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ISIS’s Killer Drones Are a Threat, but the Pentagon Is Bracing to Face More-Advanced ‘Suicide’ Aircraft

The Pentagon, concerned about the danger that small, armed drones pose to U.S. troops, is moving forward with a project that looks beyond remote-control aircraft used by the Islamic State to an even more complex problem: an aerial raid of autonomous suicide bombers. The unmanned bombers have not yet appeared in combat, but defense officials […]

As the Media Focuses on Russia, Government’s Own Data Shows US Interfered in 81 Elections

Ask an average American who makes a habit of following government-mouthpiece corporate media about interference in national elections and you’ll likely elicit a nebulous response concerning Russian hackers and a plan to install Donald Trump in the White House — but you probably won’t hear a single syllable pertaining to United States government’s actual attempts to do the same.