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INCREDIBLE PHOTOS: Major 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Anchorage, Alaska, Felt Statewide; Massive Damage

(Image credit: Facebook) According to the United States Geological Service, Anchorage was struck by a major 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was just a little less than 8 miles to the north of Anchorage and was relatively shallow, less than 20 miles down.

A tsunami warning also issued for the Kenai and other areas on the coast, but was subsequently canceled.


On Facebook, longtime Alaskans are reporting that this was the worst-felt earthquake since the gargantuan 9.2 magnitude, 1964 earthquake that struck the 49th state.


Some say it was almost as bad as ’64: “Folks this shaker was like the one in 64. Just not as long. Stay safe.”

(Facebook, Anchorage)

One lifetime Alaskan from Anchorage reported, “Prayers would be much appreciated. We just experienced the worst earthquake of my life and our house is trashed. We have 4 little very scared kids, too …”

(Facebook, Wasilla)

One Alaskan from Wasilla said, “Checking in after the biggest earthquake I’ve ever felt. All of my children are also safe. Power is out, broken stuff every where at home, I’m sure it’s the same at the shop and at the market we’re setting up for the weekend. I’ve heard most people have property damage and there’s a tsunami warning as well as aftershocks.”

(Facebook, Anchorage)

The quake was so intense, many Alaskans feared for their lives: “It’s been about 20 minutes since we experienced the biggest earthquake in my memory and I’m still sitting under my desk with three terrified boys. Not gonna lie – I wasn’t sure we’d all make it. But we did and now waiting to see what the tsunami warning turns into. Hope you all are ok!”

(Joe Miller’s nephew at his school in Anchorage)

Damage reports are also pouring in: “7.2 magnitude earthquake in AK. Broken pipes, bridges, no power… Praying for everyone there!!!!”

(broken water main, Anchorage)

Another Alaskan exclaimed, “Holy Moly … that was the biggest quake we’ve ever experienced…. the house is a mess with all the things that fell. Everyone safe out there?”

(Facebook, Carrs grocery, Anchorage)

Major aftershocks are continuing to rock the area, with a 5.8 hitting two miles from Anchorage, and a series of 4+ magnitude quakes hitting north of Alaska’s biggest city.

(Editor’s note: The United States Geological Service initially pegged the earthquake at 6.7, and an Australian station marked it at 7.2. USGS has since confirmed that it was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.)

(Facebook, Eagle River)

Anchorage Battered Women’s Shelter Is Being Investigated for Turning Away a Drunk, Injured Man

A battered women’s shelter in Anchorage, Alaska, is being investigated by the city’s Equal Rights Commission because it didn’t allow a drunk man, who came to the shelter after hours and was bleeding from an injury, to sleep in the same room as women.

Attorneys speaking on behalf of the Downtown Hope Center have repeatedly stated this man, who identifies as a woman, was not turned away because of his gender, but was sent to a hospital that night in January to get the medical treatment he needed. Shelter officials even paid for his cab fare to ensure that his wounds could be treated in a timely fashion. Yet the commission is investigating the shelter’s actions, arguing that it violated a city ordinance that was amended in 2015 to include a prohibition on discrimination based on “sexual orientation and gender identity to the grounds of discrimination.”

The Hope Center serves meals, gives away clothing, and offers job skills to both men and women during the daytime hours, but at night offers a space for women, many of whom have suffered from sexual and physical abuse at the hands of men, a safe space to spend the night.

Attorneys at the Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing the faith-based women’s shelter, say the ordinance specifically exempts shelters from having to comply with the amended version of the ordinance, which means the Hope Center has not broken any laws. (Read more from “Anchorage Battered Women’s Shelter Is Being Investigated for Turning Away a Drunk, Injured Man” HERE)

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Did Alaska GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Dunleavy Promise to Keep Joe Miller Out of State Government in Exchange for Establishment Support?

This past week, “Must Read Alaska,” an Establishment-controlled website, suggested that the Alaska GOP nominee for governor had received mainline Republican support -specifically, Lisa Murkowski’s – in exchange for certain promises. Such promises supposedly included commitments “that Joe Miller won’t be allowed in state government” and that Mike Dunleavy would make “no attack on Planned Parenthood or other women’s reproductive health providers.”

Restoring Liberty, of course, immediately reached out to the Dunleavy campaign for comment. Mike Dunleavy’s response was unequivocal: “There have been absolutely no deals. No discussion of deals. No insinuation of deals. She does what she wants to do and so do I.”

So why the rumor? It’s probably just another sorry effort to help Mark Begich into power by peeling off “Joe Miller” voters concerned that Dunleavy has cut a deal with the devil.

It’s a sure-to-fail tactic. Senator Dunleavy’s past financial support for Joe Miller’s U.S. Senate campaign against Murkowski as well as his repeated statements of support for positions espoused by Miller – especially regarding preservation of the PFD and Life – reflect his commitment to the People.

Could it all be a charade? Sure, only the Lord knows the heart. But every indicator is that Mike is one of us. Make sure your vote counts this Tuesday.

Alaska Race: After Walker Withdraws, New Poll Says Race Is a Veritable Toss-Up

A new poll on the Alaska gubernatorial race shows that it could be an extremely tight race between Republican candidate Mike Dunleavy and Democrat Mark Begich.

Incumbent Gov. Bill Walker (I) withdrew from the race last week just days after Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott (D) abruptly resigned from office amid confessions that he’d made unspecified “inappropriate comments” to an unspecified person.

Walker said he opted to withdraw from the race because he felt Begich would have better odds of beating Dunleavy, who had been leading in several polls.

“This week I have talked to many Alaskans to determine whether I or Mark Begich had a better chance of running a competitive race against Mike Dunleavy,” Walker said. “The determination was made that, at this point, Begich has the better odds. Alaskans deserve a competitive race.” . . .

In a two-way race between Dunleavy and Begich, Dunleavy would receive 54.5 percent of the vote, Begich would receive 40.8 percent of the vote, and 4.6 percent of respondents would be undecided. (Read more from “Alaska Race: After Walker Withdraws, New Poll Says Race Is a Veritable Toss-Up” HERE)

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Bill Walker Suspends Re-Election, Endorses Democrat

Independent Alaska Governor Bill Walker suspended his re-election bid on Friday, choosing instead to endorse the Democratic candidate, former Senator Mark Begich.

In an Instagram post, Walker conceded his inability to “win a three-way race” and expressed his belief that Begich would have a better shot at defeating Republican Mike Dunleavy in a two-person race. . .

Democratic Governors Association executive director Elisabeth Pearson called the move a “game-changer” that could shift the race to Begich. Before Walker’s withdrawal, Dunleavy, a former state senator, was polling ahead of both Begich and Walker, to the tune of over 40 percent to around 25 percent to the other two candidates, according to Politico.

View this post on Instagram

Dear Alaskans, I ran for re-election because I still believe that, more than anything else, Alaska deserves integrity, honesty, and courage. Alaska First is, and cannot only be, a campaign slogan. When I said I ran for governor to do the job, not make the decisions to keep the job, I meant exactly what I said. Every decision I have made as your governor, I have made on the basis of what I believe is best for Alaska. With that said, effective today, I am suspending my campaign for re-election as Governor. With more time, I am confident that Val and I could deliver a message and a campaign that could earn a victory in this election. But there are only 18 days remaining before election day. Absentee ballots have already been mailed, and Alaskans are already voting. In the time remaining, I believe we cannot win a three-way race. This week I have talked to many Alaskans to determine whether I or Mark Begich had a better chance of running a competitive race against Mike Dunleavy. The determination was made that, at this point, Begich has the better odds. Alaskans deserve a competitive race. Alaskans deserve a choice other than Mike Dunleavy, whose record and campaign rhetoric indicate he will: eliminate Medicaid Expansion that has provided healthcare access to 44,000 Alaskans, created jobs and brought $1 billion federal dollars into the Alaskan economy while decreasing State healthcare expenditures by $16 million, kept hospitals from closing, and saved lives; defund the Alaska LNG Gasline project that has made historic progress, will create 12,000 high paying construction jobs, 88,000 direct and indirect jobs and deliver low cost energy to our homes and businesses; undo the bipartisan approved sustainable fiscal plan that has resulted in fiscal stability, significantly reduced the deficit, improved our credit rating and preserved the PFD program into perpetuity; cause our most vulnerable to suffer the brunt of the additional $1 billion in budget cuts he vows to make to education, rural Alaska and those receiving healthcare. (Please see the rest of the speech in comments section)

A post shared by Walker for Alaska (@walkermallottforalaska) on

(Read more from “Bill Walker Suspends Re-Election, Endorses Democrat” HERE)

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McConnell: ‘Nobody Is Going to Beat Murkowski in 2022’

By The Washington Post. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Wednesday that Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) remains unbeatable in her home state despite her opposition to Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination — a view at odds with President Trump. (Read more from “McConnell: ‘Nobody Is Going to Beat Murkowski in 2022′” HERE)


Murkowski Not Worried About 2022 Challenge

By The Hill. President Trump . . . warned this past week that Murkowski would pay a political price for opposing Kavanaugh. . .

Murkowski later told reporters she wasn’t too worried.

“I know Alaska’s political terrain better than he does,” she said.

If Palin decides to run for the Senate, she will have to find a way to reconnect with Alaska voters.

She said last month that she and her husband are ready to leave the state and “get outside and do more. We’re not going to be holed up in Wasilla, Alaska, the rest of our life,” she told the Daily Mail in an interview. (Read more from “Murkowski Not Worried About 2022 Challenge” HERE)

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Lisa, Kavanaugh and Abortion

Forty-one years in Alaska and two runs for the U.S. Senate myself against Ted Stevens and Mark Begich have provided me abundant opportunity to see what is at play with our politics. Even as we speak, many Alaskan legislators and most citizens are unaware of the betrayal by our congressional delegation in the statehood act’s mandate for a 90/10 split in federal oil royalties, selling our birthright for a mess of 50/50 pottage. They have not read about Ted Stevens’ role in deforming our birth prior to statehood as an Interior Department lawyer, then his “heroic” rescue of our state through titanic infusions of federal monies. Not surprisingly, this continued the same dependency and control by the federal government from whose liberation was the entire reason behind statehood. Ernest Gruening certainly knew that in his famous 1955 speech.

Lisa Murkowski, part of this betrayal, was already a suspected RINO while in the state legislature, a reliable and scandalous vote for abortion “rights” that was never addressed by Alaska’s Catholic bishops, whom have always toed the line of the left wing of the Church. The Murkowski Family Fix that was perpetrated by Governor Frank Murkowski, appointing his daughter to his own seat, provided a bad taste in Alaskans’ mouth that even the Republican legislature tried to address shortly thereafter.

When Lisa was on the hook to keep that seat against Tony Knowles in a race that every pollster knew would be close, the media packed itself outside the headquarters of Alaska Right to Life for more than three hours. That supposedly uninfluential group of right wing extremists had to weigh the bad options. “No endorsement” was what emerged, with a statement that while Knowles would certainly never vote for any future Republican supreme court nominee, Lisa might. Alaska RTL’s prescience was spot-on, as Lisa voted for Neil Gorsuch, whose seat would not change the balance of abortion votes on the court, but certainly knew on what side her bread was buttered when it came to Kavanaugh. The sexual accusations were a mere red-herring for the real issue at play.

For Alaskans wondering about the true reason for Lisa’s “No Vote” for Judge Kavanaugh, it was abortion first and foremost. While I myself might not have voted for Kavanaugh (see below), and his commitment to returning states rights and overturning Roe v. Wade is utterly suspect, Lisa was not taking any chances, which apparently Maine RINO Susan Collins was willing to do.

Part and parcel of this mess have been Alaska’s Catholic bishops, past and present. They have never uttered one word of either admonishment or explanation regarding Lisa, her fellow Catholic Mark Begich, or any other local “Catholic” legislator who panders to the Crown Jewel of the radical left: abortion-on-demand all nine months of pregnancy. Head-patting assurances that they have been working behind the scenes ring as hollow as their commitment to rooting out the homosexual mafia that is increasingly seen as controlling the Catholic hierarchy worldwide.

But just how committed to Constitutional principles is Kavanaugh? It certainly is not from his non-defense of the 4th Amendment, which the Patriot Act flies in the face of, nor in his dutiful work for the Clintons in the Vince Foster “suicide” case. The proper questions to have directed at Kavanaugh should have gone there, as well as the following: “Where in the constitution does the federal government derive its power to interfere with the states in regards to legislating social issues? What is your opinion on the legitimacy of the 14th Amendment’s passage in 1868? What is your opinion regarding the expansive use of the 14th as it interferes with freedom of religion?”

Lisa owes her seat to a controversial appointment from Daddy, a non-endorsement from the prolife movement in the face of someone even more radical than herself, and a suspected Machiavellian write-in election whose legitimacy has never been properly investigated, an investigation that might have turned the integrity of Alaska’s election system on its head. Alaskans would do well to pressure her to resign if Dunleavy is elected this fall.


Bob Bird is a radio talk-show host for KSRM radio.

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McConnell Undermines Trump and Senate Republicans With Support for Murkowksi

Despite the outcry from Republican voters against Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, for her vote to block Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has no plans to oppose her if she runs for re-election in 2022.

After the allegations against Kavanaugh were scrutinized, principled Americans saw that it was wrong to presume Kavanaugh guilty without evidence and permit the Democrats to assassinate his character. Yet Murkowski, ever the ally of the Left, wavered and voted with the Democrats to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation from going forward. She voted to reward and embolden the Democrats’ smear tactics, and if just a few more Republicans had voted with her, Kavanaugh’s confirmation would have ended in defeat.

The Alaska Republican Party is considering how it might reprimand Murkowski for her vote, but “leader” McConnell said Wednesday that there is no point in challenging Murkowski because “nobody’s going to beat her.” She nearly jeopardized Kavanaugh’s confirmation and did historic harm to the Senate confirmation process, but McConnell still considers her a Republican in “very good standing.”

McConnell disagreed with President Donald Trump’s prediction that she will “never recover” from her vote, demonstrating once again that as the leader of a supposed conservative Republican party, he is out of step with rank-and-file conservatives.

“Well, she’s certainly going to recover. … She’s about as strong as you could possibly be in Alaska,” McConnell told the Associated Press in an interview. “Nobody’s gonna beat her. I’m proud she’s in the Republican conference,” he added.

McConnell cited Murkowski’s 2010 write-in campaign victory over the Republican nominee Joe Miller, who defeated Murkowski in the primary, as evidence that it wasn’t worth bothering to defeat her. Murkowski was never punished for challenging the GOP — McConnell permitted her to keep her committee assignments. In 2016, when Murkowski was up for re-election after betraying Senate Republicans and supporting several of President Obama’s policies and judicial nominations, McConnell supported her for re-election when there were alternatives.

His “pride” in Murkowski is consistent with his support for Republicans who object to a conservative agenda over conservatives in primaries that has made the GOP Senate majority nearly impotent. Every major policy from repealing Obamacare to confirming judicial confirmations is in danger of a handful of liberal Republicans upsetting the vote.

Many Republicans are very happy with McConnell right now for getting Kavanaugh confirmed, but understand that this is exactly why the best conservatives can do under his leadership is barely having the votes to get Kavanaugh onto the court. McConnell hasn’t delivered for Trump supporters on a border wall, on health care, on spending, on immigration, on protecting the unborn. He shouldn’t be turned into a hero for one victory amid a thousand defeats, and he should be called out for undermining his own party by supporting Lisa Murkowski. (For more from the author of “McConnell Undermines Trump and Senate Republicans With Support for Murkowksi” please click HERE)

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Alaska’s Other RINO Senator Vows to Fight Any Censure of Lisa Murkowski

Editor’s note, courtesy of Matt Johnson: Senator Dan Sullivan’s response to Alaska Republicans censuring or disciplining RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski for going rogue again: “I’ll fight it fully.”

I know a lot of my Republican friends in Alaska don’t want to hear it, but it’s true. Dan Sullivan is only marginally conservative. His score with Conservative Review is a paltry 53%. That’s not what he promised Alaskans when he ran for this office. He promised to be a conservative fighter. He’s done nothing of the sort. He’s a conservative like Mitch McConnell is a conservative. He votes in virtual lock-step with the Establishment. The only time Dan Sullivan has really been willing to stick his neck out has been in defense of Murkowski, or in opposition to Donald Trump.

This is yet another, “I told you so” moment for Joe Miller. He told primary voters in 2014 that a vote for Dan Sullivan was a vote to prop up Lisa Murkowski. Not only did he endorse her for re-election in 2016 with an infinitely better Republican on the ballot (Mayor Dan Sullivan), he fully endorsed her against Joe Miller in the general election (It should be noted that by his own admission he didn’t support Joe Miller v. Murkowski when he was the Republican nominee, so it can’t be that he was just doing his partisan duty).

This isn’t just about Alaska. This is about the whole country. Murkowski single-handedly saved Obamacare, costing millions of Americans more money, less coverage, less access to healthcare. And while she didn’t succeed this time, she may well cost us a conservative Supreme Court Justice next time, as she has already signaled that she would likely vote against anyone she thinks would overturn Roe v. Wade. The long and short of it: Senator Dan Sullivan misled Alaskans to get power. Now that he has it, he doesn’t care what you think.

Republicans Defend RINO Senator

From Politico: [Lisa Murkowski’s] Senate GOP colleagues are defending her, pushing back against Trump’s vow to make her pay a political price for opposing Kavanaugh. [But] Republicans are growing uneasy with her standing in today’s GOP. She voted against the Obamacare repeal and the Kavanaugh confirmation, putting her on the wrong side of the president on two critical votes over the past two years.

Murkowski isn’t up for reelection until 2022, having won reelection alongside Trump in 2016. But Republicans say the prickly Alaska senator doesn’t take kindly to Trump’s assertion that Murkowski will “never recover” from her “no” vote and that it might alienate the Alaska moderate on critical votes in a narrowly divided Senate. . .

Trump’s relationship with Murkowski is already frayed. In a phone call last summer, Trump pushed her to support the GOP’s attempts to repeal Obamacare, though she ultimately voted no and people working on the bill said Trump’s lobbying was not helpful. . . But now Murkowski is the only Republican to have opposed two of Trump’s signature initiatives. . .

[Now] the Alaska GOP is weighing whether to issue a statement condemning Murkowski’s vote, withdraw its support for her or even find challengers to her reelection campaign, [but,] according to The Associated Press, Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) said of any retribution: “I’ll fight it fully.” (Read more from “Alaska’s Other RINO Senator Vows to Fight Any Censure of Lisa Murkowski” HERE)

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