Alaska’s Head of Division of Elections Co-Chaired Murkowski’s Corrupt 2010 Write-In Vote, Now Facilitating Vote Fraud and Illegal Land Grabs

As many Alaskans already know, the recent primary election had substantial discrepancies in District 40 where incumbent Benjamin Nageak was running for reelection. It is no secret that the present Walker administration had targeted Benjamin because, as a Democrat, he lined up and caucused with the majority Republicans.

Director of Elections, Josephine Bahnke, in reference to one of the biggest Election Day glitches (both party ballots being handed to voters), dismissed it as no big deal since voters still used only one ballot. But how about the idea that it is against the law to hand a registered Democrat a Republican ballot? And then, most strange of all is Lt. Governor Byron Mallott’s dismissal of the entire mess, with flippant statements, even though his main responsibility is to preside over and ensure the integrity of Alaska elections.

So , let’s dig a little into the Lt. Governor’s background for answers. In recent years, Byron Mallott has worked closely with our senior Senator Lisa Murkowski to violate the terms of ANILCA (Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act). The Lt. Governor, a former Sealaska Native Corporation CEO, supported legislation with Murkowski that would move more public land into the jurisdiction of Sealaska Native Corporation, a direct violation of ANILCA.

ANILCA defines the relationship of the federal government and the State of Alaska regarding land use and Alaska sovereign rights. This has been the mutual agreement since 1980. The only state agency that could bring public focus to these violations was CACFA, or the Citizens Advisory Council for Federal Areas. Unsurprisingly, Byron Mallott was not a fan of CACFA.

Looking the Governor’s recent line item vetoes, one must ask why of 120 boards and commissions, Governor Walker chose to defund only one, CACFA. I would suggest it is the close relationship he enjoys with Byron Mallot. I will also suggest that if Lisa Murkowski retains her senate seat, we will see legislation from her which will attempt to advance land holdings for Sealaska Native Corporation, again, in violation of ANILCA but without the strong oversight of CACFA.

And, on this subject, how can any reasonable person think that Lt. Governor Byron Mallott will preside over the November election in a fair and impartial manner when he was the co-Chair for Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign in 2010? Are we to assume that all is well in the Division of Election hen house with the fox presiding over the outcome?

This is the fodder of third-world countries. We must demand that our State government function with integrity and respect for the will of the people. We must demand election integrity if we intend to secure a quality legislature, both State and national, to represent “We the People” in a manner which operates within the rule of law. It is past time, Alaska.

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Tricare Now Covering Transgender Treatment Options

The U.S. military’s Tricare health care system now covers transgender military family members and retirees, despite the official policy not yet going live, a top official said.

“I’m not going to wait for the final policy,” Navy Vice Adm. Raquel Bono, head of the Defense Health Agency, said in a wide-ranging interview with on Thursday atJoint Base Elmendorf-Richardson . . .

The policy, published for public comment in the Federal Register in February, will allow for hormone therapy and mental health counseling for “gender dysphoria,” the clinical term for those who identify as a different gender than the sex they were assigned at birth. Tricare is prohibited by law from covering sex-change surgery.

A ban on openly serving transgender troops was lifted by Defense Department officials in June. By Oct. 1, officials will issue a handbook for commanders and all those affected by the new policy, as well as medical guidance for providing transition care to transgender troops. As part of the new policy, military medical facilities will provide hormone treatment, counseling and sex-change surgery when deemed “medically necessary” . . .

In the meantime, Bono said, Tricare is working with its regional contractors to grant approval for transgender treatment that will be covered under the new policy. If the contractor will not approve it, the admiral said she will do so herself. (Read more from “Tricare Now Covering Transgender Treatment Options” HERE)

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Voter Fraud Suspected in Alaska – Again


On election night, all results in Alaska were slow to be posted. But the results from District 40 were the slowest to arrive. In fact, they never did arrive that night after the polls closed at 8 pm. This was the first time since pre-internet days that election observers can remember such delays.

Election watchers monitoring the postings by the Division of Elections were scanning the website for updates, to no avail.

There were precincts missing and it was too close to call. At one point Ben Nageak was up by 30 votes, and then he was down by just 5.

The three villages missing were Shungnak, Kaktovik, and Point Hope.

Because it’s the North Slope, one can expect things to be a bit slower. But 22 hours late in reporting results from a village? That’s dog-sled speed. And this was a summer day.


What is unusual about the Shungnak reporting is that it came in well after all the other results were posted, and the votes went 48 for Dean Westlake, and 2 for Ben Nageak.

Westlake has been heavily favored by the Alaska Democratic Party over their incumbent Nageak, also a Democrat. Vast sums of money, including a big fundraiser by the Alaska Governor Bill Walker’s surrogate Robin Brena, have poured into the Westlake race.

The governor wants to get rid of Nageak, because he caucuses with the bipartisan majority that the governor does not control.


Even more unusual is that the voter turnout in Shungnak was nearly 63 percent, with the turnout for Democrats nearly 30 percent, making it either the most civic-minded community in Alaska…or perhaps there’s another explanation.

Shungnak has 159 registered voters, with 46 of them registered Democrats, 17 registered Republicans, and the rest fall into the “variety pack” categories. Fully 100 Shungnak voters actually cast a ballot.

It took 22 hours for the Shungnak results to be reported, leading observers to wonder if someone had withheld the ballots until all the others were reported.

As of this writing, Rep. Ben Nageak is trailing behind challenger Dean Westlake, with just five votes separating them. Districtwide, Westlake has 765 votes to Nageak’s 760 for the District 40 House seat.

We’re not ready to call this race, but if there was ever an example of how every vote counts, this is it. It also may be an example of voter fraud.


Yesterday, Must Read Alaska received reports that for registered Republicans in District 40, voting was not a civic breeze. They tell us that election workers told them that if they wanted to vote the Democrats’ ballot, where Westlake and Nageak faced off, their ballot would be put into the “questioned ballot” stack.

Our sources are reporting that there are at least 40 of these questioned ballots in Barrow.

All of this raises questions about ballot custody, ballot security, and a possibly rigged election.

As for the other two villages that reported late, they are:

Kaktovik, where of the 33 votes, 4 went to Dean Westlake and 29 went to Benjamin Nageak. (The result is not surprising because this is Nageak’s hometown.)

Point Hope, where of the 19 votes, 6 went to Westlake and 13 went to Nageak.

Here’s a snapshot of the District 40 results:



An analysis of voter history in Shungnak shows that they know how to turn out the vote.



If 100 actually people voted, we see that 50 voters in Shungnak picked the Republican ballot, and 50 picked the Democratic ballot, according to the precinct results. In every other village in that region, the breakdown was much more weighted toward the Democratic ballot.

With a total of 100 cards cast, it appears that the election officials allowed 50 voters to vote two ballots — both the Democratic and Republican ballots.

For example, they could vote for Lisa Murkowski for Senate on one ballot, and Cean Stevens on the other. But only one of those ballots had the Westlake-Nageak matchup on it, which is why there are only 50 votes recorded for that race.

Not only does Shungnak have an extraordinarily high turnout, but the numbers simply don’t add up. (For more from the author of “Voter Fraud Suspected in Alaska – Again” please click HERE)

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What the Media Sycophants Won’t Tell You About Murkowski’s Primary Victory

At first glance Lisa Murkowski’s Republican Primary election victory seems pretty impressive. But it is anything but the grand comeback story the Establishment media would have you believe.

Consider the competition.

Paul Kendall, local political activist, conspiracy buff, and self-acclaimed expert of all things futuristic. Nobody considers him a serious candidate, and I mean nobody. Yet he received almost 8% of the vote. No campaign, no advertising, a website that still reads “under construction” the day after the election. He wouldn’t even respond to media questions about his campaign platform.

Thomas Lamb, blue collar worker, Air Force veteran, local blogger, unsuccessful candidate for the Alaska State House, and all around good guy. But his campaign consisted of a few scattershot radio ads and social media. He garnered between 5-6% percent of the vote.

Bob Lochner, a veteran and former mechanic who works on the North Slope. He didn’t have a traditional campaign, and spent a grand total of about $20K, reportedly most of it on signs, pocket Constitutions, and campaign expenses. Unlike his fellow challengers, Bob had the good fortune of being from the Mat-Su Valley where the highest concentration of conservatives in the state reside. He garnered a very respectable 15%.

All good men I’m sure, but the obvious truth is that Lisa Murkowski didn’t have a legitimate challenger. Still almost 29% of the electorate from her own party wouldn’t vote for the sitting US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chair in a state whose lifeblood is the energy industry, and that doesn’t include those who voted and chose to leave the Senate portion of their ballot blank.

So what do the numbers really say? I’m glad you asked.

Lisa Murkowski decided to run against her party’s nominee in the last cycle, ostensibly because only a small number of Alaskans voted for the nominee and that sample wasn’t representative of the state. Joe Miller’s 55,878 votes were only 11.5% of registered voters at the time. So maybe she had a point?

Well, neither of Alaska’s sitting US Senators have ever won that many votes in a Republican primary, nor represented that much of the electorate in a general election. (Dan Sullivan received 44,740 votes, 9% of registered voters in 2014.

In 2004 Lisa Murkowski won a contested primary with – wait for it – 45,710 votes, just 9.98% of registered voters.

Fast forward to 2016. With 99.8% of precincts reporting, Lisa Murkowski cruises to an overwhelming landslide victory with 71% percent of the vote – drumroll – and a grand total of 35,208 votes, just 6.8% of registered Alaska voters.

And that was after she spent an astonishing $4.6 million, or over $130 per vote!

Not since 1974 when Alaska dominated by Democrats and Mike Gravel was a sitting United States Senator has a Republican nominee won less votes. Joe Miller’s 32% second place finish in the three-way 2014 primary garnered more votes.

Clearly, by Senator Murkowski’s standards, this is not a legitimate outcome, and clearly isn’t representative of the Alaska electorate.

Perhaps Alaskans deserve another choice in the general election. After all, isn’t that the gospel according to Lisa Murkowski?

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Lifelong, Conservative Alaskan Acquires Rights to Most of Nome Gold Fields, Expects Huge Returns

Earlier this summer, Andrew Lee and a business partner purchased 26 State of Alaska offshore mining leases from a South African mining company. This purchase grants them exclusive mining rights to over 16,500 acres of the shallow sea floor of the Bering Sea, and returns these leases to local control.

Combined with another purchase earlier this spring, Lee now has an ownership stake in nearly two thirds of the offshore Nome gold field. “This feels like a huge victory for the little guy,” said Lee. “Eleven years ago I had one hobbled together eight-inch dredge on the Rec Area, now I have rights to most of the ground.”

Among the several State of Alaska Recreational Mining Areas, open to anyone for a small fee, two are offshore of Nome. One created in 1998 is 320 acres for eight-inch and smaller suction dredges. In 2010, a second 250 acres area was added, limited to six-inch dredges. Gold dredging operations are classified by their suction intake diameter, and water pump horsepower.

Andrew Lee got his start hunting gold as a teenager, going with his father to open mining areas near the family homestead in South Central Alaska. “We had a small in-stream sluice, a small inner tube mounted suction dredge and a few hand tools,” Lee recalls. “We never found enough gold to pay for fuel, but everyone has to start somewhere.”

According to the 1999 publication “Handbook of Marine Mineral Deposits” some of this area was mined by the world’s largest bucket line dredge, the Bima, collecting over 118,000 troy ounces on 530 acres from 1987 to 1990. Lee added, “The Bima only mined 3%, the other 97% hasn’t been worked.”

“The amount of previous mining is minuscule,” says Jim Halloran an Alaska geologist familiar with Nome. “There is considerable volume that would take many lifetimes to mine.” Having studied the extensive exploration data, Halloran adds, “The key is to find the best ground. The pay is in the top yard of the seafloor and can be as thick as six yards.”

“We need to go bigger, much bigger than anything that exists in Nome now,” said Lee when asked how he plans to capitalize on the untapped resource. “Think of an operation that can produce twenty times as much gold per year as the Christine Rose,” a reference to Nome’s most famous offshore gold mining operation. “My gold mining company, Tagiuk Gold, LLC is going to make this happen.”

“I have the expertise and the land, now I’m looking into ways to raise the rest of the funds needed.” One idea he explains is to take prepaid orders for gold, in order to fund the startup costs. Similar to how various gadget makers have used sites like Kickstarter. “I would like to sell my gold direct to the American individual, right now I’m exploring the interest and legalities of doing that.”

Andrew Lee’s gold mining company, Tagiuk Gold, LLC can be contacted through their website,

***This is a sponsored article by our advertiser, Tagiuk Gold***

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AK First Lady Donna Walker’s Heavy Hand on Bloggers

Last month, two staunchly conservative Alaska political websites posted a 2014 letter attributed to then-candidate Bill Walker, in which he stated he’d cut spending by 16 percent, not touch Permanent Fund dividends, and other claims.

These were claims heard from Walker during his campaign and are not a surprise to those who follow politics, although the grammar in the letter leaves something to be desired. The posting of the letter was, evidently, to hold the governor accountable for his actions now that he has the power of the veto pen.

Walker, we know, has primarily made cuts in the capital budget, and he has cut Alaskans’ Permanent Fund dividends in order to preserve state programs, such as the Department of Health and Social Services, where the actual workforce has been cut by just one percent.

What was a surprise is that Donna Walker has contacted both of the blogs and has asked or strongly suggested that the letter be taken down. The letter is not from the governor, she says.

“I was just really surprised,” said David Boyle, who writes at the Alaska Policy Forum. First Lady Donna Walker showed up at the office unannounced, accompanied by her daughter, Lindsay Walker Hobson, who was the spokesperson for Walker’s campaign for governor. Both Walker and Hobson are attorneys and both were part of the Walker, Richards LLC law firm, which has since been sold to Robin Brena.

According to Boyle, Mrs. Walker said the letter is a fake and strongly suggested to him that it be removed from the website.

Boyle has reviewed the letter and says it contains the exact ideas that Walker espoused in a private meeting with United For Liberty in 2014, at the home of Dave Cuddy.

Over at the Restoring Liberty web site, Michael Chambers writes about receiving the Walker article back in 2014, and the process he used to post it:

The first week of September 2014, candidate Walker was solicited by United For Liberty to submit an article for our October 2014 newsletter. The deadline was September 22 for final submission. A member of UFL accepted the editor’s task to put together the final product. This same member was also working with the Walker team to assist in assembling a narrative to be put in the newsletter. He worked diligently and put the entire newsletter together and submitted to me the entire PFD file to publish on United For Liberty’s website. Following is a letter I sent candidate Walker on October 9th thanking him for the submitted article and asking him to consider submitting one more for a possible additional newsletter before the election (he submitted an additional article on October 15, 2014, but I did not publish it as I did not have one from incumbent Governor Parnell and I wanted to give each candidate fair coverage)

That web site, too, was contacted by Donna Walker, who said the letter is a fake. Here’s what Joe Miller’s website has to say about being contacted by Alaska’s First Lady:

“Over the past week, the governor’s wife has sent me a series of emails claiming that the article submitted to UFL in the October newsletter was not authorized by the candidate. These communications were apparently prompted because recent excerpts of Bill Walker’s quotes from this article in our newsletter have appeared in various publications online, including Joe Miller’s Restoring Liberty article: Governor Walker Steals $666 Million From Alaska’s Families, Time to Recall the Liar. She calls the article ‘bogus,’ specifically complaining about the ‘mass distribution of the bogus article that has wrongly been attributed to Bill…”‘

Was the article authorized by candidate Walker or was it authorized by his campaign?

We don’t know, but when the First Lady of Alaska shows up unannounced to attempt to have material removed from a website, she is treading on the First Amendment, which states government “shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The First Lady of Alaska may not be an official arm of the Governor’s Office, but she has her own page on the State of Alaska website, she has her own State of Alaska email address, and she has her State staff and protection detail. She is also very much a part of the Governor’s policy team.

First Lady Donna cannot separate herself, at this point, from being part of the government, nor can she separate herself from being part of the Bill Walker re-election effort, which is clearly underway.

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Alaska Court’s Ruling on Abortion and Parental Notification Hurts Teens

Hillary Kieft grew worried when her daughter didn’t arrive from school on the bus as usual. After she called the school to find out what was wrong, a school nurse pulled into her driveway with the daughter (let’s call her “Kelly”) in tow. The nurse explained that she had taken Kelly for counseling after school, according to, which reported on the Kieft story.

But, in fact, the nurse took Kelly to have an abortion.

In New Zealand—where the Kieft family lives—it is completely legal for a minor to have an abortion without her parents’ knowledge. Parents like Hillary Kieft have no legal right to be involved in their child’s decision to have an abortion, or even to be notified before it happens.

With her parents still unaware of the abortion, 15-year-old Kelly spiraled into depression, self-harm, and eventually attempted suicide. It was only when Kelly finally told her parents about the abortion that they could begin helping her cope—not only with the abortion, but also with the sad reality that the procedure had caused irreparable damage and she would never be able to become pregnant again.

As a article about Kelly points out:

The fact that a school needs permission to take your child on a field trip, but not for surgery, is beyond ridiculous. The same teen needs parental consent before getting a tattoo or using a tanning salon … Has abortion really become such a taboo subject that we are willing to just ignore all legal oversights rather than face the wrath of abortion advocates?

Fortunately, in the United States, most states have parental consent or notification laws.

Generally speaking, the law reflects the fact that parents are responsible for the well-being of their children, and are most likely to have their best interests in mind. That’s why parents have to sign waivers for almost any medical care for their children.

But this just changed for Alaskan families, thanks to a lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood attacking the state’s parental notification law.

Alaska law required that minors seeking an abortion notify their parents unless they receive approval from a court (known as a judicial bypass). This notification requirement was intended to foster parental involvement in such a life-changing decision.

The state argued that its interests in requiring notification include encouraging parents to be involved in their minor child’s decision whether to have an abortion, protecting the physical and mental health of minors, and preventing sexual abuse.

In a 4-1 decision last month, the Alaska Supreme Court concluded that the state’s notification law violated the Alaska Constitution’s equal protection clause because it drew an unjustified “distinction between pregnant minors seeking to terminate and those seeking to carry to term.”

Essentially, the majority ruled that the law is unfair because it required parental notification for abortion but not for care related to maintaining a healthy pregnancy until birth. It is true that Alaska allows pregnant teens to receive pregnancy-related health care without parental consent; otherwise many young girls might avoid obtaining needed care.

But, Justice Craig Stowers, the lone dissenter, explained, the law “necessarily differentiates between minors seeking an abortion and minors who intend to carry to term” because mandating parental notification before a minor can receive prenatal care may threaten the health of the mother and the growing child. Stowers observed that “no useful purpose is served by … requiring parental consultation for carry-to-term decisions.”

Stowers also wrote that providing parents with an opportunity to discuss the consequences of abortion with their child is both a clearly valid reason for the law, and completely in line with U.S. Supreme Court decisions like Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey (1992).

The law is necessary, he pointed out, to ensure that “the people society holds responsible for her well-being—her parents—will be informed of what is happening in her life.” He noted that previous cases from this very court said that parental notification requirements would further the compelling interest of parental involvement. But the majority now “undermines the parents’ rights and responsibilities in this regard and makes a mockery of its earlier proclamations of the proper and fundamental role parents have traditionally played in their children’s lives,” Stowers writes.

Stowers further noted that the law does not stop a minor from obtaining an abortion against her parents’ will. It only requires that they know, which gives them a chance to exercise their right and responsibility of involvement in their daughter’s life. The law even created an “easily navigable, broad bypass process” that would allow a judge to approve an abortion for the minor without parental notification.

The bottom line is that parents, rather than abortion clinic staff or school nurses, deserve the right to be involved in their minor daughter’s decision whether to terminate her pregnancy. After all, clinics are businesses that do not necessarily prioritize the health and safety of patients over their ability to turn a profit—just look at the conditions of some clinics that were so bad that many states have passed reforms in recent years aimed at increasing the standards at clinics.

As a result of this decision by the Alaska Supreme Court, instead of receiving counsel from their parents, minors may be pressured into making a life-altering decision and forced to hide any emotional or physical struggles from their parents after the fact. Eliminating parental notification is a step in the wrong direction and harms, rather than helps, girls like Kelly. (For more from the author of “Alaska Court’s Ruling on Abortion and Parental Notification Hurts Teens” please click HERE)

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Lisa Murkowski’s Stealth War on Traditional Values

When Lisa Murkowski ran for State House in 1998, it was in the context of a strong Republican push for a new amendment to Alaska’s State Constitution defining a valid marriage as existing between “one man and one woman.” The soon-to-be State Representative said she supported that effort.

In every subsequent election cycle, including those since her appointment (by her father) to the United States Senate, Murkowski has continued to claim she’s a pro-traditional marriage candidate. Until now.

What has gone mostly unreported and largely unnoticed is her evolution on LGBT issues since joining the Senate.

Though Murkowski supported a Democrat hate crimes expansion for sexual orientation air-dropped into a Defense Authorization bill in 2009, incidentally holding our service men and women in harm’s way hostage to the Left’s radical social agenda during a time of war, only after her 2010 re-election did she come out of the closet to openly support the LGBT agenda.

Immediately after the 2010 election, she joined Democrats to vote for the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. And again Murkowski used the military as a social science laboratory.

This vote came less than two months after telling Alaskans on state-wide television that she couldn’t take a position on the legislation, owing to the fact that results from a field study soliciting feedback from military personnel hadn’t come back yet.

But that was before the election. Shortly thereafter the study came back. An overwhelming majority of our active duty service men and women opposed the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” She voted for it anyway. It was all a sham. Murkowski had her own agenda.

In 2012, she publicly advocated for Anchorage Proposition 5, a measure that sought to codify special rights for homosexual and transgendered persons, endangering personal privacy and religious liberty.

In June of 2013, Murkowski made national headlines by offering a full-throated endorsement of same-sex marriage, claiming to have “evolved” on the issue. Ironically, Barack Obama used the same terminology just a year earlier to explain his turnaround on the same issue.

In November 2013, Murkowski voted for the so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the LGBT lobby’s top legislative priority and a bill religious liberty activists believe to be an imminent threat to the First Amendment.

When the US Supreme Court’s 5-4 Obergefell decision came down, Lisa Murkowski hailed it as “the right [decision].” All four conservative Justices on the High Court denounced the decision as an activist intervention.

And earlier this year when President Obama overstepped his Constitutional authority to issue an edict allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, Lisa Murkowski was silent, despite her much ballyhooed campaign rhetoric about “fighting federal overreach.”

What is most striking about Murkowski’s silence is that the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions issued a letter of rebuke stating: “It is not appropriate for a federal executive agency to issue ‘guidance’ for every school as if it were the law. Article I of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the exclusive right to make laws.”

Lisa Murkowski declined to join the Majority in protesting the Administration’s lawless action. So much for “fighting federal overreach.” Apparently, good standing with the LGBT lobby is more important to Senator Murkowski than the US Constitution. Silence is consent.

If you believe in traditional values, don’t be deceived. Lisa Murkowski is part of the war on traditional values.

Mark Twain once famously quipped, “No man’s life, liberty or property are secure while the legislature is in session.” He was clearly talking about politicians like Lisa Murkowski, who is an imminent threat to our First Amendment religious liberties.

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Pro-Life Alaskans Should Reject Murkowski’s Pro-Abortion Extremism

There appears to be some confusion among pro-life Alaskans on whether Lisa Murkowski is pro-life or not, but there shouldn’t be. From her earliest days in the United States Senate, it has been abundantly clear where she stands on the sanctity of human life.

In 2003, she voted for a Sense of the Senate Amendment concerning Roe v. Wade that affirmed the Court’s decision, stating: “The decision of the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade was appropriate and secures an important constitutional right, and such decision should not be overturned.”

In 2012, the Senator reaffirmed her support for the High Court’s decision, stating that “abortion in this country has been deemed legal, and the right to a safe and legal abortion has been confirmed by the courts, and I stand by that.” She even went so far as to accuse the Republican Party of a “War on Women.”

Murkowski has a consistent record of voting to confirm judges who will uphold Roe v. Wade as “the law of the land.”

But the worst of it is not just that Senator Murkowski supports abortion on demand and demonstrates a reckless disregard for the sanctity of human life, but that she has been one of just a handful of Republicans to fight for taxpayer funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider. This, despite the fact that Planned Parenthood has been repeatedly exposed as a lawless organization that protects sexual predators, discriminates against girls through sex selective abortions, and even supports illegally harvesting and selling aborted baby parts.

She has voted on multiple occasions for a controversial measure to appropriate federal funds for embryonic stem cell research, a policy that allows human life to be destroyed in the name of progress.

Murkowski has also repeatedly voted against the “Mexico City Policy,” a measure enacted by President Reagan to bar US taxpayer dollars from going to foreign non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortions. President Obama struck down the law by executive order in 2009, a decision protected by Lisa Murkowski and the Democrats, most lately in June of 2015.

So don’t buy Murkowski’s empty rhetoric about support for the federal Hyde Amendment, in this case more appropriately tabbed the federal Hide Amendment. She does in fact support federal funding for abortion, despite overwhelming opposition from a strong majority of the American electorate.

Last fall the Republican Senate had an historic opportunity to vote on a late-term abortion ban. And while it seemed to enjoy wide public support, Senator Murkowski was a no-show for the vote. The Democrat Senate Minority was able to easily defeat the measure.

Make no mistake about it, there is no question where Lisa Murkowski stands on the Constitutional Right to life. She is a pro-abortion extremist. That’s why she has enjoyed the electoral support of Republican Majority for Choice and Planned Parenthood.

Pro-life Alaskans should reject Murkowski’s pro-abortion extremism and vote for a pro-life alternative in Tuesday’s Republican primary.

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Satanic Screw-Up by Alaska’s Most Conservative Borough Assembly

A debate over religious freedom has led to a Satanist leading an invocation at one Alaska borough’s assembly meeting (Editor’s note: the Kenai Peninsula Borough is one of Alaska’s most conservative regions with what was once thought to be a very conservative borough assembly).

Following a discussion over whether to do away with invocations entirely, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly decided to open invocations up to all religions.

According to Assembly President Blaine Gilman, a group of pastors used to previously lead the assembly’s invocation. Under the new rules, however, anyone can choose to lead an invocation in the name of his or her religion.

During Tuesday’s assembly meeting, Iris Fontana led an invocation in the name of Satan on behalf of the Satanic Temple.

(Read more about the satanic prayer at the conservative borough assembly in Alaska HERE)

Here’s the transcript of the disgusting “prayer”:

Let us stand now, unbowed and unfettered by arcane doctrines, born of fearful minds in darkened times. Let us embrace the Luciferian impulse to eat of the tree of knowledge and dissipate our blissful and comforting delusions of old. Let us demand that individuals be judged for their concrete actions, not their fealty to arbitrary social norms and illusory categorizations.

Let us reason our solutions with agnosticism in all things, holding fast only to that which is demonstrably true. Let us stand firm against any and all arbitrary authority that threatens the personal sovereignty of all or one.

That which will not bend must break and that which can be destroyed by truth should never be spared its demise. It is done. Hail Satan.

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