The Sexual Swindle in Youth Sports: ‘We Have Truly Lost Our Minds’

Girls’ basketball season has ended in my state, and grandchildren are beginning to speak of track and field tryouts. All our track meets in this region are outdoors, so we schedule them in the Spring and hope for good weather. But some states have indoor facilities and have already had major competitions.

Connecticut, for example, had its state meet in mid-February. There, juniors Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood ran away from the competition again, just like last year. No Connecticut girls even came close. Miller set a new state record for the 55-meter dash at 6.95 and Yearwood came in at 7.01.

Their competition was way back, bunched behind a girl who came in at 7.23 seconds. That’s not especially surprising, because Miller and Yearwood are males, and all the others are girls. A photo of Yearwood reveals a thickly muscled young man with a moustache.

Miller’s time would have landed him 17th in the Connecticut meet if he had competed against boys like himself. Two boys from his own high school had much faster times. Only one boy ran a slower time in the preliminary heats. Yet Miller is the third-ranking runner in the nation against girls.

Yearwood, whose time would have made him dead last in the boys’ preliminary heats, is tied for 7th-fastest nationally against girls. Both young men are competing against girls, of course, for college scholarships.

Runner Selina Soule, for example, finished 8th in the Connecticut race, and thus missed qualifying for the New England regionals in Boston by two spots. Miller and Yearwood occupied two of those spots. Soule will not advance to race in front of college coaches in Boston because hirsute young men have crowded her out of the event.

Your heart has to break for the young women who have worked hard to excel at their sport and to attract the attention of college coaches, only to be crushed by politically correct adults who lack the integrity to protect them from “transgender” fraud.

We might as well repeal all drug and doping laws if we allow males to crash this boundary. In fairness to the girls, they too should be allowed abundant testosterone, thick muscles and moustaches.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

Get on your computer and Google images of Jarmila Kratichvilova. She set an astonishing world record for the 800 meter run in 1983 although she was in the twilight of her career. It has never been broken, the oldest unbroken world record in men’s or women’s athletics. She never popped dirty on a drug test, but we do know that her country was notorious for doping during her career.

The mainstream media have been the guardians of dirty Iron Curtain female athletes. Sports Illustrated called American swimmer Shirley Babashoff, 19, a sore loser and a poor representative of the Olympic spirit after she commented on East German competitors’ deep voices and masculine physiques.

It was so obvious that Saturday Night Live did hilarious skits about hairy-chested East German women who took home 11 of 13 swimming golds from the Montreal Olympics. Yet the adults in charge of the Olympics were too cowardly to take action.

A younger Olympian said she kept her mouth shut after she witnessed the media’s abuse of Babashoff. And the pressure is unmistakable for female athletes to keep their mouths shut today about boys invading girls’ sports. The Associated Press wrote of Soule’s complaint as if it was just her “belief” that the two young men had crowded her out of the Boston showcase, subtly discrediting her view as the envy of an also-ran.

The AP article used feminine pronouns for the two young men, and parroted their absurd excuses. The lead suggested that most criticisms arose, not from female athletes, but from gossipy adults who were talking behind the champions’ backs.

There is certainly no shortage of cowardly adults. Seventeen states permit gender-dysphoric boys to compete against girls, no questions asked. Another seven permit it if the boys have taken some kind of hormonal therapy or surgery to transition, thus enforcing sex reassignment against wavering adolescents. And several states have no policy at all.

Sometimes a state policy has unintended consequences.

In Texas, a high school wrestler must compete under the sex listed on his or her birth certificate. Mack Beggs is a girl who is taking testosterone as “therapy” to transition to a new male identity. She has requested to wrestle against boys instead of girls, but this is prohibited under the Texas rule. So she has wrestled against girls.

This year Beggs completed her final high school wrestling season, ending the year 35-0. In fact, she has never lost a high school wrestling match. Last year, two girls forfeited rather than fight her. This season one forfeited, citing fears of serious injury.

Chelsea Sanchez, a tough but normal Texas high school wrestler in Beggs’ weight class, probably would have won back-to-back state titles in her sport, but instead she lost to the testosterone-flushed Beggs in the championship round, two years running.

Would the state of Texas tolerate Chelsea Sanchez taking the same steroids as Mack Beggs, not to “transition” her gender, but to bulk up and become a more powerful athlete? Not likely. Didn’t we hound Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds for using the same kind of drugs? But they were just hitting baseballs, not endangering teenage girls.

“Boo all you want,” Beggs said after spectators reacted in disgust to her second tainted victory over Sanchez. That comes from a position of depraved and invincible privilege.

We have truly lost our minds.

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