It’s Twitter Official: Avenatti Dumps Stormy Daniels

On Tuesday, celebrity lawyer and #Resistance hero Michael Avenatti announced his departure from representing porn star Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. . .

“On February 19, we informed Stormy Daniels in writing that we were terminating our legal representation of her for various reasons that we cannot disclose publicly,” said Avenatti in a statement. “This was not a decision that we made lightly and it came only after lengthy discussion, thought and deliberation, as well as consultation with other professionals.”

Daniels, who claims she had unprotected vaginal sex with Donald Trump shortly after Melania Trump gave birth to their son Barron, did not address Avenatti by name but did make an announcement regarding her new representation about an hour before Avenatti’s statement was released.

“I have retained Clark Brewster as my personal lawyer and have asked him and his firm to review all legal matters involving me. Upon completion of Mr. Brewster’s review and further consultation with me, I anticipate Mr. Brewster will serve as my primary counsel on all legal issues,” wrote Daniels.

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