STEM School Shooting Could Have Been Prevented If a Parent’s Report Was Taken Seriously

Five months ago, a parent called Douglas County School Board of Education Director Wendy Vogel to express concerns about problems at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Specifically, the anonymous parent expressed concerns about bullying and violence. The parent feared the school could become the next Columbine because of allegations of violence, sexual assault and bullying on campus.

Daniel Winsor, a district official, wrote a letter on Dec. 19, urging STEM School Executive Director Penelope Eucker to investigate the concerns to determine “their legitimacy, and to take any remedial action that may be appropriate,” KUSA-TV reported.

The letter referenced the parents concerns, saying “many students are suicidal and violent in school. Several students have reported sexual assault in school and that nothing is being done.”

“The concerns expressed by this individual are very serious and need to be looked into to the extent possible. Please keep (the district) apprised of your investigation and conclusions,” Winsor said, CNN reported. . .

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about mass shooters: there are always warning signs. There are always things that people thought were odd. Most of the time though, people don’t speak up because they’re afraid they’re going to seem paranoid. This parent did the right thing. This parent reported suspicious activity to the school district and expected something authorities to act on the concern. (Read more from “STEM School Shooting Could Have Been Prevented If a Parent’s Report Was Taken Seriously” HERE)

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