The Independent. An Indian nun who says a bishop raped her 13 times and was urged by church officials to keep silent about it has been told the case is going to trial.

Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who maintains his innocence, will be charged and face trial by a special prosecutor on accusations of rape and intimidation, police said. . .

The church acknowledged the accusations only after five of the woman’s fellow nuns mutinied and publicly rallied to her side to draw attention to her year-long quest for justice, despite what they described as heavy pressure to remain silent.

The case is part of a larger problem in the church that Pope Francis addressed on Tuesday for the first time after decades of silence from the Vatican. He acknowledged that sexual abuse of nuns by clerics was a continuing problem.

At a time when church attendance is low in the West, and monasteries are being closed across Europe and America, the Vatican increasingly relies on places such as India to keep the faith growing. (Read more from “Catholic Church Hierarchy Under Fire for Heresy and Rape of Nun” HERE)


Former Cardinal Issues Manifesto in Thinly Veiled Attack on Pope

By Reuters. A cardinal who was sacked from a senior Vatican post by Pope Francis has written his own “Manifesto of Faith,” in the latest attack on the pontiff’s authority by a leading member of the Church’s conservative wing.

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, 71, a German who was the Vatican’s doctrinal chief until 2017, issued the four-page manifesto on Friday via conservative Catholic media outlets.

He said “many bishops, priests, religious and lay people” had requested it. He did not say how many and why he was issuing it now. . .

Mueller said he wrote it “in the face of growing confusion about the doctrine of the faith”.

He said some Church leaders “have abandoned the people entrusted to them, unsettling them and severely damaging their faith”. He warned against “the fraud of (the) anti-Christ”. (Read more from “Former Cardinal Issues Manifesto in Thinly Veiled Attack on Pope” HERE)

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