Medical Students in Africa Outraged Over U.S. Based Org Enticing Them to Become Abortionists

A U.S. based pro-abortion group that misleadingly calls itself “Catholics for Choice” is enticing unsuspecting medical students in Africa’s most vibrant Catholic countries to become not only abortion promoters but even abortionists, according to medical students who attended a workshop hosted by the organization.

Ugandan medical students recently became troubled when they realized too late that a seminar about “reproductive health” offered by Catholics for Choice (CFC) was really about ending the lives of children in their mothers’ wombs.

They felt they were deceived by the euphemistic terminology employed by the CFC. The seminar, titled “Values Clarification Workshop,” turned out to be what they said was abortion “indoctrination” that perverted Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life.

CFC wooed students to the abortion propaganda event by bringing them free of charge to Kampala’s most lavish resort, The Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa—the country’s only five-star hotel—for a luxury weekend.

Catholics for Choice, an advocacy group based in Washington, D.C. with an annual budget of $3,000,000, states on its website that it “helps people and organizations confidently challenge the power of the Catholic hierarchy.” The group promotes contraception, abortion, and sex education. LifeSiteNews reached out to Catholics for Choice several times for comment during the writing of this report but received no response. (Read more from “Medical Students in Africa Outraged Over U.S. Based Org Enticing Them to Become Abortionists” HERE)

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