Jack Smith Requests Gag Order on Trump

Special counsel Jack Smith requested a gag order Friday against former President Donald Trump regarding his case involving the alleged mishandling of classified documents, according to a court filing.

Smith filed the request Friday evening asking presiding Judge Aileen Cannon to modify Trump’s “conditions of release,” seeking that it makes clear “he may not make statements that pose a significant, imminent, and foreseeable danger to law enforcement agents participating in the investigation and prosecution of this case.”

“The law enforcement agents participating in this case conducted the search in an appropriate and professional manner, subject to the Department of Justice’s standard use-of-force policy. Trump’s repeated mischaracterization of these facts in widely distributed messages as an attempt to kill him, his family, and Secret Service agents has endangered law enforcement officers involved in the investigation and prosecution of this case and threatened the integrity of these proceedings,” the filing stated.

“A restriction prohibiting future similar statements does not restrict legitimate speech. Trump’s conditions of release should therefore be modified to prohibit similar communications going forward.”

Smith’s request comes swiftly after court documents were released regarding the language used within the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) authorization of their raid at Mar-A-Lago in August 2022, according to Fox News. As part of the special counsel’s investigation, the federal agency’s “Operations Order” was produced within the released filing, showing that the FBI “believed its objective for the Mar-a-Lago raid was to seize ‘classified information, NDI, and US Government records,’” court documents stated. (Read more from “Jack Smith Requests Gag Order on Trump” HERE)