‘Help Me! Help Me! I Can’t Breathe!’: Newly Uncovered Video Shows Nurses Laugh as Dying WWII Vet Desperately Calls for Help

Fair warning, this is one of the hardest videos you will ever watch.

The video, which was only recently released, shows an alarming lack of regard for human life, especially in a healthcare setting specifically tasked with helping preserve it. “In 43 years in nursing, I have never seen such disregard for human life in a healthcare setting, is what I witnessed,” retired nursing professor Elaine Harris told reporters. after watching the video.

The man, 89-year-old James Dempsey, is not just any man. He’s a World War II veteran who risked his life to fight the evil of all evils in what is likely the most important, consequential, world event of our time. If it weren’t for people like Dempsey, the world could be a very, very different place today.

Back in 2014, Dempsey was under the care of Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation, when he began struggling to breathe. Gasping for air and fighting through pain, Dempsey cries out for help at least six times, as captured on a hidden video camera that the nurses clearly were unaware of.

“Help me! Help me! I can’t breathe!” Dempsey can be heard calling out, while the nurses ignore the call light for an agonizing stretch of time. But it gets even worse, as when nurses finally do arrive on the scene and have trouble fumbling around with the oxygen machine, they begin laughing. A family is literally trusting this facility to watch over their loved one and give them the best care possible, and instead they received a mockery of human life. (Read more from “‘Help Me! Help Me! I Can’t Breathe!’: Newly Uncovered Video Shows Nurses Laugh as Dying WWII Vet Desperately Calls for Help” HERE)

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Roy Moore Never Banned From the Mall, Former Manager Says

An Alabama woman claimed she was able to get Senate candidate Roy Moore banned from Gadsden Mall, where she worked in the late 1970s. However, the mall manager stated he had no recollection of the ban.

Becky Gray told ABC News on Wednesday evening that she was 22-years-old and working at the Pizitz department store in the Gadsen Mall in 1977, when Moore asked her out multiple occasions.

Gray said that she always turned Moore down, stating that she was in a relationship.

“I mean, you’ve got to understand — when you’re that age, somebody in their 30s might as well have been 40 or 50 — to me anyway,” she said. Moore turned 30 in 1977.

“I went to my manager and talked to him about it and asked him, basically, what could be done,” Gray recalled. “Later on, he…came back through my department and told me that [Moore] had been banned from the mall.”

Gray, a Democrat, also told The Washington Post that her manager related it was “not the first time he had a complaint about him hanging out at the mall.”

The New Yorker ran a story earlier this week citing sources who had heard Moore had been banned from the mall.

However, the Birmingham Fox News affiliate WBRC looked into the reporting from the national outlets and could not confirm that Moore was banned.

The station interviewed Barnes Boyle, who managed the Gadsen Mall from 1981 to 1996. Boyle recounted he had no knowledge of such a ban.

“We did have written reports and things. But to my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall,” Boyle, who claims to be a Moore supporter, told WBRC.

At a press conference in Birmingham on Thursday, Moore continued to state the allegations against him were false.

“The Washington Post is not evidence,” he said.

As previously reported by The Western Journal, a Moore campaign attorney called into question the authenticity of a yearbook inscription that was allegedly written by Moore. The inscription was offered by the accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, as evidence that Moore and her knew each other in the 1970s.

The attorney noted inconsistencies, including the lettering within the inscription — and called on the accuser’s attorney, Gloria Allred, to turn it over.

“We demand that you immediately release the yearbook to a neutral custodian so that our expert and you can send you expert as well, so that our expert can look at it, not a copy on the internet,” he said. “The actual document so we can see the lettering. We can see the ink on the page. We can see the indentations and we can see how old is that ink. Is is 40 years old or is it a week old?” (For more from the author of “Roy Moore Never Banned From the Mall, Former Manager Says” please click HERE)

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Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned After Lewinsky Affair, New York Democrat Says

Recent news about prominent men facing allegations of sexual misconduct apparently has some Democrats reassessing the presidency of Bill Clinton.

The second-guessers include at least one Democrat who has long been considered a Clinton supporter.

On Thursday, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., asserted that, in retrospect, Clinton should have resigned from the presidency after the disclosure of his extramarital affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.

“Yes, I think that is the appropriate response,” Gillibrand told the New York Times, when asked if Clinton should have left the White House.

Gillibrand’s remarks were reported on the same day that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other prominent lawmakers from both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill called for U.S. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., to face a Senate ethics investigation into his 2006 conduct with a Los Angeles radio host during a USO tour. (Read more from “Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned After Lewinsky Affair, New York Democrat Says” HERE)

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The 13 House Republicans Who Voted Against the GOP Tax Plan

The House vote on the GOP plan to overhaul the tax code Thursday was notable for the relatively few Republicans who voted against it.

Only 13 Republicans joined with Democrats in opposing the measure, which gave GOP leaders a comfortable margin to pass their bill. Republicans could afford 23 defections with all but two members voting on Thursday.

GOP lawmakers have long wanted to cut taxes, and they face substantial pressure to secure a major legislative win before next year’s midterm elections.

Of the Republicans who voted against the bill, all but Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) were from high-taxed states such as New York, New Jersey and California. These states would be particularly hard hit by the bill’s treatment of the state and local tax (SALT) deduction.

The 13 GOP defectors were Jones and New York Reps. Dan Donovan, John Faso, Pete King, Elise Stefanik and Lee Zeldin; New Jersey Reps. Rodney Frelinghuysen, Leonard Lance, Frank LoBiondo and Chris Smith; as well as California Reps. Darrell Issa, Tom McClintock and Dana Rohrabacher. (Read more from “The 13 House Republicans Who Voted Against the GOP Tax Plan” HERE)

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North Korea’s Packing Illegal Firepower on the Border, and It’s Making South Korea Uneasy

Some in South Korea are accusing North Korea of violating the armistice by opening fire at the border.

When a North Korean soldier slipped into South Korea in the Joint Security Area (JSA) at the Demilitarized Zone Monday, four of his comrades let loose a barrage of bullets, firing roughly 40 rounds at the man. He was hit five times before he collapsed in a pile of leaves on the southern side. The soldier was airlifted to a South Korean medical facility, where he remains in critical condition.

While South Korea is doing all that it can to save the wounded soldier’s life, Seoul is also deeply troubled by other aspects of the recent incident.

The North Korean troops who attempted to gun down the defector did so with assault rifles, specifically AK-47s. “This is a violation of the armistice agreement,” a South Korean military official told the Korea JoongAng Daily, adding, “We plan to lodge a serious protest against North Korea through the United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission.”

Cheong Wa Dae — the Blue House — has yet to officially accuse North Korea of violating the armistice. (Read more from “North Korea’s Packing Illegal Firepower on the Border, and It’s Making South Korea Uneasy” HERE)

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Here’s the FBI Informant Who Says He Has Evidence on the Uranium One Deal

The FBI confidential informant who went undercover to look into Hillary Clinton’s role in an Obama administration-era uranium company was identified Thursday.

William Campbell, a Russian lobbyist, is the informant, according to Reuters. He will be testifying before a congressional committee about the 2010 sale of Uranium One, where a Russian-backed company bought a uranium firm with mines in the U.S. Campbell gave information to the FBI about what he saw while undercover as an informant.

Congressional committees have previously tried to interview Campbell, as he was undercover for roughly five years, working to get information on Russia’s efforts to grow its atomic energy business in the U.S.

Department of Justice spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores told The Hill that a deal was reached in late October, clearing the informant to talk to Congress for the first time — almost eight years after he first went undercover. (Read more from “Here’s the FBI Informant Who Says He Has Evidence on the Uranium One Deal” HERE)

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Meet the News Anchor Who Was Groped by Al Franken

News anchor Leeann Tweeden said in a story published Thursday that Democratic Sen. Al Franken groped and kissed her during a United Service Organizations tour in 2006.

Tweeden is currently an anchor for the “McIntyre In The Morning” show on 790 KABC Radio in Los Angeles, and has appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity,” “Your World With Neil Cavuto” and “Red Eye,” as has co-anchored “Good Day LA” on KTTV Fox 11.

She got her start as a model, and has also worked as a sports broadcaster.

In 2012, she covered “UFC Tonight” on Fox Sports 1. That job lead to her covering the Anaheim Angels for Fox Sports West. During her sportscasting career, she covered Super Bowls, MLB and NFL training camps, Daytona 500s, the Kentucky Derby and the World Series, just to name a few.

For four years, she was also the host of NBC’s “National Heads-Up Poker Championship” and the late-night show “Poker After Dark.”

(Read more from “Meet the News Anchor Who Was Groped by Al Franken” HERE)

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US Lifts Ban on Imports of Hunted Elephants

US authorities will remove restrictions on importing African elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia.

That means Americans will soon be able to hunt the endangered big game, an activity that garnered worldwide attention when a Minnesota dentist took Cecil, perhaps the world’s most famous lion, near a wildlife park in Zimbabwe.

A US Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman said the move will allow the two African countries to include US sport hunting as part of their management plans for the elephants and allow them to put “much-needed revenue back into conservation.”

Critics, however, note the restrictions were created by the Obama administration in 2014 because the African elephant population had dropped. The animals are listed in the US Endangered Species Act, which requires the US government to protect endangered species in other countries. (Read more from “US Lifts Ban on Imports of Hunted Elephants” HERE)

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Professor Exposes UCLA’s ‘Dirty Tricks’ Against Conservatives

Keith Fink, a former communications professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, recently revealed the “dirty tricks” that he says UCLA uses to silence conservatives on campus.

In a detailed presentation to the Bruin Republicans last week, the professor revealed several unique details surrounding his June termination and his failure to pass a so-called “excellence review” issued by the academic institution.

“Everything changed last year,” said Fink, speaking in front of about 100 students. “That is because the Department ended up getting [a new Chair] extremely to the left who despised me even though she never met me from the moment I was hired.”

From there, Fink extensively outlined nine “dirty tricks” utilized by the administration in order to terminate him from the university, including restricting enrollment in his popular free speech course, preventing the professor from using his own student evaluations in his review process, and refusing to create an unbiased evaluation panel.

“They ask you in this process, it probably makes some sense, ‘tell us who is biased against you?’” Fink noted. “I would assume they ask you who is biased because those who are biased against you then will not be involved in the process of deciding whether or not you are qualified to continue teaching.” (Read more from “Professor Exposes UCLA’s ‘Dirty Tricks’ Against Conservatives” HERE)

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Multiple Women Accuse Bush of Molestation

Seven women have come forward accusing former President George H.W. Bush of touching them inappropriately.

The first accusation was made in late October, and multiple other accusers have shared their stories since. The allegations concern reported incidents from as early as 1992, when Bush was in the midst of a failed re-election bid, to as recently as 2016.

The most recent allegation was published Thursday by CNN, in which a woman who was hosting a fundraiser for his re-election campaign said he gave her buttocks “a gentle squeeze.” CNN says the woman — who asked that her name not be published to avoid unwanted media attention — was “attending a fundraiser for Bush’s re-election campaign in Dearborn, Michigan.”

In a statement to ABC News on Thursday, his spokesman Jim McGrath said, “George Bush simply does not have it in his heart to knowingly cause anyone distress, and he again apologizes to anyone he offended during a photo op.”

The same statement was issued after another accusation was made Monday. (Read more from “Multiple Women Accuse Bush of Molestation” HERE)

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