Troubling: U.S. Pastors Increasingly Accepting Homosexual Marriage

Once news hit that the global United Methodist Church upheld its ban on same-sex marriage and gay clergy, a Methodist pastor in North Carolina promised to fight back against the ruling until it’s reversed.

“Let us not rest until all people can be welcome to worship God in any space that they choose,” the Rev. Jason Butler with Open Table Methodist Church in Raleigh said, WNCN-TV reported. “That is what we will fight for.” . . .

Butler told WNCN that when he heard about the ruling, he “was just broken. I felt almost sick inside because I knew that for so many of our LGBTQ friends this was yet another voice, another church saying that we close our doors.”

Depris Price noted to WNCN that he’s acquainted with adversity as an openly gay black man and was taught from childhood that it was a sin to be himself.

“It was the untouched subject,” Price told the station. “You did not talk about this, and even if you did, it was only during like Sunday school, and you just said it’s wrong to be homosexual. There was no reasoning, there was no explanation.” (Read more from “Troubling: U.S. Pastors Increasingly Accepting Homosexual Marriage” HERE)

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