FOUND! Joe Miller Volunteers in Alaska Locate HEROIC Homeless Trump #StarProtector

On an Alaskan island over 2,200 miles north of Los Angeles, Eric and Vickie Weaver answered the phone to hear the voice of a homeless woman in California they’d never met, a voice bubbling over with happiness at the caring of strangers and expressing her unwavering support for Presidential candidate Donald Trump. It was an emotional moment for the Weavers as well.

This call was the finale to an intense quest that was triggered by the shocking video of an attack by leftist thugs on a homeless woman who had courageously “guarded” the Trump Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame after a Hillary supporter had vandalized the star. Immediately following the attack, the homeless lady, whose identity was yet unknown, disappeared from sight. Despite many social media announcements issued by the Trump campaign asking for assistance in locating her, she had simply vanished.

Well, that is until two Alaskans from the island town of Ketchikan got involved. Eric Weaver, a Systems Administrator for the City of Ketchikan, and his wife Vickie, who is working on an Information Technology degree, responded to the call to action issued by Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen.

The Weavers, who are involved in politics working to elect Trump and actively volunteering in Alaska on Joe Miller’s campaign for U.S. Senate, had followed the story from the outset and were alarmed at the aggressive response of the leftist thugs. The Weavers worried that if the wrong people found her first, they might harm her again. But Eric and Vickie were thousands of miles away in Alaska and no one, not even the Trump campaign, knew the name of the homeless woman who had vanished back into the streets of Los Angeles.

Fortunately Alaskans are tenacious – Eric and Vickie unleashed a marathon of online searches, data sorting and cold-calling that resulted in the discovery of her identity and garnered the involvement of an outreach worker that Eric characterizes as a “long-time street warrior” who does phenomenal work with the homeless in Los Angeles. The first real break in the search came Monday morning after many hours of online work, when Vickie discovered an article from 2013 that included a photo of the homeless lady she was looking for, identified in the article as Denise Scott and who was speaking to an outreach worker, Chris Mack.

When Eric related the story to his fellow volunteers on Joe Miller’s U.S. Senate campaign, he recounted that once a trusted working relationship was established, Chris responded immediately to Eric’s request for assistance on the streets of Los Angeles.

So when Chris and Denise’s call came in Wednesday afternoon, Eric and Vickie were elated. The search was over and the team immediately contacted Brunell Kyei, Trump’s Vice Chair of Diversity Outreach and Justin Best, the reporter who set up a GoFundMe account for Denise, that, as of this writing, had raised over $25,000 and was trending.

After notifying the Trump team, the Weaver’s broke the story on their Facebook page “Reload” which is a source for “conservative news and all things Trump and Alaska politics.”

Volunteers with the Joe Miller campaign contacted Jerry Ward, the Trump Campaign’s State Director for Alaska to share the breaking news. Mr. Ward was excited to hear that Denise Scott had been found saying “It is great Alaskans were able to find her!” and he condemned the “disgusting attack by thug bullies on the lady protecting the Donald Trump star in Hollywood.”

Disgusting indeed. During the attack, the thugs involved can be heard taunting 63-year old and homeless Denise Scott with “where is Donald Trump to protect you now?!” It goes without saying at this point that Denise Scott will enjoy the last laugh with The Donald by her side.

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Murkowski and AK GOP Leadership Continue Deceitful Ways; Party Members File FEC, Ethics Complaints

The Joe Miller campaign today charged Lisa Murkowski with trying to deceive the voters of Alaska following the transfer of another $100,000 in campaign cash to the Alaska Republican Party (ARP). The transfer appears solely for the purpose of attacking Miller, while hiding the true identity of the assailant. The total is now a quarter of a million dollars since Miller’s entry into the race.

The Miller campaign also discussed a complaint filed by Republican District 11 precinct leader Julie Hamm against the ARP and its chairman Tuckerman Babcock with the Federal Election Commission regarding multiple alleged violations of FEC rules.

Further, District 9 chair Carol Carman filed an ethics complaint with the State Central Committee regarding Babcock’s conduct.

In a release last week, the Miller campaign noted that Murkowski had transferred $150,300 since Miller’s decision to enter the U.S. Senate race on Sept. 6. This total is well over the $96,100 FEC limit allowed in coordinated campaign expenditures for the Alaska senate race.

The latest FEC filings show that Murkowski has doubled down by transferring an additional $100,000. The six cash transfers to the party include: Sept. 20 – $50,000; Sept. 23 – $67,000; Sept. 30 – $25,500; Oct. 7 – $7,000; Oct. 10 – $35,300; and Oct. 18 – $64,000, with a grand total of $249,600.

These transfers from Murkowski are listed as “Surplus Campaign Funds,” by the ARP, while Murkowski has listed them as “other” in her third quarter filing, with the October transfers not available yet to review.

The funds are being used to level false personal attacks against Joe Miller through statewide mailers. Lisa Murkowski is clearly trying to hide her sleazy attacks by listing them as “other.” This violates every principle of transparency and the whole objective of campaign finance laws. Alaskans have a right to know who is perpetrating the attacks.

“If Lisa Murkowski has something to say about Joe Miller, she needs to have the courage and the integrity to say it herself and not rent out the Alaska Republican Party to do her dirty work,” said campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto.

“These multiple, frantic transfers of cash are clearly acts of desperation. They know the momentum is with Joe Miller, and he is once again in a position to defeat Lisa Murkowski,” said DeSoto. “All Alaska Republicans should be outraged by the unethical conduct of the party’s leadership.”

Meanwhile Julie Hamm, a GOP precinct leader, filed an FEC complaint last week against the Alaska GOP and its chairman Tuckerman Babcock.

The complaint hits Babcock and the Alaska Republican Party leadership on multiple issues including:

1. Failing to account for all the party’s funds.

2. Failing to file a proper FEC Form 1 – Statement of Organization within the required timeframe showing a new Treasurer as well as new address of the Alaska Republican Party.

3. Filing FEC reports listing the wrong person as Treasurer.

A Miller campaign release from last week also highlighted that the Alaska GOP is currently being investigated by the FEC for failing to properly disclose expenditures made during the primary campaign.

Alaska Republican Party District 9 chair Carol Carman has also filed an ethics complaint with the State Central Committee regarding Tuckerman Babcock’s unethical conduct in circulating the Murkowski flyers.

The Alaska GOP seems more than willing to play fast and loose with the rules.

“What is becoming apparent through all these revelations- Murkowski’s money laundering with the AK GOP, missing cash, failure to disclose–is a willingness to throw ethical, even apparently legal conduct to the wind in hopes of pulling the wool over Alaskans’ eyes,” said DeSoto. “Voters are smarter than that and will show it on November 8th, when they elect Joe Miller to the U.S. Senate.”

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Murkowski’s Hired Henchman at the Alaska Republican Party Busted for Filing False Police Report

The Miller campaign blasted Murkowski’s paid frontman Tuckerman Babcock for trying to illegally exploit the police for political gain.

The Alaska Republican Party (ARP) and its chairman Tuckerman Babcock took their acts of desperation to a whole new level today, when they filed a false police report against the Joe Miller campaign for mailers sent highlighting Lisa Murkowski’s Wall Street, crony capitalists connections.

At issue were GOP political flyers donated to the Miller campaign by a member of ARP from the 2010 U.S. Senate campaign, in which the GOP hit Murkowski for bailing out her Wall Street friends.


“Clearly Tuckerman Babcock is trying to keep Alaskans from learning about Murkowski’s liberal voting record and the money laundering scheme she and the Party have been perpetrating on the Alaskan people with her campaign funds,” said DeSoto.

“The Alaska Republican Party is in full meltdown mode, and Lisa Murkowski’s campaign is in its death spiral,” he added.

Tuckerman violated Alaska Statute 11.56.80, which provides a person is guilty of filing a false report if he or she knowingly gives false information to the police “with the intent of implicating another in an offense.”

“The Anchorage Police Department would be well within their rights to press charges against Tuckerman Babcock, as he violated AS 11.56.800, when he filed a frivolous and false report,” said DeSoto.

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Murkowski Campaign Makes ‘Highly Unusual’ Massive Transfers of Funds To State Party

Anchorage, Alaska. October 24, 2016 — An FEC Report filed by the Alaska Republican Party for financial activity in September has disclosed a series of highly unusual financial transactions involving both the Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate Campaign and the Alaska Republican Party.

Starting on September 20, the Murkowski campaign began making large transfers of campaign funds from her campaign account to the Alaska Republican Party which were described on an FEC report as “Contribution of Surplus Campaign Funds.”

The Murkowski campaign made the following payments, totaling $150,300, to the Alaska Republican Party: September 20 – $50,000; September 23 – $67,800; September 30 – $25,500. And, an FEC Report filed by the Murkowski campaign also showed a fourth transfer to the Alaska Republican Party on September 30 in the amount of $7,000.

It should be noted all these payments were made after Joe Miller entered the U.S. Senate race on Sept. 6.

“The whole purpose of campaign finance law is so the voters can know the true source of the message and who is funding it,” said campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto. “There appears to be strong evidence in these instances the Murkowski campaign and the Alaska Republican Party are trying to circumvent the law.”

In a phone call today, FEC compliance staff described such pre-election transfers of “Surplus Campaign Funds” by federal candidates to a party committee as “highly unusual” and the sort of matter that, at the very least, “may require an Advisory Opinion” from the Commission.

The Murkowski Campaign ambiguously categorized each of these four large transfers simply as “other.” If the funds were transferred for some legitimate purpose, this is where the purpose should have been disclosed.

Moreover, under federal law, the amount of money that the Alaska Republican party committee may expend on Coordinated Party Activities with this year’s Senate campaign is strictly limited to $96,100. This means that if all these transferred funds are used to pay for coordinated media or mailings boosting Murkowski’s campaign or opposing Miller’s, there would not just be one violation of federal election law, but two.

The Alaska Republican Party would be violating federal election law for making an illegal, excessive Coordinated Party Expenditure of more than $50,000. And Murkowski would be violating federal election law for receiving an illegal, excessive in-kind contribution in the same amount. Such illegal excessive contributions would no doubt result in hefty five-digit fines being imposed not just on the Murkowski campaign, but on the Alaska Republican Party as well. If all of the Murkowski funds are spent on helping Murkowski, this fine would need to be paid from the scarce resources of the Alaska Republican Party.

On the other hand, if the funds transferred to the Alaska Republican Party were not being used for the benefit of the Murkowski campaign, these enormous transfers of cash would constitute a betrayal of those who donated to the Murkowski campaign in order to help elect her to office — not for some other purpose.

Moreover, for Murkowski, as a candidate in a close race, to make such massive transfers of money that would not benefit her campaign, would be the height of arrogance — demonstrating that she believed that she had already won the election, just as the first votes are being cast throughout the State today.

“Sadly, the political establishment of Alaska has for too long taken for granted the people of Alaska. It is time to end the tenure of this arrogant, high-flying, loose-dealing professional politician and return the U.S. Senate seat to the people of Alaska,” said DeSoto.

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the Constitutional right to life, the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.


Lies, Lies, and More Lies: “New” Alaska Republican Party, Same as the Old

The new boss? Same as the old. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Alaska Republican Party Chair Tuckerman Babcock today filed an FEC complaint against Joe Miller’s campaign filled with fabrications and lies.

Either Tuckerman Babcock is incompetent, or dishonest. There isn’t much middle ground.

It should be readily apparent that an LLC (Restoring Liberty) solely owned by the principal (Joe) can make unlimited contributions. The only quibble can be over the value. Yet Mr. Babcock complains both that the campaign didn’t disclose enough, and that it disclosed too much.

Below are the complaints filed with the Federal Election Commission:

1. Made illegal corporate contributions to the Miller campaign – This is categorically false. Joe solely owns and controls Restoring Liberty, LLC. It is completely legal for Joe Miller to donate his own money and resources. See Federal Election Campaign Guide, page 29.

2. Illegally accepted extremely valuable in-kind campaign contributions from corporate sponsors – This also is patently false. See above.

3. Illegally accepted unlawful or excess contributions in the form of free rent for the headquarters – This is also false, checks went out before the complaint was filed. There was a clerical error in the report. Will be included in forthcoming amended filing.

4. Accepted email and other lists from corporate entities without paying fair value – This is also completely untrue, and without warrant. See No. 1.

5. Transferred use of “corporate” social media accounts without paying fair value – False claim. Restoring Liberty has a separate Facebook account. Even if Joe were using Restoring Liberty accounts, it would still be untrue. See No. 1.

6. Placed a direct link to his US Senate campaign on a for-profit corporate website without paying fair value – False claim. Already disclosed as in-kind donation. See No. 1.

7. Made numerous solicitations for campaign donations without a proper disclaimer – This claim is partially true. We are aware of one email that was sent at the beginning of the campaign without a proper disclaimer. When it was discovered, the error was immediately corrected in further communications. It is being investigated to determine if there was indeed more than one.

8. Utilized yard signs and other materials with inaccurate disclaimers – Volunteers have utilized old campaign material. However, to suggest this represents an FEC violation is absurd.

9. Solicited donations via radio communications without a proper disclaimer – It is unknown what is being claimed here. Appears to be a complete fabrication.

10. Failure to properly disclose receipts and expenditures – There were some incidental omissions that will appear in the amended form.

11. Fabricated certain in-kind contributions – False statement. Citizens for Joe Miller received tens of thousands of old mailers paid for by the Alaska Republican Party that were reported as an in-kind contribution.

Lisa Murkowski and Tuckerman Babcock are clearly desperate to change the subject. Murkowski’s campaign is sinking in the polls, and Babcock has his own house to clean. These kinds of frivolous complaints are a clear sign that the senator is losing.

Here’s hoping Mr. Babcock will come clean and shed some light on the troubling $150,000+ Murkowski-ARP money laundering scheme.


Alaska: A Case Study in Medicaid Expansion

My home state of Alaska is the latest state to discover the painful side effects of expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare. It’s been roughly a year since Gov. Bill Walker unilaterally made this move via executive order, but the program already costs tens of millions of dollars more than projected for 2016. With the state beginning to shoulder part of the bill for the expansion next year, the program’s higher-than-expected costs now threaten to destabilize a state budget that’s already in disarray.

This is a typical result of Medicaid expansion, and one Gov. Walker should have expected. Although the federal government promises “free money” to cover the cost of the program, there’s no such thing.

Medicaid expansion enables thousands of able-bodied, childless, working-age adults to receive taxpayer-funded health insurance. In Alaska’s case, only about 45% of those eligible under the expansion are currently working. This includes people who may already have private insurance coverage but choose to enroll in the government program instead.

This program is costly. Medicaid’s actuaries released a report earlier this summer that revealed spending per new Medicaid enrollee was 49% higher than expected.

The result is a higher bill for taxpayers. Alaska’s Medicaid expansion was initially expected to cost $145 million this year. Even though the number of enrollees roughly matched expectations, the cost of providing them insurance did not. That clocks in at $175 million, a $30 million difference that’s also higher than the Medicaid expansion’s expected cost for all of 2017, too. (Read more from “Alaska: A Case Study in Medicaid Expansion” HERE)

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Lisa Murkowski

Joe Miller: Murkowski Has Been A ‘Big Part Of Problem’ In DC

Our nation and state are clearly on the wrong path. Alaskans feel it: mounting national debt, steep deficits, social unrest, and an economy that has all but flat-lined.

Unfortunately, Lisa Murkowski has been a big part of the problem, and to borrow a phrase from Ronald Reagan, “I cannot and will not stand by and see this great country destroy itself.”

Murkowski stated earlier this month she “cannot and will not support” Republican nominee Donald Trump for president, meaning she presumably would rather see Hillary Clinton occupy the Oval Office.

As Chief Executive, Clinton will fill the Supreme Court and the rest of the federal bench with liberal justices, while taking America further down President Obama’s road to ruin.

During the last session of Congress, Murkowski voted with President Obama 72 percent of the time, making her the most liberal “Republican” senator up for re-election.

Because of her votes in Congress, the senator received an “F” rating from Conservative Review coming in below liberal New York Democrat Charlie Rangel.

Murkowski also garnered failing grades from Heritage Action and FreedomWorks. Family Research Council also gave her an “F” and National Right To Life, did so as well during the last session of Congress.

Meanwhile, NARAL Pro-Choice America recognized Murkowski as being an abortion supporter, giving her an 80 percent rating for her votes in 2014. Just this past December, Murkowski offered legislation, along with Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, seeking to block Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

This is not the record of the “Conservative Voice for Alaska” Lisa Murkowski claims to be in campaign ads.

Despite being from the Last Frontier, “Murkowski acts like a Republican from New Jersey,” conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin charged on his program a few weeks ago when he endorsed my candidacy.

Murkowski’s liberal, big government credentials are long-standing. While serving as a state legislator, she co-sponsored legislation to take part of your PFD and use it to fund state government and also voted to institute a state income tax.

Earlier this year, she suggested that your PFD should be on the table as a possible solution to the government’s spending addiction.

Her record in Washington on issues that specifically impact Alaska is no better. The senator voted to confirm anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder and anti-development, radical environmentalist Sally Jewell to be Secretary of the Interior.

Under Jewell’s leadership, Alaskans saw control of another 100 million acres of their land ceded to the federal government over just the last few months.

Nearly two-thirds of Alaska’s territory is already controlled by the feds, ranking second only to Nevada. Washington, D.C. should not be taking more of our land, it should be relinquishing it, as the Statehood Act (1958) requires.

Murkowski facilitated this most recent land grab in her position as chair of the Senate appropriations subcommittee on the Interior and Environment, when she voted to fund the very program that is responsible for the theft.

If you grant me the honor to serve as your next United States Senator, I’ll fight to protect your interests, not special interests.

The Constitution will be the North Star that guides my decisions.

You have my word that I will stand up to the Establishment, in both parties, and be relentless in the fight to restore our nation to its constitutional foundations, where government is once again the servant, and not the master.

I will fight to rescind all of President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, including executive amnesty. Americans shouldn’t lose their jobs or see their pay held down due to cheap, illegal labor.

Further, the administration’s Islamic refugee resettlement must end, unless a means to adequately vet individuals seeking entry can be but in place.

Our foremost liberty is the right to life. I am the only U.S. Senate candidate that has been endorsed by Alaska Right to Life and Alaska Family Action.

The Second Amendment is essential to our liberty, and I will oppose all efforts to thwart this fundamental right. I am the only candidate in the race backed by Gun Owners of America.

As a veteran (endorsed by Combat Veterans for Congress) who has used Veterans Administration medical services, I will be tireless in ensuring our nation keeps its promises to those who have served our nation in uniform.

It is time for Alaskans to take control of our destiny. With courage and hard work, the fortunes of America and Alaska can turn again. I believe a return to constitutional government can restore the nation we know and love.

I would be honored to have your vote on November 8th.


Joe Miller Wins Statewide Televised Senate Debate; Murkowski MIA

Joe Miller dominated the field at the first statewide televised U.S. Senate debate in Alaska of the general election season; while Sen. Lisa Murkowski remained in hiding.

The Anchorage NBC affiliate KTUU (which garners 80 percent of the state’s local news audience) sponsored the prime time event, which Murkowski chose to duck in favor of forums sponsored largely by organizations that have already endorsed her candidacy, or did so in 2010.

Besides Miller, Democrat Ray Metcalfe and left-leaning Independent Margaret Stock also participated in the debate.

Each of the three candidates was asked who they are supporting for president. Stock and Metcalfe said they would be backing Hillary Clinton. Stock noted that both of Alaska’s Republican senators recently announced they will not be supporting Trump.

Miller said that he is supporting Donald Trump: “I think Hillary Clinton will be devastating to the state of Alaska. I don’t think it is a foregone conclusion that she’s going to get elected.”

“I find it very troubling that those who say they’re fighting for Alaska [like Murkowski] are aiding and abetting her campaign. She would be catastrophic for Alaska on resource development.”

Miller noted that she wants to continue to block development in ANWR.

The candidate concluded with a reference to Clinton’s support for greater gun control, stating, “By the way, I haven’t heard Trump say anything that would make me want to give up my guns.”

Other topics covered during the debate included Obamacare, which Miller stated must be repealed, while calling out Murkowski for saying it must be “fixed” in an op-ed earlier this year.

Miller also highlighted Murkowski’s sponsorship of, and vote for, a bill to raid the Permanent Fund Dividend to finance state government programs. She also made comments earlier this year suggesting those funds be available to address the state’s budget shortfall.

“Joe turned in a superior performance tonight,” said campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto. “Lisa Murkowski’s absence from what will be the most widely viewed debate shows she has a lack of respect for Alaskan voters.”

“They deserve to hear all the candidates make their case,” he added.

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the Constitutional right to life, the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.

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Alaska Police Officer Seriously Injured in Shooting

The Fairbanks Police Department has identified the officer who was shot early Sunday as an 11-year veteran of the force.

The department says in a statement that shortly after midnight, police went to investigate a report of shots fired. Moments later, Sgt. Allen Brandt radioed police dispatch to report that he had been shot . . .

Brandt was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital by the Fairbanks Fire Department. The police department says he suffered serious injuries from multiple gunshot wounds and has since been flown to Anchorage for treatment. (Read more from “Alaska Police Officer Seriously Injured in Shooting” HERE)

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Murkowski - Clinton

Miller: Apparently Murkowski Would Rather Have A Hillary Clinton Presidency

Anchorage, Alaska. October 11, 2016 — Joe Miller reacted on Tuesday to Lisa Murkowski’s decision not to back Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and her forced resignation from the Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee.

On Friday, Murkowski stated, “I cannot and will not support Donald Trump for president. He has forfeited the right to be our party’s nominee.”

“Presumably Murkowski’s proclamation that she will not support Trump means she would prefer to see Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office,” said Miller.

“Though it’s now official, the truth is Lisa Murkowski left the Republican Party a long time ago,” he added.

She has now lost her right to vote in the Alaska Republican Party, and is officially a Republican-In-Name-Only.

In 2010, Murkowski reneged on her word and enlisted the help of Democrats to run against the Republican Party nominee for U.S. Senate.

She was the most liberal “Republican” up for re-election then, and she is once again now.

She voted 72 percent of the time with Obama during the last Congress, while touting in campaign ads that she’s “The Conservative Voice for Alaska” in Washington, D.C.

Her votes have earned her an “F” rating from the Conservative Review, FreedomWorks, and Heritage Action.

Even disgraced New York Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel earned a higher score with Conservative Review.

“A Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster for the country, keeping us on Barack Obama’s road to ruin. If she wins, the Supreme Court will be lost for a generation,” said Miller.

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the Constitutional right to life, the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.