Disgraced Pervert Al Franken Just Got Owned HARD

[Author Kyle Smith has some questions for former U.S. senator Al Franken. These were asked after Franken fired off on Brett Kavanaugh.]

1) Al, as you were posting on social media a list of proposed questions for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, did it occur to you that your opinion on the matter is no more relevant than Harvey Weinstein’s?

2) Al, is it appropriate for a disgraced former U.S. senator to use the Twitter cognomen “U.S. Senator Al Franken”? Are you aware that being a senator is simply a temporary public-service job, not a permanent title of nobility, the usage of which this country discourages?

3) Al, until the abrupt end of your political career, when your term in the U.S. Senate ended as badly as the release of your film Stuart Saves His Family, you had been a U.S. senator for eight and a half years. Yet you had been a carcinogenically unfunny comedian for more than 40 years. Would not the Twitter handle “Carcinogenically Unfunny Comedian” be more appropriate for you to use as a permanent title?

4) Al, should not a senator who disgraced his office by sexually assaulting various women adopt a public pose of contrition rather than arrogance in the months immediately following his resignation?

5) Al, when you publicly list the questions you’d like to ask Kavanaugh, do you think Minnesota’s new junior senator, Tina Smith, might have just cause to feel that you are infringing on her territory? Are you in effect mansplaining to Senator Smith how to go about questioning a Supreme Court nominee?

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Judge Halts Deportations of Reunited Illegal Alien Families

By ABC News. A federal judge on Monday ordered a temporary halt to deportations of immigrant families reunited after being separated at the border, as the Trump administration races to meet a July 26 deadline for putting more than 2,500 children back in their parents’ arms.

U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw imposed a delay of at least a week after a request from the American Civil Liberties Union, which cited “persistent and increasing rumors … that mass deportations may be carried out imminently and immediately upon reunification.” . . .

The ACLU requested that parents have at least one week to decide whether to pursue asylum in the U.S. after they are reunited with their children. The judge held off on deciding that issue until the government outlines its objections in writing by next Monday. . .

The hearing in San Diego occurred as the government accelerated reunifications at eight unidentified U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement locations. The families are scattered around the country, the adults at immigration detention centers, the children at shelters overseen by the government.

Annunciation House, a shelter in El Paso, said the government has begun transporting children in a “tremendous amount of airline flights” to El Paso and elsewhere. Director Ruben Garcia said he is preparing to take in as many as 100 reunified families a day. (Read more from “Judge Halts Deportations of Reunited Illegal Alien Families” HERE)


40 Percent Vacancy: Feds Release Illegal Alien Families Instead of Filling Detention Centers

By Washington Times. The government pays for thousands of detention beds for illegal immigrant families, but nearly 40 percent of them were sitting unused in late June, even as the Department of Homeland Security was rushing to release parents and children into communities.

The empty beds were revealed in court documents late last month. Lawyers who monitor U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s facilities said two major facilities were running well below capacity.

ICE’s biggest facility in Dilley, Texas, can hold 2,400 parents and children — but on June 27 and 28 it was at just 63 percent capacity, with 886 beds empty, the detainee logs showed.

Although the beds were empty, the government was still paying for them. (Read more from “40 Percent Vacancy: Feds Release Illegal Alien Families Instead of Filling Detention Centers” HERE)

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Congressman Calls for Military Coup Against Trump

On Monday, after President Trump’s inflammatory remarks concerning the U.S. intelligence community, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) seemingly called for a military coup to overthrow Trump:

. . .

Cohen has made his feelings quite clear when it comes to President Trump; Speaking with MSNBC in January, Cohen snapped, “Donald Trump is the most despicable human being to ever reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue … a narcissistic sociopath doesn’t change. It endangers the country. And war … is something he could get into to improve the rating for the [20]18 elections, where [Republicans] are in desperate shape. And will do anything to improve ratings.”

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Explosive Anthony Bourdain Interview Released After Suicide: Unloads on Clintons, Obama

In an interview published in Popula magazine weeks after he tragically hung himself in a hotel room, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain spoke frankly about a wide range of topics and people, including the “entitled, rapey, gropey, grabby, disgusting” Bill Clinton, his enabler wife Hillary, and the disappointing Barack Obama. He also described how he imagined the death of Harvey Weinstein, whom Bourdain’s girlfriend has accused of sexually assaulting her.

Though Bourdain’s interview with journalist Maria Bustillos took place back in February, Bustillos finally published it on Sunday. Its content is not for the faint of heart, as Bourdain clearly felt free to be raw about some hot-button issues and famous people in his free-wheeling two-and-half-hour conversation with the journalist, a conversation that took place fittingly in one of his favorite Irish pubs.

“He talked about #MeToo and the powerful forces of evil arrayed against decent people, about Rose McGowan, about raising daughters, about the sexual mores of the 1970s,” writes Bustillos. “He told me how he imagined the death of Harvey Weinstein, a hilarious, weirdly specific fantasy that I’ll share with you in a moment. We talked about luxury, too.”

Below are some of the quotes that are making headlines, first his opinion on his “disappointment” with Hillary over her Harvey Weinstein statement:

Bourdain: [W]atching the Clinton apology on Weinstein, and [Asia’s] watching this statement, there was a lot of anticipation. People were really hoping she’d come out with a… I don’t know. Let’s just say with something different. I immediately tweeted my disappointment, very much shaped by what I saw around me. And I will tell you, that was really f***ing frightening, the reaction to that. You know, I voted for her.

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NRA-Involved Woman Charged With Being a Russian Spy

A 29-year-old woman active in Washington, D.C., politics has been arrested and charged with being a Russian agent. She was reportedly very involved with gun rights groups in D.C., including the NRA, and conspired to use one of these groups as a conduit to facilitate communication between a U.S. political party and the Kremlin. . .

Maria Butina was arrested on Sunday and appeared before a U.S. District Court judge on Monday. According to the unsealed criminal complaint, Butina was charged “with conspiracy to act as an agent of the Russian Federation within the United States without prior notification to the Attorney General.”

A press release from the Department of Justice stated that “from as early as 2015 and continuing through at least February 2017, Butina worked at the direction of a high-level official in the Russian government who was previously a member of the legislature of the Russian Federation and later became a top official at the Russian Central Bank. This Russian official was sanctioned by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control in April 2018.

The Washington Post reported that her attorney had said that the FBI had searched Butina’s residence. The complaint lists (with redacted names) messages between Butina, a Russian official, and at least two U.S. citizens.

According to a LinkedIn page for a Maria Butina with a profile picture that resembles pictures of her from news stories, Butina has been a research assistant at American University’s Kogod School of Business in Washington, D.C., since October 2017. It also claims that she “founded a gun rights organization in Russia [The Right to Bear Arms] that grew to over 10,000 members.” Her lawyer confirmed to the Post that she had recently earned a master’s degree from American University. (Read more from “NRA-Involved Woman Charged With Being a Russian Spy” HERE)

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‘Worse Than Gymnastics’: Lawsuit Makes Explosive Sex Abuse Allegations Involving USA Diving

By The Blaze. Two former USA Diving athletes have sued the sport’s national governing body, claiming the organization failed to act when the athletes accused a former coach of coercing and forcing them into frequent sex, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The lawsuit focuses on coach Will Bohonyi, who formerly coached at Ohio State University and competed at Indiana University. One of the plaintiffs is a former Ohio State diver, and the other is a former Indiana University diver.

The Ohio State University diving club describes itself as the “second highest ranking junior competitive USA Diving team in the United States,” and the school is named as a defendant in the lawsuit along with Bohonyi and USA Diving.

“Bohonyi psychologically coerced (the woman) into believing that she was required to perform sexual services in exchange for her continued involvement in diving,” the lawsuit read. “He preyed on her age, vulnerability, and dreams of becoming an Olympian, and used the power structure and imbalance of power (coach/athlete) to make her believe she was required to sexually service him in exchange for her involvement in diving for Team USA.” . . .

According to the lawsuit, Bohonyi allegedly began coercing the former Indiana diver into daily sex in 2009 by telling her she owed him in exchange for helping her achieve her athletic goals. (Read more from “‘Worse Than Gymnastics’: Lawsuit Makes Explosive Sex Abuse Allegations Involving USA Diving” HERE)


‘You Owe Me This’: USA Diving Accused of Ignoring Alleged Sexual Abuse of Divers

By USA Today. A class action lawsuit against Indianapolis-based USA Diving accuses the national governing body of ignoring or obstructing sexual abuse allegations, and the lawyer says the organization is “worse than gymnastics, worse than swimming.”

USA Gymnastics has been in turmoil since an IndyStar investigation that started in 2016. . .

Attorney Jon Little said in an interview with IndyStar that other divers have come forward and “this is just the beginning for USA Diving.”

A spokeswoman for USA Diving said in a statement Monday, “Providing a safe environment for our members is of tremendous importance to USA Diving, and we take these matters very seriously. USA Diving is unable to comment further at this time.” . . .

During a meet in August 2014 in Knoxville, Tenn., the girl’s teammate informed the head coach of the Ohio State Diving Club about the abuse, the lawsuit alleges. The girl, who had just turned 17, was sent home. Bohonyi stayed. (Read more from “‘You Owe Me This’: USA Diving Accused of Ignoring Alleged Sexual Abuse of Divers” HERE)

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GOP Governor Signs Gun Control Legislation – Here’s What Will Change

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed new gun control legislation Monday, again showing himself to be a Republican politician willing to give some ground on gun issues to pass bipartisan legislation, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The bills Rauner signed Monday will extend the waiting period to 72 hours for all firearm purchases and allow police to take guns from people deemed to be a threat to themselves or others. . .

Rauner signed a bill that gives family members or law enforcement officers the ability to seek an order of protection to have guns taken away from a person who is found to be a danger to themselves or others. . .

The length of the gun removal was shortened to six months, down from a full year, during negotiations. If a petition for gun removal is denied, that file will be expunged from the subject’s record. If it is granted, it will be sealed after three years.

Some of the factors in determining whether someone is dangerous include reckless use, display or brandishing of a gun, felony arrests, drug or alcohol abuse, or violent acts or threats. Clear and convincing evidence of danger is required for a person’s guns to be seized. (Read more from “GOP Governor Signs Gun Control Legislation – Here’s What Will Change” HERE)

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Putin Calls Collusion ‘Utter Nonsense’ – Asks Reporter This IMPORTANT Question

By The Daily Caller. Russian president Vladimir Putin called collusion between Trump and Russia “utter nonsense” during a joint press conference Monday.

“We should be guided by facts. Could you name a single fact that would definitively prove the collusion?” Putin asked a reporter who asked about collusion.

“It is utter nonsense. Just like the president recently mentioned.” (Read more from “Putin Calls Collusion ‘Utter Nonsense’ – Asks Reporter This Important Question” HERE)


Donald Trump Meets Vladimir Putin: The Key Moments From the Summit

By ABC News. Standing alongside the man accused of coordinating an interference campaign in the election, Mr Trump defended Mr Putin and called the probe headed up by former FBI director Robert Mueller a “disaster”. . .

When asked if he would denounce what happened in 2016, Mr Trump responded: “I have great confidence in my intelligence people but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today …” . . .

The Russian leader also confirmed international suspicions and the assessments of the US intelligence community that he was rooting for Mr Trump over Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US presidential election.

“Yes, I did,” Mr Putin said, when asked if he wanted Mr Trump to win.

“Yes, I did. Because he talked about bringing the US-Russia relationship back to normal.”

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Fox Host Shocks Panel When He Drops Country Actually Influencing Elections

By The Daily Caller. Fox News television host Tucker Carlson explained that the country that has had the greatest influence on the United States’ elections is actually Mexico for “packing our electorate” on The Five Monday night.

“It’s very hard at least for me, Tucker, to take that media response to this seriously. Since it’s always been at an incredible high pitch,” Greg Gutfeld, one of the show’s hosts said. “I’m wondering if this is because the media is blaming Putin for Hillary’s loss and they are constantly demanding their pound of flesh and nothing will ever be enough.”

“Of course they are trying to interfere in our affairs. They have a long time. Many countries do. Some more successfully than Russia like Mexico, which is routinely interfering in our elections by packing our electorate. I don’t understand why we need to believe that Russia is the primary issue of American political life,” Carlson responded. (Read more from “Fox Host Shocks Panel When He Drops Country Actually Influencing Elections” HERE)


Rep. Diane Black: Ending Illegal Immigration Starts With Zero Tolerance

By Washington Examiner. We are a blessed and compassionate nation filled with people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and countries. That’s what makes America great.

But we’re a great nation because we were founded on the principle of law and order. And right now we have a problem.

When it comes to illegal immigration, many people don’t know that under current law, crossing the border illegally for the first time is classified as only a misdemeanor — with punishment equal to that of petty theft or public intoxication. When immigrants cross the border without going through the proper channels and designated areas, they are breaking the law. Plain and simple.

President Trump has been resoundingly clear on illegal immigration since he began his campaign: We must put American citizens first, fix the system, and secure the border. While I have introduced the Border Wall Trust Fund Act to fund the construction and maintenance of a barrier along our southern border, I believe the next step is to disincentivize illegal immigration from the very beginning.

The Zero Tolerance for Illegal Entry Act would establish a minimum prison sentence of one year and one day for unlawfully entering our country, making it a felony. The larger significance of this is that once you receive a felony conviction and you try to enter again, by legal means, you will not be able to obtain a green card. The goal of my bill is to provide a deterrent for breaking the law; hiring new judges and lawyers alone to prosecute criminals is not going to simply fix the issue. It’s going to be fixed by addressing the heart of the problem. (Read more from “Rep. Diane Black: Ending Illegal Immigration Starts With Zero Tolerance” HERE)

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Putin’s Plea to Donald Trump During Meeting

President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Putin in Helsinki, Finland on Monday generated widespread media controversy about the U.S. president’s purported servility.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plea to the United States to rig the world oil market revealed the vulnerability of his own country.

“I think that we as a major oil and gas power, and the United States as a major oil and gas power as well, we could work together on regulation of international markets, because neither of us is actually interested in the plummeting of the prices,” Putin said. . .

The Russian government is particularly sensitive to oil price volatility since its financing is heavily dependent on oil and gas revenue. In January, the Russian government exhausted its reserve fund by merging it with the National Welfare Fund to cover budget shortfalls, the country’s Ministry of Finance announced.

On Monday, world oil prices plunged over the potential release of global crude reserves and U.S. diplomatic talk over potential Iranian oil sanction waivers, Market Watch reported. Downward pressure from the International Monetary Fund’s projected sluggish global economic growth contributed to a decline in benchmark Brent crude prices on the ICE futures exchange to its lowest showing in three months: a 4.6% decline to close at $71.84 a barrel. (Read more from “Putin’s Plea to Donald Trump During Meeting” HERE)

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