U.S. Service Member Killed in Afghanistan Is Identified

By Fox News. The Pentagon has identified the U.S. service member killed in action last week in Afghanistan.

Sgt. James Allen Slape, 23, had gotten out of his vehicle in Helmand Province Thursday and was working to clear the area of explosives when a bomb detonated, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Slape was evacuated to a medical facility but staffers there were unable to save him, according to Commmander Grant Neeley, a NATO Resolute Support mission spokesman.

Slape was assigned to the 60th Troop Command of the North Carolina Army National Guard of Washington, N.C. (Read more from “U.S. Service Member Killed in Afghanistan Is Identified” HERE)


U.S. Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

By CBS News. U.S. officials have identified the American soldier who was killed in Afghanistan earlier this week. The Department of Defense said Spc. James A. Slape, 23, from Morehead City, North Carolina, was killed on Thursday after suffering wounds from an improvised explosive device (IED). . .

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper issued a statement honoring Slape.

“On behalf of the people of North Carolina, I honor the service and sacrifice of Sgt. James Slape and offer our deepest sympathy to his loved ones and his fellow soldiers,” Cooper said, according to CBS affiliate WFMY.

Slape joined the North Carolina National Guard in 2013 and graduated from the Explosive Ordnance School in 2015. His unit deployed to Afghanistan in April of this year, WFMY reports.

The U.S. military is mainly focused on supporting Afghan forces in the fight against extremist groups in eastern Afghanistan. There are roughly 14,000 American troops in Afghanistan. Seven U.S. service members have been killed in 2018, the Associated Press reports. (Read more from “U.S. Soldier Killed in Afghanistan” HERE)

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Russian Official Linked to Trump Tower Lawyer Dies

By Market Watch. A Russian official who allegedly directed the lawyer who met with representatives of the Trump campaign at Trump Tower in the summer of 2016 has died, the Daily Beast reported Thursday, apparently in a helicopter crash. Saak Albertovich Karapetyan, a Russian deputy attorney general who reportedly had a hand in a number of notorious foreign intelligence operations at the orders of President Vladimir Putin, was killed when his helicopter crashed into a forest northeast of Moscow during an unauthorized flight. (Read more from “Russian Official Linked to Trump Tower Lawyer Dies” HERE)


Russian Official With Ties to Lawyer in Trump Tower Meeting Dies in Helicopter Crash

By The Hill. A Russian deputy attorney general, who is thought to have directed Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya in her efforts abroad on behalf of Russia’s government, reportedly died Wednesday night in a helicopter crash. . .

Karapetyan was reportedly behind Veselnitskaya’s global efforts to lobby lawmakers to overturn anti-corruption acts such as the U.S. Magnitsky Act, which passed in 2012. The U.S. legislation is similar to others around the world which commemorate Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer who died while trying to expose a $230 million fraud scheme in Russia. The acts have reportedly incensed Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Daily Beast reported that Karapetyan signed a letter sent on behalf of Russia’s government to a U.S. court in 2014 refusing assistance into an investigation concerning Magnitsky’s death. The letter was drafted reportedly with aid from Veselnitskaya.

Two years later, Veselnitskaya was involved in a meeting with President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., his son-in-law Jared Kushner and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort at Trump Tower. The meeting, which occurred during the 2016 presidential election, was reportedly set up under the presumption that Veselnitskaya would present damaging information on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to the Trump campaign. (Read more from “Russian Official With Ties to Lawyer in Trump Tower Meeting Dies in Helicopter Crash” HERE)

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Mandatory College Event Compares Netanyahu to Hitler

A mandatory event on Thursday for the University of Michigan’s art students compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler.

The event was hosted by the Stamps School of Art & Design for their “Penny Stamps Speakers Series Presentation” and featured Emory Douglas. On the department’s website, it explains that Douglas “worked as the resident Revolutionary Artist and Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1967 through the 1980s.”

During the event, a slide was put on the screen that showed a picture of Netanyahu and Hitler with the words “Guilty Of Genocide” written across Netanyahu’s and Hilter’s faces. Below the photo was the definition of genocide.

. . .

A student who attended the event first posted about it Friday morning. “Yesterday I was forced to sit through an overtly anti-Semitic lecture,” Alexa Smith wrote on her Facebook. “In what world is it ok for a mandatory course to host a speaker who compares Adolf Hitler to the Prime Minister of Israel?”

“I sat through this lecture horrified at the hatred and intolerance being spewed on our campus,” she continued. “As a Jew who is proud of my people and my homeland, I sat through this lecture feeling targeted and smeared to be as evil as the man who perpetrated the Holocaust and systematically murdered six million Jews.” (Read more from “Mandatory College Event Compares Netanyahu to Hitler” HERE)

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Pence Warns China on Election Interference

Vice President Mike Pence sharply criticized Chinese interference in U.S. politics and increasing military aggression Thursday, leveling up a blistering rhetorical assault at a moment when Washington and Beijing are hardening the battle lines after months tension over tariffs and trade.

The U.S. “will not be intimidated” and “will not stand down,” Mr. Pence told a conservative think tank in Washington, expanding on President Trump’s recent charges of Chinese meddling by insisting that Beijing “is targeting U.S. state and local governments and officials to exploit any divisions between federal and local levels on policy.”

“Beijing has mobilized covert actors, front groups and propaganda outlets to shift Americans’ perceptions of Chinese policies,” said the vice president, citing “a senior career member of our intelligence community.” “What the Russians are doing pales in comparison to what China is doing across this country.”

Mr. Trump raised the issue at the U.N. General Assembly in New York a week ago, accusing Beijing of attempting to subvert the U.S. election process to hurt him and fellow Republicans in the upcoming midterms. Chinese officials firmly deny the allegation.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry last week accused the Trump administration of engaging in “slandering” through “unwarranted accusations” of U.S. election meddling. (Read more from “Pence Warns China on Election Interference” HERE)

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Serial Rapist Connected With Nobel Peace Prize Convicted, Causes Unprecedented Delay in Award

By East Lothian Courier. The man at the centre of a sex abuse and financial crimes scandal in Sweden that is tarnishing the academy that awards the Nobel Prize in Literature has been convicted of rape and sentenced to two years in prison.

Jean-Claude Arnault, 72, a major cultural figure in Sweden, had faced two counts of rape for the same woman in 2011.

He was found guilty of one rape but was acquitted of the other because the victim said she was asleep at the time and judges said her account was not reliable. (Read more from “Serial Rapist Connected With Nobel Peace Prize Convicted, Causes Unprecedented Delay in Award” HERE)


Arnault, the Frenchman at the center of the Nobel Prize scandal, had long history of alleged sexual assaults

By DW. In November 2017, Arnault was accused of assaulting at least 18 women, including a claim backed by three witnesses that he groped Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria at an Academy event in 2006. He was charged with two counts of rape, after several charges had to be dropped due to insufficient evidence or the statute of limitations having lapsed. . .

There are also suspicions that Arnault has leaked the winner of the [Nobel] Literature Prize to the media several times.

As a result, the Academy announced that it will not hand out its literature award until 2019, saying that it needs to regain public trust in its processes. This is the first time the prize has been canceled in six decades. Previously, the Academy has declined to award a writer in times of conflict or when they believed none of the nominees were worthy. (Read more from this story HERE)


French Photographer at the Center of Nobel Prize Sex Scandal Is Jailed for Two Years for Rape in Sweden

By The Sun. The French photographer at the centre of the scandal that rocked the Nobel Prize has been jailed for two years for rape in Sweden.

Jean-Claude Arnault was charged with two counts of rape and the court found him guilty of one count and acquitted him of the other.

Judge Gudrun Antemar said: “The court’s conclusion is that the evidence is enough to find the defendant guilty of one of the events.”

She added the evidence “has mainly consisted of statements made during the trial by the injured party and several witnesses”.

The trial was held behind closed doors to protect the identity of the victim, which has not been disclosed. (Read more from “French Photographer at the Center of Nobel Prize Sex Scandal Is Jailed for Two Years for Rape in Sweden” HERE)

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Trump’s New Strategy ‘Is Working,’ Afghan Leader Says

Despite seventeen years of war with no apparent victory in sight for the U.S-led effort, the chief executive of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, insists that the Trump administration’s renewed approach to the stalemate conflict “is working.”

“Imagine a situation without that commitment. Things would be very different. It is working,” he told Fox News in an exclusive interview during last week’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York. “They announced a strategy and mobilized other countries and partners in NATO. They doubled the size of our Afghan Commandos, they’ve supported our Air Force — which is important in the way of Medevacs transporting the injured. These things are going to take time, but it is working.”

Most significantly, Abdullah said, is the Trump team’s “conditions-based” procedure rather than the Obama administration’s “time-based” plan, which entailed a 2014 drawdown and has been widely condemned to have enabled the Taliban to simply regroup and wait.

“These sorts of policies will yield results; you will see fruition. It won’t be in a matter of days or months, but as long as it’s the right track it will bring results,” he continued, noting that while it is too hard to give an estimated time frame of how long U.S. troops will be needed on the ground, it “won’t be a 50-year engagement.”

Army. Gen. John Nicholson, the former commander of NATO’s Resolute Support – the name given to the Afghan mission after 2014 – echoed such a sentiment of slow success in his final press conference on the state of affairs in Afghanistan in late August, indicating that they were “on a glide path to reduce our forces and eventually close down the mission” and that the “enemy believed we had lost our will to win” prior to President Trump’s welcomed new South Asia effort in August 2017. (Read more from “Trump’s New Strategy ‘Is Working,’ Afghan Leader Says” HERE)

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Netanyahu Warns: The ‘Tyrants of Tehran’ Want ‘Death to America,’ and You Should All Be Very Concerned

Americans who aren’t concerned about Iran ought to be, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told LevinTV host Mark Levin on the radio Friday.

Netanyahu noted that one of the main goals of the “tyrants of Tehran” to destroy the United States, and they’re well on their way to because of the chaos ushered in by Obama’s “disastrous” nuclear deal.

It should “concern every American,” the prime minister explained, that the “leading terrorist regime of the world,” one committed to “‘death to America,” could “have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to anywhere in the United States.”


(For more from the author of “Netanyahu Warns: The ‘Tyrants of Tehran’ Want ‘Death to America,’ and You Should All Be Very Concerned” please click HERE)

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Massive Earthquake Devastates Indonesia

By Townhall. A 7.5 earthquake hit Indonesia’s central coastline in Sulawesi. The earthquake then triggered a 10 foot tsunami. Both events occurred back-to-back on Friday night, the Associated Press reported.

The capital of Central Sulawesi providence houses more than 380,000 people and is built arround a narrow bay that magnified the force of the tsunami waters.

According to disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, in Palu alone, 48 people have been reported dead and hundreds are injured, although he says “many victims” have yet to be accounted ford. (Read more from “Massive Earthquake Devastates Indonesia” HERE)


Indonesia Earthquake: Dozens Dead in Palu

By BBC News. . .Last month, a series of deadly earthquakes struck the Indonesian island of Lombok, with the biggest, on 5 August, killing more than 460.

Indonesia’s disaster agency said at least 48 people have been killed from the latest quake but that the figure could rise.

“We have not received comprehensive reports yet because communications are cut. Many bodies were found along the shoreline because of the tsunami, but the numbers are still unknown,” Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokesman for the agency, told Reuters.

It is not clear whether the deaths came in the quake or the resulting tsunami.

Palu is home to more than 300,000 people. Rescue operations have started but a minister said that communications had been disrupted and that the runway in the city was damaged, although it was hoped that helicopters would still be able to land. (Read more from “Indonesia Earthquake: Dozens Dead in Palu” HERE)

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Israel Makes Huge Accusation About Iran

By AP. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accusing European nations of “appeasing” Iran by trying to renew trade despite Iran’s nuclear activity.

Netanyahu invoked historical European maneuvering in the Middle East while excoriating European leaders for sticking to the 2015 Iranian nuclear accord. It allows for a lifting of sanctions in exchange for curbing Iran’s nuclear activities.

After announcing what he said is new proof of Iranian secret nuclear activity, Netanyahu asked, “Have these European leaders learned nothing from history? Will they ever wake up?” (Read more from “Israel Makes Huge Accusation About Iran” HERE)


‘Disturbed’ and ‘Disappointed’ Pompeo Slams EU Plan to Bypass Iran Sanctions

By CNBC. America’s top diplomat had harsh words for Europe and its fellow remaining members of the Iranian nuclear deal after it was announced they would develop a financial mechanism to bypass U.S. sanctions and continue doing business with Iran.

Speaking to the conservative lobbying group United Against a Nuclear Iran during the UN General Assembly meetings, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday he was “disturbed and indeed deeply disappointed” by the European Union’s decision to create a “special purpose vehicle” (SPV) designed to allow trade with Tehran in euros, which would eliminate the need for commercial and central banks who fear U.S. penalties.

Announced jointly with Russia and China, the mechanism as of yet lacks technical details.

“This is one of the of the most counterproductive measures imaginable for regional and global peace and security,” Pompeo said. “By sustaining revenues to the regime, you are solidifying Iran’s ranking as the number one state sponsor of terror.”

The initial announcement of the SPV from EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini this week came ahead of a second round of U.S. sanctions set to come down on Iran’s oil sector on November 4. (Read more from “‘Disturbed’ and ‘Disappointed’ Pompeo Slams EU Plan to Bypass Iran Sanctions” HERE)

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China Supposedly Meddling in 2018 Elections

By AP. Taking center stage at the United Nations, President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused China of trying to interfere in the upcoming U.S. congressional elections because it opposes his tough trade policies. The White House provided scant evidence of anything akin to the level of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

“They do not want me or us to win because I am the first president ever to challenge China on trade,” Trump said as he chaired the U.N. Security Council for the first time. He made his accusation against the backdrop of the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the last election to help him and amid concerns that this November’s elections also could be vulnerable.

Asked later what evidence he had, Trump said there was “plenty” but didn’t immediately provide details, suggesting that some of the material was classified. Instead, he zeroed in on China’s propaganda efforts to flood the heartland with ads and statements against Trump’s billions of dollars in punishing tariffs. (Read more from “China Supposedly Meddling in 2018 Elections” HERE)


Trade Turmoil Between China and the U.S. Spills Into Military Relations

By CNBC. As the world’s two largest economies exchange tit-for-tat tariffs, there are growing suggestions that the trade turmoil has spilled over into military relations.

China has canceled friendly engagements with the U.S. Navy, possibly due to the trade dispute.

In an interview with CNBC’s Morgan Brennan, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, the branch’s top civilian, explained the intricate relationship between the two naval forces.

“When we look at China, it’s a very complex situation to say the least because they are also a great trading power,” Spencer said. “We have a major trading power as a competitor,” he added, noting Beijing’s ambitious military buildup.

Spencer’s comments come on the heels of reports that China’s top naval commander canceled a planned visit this week to meet with his American counterpart and that the U.S. was denied a port visit in Hong Kong for its USS Wasp amphibious ship. (Read more from “Trade Turmoil Between China and the U.S. Spills Into Military Relations” HERE)

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