Trump Administration Determined to Fund Border Security Operations – Even If That Means Collecting Loose Change

On Thursday, the Senate approved a $19 billion disaster relief bill — long-awaited legislation that will be used to help states like California and Texas, as well as Puerto Rico, recover from natural disasters — after it was stripped of President Donald Trump’s request to include border security funding.

Trump had been critical of the amount of funding designated to aid Puerto Rico in the run-up to passage of the legislation, indicating he believed the territory was unfairly receiving more than some deserving U.S. states. The president had also hoped to include border security funding in the bill since Democrats have stymied other attempts the administration has made to fund new migrant housing facilities and resources to deal with the waves of people coming across the southern border. . .

Turns out the Trump administration has come up with some enterprising ways to piece funding together in anticipation that legislation of the sort Shelby is proposing — with the administration seeking approval from Congress for $4.5 billion to spend at the border ($1.1 specifically going toward border operations)— may take a while to materialize, if it materializes at all. . .

There have been reports already that the Department of Defense has been doing their part, loaning the tents for temporary shelter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), even as California and other states and organizations have sought to block the usage of Defense and Treasury Department funds for border operations after DOD already transferred $2.5 billion this year.

So the administration is turning to other agencies under DHS, such as the The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) who will be, among other things, collecting loose change from airports to aid in the effort. (Read more from “Trump Administration Determined to Fund Border Security Operations No Matter What” HERE)

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