Israeli Officials Announce Start of Construction on New Steel Barrier Along Gaza Border

Israel is working on its own version of a border wall. The Defense Ministry announced Sunday that it began building the above-ground portion of the Gaza border barrier,, an Israeli news outlet reported. . .

The galvanized steel fence will span 40 miles and stand 20 feet high. Additionally, the western portion of the barrier will connect to the new sea barrier being built by the Israel Defense Forces.

The fence is designed to “prevent terrorists from Gaza from penetrating into our territory on the ground,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told media before the weekly cabinet meeting, the website France24 reported.

In addition, the structure is designed to prevent the construction of underground tunnels from Gaza. The project is estimated to cost the equivalent of about $833 million U.S. dollars. Its concrete wall will have sensors, according to Haaretz. . .

Palestinians have gathered along the Gaza border in numerous violent protests because they want to return to the land their families left during the war in 1948. They also want to end the blockade of Gaza by the Jewish state. At least 246 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in Gaza since March 30. The majority happened during border protests but others were the result of “tank fire and airstrikes,” France 24 reported. (Read more from “Israeli Officials Announce Start of Construction on New Steel Barrier Along Gaza Border” HERE)

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