‘MAGA’ Teen’s Attorney Announces He’s Coming for Nathan Phillips

One of the attorneys representing Nicholas Sandmann said that a defamation lawsuit is forthcoming against Nathan Phillips, the activist who falsely claimed that a group of “MAGA” hat-wearing teenagers from Covington Catholic High School threatened him last month in Washington, DC. . .

Wood, whom former CBS host Dan Rather once nicknamed “attorney for the damned,” was recently hired to represent the publicly-maligned 16-year-old student. He told Life Site to expect “the first round of civil lawsuits in the next two weeks.”

Wood was asked by Life Site about the status of an inquiry commissioned by the Covington Diocese into whether Sandmann and his classmates had in any way tried to harm or scare either Phillips or a fringe group of Black Hebrew Israelite protestors in the aftermath of the March for Life on Jan. 18. Wood responded that he and his team are “confident that any objective review of the evidence will conclude that Nick did nothing wrong.”

“Nick remained calm and well-mannered despite being confronted by an activist beating a drum within inches of his face while chanting loudly,” he said. “Nick did not utter one word except to quietly urge a classmate to refrain from making any comments that might aggravate the situation created by Phillips and the Black Hebrew Israelites.” (Read more from “‘MAGA’ Teen’s Attorney Announces He’s Coming for Nathan Phillips” HERE)

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