Surprise! Trump Triggered Liberals With This Remark About Elizabeth Warren

By Townhall. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Saturday officially launched her 2020 presidential campaign. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to comment on the latest Democratic challenger to enter the race.

Clearly, Trump’s tweet was meant to be read with sarcasm. Warren is the one who got herself in this mess. . .

Of course, liberals were triggered by what Trump said. Apparently referencing the Trail of Tears (because, you know, Warren is likely to be crying on the campaign trail) is suddenly racist, insensitive and down right disgusting.

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EXAMPLE: Liberal Press Totally Freaks Out About Donald Trump, Jr.’s Follow-up Tweet

From Newsweek:

Donald Trump Jr. followed his father’s foosteps and used disparaging references to Native Americans in order to insult Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recent 2020 presidential campaign announcement.

The president’s 41-year-old namesake took to Twitter and Instagram to tout his dad’s latest “Pocahontas” comment directed toward Warren’s past claim to minimal Native American heritage. The elder Trump was already being denounced by Native American groups last month for mocking Warren with Wounded Knee and Little Big Horn comments they said “descecrated” the memory of their ancestors. But Trump Jr. doubled down on the culturally insensitive negavitity by lauding a Twitter joke about “genocide” and calling it “SAVAGE!!!”

The term is frequently used in online banter to indicate a particularly nasty comment, but historically was used by white Americans and European settlers to refer to Native Americans.

Trump needles new presidential candidate Warren on Native American claims

By Fox 5 News. President Trump wasted little time Saturday before needling newly declared presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren over her controversial efforts to align herself with Native Americans.

Warren, Democratic Massachusetts senator, officially announced her candidacy on Saturday in Lawrence. Touting a progressive agenda, she didn’t refer to recent controversies over her longstanding claims about having a Native American heritage.

No matter. Within hours, Trump made it clear he was happy to reference the issue himself, even if she wouldn’t. He did so on Twitter, where he made light of Warren and threw down a campaign gauntlet. (Read more from “Trump needles new presidential candidate Warren on Native American claims” HERE)

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