Retired Border Agent: Here’s How to Scare off Illegals

Tea Party Patriots Action Co-founder Jenny Beth Martin traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border to chat one-on-one with some border patrol agents who are fed up with the federal government and are taking matters into their own hands.

Martin shared footage of her walk and talk along the border with Zach Taylor, a retired border patrol officer and current chairman of Chairman of National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

Martin and Taylor walked along the Bryan Terry Border Patrol Station in Bisbee, Arizona, named after the border patrol agent who lost his life in a gun fight with a drug cartel. Martin said a similar attack occurred the very morning of their interview on June 12. A border agent was shot multiple times but was saved thanks to his bulletproof vest. . .

“The whole reason that this push to come to the United States is becoming so violent is because we are turning into a lawless society,” Taylor explained. “There is no downside to violating the law. You can come here illegally, you can act like you’ve been here for 10 years. You can say you’re a DACA person and that’s all you got to do and you get signed up.”

He offered a detailed solution – one he said would strike fear in anyone thinking of entering our country illegally. Let the agents conduct a biography interview of any undocumented person at the border, see if they qualify, and take them directly to an immigration judge, he proposed. Taylor predicted that 80 percent or more would not make the cut. At that point, we should fly them back to home country on military aircraft. That way, their comrades “can see 300 people getting off an aircraft that says, ‘U.S. Air Force.'” (Read more from “Retired Border Agent: Here’s How to Scare off Illegals” HERE)

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FL Senate: Yes, Democrat Bill Nelson Could Be in Deep, DEEP Trouble

In the Sunshine State, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, is banking on incumbency and gun control to get him over the top. He’s been lucky throughout his Senate career in facing opponents who haven’t been the best, especially during his 2000 re-election campaign. This year is different—and he knew it. Last year, Politico reported that Nelson met with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Democrats ahead what will be a true contest. He’ll be fighting for his political life and he needs money. Republican Gov. Rick Scott, who is term-limited, has tossed his hat into the ring. Despite his recent betrayal of Second Amendment rights by signing an appalling law that increased the age of gun purchases to 21, he’s a solid candidate. Independently wealthy, he can fund his own race. He’s also proving himself to be an adept campaigner, hitting Hispanic outreach hard, which is making Democratic activists very nervous. Another startling sign: only 49 percent know who the hell Nelson is in the state. Not a good sign for a three-term incumbent (via Politico):

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s Senate campaign has a Spanish-language web page. Sen. Bill Nelson’s doesn’t.

Scott is advertising in Spanish. Nelson isn’t. . .

For Democrats who recognize protecting Nelson’s seat is essential to their hopes of winning a Senate majority this fall, the veteran senator’s lackluster outreach to one of the fastest-growing voting blocs in the nation’s largest swing state is causing alarm.

The depth of Nelson’s troubles — and Scott’s advantage — came into sharp focus last month in four focus groups conducted in Central Florida’s influential Puerto Rican community, where few knew who Nelson was, despite his three Senate terms and holding elected Florida office for 41 years.

(Read more from “FL Senate: Yes, Democrat Bill Nelson Could Be in Deep, Deep Trouble” HERE)

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Watch Mega-Actor Preach the Gospel on MTV

Actor Chris Pratt shared a gospel message in an acceptance speech at the MTV awards Monday, interspersing a serious message about God’s love in a list of “9 Rules for Life” for the younger generation.

“This being a generation award, I’m going to cut to the chase and I’m going to speak to you — the next generation — okay,” he said. “I accept the responsibility as your elder, so, listen up. This is what I call ‘9 Rules from Chris Pratt, Generation award winner.”

Some of the rules were humorous or tongue in cheek. “Breathe,” he said. “If you don’t, you’ll suffocate.” Or “Don’t be a turd. If you’re strong be a protector and if you’re smart be a humble influencer.” And of course a poop joke:

“If you have to poop at a party, but you’re embarrassed because you’re going to stink up the bathroom, just do what I do. Lock the door, sit down. Get all the pee out first, and then once all the pee is done — poop, flush. Boom.”

But his points about God were totally serious and seemed to stem from a conservative view of the Christian gospel. “You have a soul, be careful with it,” he said in Rule 2. And later, “God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do.” (Read more from “Watch Mega-Actor Preach the Gospel on MTV” HERE)

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Democrats’ Border Separation Bill Would Let Nearly All Parents Who Commit Federal Crimes Get off Scot-Free

Democrats’ proposed legislation to prohibit so-called border separations would actually prevent federal law enforcement agencies almost anywhere inside the United States from arresting and detaining criminals who are parents having nothing to do with unlawfully crossing the border and seeking asylum.

Every Senate Democrat has now signed on to cosponsor a bill written so carelessly that it does not distinguish between migrant children at the border and U.S. citizen children already within the United States. The bill further does not distinguish between federal officers handling the border crisis and federal law enforcement pursuing the ordinary course of their duties.

Let’s break down Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s proposed “Keep Families Together Act” to see where Democrats went wrong. The bill provides that “[a]n agent or officer of a designated agency shall be prohibited from removing a child from his or her parent or legal guardian at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border of the United States” (with three exceptions to be discussed later). Four immediate warning signs in this provision should put the reader on notice that this bill is not what Democrats claim.

First, “designated agency” here is defined as the entirety of the federal departments of Homeland Security, Justice, and Health and Human Services. The scope of the bill is not limited to those portions of these departments involved with the border crisis, and there is no other limiting factor in the bill that would cabin the prohibition on family separation to immigration-related matters. In other words, this bill is going to regulate conduct across a great many federal offices that have nothing to do with separating children from families arriving unlawfully in the United States.

Second, “agent or officer” is not defined by the legislation, except to say that it includes contractors. Federal law, however, already defines “officer” to include (with exceptions not relevant here) every federal employee appointed to the civil service by the head of an executive agency and ultimately overseen by the head of an executive agency. (Read more from “Democrats’ Border Separation Bill Would Let Nearly All Parents Who Commit Federal Crimes Get off Scot-Free” HERE)

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The IG Report on FBI’s Clinton Probe Reveals This Saga May Be Just Getting Started

The media has focused almost exclusively on the conclusion of the Justice Department inspector general’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email probe, which found bias did not impact the probe, as well as the lack of any newly announced indictments or criminal referrals. The goal of course being to downplay the negative findings of the report.

At the same time, the press gave, at most, passing mention to the statement Attorney General Jeff Sessions simultaneously released. But his statement and the findings of the report make one thing clear: This isn’t over.

Here’s why. Throughout the 568-page report, the IG highlighted several areas meriting additional investigation. And Sessions said the report “reveals a number of significant errors by the senior leadership of the Department of Justice and the FBI during the previous administration,” and stressed “this is not the end of the process.”

United States Attorney John Huber continues his work in cooperation with the IG to review certain prosecutorial and investigative determinations made by the Justice Department in 2016 and 2017. Based on his review of the report and his own investigation, Huber will provide recommendations as to whether any matter not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation required further resources, or whether any matters merit the appointment of Special Counsel.”

Put simply: There is still much to be done and much to come. What is likely over is the possibility the Justice Department will re-investigate Clinton for mishandling of classified information, or prosecute her. That’s a good thing. Clinton is done. While she may never face justice in a court of law, perhaps losing the presidency is a more prescient and proper punishment. (Read more from “The IG Report on FBI’s Clinton Probe Reveals This Saga May Be Just Getting Started” HERE)

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Mike Pence Slams Schumer for What He Just Said About GOP Solutions for Family Separation

By The Blaze. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday that Democrats would reject Congressional efforts to ban the policy separating migrant children from their families in order to keep the focus on President Donald Trump. . .

Schumer addressed the crisis of families being separated at the border on Tuesday, but rejected two bills that Republicans had offered as solution to the policy some called “cruel.”

“There are so many obstacles to legislation and when the president can do it with his own pen, it makes no sense,” Schumer said to reporters Tuesday. “Legislation is not the way to go here when it’s so easy for the president to sign it.”

Democrats have accused the administration of purposely changing immigration policy in order to separate families as a deterrent against illegal immigration, but the Trump administration has argued that the law was enacted prior to his term.

“Again, the president can change it with his pen,” the Democratic leader continued after being asked if Democrats would support a Republican bill to keep families together at the border while seeking asylum.

(Read more from “Mike Pence Slams Schumer for What He Just Said About GOP Solutions for Family Separation” HERE)


Obama Security Chief Napolitano Saw Separating Families at Border as ‘Bad Idea,’ She Says

By Fox News. Janet Napolitano, who served as Homeland Security secretary under President Barack Obama, said in an interview Tuesday that she once considered the option of separating families at the border but decided “pretty quickly that it would be a bad idea.”

Napolitano, now president of the University of California system, told the Los Angeles Times that the idea was considered while the Obama administration worked to create a safe area at the border.

“As you work through and you realize the difference between handling these as civil deportation matters as opposed to criminal prosecution matters, it was pretty clear off the bat that this would not be a good idea,” she said. She also said the plan was inconsistent with American values.

Nearly 2,300 children have been separated from their families over a six-week period in April and May after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a new “zero-tolerance” policy that refers all cases of illegal entry for criminal prosecution. U.S. protocol prohibits detaining children with their parents because the children are not charged with a crime and the parents are.

The Trump administration has been sending babies and other young children to at least three “tender age” shelters in South Texas, the Associated Press reported late Tuesday. (Read more from “Obama Security Chief Napolitano Saw Separating Families at Border as ‘Bad Idea,’ She Says” HERE)

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Nikki Haley Pulls the U.S. out of the UN Human Rights Council With a Scathing Statement

US Ambassador the United Nations Nikki Haley offered a scathing assessment of the UN Human Rights Council as the announcement was made to pull out of the organization.

In a statement given alongside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Haley derided the Human Rights Council as biased and counterproductive to the cause of human rights.

“Human rights abusers continue to serve on, and be elected to, the council,” Haley said. “The world’s most inhumane regimes continue to escape its scrutiny, and the council continues politicizing scapegoating of countries with positive human rights records in an attempt to distract from the abusers in its ranks.”

“When a so-called Human Rights Council cannot bring itself to address the massive abuses in Venezuela and Iran, and it welcomes the Democratic Republic of Congo as a new member,” she continued, “the council ceases to be worthy of its name.

“Such a council, in fact, damages the cause of human rights,” she concluded.

(Read more from “Nikki Haley Pulls the U.S. out of the UN Human Rights Council With a Scathing Statement” HERE)

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Video: Liberals Complain About Trump’s Immigration Policy, but Facts Point out Their Hypocrisy

As the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border reaches a fever pitch, street reporter Austen Fleccas created and released a compilation video that featured anti-Trump protesters talking about illegal immigration. . .

Fleccas’ video featured many anti-Trump protesters — some of whom expressed their displeasure at Trump’s policies with colorful language and gestures — as well as people who support Trump and his policies, including a Latino woman and an Indian man. . .

The video also features footage of former President Barack Obama talking about cracking down on illegal immigration, as well as footage of similar commentary from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and even former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Fleccas shared the video on his YouTube channel on Tuesday with the caption, “A compilation of all of the immigration protesters I’ve come into contact over the past year and a half. A lot of the immigration issues we have today have been problems for years but most of the demonstrators I’ve spoken with are outraged now because Donald Trump is the president.”

“Another great aspect of Trump’s presidency is that it is allowing for full transparency within our government,” he adds.

[Warning: video contains explicit language:]

(Read more from “Video: Liberals Complain About Trump’s Immigration Policy, but Facts Point out Their Hypocrisy” HERE)

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Largest in History: Ex-CIA Engineer Charged With Massive Leak to Wikileaks

By Politico. A former CIA computer engineer has been indicted on charges he masterminded what appears to be the largest leak of classified information in the spy agency’s history.

Joshua Schulte, 29, was charged in a new grand jury indictment with providing WikiLeaks with a massive trove of U.S. government hacking tools that the online publisher posted in March 2017, the Justice Department announced on Monday.

Schulte was previously facing child pornography charges in federal court in New York, but the indictment broadens the case to accuse him of illegally gathering classified information, damaging CIA computers, lying to investigators and numerous other offenses.

In January, attorneys involved in the child porn case revealed in court that Schulte was the target of a major investigation into WikiLeaks’ release of a CIA collection known as “Vault 7.” (Read more from “Largest in History: Ex-CIA Engineer Charged With Massive Leak to Wikileaks” HERE)


Ex-CIA Worker Charged for Massive Leak of ‘Vault 7’ Hacking Tools to Wikileaks

By South China Morning Post. A former employee in the CIA’s cyber-spying operation was indicted Monday on charges of leaking hacking tools to WikiLeaks in one of the most damaging of the agency’s breaches in recent years.

Joshua Schulte, 29, was charged with leaking unspecified information on the Central Intelligence Agency’s intelligence-gathering capabilities to a group identified only as “Organisation-1”, which then released the information on the internet.

While the indictment gave no other details, in earlier filings Schulte’s lawyer indicated the investigation involved the leak to WikiLeaks of the “Vault 7” collection of hacking tools, malware, viruses, trojans, and “zero day” exploits which comprised the CIA’s most valuable tools for tapping into adversaries’ computers.

WikiLeaks began releasing the 8,761 documents from Vault 7 in March 2017, embarrassing the agency and providing professional and amateur hackers around the world with the same tools that US spies used. (Read more from “Ex-CIA Worker Charged for Massive Leak of ‘Vault 7’ Hacking Tools to Wikileaks” HERE)

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Hillary Lectures Trump on Immigration Because She ‘Studied the Bible,’ Went to ‘Sunday School’

Hillary Clinton harshly decried the policy of separating illegal immigrant families in a speech delivered in New York Monday.

Clinton said President Trump was attempting to “stoke fear of immigrants” in his arguments for keeping the policies in place. Clinton then went on a rampage against the religious arguments for the policies, noting that she had “studied” the Bible and attended “Sunday School.” . . .

Clinton then began rattling off her credentials as a Christian saying, “I went to a lot of years of Sunday school. I even taught it from time to time. I’ve studied the Bible, both the Old and the New testament,” Clinton said. “What is being done using the name of religion is contrary to everything I was ever taught. Jesus said, ‘Suffer the little children unto me.’ He did not say, ‘Let the children suffer.” (Read more from “Hillary Lectures Trump on Immigration Because She ‘Studied the Bible,’ Went to ‘Sunday School’” HERE)

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