Whistleblower Exposes Google’s Religious Bias in Labeling Christian Videos ‘Homophobic’

Whistleblower and Google software engineer Mike Wacker revealed evidence that the human resources department of the giant corporation exhibits bias against Christians, labeling Christian YouTube ads “homophobic.”

Wacker tweeted Wednesday, “Let me give an example related to religion this time, one where HR is involved in describing sincere religious beliefs as ‘homophobic.’” He referred to two videos that LGBT advocates regarded as objectionable, thus complaining to Google, which owns YouTube.

Wacker included in his tweet a video by Christian radio host Dr. Michael Brown “Can You Be Gay and Christian?” and one by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) titled “Barronelle Stutzman’s Story.” Homosexualist objections stemmed from a 2018 story in PinkNews about LGBT activist and author Gaby Dunn, who had asked fans whether they had seen any “anti-LGBT” ads on her YouTube videos. . .

In retaliation for the perceived offense on the part of LGBT advocates, Google ruled that Brown’s video violated its policies for advertisements on its platform. He was barred from paying YouTube to promote his video. Currently, his video does not appear as an advertisement before any other video on YouTube.

Brown explained to LifeSiteNews that YouTube has demonetized his video channel where he has posted 1,600 videos explaining Biblical and Christian teachings on issues ranging from abortion to sexuality. He wrote that there is no appealing YouTube’s decision.

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