WATCH: Reporter Fires Hostile Question at Pro-Life Governor. Governor Flattens Her.

Before she signed the strongest anti-abortion bill in the nation on Wednesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey faced down a hostile question from a CBS reporter and immediately flattened her. CBS reporter Jericka Duncan asked, “Where is the money coming from to support people who aren’t ready to be mothers or aren’t financially stable to take care of a child?” Ivey fired back, “You simply cannot defer protecting the lives of unborn children because of costs.”

Ivey served as Alabama State Treasurer from 2003 to 2011, then served as lieutenant governor from 2011 to 2017. She became Alabama’s second female governor and first female Republican governor after the resignation of Governor Robert Bentley; she won a full term in 2018.

Ivey has not flinched from holding staunchly conservative positions; in April 2017 she signed into law a bill stating that juries that imposed capital punishment could not be overruled by judges. Frank Knaack, executive director of Alabama Appleseed, asserted, “We should all agree that if we have a death penalty then the process should be fair and accurate. SB 16 will help minimize unreliable and arbitrary death sentences and move Alabama one step closer to ending its outlier status. We commend Senator Brewbaker, Senator Sanders, and Representative England for their leadership in this effort. And, we thank Governor Ivey for her quick action to finally put an end to judicial override in Alabama.” (Read more from “WATCH: Reporter Fires Hostile Question at Pro-Life Governor. Governor Flattens Her.” HERE)

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