Poll: Trump Approval SOARS to 23-Month High With Likely Voters After SOTU Speech

President Donald Trump is at a nearly two-year high of 52 percent approval, according to a poll released Monday by Rasmussen Reports. This latest poll of likely voters shows 47 percent disapprove of Trump’s job performance. His approval rating is the highest Trump has had since March 6, 2017, a little more than a month after he was inaugurated.

This survey was conducted over the weekend following President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address, which even anti-Trump CNN’s polling showed 76 percent of viewers approved of.

Trump’s State of the Union addressed touched on border security and immigration, lowering prescription drug prices, and taking a strong stand for life by outlawing late-term abortion after 20 weeks of gestation, when a fetus can feel pain.

Compare that with what we’ve seen from Democrats in recent weeks: Defending and making excuses for infanticide, defunding Homeland Security, abolishing private health insurance, and a Green New Deal plan to ban cow farts, end air travel, guarantee “economic security” for those “unwilling to work,” and forcibly remodel every building in the country.

The extremism of the Democratic Party is on full display. President Trump’s personal flaws, his Twitter habit, and blunt and often improvisational way of speaking don’t seem so bad compared to economic suicide and baby murder. (For more from the author of “Poll: Trump Approval SOARS to 23-Month High With Likely Voters After SOTU Speech” please click HERE)

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