So, Did a Trump Joke Prompt Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton?

By Daily Wire. On Friday, the Mueller investigation handed down 12 indictments against members of the Russian government for hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the Democratic National Committee, among other crimes. There wasn’t much regarding Trump campaign involvement with these Russian agents. The strongest material linked the agents to Roger Stone, a Trump campaign ally who may not have been aware that they were Russian agents at all: he repeatedly tweeted out his support for Guccifer 2.0, who turned out to be a front for the Russians.

With that said, one specific allegation has inflamed the imaginations of those in the media and on the Left: the supposed linkage between then-candidate Donald Trump’s July 27 campaign comments, and the GRU’s attempts to hack Hillary Clinton’s personal email address. . .

It seems clear from the language used in the indictment that the DOJ is trying to connect Trump’s comments with the Russian interference in this case – “after hours” and “for the first time” suggest that something prompted this action. But even if Trump openly called for Russia to hack Hillary and she was hacked, that’s not collusion in any real sense – it’s just nasty, inexcusable jabbering followed by Russian criminality. For there to be collusion, there would have to be planning or a quid pro quo, and there’s no evidence of any of that right now. (Read more from “So, Did Trump Prompt Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton?” HERE)


White House: Trump-Putin Summit ‘Is on’ After Hacking Indictment

By BBC. A summit between US President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin will go ahead as planned despite tension over Moscow’s alleged election meddling, the White House says.

The pair will meet for talks in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, on Monday.

“It’s on,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters.

But there are calls for the meeting to be cancelled after the US charged 12 Russian intelligence officers with election interference on Friday.

For its part, Russia said it was looking forward to the meeting. (Read more from “White House: Trump-Putin Summit ‘Is on’ After Hacking Indictment” HERE)

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Ignore the Protesters: This Is How the British Really Feel About Trump

Thanks to the exaggerated outrage of the mainstream media and the attention-seeking protests of London leftists, a narrative seems to have set in that the vast majority of British people oppose this week’s visit of President Trump. As a Brit myself, however, I am delighted to confirm this lazy slur could not be further from the truth.

In reality, the vast majority of British conservatives (and a good chunk of floating voters too) are coming to admire Trump. His unmistakable approach to politics – straight-talking, honest and completely fearless – is increasingly viewed with envy by British voters tired of backsliding career politicians. Brits look over the Atlantic and see a leader who actually puts his money where his mouth is – and gets results for it too.

To fully understand Trump’s popularity, you have to look at the current state of British politics. Over two years since the country voted to leave the European Union, we have seen virtually zero progress at delivering on the result of the referendum. Rather than battling with Brussels to return our sovereignty, end uncontrolled immigration, and give a better deal to British business, Theresa May’s government has been paralyzed by infighting, trying desperately to scrap together compromises which keep the establishment forces on side. Earlier this year, a British political journalist revealed that Trump often begins his calls with the Prime Minister by asking “are you out yet?” – and you can see why.

It’s no surprise that Brits are increasingly frustrated with the government’s mishandling of Brexit. What’s more interesting is that when you ask them what kind of leader they want to get us out of this mess, an increasing number are saying the same thing: someone like Trump. Brexit supporters observe how he deals with similar rubbish deals (the Iranian nuclear fiasco, for one) and they realize how much more can be achieved when leaders actually show some muscle.

Then there’s the fact that Trump remains the only international leader to publicly suggest offering Britain a new trade deal – something which is wildly popular with mainstream voters. While Brexit’s critics may paint the vote as insular and backwards, they forget that our biggest motivation for leaving Europe was to strike better trade deals elsewhere. As a businessman, Trump respects this. He has made loud and clear overtures in support of a big deal (unlike President Obama, who famously warned the Brits they would be “at the back of the queue” if they left the EU). (Read more from “Ignore the Protesters: This Is How the British Really Feel About Trump” HERE)

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Father of Rescued Thai Boy Details How Team Became Trapped

The boys meant to explore the cave for just an hour, a casual jaunt to relax after soccer practice, but the waters rose. The teammates climbed higher, using their hands to feel the walls for a crawl space that would lead to safer, higher ground. Those handprints were among the first signs of where the boys were, what they had done to escape the floods, and what dangers rescuers would face in their mission to save the boys and their coach. . .

Banphot Konkum, father of 13-year-old Duangpetch Promthep, told The Associated Press his son — better known by his nickname, Dom — said the team members didn’t know rain had started falling after they had entered the cave on June 23. But the rain caused flooding in the cave, blocking them from exiting. . .

In their search for a safe haven, the boys were reported to have used their hands to feel the walls for an opening to take them to a higher, safer spot. Searchers later found what they thought were the boys’ handprints, giving them confidence the boys were alive and that the searchers were on the right path. (Read more from “Father of Rescued Thai Boy Details How Team Became Trapped” HERE)

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12 People Were Just Arrested for Hacking DNC

Twelve Russian military intelligence officers hacked into the Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic Party and released tens of thousands of private communications in a sweeping conspiracy by the Kremlin to meddle in the 2016 U.S. election, according to an indictment announced days before President Donald Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The indictment represents special counsel Robert Mueller’s first charges against Russian government officials for interfering in American politics, an effort U.S. intelligence agencies say was aimed at helping the Trump campaign and harming his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. The case follows a separate indictment that accused Russians of using social media to sow discord among American voters.

The 29-page indictment lays out how, months before Americans went to the polls, Russians schemed to break into key Democratic email accounts, including those belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Stolen emails, many politically damaging for Clinton, appeared on WikiLeaks in the campaign’s final stretch. (Read more from “12 People Were Just Arrested for Hacking DNC” HERE)

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President Trump Has Released a Letter From Kim Jong Un, Here’s What It Says

By Townhall. President Trump released a letter written by North Korea Dictator Kim Jong Un Thursday afternoon and said nuclear negotiations with the regime are going well. . .

The President’s release of the letter comes shortly after North Korean officials failed to show up to a meeting with U.S. leadership. The meeting was about returning the remains of American soldiers from the Korean War.

North Korean officials did not turn up to a Thursday meeting with the U.S. military about repatriating the remains of American war dead, according to a U.S. official with knowledge of the situation.

In the meeting at the Korean Peninsula’s demilitarized zone, the two sides had been expected to discuss the return of U.S. troops’ remains from the 1950-53 Korean War — an arrangement that the State Department had announced after Secretary Michael R. Pompeo’s visit to Pyongyang last weekend.

(Read more from “President Trump Has Released a Letter From Kim Jong Un, Here’s What It Says” HERE)


The U.S. Is Trying to Nail Down Terms With Pyongyang, While ‘South Koreans Aren’t Wasting Time’

By CNBC. One month since the U.S-North Korea summit, skepticism about Kim Jong Un’s commitment to denuclearization still hangs over Washington. But in South Korea, the mood is overwhelmingly optimistic as President Moon Jae-in’s government pushes for improved ties with its nuclear-armed neighbor.

From sports diplomacy to corporate ventures, Seoul is pulling out all the stops to re-engage Pyongyang as it builds on the positive momentum sparked by April’s inter-Korean summit.

Major conglomerates such as Lotte, Hyundai, Hyosung and KT have announced task forces dedicated to exploring inter-Korean ventures. Meanwhile, a group of South Korean businessmen who operated factories at the defunct Kaesong joint industrial complex in North Korea are seeking government approval to visit in hopes of resuming operations.

Pyongyang and Seoul also agreed last month to jointly improve North Korea’s railways and potentially connect them with the South’s. Moreover, the two nations pledged to form joint sports teams for the upcoming Asian Games and recently played a series of friendly basketball matches with one another.

Unlike President Donald Trump’s administration, “South Koreans aren’t wasting time defining denuclearization,” Jean Lee, Korea program director at research group The Wilson Center, wrote in a note this week. “They are pushing ahead with plans for reconciliation with North Korea — with or without the United States.” (Read more from “The U.S. Is Trying to Nail Down Terms With Pyongyang, While ‘South Koreans Aren’t Wasting Time'” HERE)

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Bombshell Interview: Trump Unleashes on British Leader – and It’s Really Bad

By The Blaze. President Trump criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of Brexit negotiations — and says a US trade deal with the UK may be now be off the table. . .

Trump noted that recent cabinet resignations in May’s administration stemmed from opposition to her plan, which is seen by critics as keeping the government too closely aligned with the EU — after Brits voted to operate their own independent economy starting eight months from now.

Speaking about the prime minister’s strategy, President Trump said, “I would have done it much differently. I actually told Theresa May how to do it, but she didn’t listen to me.”

He added, “If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal,” and, “if they do that, then their trade deal with the US will probably not be made.”

While insisting that he thinks May is a nice person, President Trump dismissed a report from The Washington Post that he thinks of the prime minister as “a bossy schoolteacher.” (Read more from “Trump Unleashes on British Leader – and It’s Really Bad” HERE)


In Explosive Interview, Trump Says Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Will ‘Kill’ a U.S.-UK Trade Deal

By Business Insider. President Donald Trump has said British Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed Brexit plan will “probably kill” off any chance of a UK-US trade deal.

Trump’s remarks, made in a bombshell interview with The Sun published Thursday during his first visit to Britain as US president, are an explosive intervention into British politics that seem likely to cause political chaos and imperil the prime minister as she attempts to negotiate Britain’s exit from the European Union.

May’s proposal was finalized Friday and quickly sparked a slew of high-profile political resignations from her Cabinet, including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis, over concerns the plans would leave the UK too closely linked to the EU. (Read more from “In Explosive Interview, Trump Says Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Will ‘Kill’ a U.S.-UK Trade Deal” HERE)

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China ‘Shocked’ by U.S. Actions in Trade Dispute

By BBC. China said it is “shocked” after the US announced plans for fresh tariffs, escalating a trade war between the two countries.

The US listed $200bn (£150bn) worth of additional products it intends to place tariffs on as soon as September.

The move comes just days after the two countries imposed tit-for-tat tariffs of $34bn on each other’s goods.

Beijing described Washington’s latest threat as “totally unacceptable,” saying it would harm the world.

“The behaviour of the US is hurting China, hurting the world and hurting itself,” a spokesperson for China’s commerce ministry said in a statement. (Read more from “China ‘Shocked’ by U.S. Actions in Trade Dispute” HERE)


Markets Rattled as Trump Escalates China Trade War With Tariffs on $200bn of Imports

By The Guardian. . .Overnight, Donald Trump began the process of slapping 10% tariffs on a further $200bn of imports from China, on top of the $34bn (soon to be $50bn) imposed last week.

The move is a significant escalation of the trade war between Washington and Beijing, further raising the dangers of a major economic shock.

US trade representative Robert Lighthizer announced that the US was acting because China had not heeded previous warnings.

For more than a year, the Trump administration has patiently urged China to stop its unfair practices, open its market, and engage in true market competition.

We have been very clear and detailed regarding the specific changes China should undertake. Unfortunately, China has not changed its behaviour — behaviour that puts the future of the US economy at risk.”

(Read more from “Markets Rattled as Trump Escalates China Trade War With Tariffs on $200bn of Imports” HERE)

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Gasp! Is Science Leaning Toward Creation of Man?

Say what? Human beings didn’t develop randomly out of primordial ooze? Rising spectacularly against the odds to create order from chaos like nothing else? Well, no. Much like science has blown the myth that a developing child is merely a blob of cells – something our troglodytic ancestors shockingly accepted – a current study published in the journal Human Evolution is shaking the foundations of evolutionist presumptions.

PhysOrg reports results indicate that “… nine out of 10 species on Earth today, including humans, came into being 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.” . . .

“In the past,” according to PJMedia, “researchers studied DNA in the nucleus of cells, which differs markedly from one species to another. But the new study analyzed a gene sequence found in mitochondrial DNA. (Mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells, produce about 90 percent of a cell’s chemical energy.) Although mitochondrial DNA is similar across all humans and animals, it also contains tiny bits that are different enough to distinguish between species. This difference allows researchers to estimate the approximate age of a species.”

And it’s the age that’s telling. So either the majority of life began nearly 200,000 years ago, or it re-emerged after a population bust. Cataclysmic event? Creation? Whatever the explanation, 200,000 years is not a long enough period of time to account for the random mutation evolutionists have speculated upon to gird their attempt to play God, substituting science for scripture.

Lead scientist David Thaler admits, “This conclusion is very surprising, and I fought against it as hard as I could.” Why? Well, because the findings clearly indicate evolutionist theory is just that: a best guess, perhaps a biased one put forth by those who do not want to admit the logic behind the theory of intelligent design. (Read more from “Gasp! Is Science Leaning Toward Creation of Man?” HERE)

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U.S. Embassy in London Alerts Americans of Possible Violence During Trump Visit

By The Blaze. . .Widespread protests are being planned across Britain to take place while the US president is in the country. In an effort to prepare and warn Americans ahead of the demonstrations, the US Embassy is encouraging its citizens to take extra precautions.

With tens of thousands of Brits signed up to take part in the protests of President Trump’s policies, the embassy further warned that “several of the events are expected to attract large crowds and there will be road closures in connection with these events.” . . .

It’s all about “the resistance.” Environmentalist groups, trade unions, refugee advocates and other interest groups are teaming up to try and make the president’s visit as uncomfortable as possible. . .

Shabbir Lakha, organizer for Together Against Trump — a coalition representing several groups — said, “We want to show our opposition to Donald Trump and everything that he represents.”

News editor Gordon Robertson of The Daily Record said, “We have a great respect for the office of the president and affection for American presidents, but not the incumbent.” Robertson called President Trump “a threat to international stability,” and added that “he has a tenuous relationship with the truth. We want to let him know that we don’t appreciate what he stands for.” (Read more from “U.S. Embassy in London Alerts Americans of Possible Violence During Trump Visit” HERE)


President Donald Trump Talks of UK ‘Turmoil’ Ahead of Visit

By BBC. The UK is in “turmoil” and “it is up to the people” whether Theresa May stays as prime minister, Donald Trump has said ahead of his first visit to the country as US President.

Mr Trump told reporters before leaving Washington there were “a lot of things going on” in the UK at the moment.

He said he got on well with Mrs May and had “always liked” Boris Johnson, who quit as foreign secretary on Monday.

Mr Trump arrives on Thursday after attending the Nato summit.

The US President is set to arrive in the UK on the same day as the government publishes its White Paper setting out in more detail Mrs May’s controversial offer to the EU on future relations after Brexit. (Read more from “President Donald Trump Talks of UK ‘Turmoil’ Ahead of Visit” HERE)

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Entire Soccer Team and Coach Have Been Rescued From Thai Cave

By Townhall. Good news out of Thailand this Tuesday morning—all 12 members of a soccer team and their coach have been rescued from a flooded cave where they were trapped for more than two weeks. . .

“People don’t understand how much gear these guys have,” Jake Zweig told “Fox & Friends.” “They’re not just swimming the whole time. They’re climbing rocks, they’re getting out and walking…There’s a whole lot of stages to this mission just like climbing Mount Everest.” . . .

“It was sad news, a former SEAL who volunteered to help died last night,” Chiang Rai deputy governor Passakorn Boonyaluck told reporters last week. “His job was to deliver oxygen. He did not have enough on his way back.” (Read more from “Entire Soccer Team and Coach Have Been Rescued From Thai Cave” HERE)


Cave Rescue: The Divers Who Got the Thai Boys out

By BBC. The rescuers who worked to save the group trapped in a Thai cave were a mix of international divers collaborating with Thai navy Seals.

The 12 boys and their football coach were first found by British divers but the effort to get them out was a truly global operation.

Several Thai navy divers took part in the rescue. One ex-navy diver, Saman Gunan, died in the cave last Friday.

Little information has been released about exactly who was involved and how, largely because most participants have been reluctant to talk.

It is thought that dozens of divers – Thai and foreign – were part of the efforts. (Read more from “Cave Rescue: The Divers Who Got the Thai Boys out” HERE)

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