Shirtless Alaska Airlines Passenger Restrained, Forcefully Removed From Flight

A disruptive passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight from Oahu, Hawaii to San Francisco was arrested and removed from the plane by multiple police officers on Thursday, September 27.

According to Lindsey Babb, another passenger on the plane, the man removed from the flight had been in the bathroom for 30 minutes and refused to come out. When police arrived, the passenger started yelling and resisting arrest.

In a video Babb recorded and shared, the man is seen without his shirt yelling at police officers as they try to drag him from his seat. At one point he yells “don’t arrest me” while they hold him down and try to restrain him. Babb reported that five police officers boarded the plane to deal with the unruly passenger. . .

“On 9/27 on Flight 710 (HNL/SFO) prior to departure, a guest entered the bathroom and would not come out. The safety of our guests and crew is our top priority. The flight crew contacted law enforcement to remove the passenger. The flight departed about two hours late. We sincerely apologize to our guests for the inconvenience,” [an Alaska Airlines] statement read. (Read more from “Shirtless Alaska Airlines Passenger Restrained, Forcefully Removed From Flight” HERE)

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Murkowski, Key Vote in Kavanaugh Confirmation, Reveals How She Feels About Allegations

By Fox News. Just days before Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee plan to hold a critical vote on whether to recommend Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the full Senate, a key swing vote Republican senator, Lisa Murkowski, seemed to suggest that her support for the nominee is wavering.

“We are now in a place where it’s not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified,” Murkowski said in an interview on Monday night. “It is about whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed.”

Asked Tuesday about whether an FBI inquiry into the decades-old allegations against Kavanaugh should occur — a repeated demand by Democratic lawmakers — Murkowski replied, “It would sure clear up all the questions, wouldn’t it?”

Murkowski’s comments put her at odds with her Republican colleagues in the Senate, including Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who have said the Senate, not the FBI, has the constitutional duty to investigate the Kavanaugh claims.

The FBI would need explicit White House instruction to conduct a probe into the allegations against Kavanaugh, Fox News has learned, because they fall well outside any applicable statute of limitations for a federal crime. (Read more from “Murkowski, Key Vote in Kavanaugh Confirmation, Reveals How She Feels About Allegations” HERE)


Trump Accuses Democrats of ‘Con Game,’ Republicans Set Friday Committee Vote on Kavanaugh

By ABC News. The Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday announced a vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for as early as 9:30 a.m. Friday, just hours after he and one of his accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, are scheduled to tell senators their dramatically different stories about her allegation he sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school.

In the face of strong opposition to Kavanaugh, some Senate Republicans have indicated they are eager to vote on his nomination even before they hear from Ford.

“Immediately following the conclusion of Thursday’s hearing, the Senate Judiciary Committee should vote up or down on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination,” Sen. Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican, said in a statement Tuesday.

The top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, immediately called the Republican move “outrageous.” (Read more from “Trump Accuses Democrats of ‘Con Game,’ Republicans Set Friday Committee Vote on Kavanaugh” HERE)

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Number of Human-Bear Conflicts Growing Across Alaska

Wildlife experts are calling this summer one of the busiest years of bear encounters they have seen.

The Anchorage Daily News reports biologists believe that poor berry crops and struggling salmon are motivating the hungry bears to wander away from the woods and go into towns.

Recent incidents include a black bear taking over the Juneau arboretum and another bruin that shut down a fish-cleaning facility. (Read more from “Number of Human-Bear Conflicts Growing Across Alaska” HERE)

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Alaska Man Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Woman and Gets a ‘Pass’

A man in Anchorage, Alaska, pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman who said he strangled her unconscious and sexually assaulted her.

The man then walked out of court with no prison sentence.

“But I would like the gentleman to be on notice that this is his one pass,” prosecutor Andrew Grannik said in court Wednesday, CNN affiliate KTVA reported. “It’s not really a pass, but given the conduct, one might consider that it is.”

Justin Schneider, 34, was accused of kidnapping and assaulting the woman on August 15, 2017, strangling her until she lost consciousness and then masturbating on her, court documents show. (Read more from “Alaska Man Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Woman and Gets a ‘Pass'” HERE)

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Appalling: Murkowski Votes to Continue Federal Funding for Abortion, Cruz, Others Tag Along

An amendment offered by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) would have defunded Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. The Senate rejected the amendment by a vote of 45-48, well short of the 60 votes it needed invoke cloture and pass the measure. . .

We are disappointed that the majority of the U.S. Senate that claims to be pro-life has not kept its promise to defund Planned Parenthood. At the ACLJ, we will continue to fight for life, and a critical step in that fight is eliminating taxpayer funding of the abortion industry. A key part of this effort is informing you how individual Senators vote on the relevant measures.

For starters, there were six Senators absent for yesterday’s vote: Bob Corker (R-TN), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Deb Fischer (R-NE), Mazie Hirono (D-HI), Brian Schatz (D-HI), and Patty Murray (D-WA).

Next, two Senators from the party with an avowedly pro-life platform voted “No” on this amendment to defund Planned Parenthood. They were Sen’s Collins (R-ME) and Murkowski (R-AK).

Several Senators who have actively campaigned on a pro-life agenda also voted against the amendment and in favor of taxpayer funding for the abortion industry. For example, in 2006, during his U.S. House race, Joe Donnelly (D-IN) said, “In keeping with my personal faith and family values, I have consistently opposed abortion and will continue to do so in Congress. I believe that pro-life means promoting life at every stage, from conception until natural death. I will always vote according to my faith and my conscience on life issues.” Perhaps we should remind Senator Donnelly that Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortions in the United States of America. (Read more from “Appalling: Murkowski Votes to Continue Federal Funding for Abortion, Cruz, Others Tag Along” HERE)

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Russia Launches Biggest Ever War Games

By AFP. Russia launched Tuesday what it called its largest ever military drills, with hundreds of thousands of troops taking part along with Chinese soldiers in a show of force NATO condemned as a rehearsal for “large-scale conflict.”

President Vladimir Putin is expected to attend the games after hosting an economic forum in Russia’s far eastern city Vladivostok where his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping is one of the prominent guests.

The week-long war games dubbed “Vostok-2018″(East-2018) “have kicked off” in far eastern Russia, the defence ministry said.

Taking part in the drills are around 300,000 soldiers, 36,000 military vehicles, 80 ships and 1,000 aircraft, helicopters and drones.

Some 3,500 Chinese troops will take part in the exercise. (Read more from “Russia Launches Biggest Ever War Games” HERE)


Russian Bombers Flew Near Alaska, Intercepted by Air Force Jets, U.S. Military Says

By Fox News. The U.S. military said Wednesday that two Russian nuclear-capable bombers escorted by two fighter jets flew near Alaska on Sept. 11 before being intercepted by a pair of Air Force F-22 stealth fighter jets, according to a statement by the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

The Russian formation never entered U.S. or Canadian airspace, according to the statement.

NORAD said the Russian bombers and fighter jets were intercepted “west of mainland Alaska” by the American fighter jets at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday, but did not give a more precise location.

It’s the second time this month a pair of Russian bombers flew near Alaska. On Sept. 1, the bombers were intercepted by F-22 fighters after crossing into the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone south of the Aleutian Islands. (Read more from “Russian Bombers Flew Near Alaska, Intercepted by Air Force Jets, U.S. Military Says” HERE)

Astronaut Candidate First to Resign in 50 Years

A member of NASA’s latest class of astronaut candidates has resigned from the space agency before completing his basic training.

Robb Kulin, 35, is leaving the program just over a year after he was chosen to join NASA’s 22nd group of spaceflight trainees. His departure reduces the 2017 class, nicknamed “The Turtles,” to 11 members.

Kulin’s resignation, effective on Friday (Aug. 31), is “for personal reasons,” NASA public affairs officer Brandi Dean told reporters on Monday. No further details were released.

A native of Anchorage, Alaska, Kulin is a private pilot with a master’s degree in materials science and a doctorate in engineering from the University of California, San Diego. Prior to becoming an astronaut candidate, he previously worked as an ice driller in Antarctica, a commercial fisherman in Chignik, Alaska, and as the senior manager for flight reliability at SpaceX, leading the company’s Launch Chief Engineering group in Hawthorne, California. . .

The last time that a NASA astronaut candidate resigned before being qualified for a spaceflight assignment was 50 years ago. Chemist John Llewellyn, a member of NASA’s sixth group of trainees and second scientist-astronaut group chosen in 1967, withdrew from the program after realizing he was not cut out for flying jets. (Read more from “Astronaut Candidate First to Resign in 50 Years” HERE)

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Who Did You Vote For in Alaska Tuesday?

I experienced firsthand the consequences of Alaska’s fraud-laced election system in 2010. Dozens of volunteers discovered (and signed affidavits attesting to) widespread vote fraud during the so-called recount in Juneau. Frankly, our voting system is one of the worst in the nation, a flat-out embarrassment to our great state.

Regrettably, vote integrity can only be restored through either the concerted effort of the legislature or the unwavering commitment of a strong lieutenant governor. One candidate for lieutenant governor has demonstrated that he has no interest in curing Alaska’s corrupt voting system. That candidate – Kevin Meyer – has been part of the Republican establishment for years and participated in the white-washed legislative hearings in 2010 regarding voting problems. He has historically done nothing to cure the voting issues in Alaska. Because of that, I recommend strongly against any vote for Kevin Meyer.

With respect to governor, there appears to be only one conservative choice this election: Mike Dunleavy. Although some voters have expressed concern with the executive abilities of Senator Dunleavy versus his opponent, Mead Treadwell, Treadwell’s past commitment to the destructive establishment-wing of the GOP cannot be understated. The primary evidence of this? He has always been a strong supporter of Alaska’s pro-abortion senator, Lisa Murkowski. Senator Dunleavy, on the other hand, was a financial supporter of Citizens for Joe Miller, and has since committed to me to be an unequivocally pro-life, pro-PFD, pro-gun, liberty-minded governor.

Yes, voting in Alaska has lost much of its allure as the dirty trappings of corruption have been revealed over recent elections. Watching my races – or the legislative race this past election where a judge found fraud – many people have lost faith in Alaska’s elections. Nevertheless, Kathleen and I choose to continue to vote, trust in God, and keep our powder dry.

Faith-Based Women’s Shelter in Legal Battle Over Turning Away Man Who Identifies as a Woman

Nearly a year ago, the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission filed suit against a Christian women’s shelter for not allowing a man to sleep there overnight. . .

Drunk, visibly wounded, and wearing a woman’s nightgown, [Timothy] Coyle–a biological male who identifies as a woman and goes by the name Samantha–told the female Hope employee at the door that he’d just been kicked out of the nearby Brother Francis Shelter, for fighting.

Sherrie Laurie, Hope’s director, ultimately told Coyle that he couldn’t stay at the Christian shelter. (Hope houses battered women, in addition to victims of sex-trafficking.) Instead, she gave him money for a cab and sent him to the emergency room for treatment, recommending that he eventually make his way to the Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis (AWAIC.) . . .

Four days later, Timothy Coyle filed a complaint with the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, claiming he was discriminated against on the basis of his sexual identity. A municipal ordinance in Anchorage includes an anti-discrimination statute that, since 2015, names gender identity as a protected class. . .

The Anchorage Equal Rights Commission has additionally filed a discrimination complaint against Hope’s attorney, claiming he has “been identified as the source of statements and information, published in various printed media sources, which implied or stated that transgender individuals would not be allowed to be “sheltered” at the Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center.” (Read more from “Faith-Based Women’s Shelter in Legal Battle Over Turning Away Man Who Identifies as a Woman” HERE)

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Russian Strategic Bombers Deploy Near Alaska

The Russian military says that two nuclear-capable strategic bombers have flown to the easternmost Chukotka Peninsula, near Alaska, as part of an air force exercise.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Tu-160 bombers flew about 7,000 kilometers (4,350 Miles) from their home base near Saratov in southwestern Russia to Anadyr, on Chukotka, before returning to their home base. The ministry said the mission was the first time the bombers had flown to Chukotka, which faces Alaska across the Bering Strait.

The ministry said the air force exercise also involved the Tu-95 strategic bombers and tanker planes. (Read more from “Russian Strategic Bombers Deploy Near Alaska” HERE)

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