The Unexpected Thing That Caused an Alaska Plane Crash That Killed 4

A small airplane hit a bald eagle before crashing and bursting into flames just north of Anchorage last month, killing all four people onboard, authorities said Wednesday.

It is the nation’s first civilian plane crash to result in deaths after an impact with a bald eagle, said Shaun Williams, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator. There have been other crashes involving eagle strikes that resulted in serious injuries, he said.

The pilot, co-pilot and two passengers died when the plane went down April 20 near a small airport about 20 miles north of downtown Anchorage. They were conducting an aerial survey for a private firm. (Read more from “The Unexpected Thing That Caused an Alaska Plane Crash That Killed 4” HERE)

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Murk GOP

Frank Murkowski on Lisa: “Pay Tribute to Caesar”

Frank Murkowski on Lisa: “Pay Tribute to Caesar”:

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Danger in the Cockpit: FAA Records Show Pilots Fly Drunk, Engage in Criminal Activity

alaska_air_737An American Airlines pilot flunked two sobriety tests before a 7 a.m. flight out of Detroit. An Alaska Airlines pilot flew a commercial plane from California to Oregon and back again, all while allegedly drunk. Yet another pilot, from United, allegedly moonlighted as a pimp, running half a dozen brothels out of apartments in Houston, according to authorities.

The cases are enough to frighten the flying public, and are not isolated, according to a investigation. Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request show that while the overwhelming majority of men and women at the cockpit controls are law abiding and responsible, too many fly – or attempt to fly – intoxicated, and even engage in criminal behavior after they touch down.

“According to FAA data, there is no leveling off or decrease in this trend, in fact drug use seems to be climbing,” said Peter Bartos, a retired military pilot with an FAA Airline Transport Pilot license, who reviewed the FAA data for “The general public probably has no idea that this abuse is occurring with such regularity at certain airlines.”

Experts say flying in America is extremely safe, and note that of the more than 56,000 alcohol screening tests done by the industry in 2015 for pilots, mechanics, aircraft dispatchers, ground security coordinators, aviation screeners, and traffic controllers, just 119 – or around 0.2 percent – were confirmed at or above the legal limit. Under FAA rules, pilots are not allowed to consume alcohol eight hours before a flight or have a blood alcohol content level higher than .04 percent.

Between 2010 and 2015, FAA records show 64 pilots were cited for violating the alcohol and drug provisions, and in 2015, some 1,546 personnel who must ensure airline safety, including 38 pilots, tested positive for one or more of five illegal drugs. (Read more from “Danger in the Cockpit: FAA Records Show Pilots Fly Drunk, Engage in Criminal Activity” HERE)

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Man Causes Panic After Dumping Non-Toxic Green Dye in Alaska Creek

Ketichikan-Creek-StreetAuthorities say the green water flowing in the Ketchikan Creek that caused some panic and drew a response from multiple agencies was the result of a prank.

Officials have determined that the dye dumped into the water on Wednesday is non-toxic. Ketchikan police talked to the man responsible for the dye, but he was not arrested or cited.

“It was just a prank,” Officer Charles Johnson told The Ketchikan Daily News. “He happened to come across some sort of plumbing dye that they use for testing — checking for leaks and stuff — and thought it’d be funny to throw it in the creek and make people wonder why the creek was green.” (Read more from “Man Causes Panic After Dumping Non-Toxic Green Dye in Alaska Creek” HERE)

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Lisa Murkowski and RINO Allies Pass Left-Wing Bill Adopting Solyndra Subsidies, Enron-Style Accounting to Fuel Federal Housing

48414424What happens when you mix green energy social engineering with the affordable housing agenda? You get the worst elements of venture socialism that led to our economic collapse. You also get a bill from your GOP Senate pushing this very left-wing ideal of central planning.

To begin with, the Republican-led Senate is pushing a dubious energy efficiency bill at a time when they should be focusing on bold and popular conservative legislation, especially pertaining to homeland and national security. The Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015 (S. 2012), sponsored by Lisa Murkowski (RINO-AK), uses the boot of government to promote “energy efficiency” and steer funds toward specific products and services offered by corporate cronies. It also provides subsidies and low interest loans for various forms of energy preferred by federal policy makers.

While this bill is being sold as a positive step forward because it also contains a provision expediting liquefied natural gas export applications, we are unlikely to actualize any benefit from that until we have a Republican president. In that case, we can pass an even better bill — minus the green energy social engineering.

To make matters worse, the Senate voted yesterday on an amendment sponsored by Senators Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Johnny Isakson (R-GA), which will require the Federal Housing Administration to count the projected savings from “energy efficiency” in the home towards the income of the borrower for a prospective mortgage. This “increased income” will in turn allow the home buyer to qualify for a larger government-backed loan.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. This is a mix of Solyndra, Freddie Mac, and Enron accounting all in one. Republican lawmakers are now doubling down on the same failed affordable housing social engineering agenda and are using notional and intangible green energy savings as income in order to encourage riskier loans on the taxpayer’s dime. This proposition will further distort the private market and force housing appraisers and underwriters to ascertain the voodoo-value of energy savings in the house. Overall, this amendment passed 66-31, with the help of the following 21 Republicans:

Alexander (TN)
Ayotte (NH)
Blunt (MO)
Burr (NC)
Capito (WV)
Cassidy (LA)
Cochran (MS)
Collins (ME)
Cornyn (TX)
Graham (SC)
Hatch (UT)
Heller (NV)
Hoeven (ND)
Isakson (GA)
Johnson (WI)
Kirk (IL)
Murkowski (AK)
Portman (OH)
Rounds (SD)
Sullivan (AK)
Tillis (NC)

This is a quintessential example of the problem with the Republican Party. They accuse conservatives have harboring unrealistic expectations in terms of how much government they have the ability to cut. The problem is, far from cutting any government intervention, almost every piece of legislation they pass expands government involvement in the private sector. This bill combines two of the worst federal policies — green energy social engineering and the federal housing scheme — and doubles down on the very impetus for our economic failure. (For more from the author of “Lisa Murkowski and RINO Allies Pass Left-Wing Bill Adopting Solyndra Subsidies, Enron-Style Accounting to Fuel Federal Housing” please click HERE)

Watch a recent interview with the author below:

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Alaska Professor Mauled by Bear During Mountaineering Class

Brown_bearAn assistant college professor was mauled by a bear while teaching a mountaineering course in the Alaska Panhandle Monday, a university spokeswoman said.

Forest Wagner, 35, of Fairbanks, was with a group of 12 University of Alaska Southeast students on Mount Emmerich near Haines when he was attacked. A student hiked down the mountain to get cell reception and call for help.

Wagner was in stable condition at an Anchorage hospital, according to a university statement sent to KTUU. None of the students were harmed.

According to a police report, Wagner was removed from the mountain via helicopter and put on another LifeMed helicopter before being taken him to the hospital.

According to Wagner’s teaching schedule, he was part of a Mountaineering 101 class that was scheduled to come down off of the mountain by Tuesday. He has been coordinating and teaching in the outdoor studies program at the university since 2006, according to his biography. He teaches rock and ice climbing, backcountry navigation, glacier travel and mountaineering. (Read more from “Alaska Professor Mauled by Bear During Mountaineering Class” HERE)

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House Republican Leadership Kills Pro-Life Bill, Seals Fate of AK RINOs

5080010428_1f3f462767_b (1)On Tuesday, SB89 was struck down by the House Health & Social Services Committee in a 5-2 vote. When the Speaker of the House pulled SB 89 out of the Judiciary Committee (a committee with the votes necessary to pass the legislation) and placed it into Health & Social Services, we knew that it was with intent to kill the bill.

The Health & Social Services Committee is chaired by Representative Paul Seaton who is well known as being the most pro-abortion Republican in the legislature. The only motive in placing a principled, life-affirming bill into Rep. Seaton’s committee is to keep it from going before the House for a floor vote. Our prediction proved accurate when the Health & Social Services Committee voted 5-2 against the bill.

Representatives Seaton and Stutes, both Republicans, were complicit in the vote that killed legislation aimed at protecting children in Alaska’s schools from the abortion marketing machine of Planned Parenthood.

Speaker Mike Chenault and other members of the House leadership are ignoring the signed petitions of thousands of Alaskans who are urging the legislature to support SB 89 (and other complimentary pieces of legislation) in favor of a much smaller, but loud group of activists who delivered just over 100 opposition form emails drafted by Planned Parenthood.

House leadership and other Republicans who blocked this no-nonsense piece of legislation should be ashamed of themselves and would do well to remember that they work for “we the people” who can un-elect them with the same process that they were elected by.

Though our efforts have not yet been successful, we are not defeated. Multiple thousands of people have signed our petition and we are continuing to gather more. The legislators must listen to the voice of the people who elected them!

We are grateful for each person’s heartfelt pleas to the legislature on this matter and encourage you to continue to raise your voice (especially to your legislator) on behalf of Alaska’s children, both born and pre-born.

Events Coming Up:

1.) This weekend, come see us at the APHEA (Alaska Private Home Educators Association) Convention at Anchorage Baptist Temple and at the Alaska Republican Assembly Convention at the Egan Center featuring world renowned apologist Ravi Zacharias. You can find more information about APHEA HERE and AKRA HERE.

2.) Saturday, April 23rd is a national day of protesting Planned Parenthood. Three locations in Alaska will be taking part in the organized protest – Anchorage, Fairbanks, & Soldotna. Click here to see the details of each event, including locations, times, and contact person. Please make plans to join a protest and stand with thousands of people around the nation who are demanding an end to abortion.

3.) On Saturday April 23rd we will be joining the protest in Soldotna and then hosting a meeting to organize an affiliate on the Kenai Peninsula. The meeting will be held at Soldotna Church of God from 1-3:30pm and will begin with a light lunch. Please pass the word on to anyone you know on the Kenai Peninsula who may be interested in joining the effort to engage on the pro-life issue and respond to this email if you’d like additional information on this meeting.

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Bill to Strengthen Faith-Based Health Care Options in Alaska Running out of Time

Smallpox_vaccine_injectionWith only three days left before the current session of the Alaska Legislature ends, a measure to exempt religious-based health care sharing ministries (HCSMs) from being regulated as health insurance in Alaska has yet to pass out of the House. Senate Bill 18 is currently in the House Rules Committee, but has not been voted on by the full House.

A distinctive and attractive aspect of HCSMs for many Catholics and non-Catholic Christians alike is that HCSMs are not subject to federal or state contraceptive or abortion mandates.

Alaska Senate Majority Leader John Coghill (R – North Pole) introduced Senate Bill 18 last year, which means the proposed legislation would die if it does not pass before April 17.

SB 18 would define HCSMs in the state, whereas now these ministries are ambiguous when it comes to state law. While not health insurance, membership in a HCSM satisfies the federal health care law’s (Affordable Care Act) requirement that all individuals purchase health insurance or pay a penalty tax, via the act’s penalty exemptions. HCSMs first came to Coghill’s attention via his long-time affiliation and employment at Bible Baptist Church in Fairbanks and more recently via an article in a Rutherford Institute publication. HCSMs allow individuals of a common set of beliefs to share in health care costs via a “co-op” of sorts. After learning of the Affordable Care Act’s penalty exemption for members of HCSMs the senator and his staff did a little digging and found that while there was nothing preventing HCSMs from operating in Alaska, there was also nothing in place to protect these ministries from being treated like health insurance in an Alaska court of law.

“Our law is silent; nothing is quantified,” Coghill told the Catholic Anchor last year. “This is a good opportunity to solidify the definition of health care sharing ministries, to define it in Alaska.”

Both Samaritan Ministries International and Christian Care MediShare, which make up the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, have ministry members in Alaska. Each ministry provides health care cost sharing arrangements among Christians who have opted out of the insurance-based model of health care for a more personal, faith-driven approach to their own health care needs and that of sharing the cost of health care for others.

While based on the principle of shared burden bearing rooted in early Christianity, HSCMs’ modern-era roots date back to the 1960s’ Old Order Amish Church’s communal practice of shared medical costs. Nowadays, HCSMs have a pool of voluntary members who agree to pay a set monthly amount, called a “share,” to help members pay for medical expenses. Qualifying needs are published in a monthly newsletter; members without needs for that month are assigned a specific person to send their share to. Money, and usually prayers and letters, are sent directly from those who have a need and those who desire to share the burden of those expenses.

Samaritan Ministries International currently has more than 150,000 people participating in the ministry, with more than $10 million available for needs each month. More than 350,000 people are served nationwide between the two ministries.

While members have a large portion of their medical costs covered by others willing to share, HSCMs are not insurance companies. There is no guarantee of payment, no risk assumed by a federally regulated business — each month’s share payment is completely voluntary. Yet the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries states that these ministries work because of the ecumenical sharing of not only the need but of the actual person who has the need; it makes Christian charity very tangible, both for the receiver and the recipient, who in turn could switch places the following month.

The health care sharing model has fiscal advantages as well; as high premiums, in-network provider limitations and increasingly large deductibles continue to frustrate many seeking health insurance. Because HCSMs are not-for-profit, membership shares are typically cheaper than for-profit health insurance. Share amounts depend on household types, with lower shares associated with singles, single-parent families and families with young parents (age 25 and younger).

Last fall Samaritan Ministries International teamed with Christ Medicus Foundation to create the Catholic Living Health Care Ministry, or CMF CURO. CMF CURO is managed in compliance with Catholic moral teachings and the Ethical and Religious Directives of Catholic Health Care. CMF CURO Director Louis Brown was quoted in the National Catholic Register last October as stating that his group “will allow Catholics to practice their faith, utilize affordable access to health care for themselves and their family, protect religious liberty and the individual right of conscience and, most importantly, affirm the gospel of life.”

Monthly shares with CMF CURO are $264 a month for individuals; a two-parent family’s share is $489. Shares do not increase in HCSMs without a member vote. Qualified medical expenses between $300 and $250,000 are shared among members. Members are responsible for their first $300 of their first three published needs, after that all published expenses are 100 percent shared. Medical costs greater than $250,000 are shared through a separate SMI program, Save to Share, which all CMF CURO members are enrolled in. CMF CURO does not publish medical costs associated with procedures at odds with Church teaching, such as abortion or sterilization. Catholic members of CMF CURO must attend Mass regularly (at least three times a month) and all members — the ministry is available to non-Catholics as well — must pledge to abstain from sinful practices, such as sexual immorality, drug abuse, smoking tobacco — except for the occasional celebration smoke — and must either abstain from alcohol or from drinking to the point of drunkenness. A pastor or church leader must attest to the members’ adherence to these lifestyle choices in the form of a signed letter. CMF CURO is available in all 50 states. (For more from the author of “Bill to Strengthen Faith-Based Health Care Options in Alaska Running out of Time” please click HERE)

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Alaska’s DMV Stealing Your Facial Biometric Data, Violating Privacy in Back Door Compliance With Real ID

Alaska_License_Plate_10432My research began trying to determine if the DMV was actually using facial recognition software for the new Driver License (DL) photograph and if so, why? To me, this would be a violation of privacy rights if confirmed. Apparently, DMV chooses to call it “image verification” but it’s the same thing. Most people are not aware of this because DMV is deliberately not telling you, unless you ask. So what happens to the people who refuse to give them their facial biometric data? As of now, right or wrong, you don’t get a license.

At this point I knew very little about the REAL ID. When speaking with the DMV, they were the ones who kept bringing it up. They wanted to make clear that I understood this was not the REAL ID. So I looked into the REAL ID that Alaska supposedly didn’t have.

According to a story, the REAL ID Act “set standards, which include requiring applicants to provide proof of identity and legal U.S. residency, and requiring states to use counterfeit-resistant security features in the IDs.” The Alaska DMV website states, “The new card design and issuance process is part of a nationwide effort to make it harder for criminals to obtain your identity. The newly designed card will include numerous security features to protect your identity and reduce fraud.” What they are not telling you is the “issuance process” utilizes facial recognition “image verification” to prove you are who you say you are. I could find no difference between the REAL ID and the new Alaska DL. also stated; “As of now, there are 23 states whose IDs are “fully compliant” with the REAL ID Act, and 27 states have received extensions. The only states and territories that are not compliant, and haven’t received extensions, are Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington and American Samoa.” Alaska must be on the extension list as their current process is a plan in place.

So who is actually making the new Alaska DL and has access to your data? DMV tells me it’s housed only in Alaska on Alaska servers. In 2012, Marquis ID System (MIS), located in the lower 48, won the contract. MIS stated in a press release that not only did they win the contract with Alaska, “The system will also incorporate new state-of-the-art Facial Recognition and Document Authentication Systems.” Shortly after MIS was awarded the Alaska contract, a company, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands by the name of Gemalto, bought them out 100%. Gemalto does business with over 80 different international governments. From this, more than Alaska has access to your data.

Is this Lawful? The new Alaska DL started in June 2014. In 2013, the state legislature passed HB 69 into law; Alaska Statute 44.99.040 Limitation on use of assets “ A state or municipal agency may not use or authorize the use of an asset to implement or aid in the implementation of a requirement of P.L. 109-13, Division B (REAL ID Act of 2005). If this is the REAL ID in disguise, this not only violates state law, but more importantly, your rights and constitutional protections; Alaska Constitution, Article 1, Section 22 (the Right to Privacy) and Section 14 (Searches and Seizures.) This also portrays a lack of moral and ethical behavior coming from the bureaucrats that seem to be running our state government and ignoring legislative restraint.

After 8-months, I have yet to receive the truth or even an answer that makes sense. DMV remains silent when asked what they plan on doing with all the people that want a driver’s license and refuse to submit their facial recognition biometric data. And what about those whose rights were violated and want their data back since it was taken without consent? Unfortunately, silence is consent. It is imperative for individuals to make a stand when rights are being clearly violated; absent of that, who would you have do it for you? The complaint form for the Alaska Ombudsman can be found online and submitted via email or post mail.

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