Healthcare CEO Reveals the Severity of Medicare for All

Scott Flanders, the CEO of eHealth, said recently that Medicare for All would “collapse” Medicare and the overall healthcare system.

Flanders said recently that funding Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security remains a daunting challenge for the American government, which is “all the more reason” why Medicare for All is “nearly irrational” to discuss.

“You’re already saying that it’s a challenge to fund what we’ve already committed to our seniors,” Flanders said. “So, to layer on another 180 million people outside of the employer market into Medicare would just collapse the system.”

The healthcare executive said that Medicare for All, including Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) proposal, would eliminate all private health insurance. Flanders said, “So, 180 million employer-insured individuals and families would lose the insurance they have now.” . . .

“Medicare is the one aspect of the health care system that has higher customer satisfaction,” Flanders said. “The hospitals, the doctors have all learned to live with Medicare. And so, it’s part of the system that works — that’s why it’s become a popular Democratic platform to say ‘Medicare for all,’ because Medicare is an aspect of the system that’s generally delivering on strong patient outcomes at a reasonable cost.” (Read more from “Healthcare CEO Reveals the Severity of Medicare for All” HERE)

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