Good Friday ‘Way of Cross’ Services Commemorate Victims of Abortion

A national pro-life group says its “Way of the Cross” services celebrated on Good Friday at nearly 100 abortion facilities throughout the country will commemorate the victims of abortion.

Pro-Life Action League organized the services at which pro-life activists will “contemplate the suffering of Jesus Christ at our own modern day Golgotha, the abortion clinic,” said a profile of the event.

“As a society, we’ve become increasingly sensitive to the victims of injustice, and that’s to our credit,” said Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, in a statement. “But we forget about the victims of abortion, starting with the more than 60 million unborn children who have lost their lives to legal abortion in the United States since 1973.” . . .

“There’s no better day to remember the victims of abortion than Good Friday, when we remember the suffering and execution of Jesus Christ, an innocent man who preached the value of every single human life,” Scheidler added, pointing out that the prayer vigils have become a central feature of the annual Holy Week religious observance for many pro-life advocates. (Read more from “Good Friday ‘Way of Cross’ Services Commemorate Victims of Abortion” HERE)

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Two 14-Year-Old Girls Arrested for Conspiracy to Murder Nine Other Students

On Thursday, two 14-year-old girls from Florida were arrested on conspiracy to murder charges after a teacher found a folder that outlined plans to kill nine other students.

According to WTSP, affidavits state that on Wednesday, a teacher at Avon Park Middle School saw the two girls acting “hysterical” as they searched for a folder. The teacher claimed one of the girls said that they would be arrested if the folder was found by someone else; the teacher said the other girl responded, “I’m just going to tell them it’s a prank if they call me or if they find it.”

According to the Highland County Sheriff’s Office, the teacher found the folder, which was labeled “private info,” “do not open,” and “project 11/9.” The eight sheets of paper inside the folder allegedly adumbrated a scheme to murder the other students whose full names or initials were listed, and the word “guns” was also printed there. The teacher then notified the school resource officer and other school officials.

The Daily Mail reports that an incident report stated that the papers “described how the juvenile suspects would obtain firearms to kill the victims and dispose of their remains, ‘specifically burning and burying their bodies.’”

WTSP adds, “Also included in the folder were hand-written notes describing the clothing the girls would wear during the killing spree, such as gloves, and how they would look. ‘NO NAILS’ and ‘No Hair Showing from the moment we put on our clothes.’” (Read more from “Two 14-Year-Old Girls Arrested for Conspiracy to Murder Nine Other Students” HERE)

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Uh Oh: Majority of Millennials Rely on Parents to Pay Bills

Millennials often define being an adult as being financially independent, but a new survey finds the majority of young people still depend on their parents for money.

A new Merrill Lynch/Age Wave survey given exclusively to USA TODAY found 70 percent of adults ages 18 to 34 received financial support from their parents within the last year, with almost three in five millennials saying they couldn’t afford their lifestyles without the support.

Barron’s Senior Editor Jack Hough believes these numbers are a direct result of what millennials face in terms of the rising cost of college and are making a rational decision by living together in bigger households. . .

Hough also pointed to data suggesting that wages are far lower than they have been historically relative to corporate profit, which he predicts could lead to more wage pressure in our country. . .

Four out of five early-adult households carry debt, usually education loans or credit card balances, according to the Survey of Consumer Finances. The average loan balance for those graduating with student debt is $36,888, or a $371 monthly payment over 10 years, according to Age Wave. (Read more from “Uh Oh: Majority of Millennials Rely on Parents to Pay Bills” HERE)

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Michelle Obama Takes Swipe at Single Fathers: America Under Trump Is Like ‘Living With Divorced Dad’

[Michelle Obama] took a swipe at President Donald Trump — and single dads — during an event in London on Sunday. Hawking her new book “Becoming,” she sat down with late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert at the O2 Arena, where she first bragged about how good things were when The Chosen One was in the White House.

“For anyone who had any problems with Barack Obama, let’s just think about what we were troubled by — there were never any indictments,” she said. . .

“We come from a broken family, we are a little unsettled,” Obama said. “Sometimes, you spend the weekend with divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick. That is what America is going through. We are living with divorced dad.”

Interestingly, Barack Obama is the product of a broken family. His white mother and black father were married in 1961, six months before he was born, and split in 1964. His estranged father would visit him in Hawaii only once before he died in a car accident in 1982. His father’s absence was part of the driving force behind Obama’s memoir, “Dreams from My Father.”

He was also an advocate of fathers while president, even urging black men to stay in a family unit. “Fathers are our first teachers and coaches … they’re our mentors, our role models,” the president told a gathering of local students and their families in 2010. (Read more from “Michelle Obama Takes Swipe at Single Fathers: America Under Trump Is Like ‘Living With Divorced Dad'” HERE)

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Prosecutor Who Let off Smollett Scrutinizes the Actor in Uncovered Texts

By Fox News. Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx described “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett as a “washed up celeb who lied to cops” in texts messages released Tuesday by her office in response to a public-records request by the Chicago Tribune.

Foxx compared Smollett’s case to her office’s pending indictments against R&B singer R. Kelly in text messages to Joseph Magats, her top assistant, on March 8, the paper reported

“Pedophile with 4 victims 10 counts. Washed up celeb who lied to cops, 16 (counts),” she wrote. “… Just because we can charge something doesn’t mean we should.” (Read more from “Prosecutor Who Let off Smollett Scrutinizes the Actor in Uncovered Texts” HERE)


Thousands of Texts, Emails About Jussie Smollett Probe Made Public by State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s Office

By Chicago Tribune. Just after news broke that “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett had been indicted on 16 felony counts, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx told her top deputy that Smollett was a “washed up celeb who lied to cops” and the number of felony counts he faced was excessive, communications obtained by the Chicago Tribune show. . .

Smollett, who is African-American and openly gay, had been indicted on 16 counts of disorderly conduct on charges he staged a hate crime attack on himself. Foxx’s office created a firestorm of protest after abruptly dropping all the charges less than three weeks later at a court hearing that reporters only learned about at the last minute.

Late Tuesday, Foxx’s office made public thousands of internal texts and emails on the Smollett case in response to public-records requests by the Tribune.

The office, though, denied outright requests for its internal files, saying it did so because the judge presiding over the case had agreed to seal the public court file moments after prosecutors dropped all the charges. The Chicago Police Department has also denied public-records requests for its internal documents on the same grounds. (Read more from “Thousands of Texts, Emails About Jussie Smollett Probe Made Public by State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s Office” HERE)

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Teen Girls Stage School Walkout to Protest Boys in Their Bathroom

The backlash against the relentless assault on nearly every civilizational institution by transgender activists seems to be slowly increasing as ordinary men and women realize the implications of the transgender agenda and the abolition of gender. Muslim parents in the UK pulled hundreds of children out of school, forcing a shutdown of recently-implemented LGBT programming. And as I reported back in February, students are pushing back, signing petitions demanding the return of their gender-segregated bathrooms and even suing their high schools in order to retrieve their right to privacy.

Last week, the debate erupted again in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Two groups of students staged a walkout at Abraham Lincoln High School over bathroom privacy, with the protest being sparked by a girl who stated that her privacy was violated by a biological male who “recently began to identify as a girl” using the female bathroom. She was joined by about twenty other high school girls who left the school at 10:30 AM and began “chanting for privacy in restrooms, saying they don’t want boys transitioning into being girls to be in the restroom with them.” . . .

The 20 girls demanding privacy were confronted by nearly 40 students of mixed gender chanting in favor of state law, which requires schools to allow students to use whichever bathroom they feel most comfortable with, irrespective of the feelings of female students. Many of the girls made their feelings crystal clear.

“We felt very uncomfortable with a male who’s not doing anything to be transgender going into female restrooms,” said Elana Owens. “I believe if you have the male parts you go to the males’ bathroom and if you have the female parts you go to a ladies room and that’s just the way I was raised,” added Brandi Scherlund, almost in tears. Those supporting the so-called right of biological males to use the female bathroom stated that the law is on their side. (Read more from “Teen Girls Stage School Walkout to Protest Boys in Their Bathroom” HERE)

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Ohio Democrat Drafts Amendment Seeking to Make Black Babies Exempt From Pro-Life Law

A female Democrat state representative from Ohio, Rep. Janine Boyd, drafted an amendment last week seeking to have black babies exempted from pro-life legislation dubbed the “heartbeat bill,” which bars babies with detectable heartbeats (around six weeks gestation) from being killed via abortion.

As reported by LifeNews, Boyd’s bill “would have given an exemption to African American women to abort their unborn babies for any reason up to the state’s current abortion limit, 20 weeks.” . . .

“Black slaves were once treated like cattle and put out to stud in order to create generations of more slaves,” argued the Democrat. “Our country is not far enough beyond our history to legislate as if it is.” . . .

Former Planned Parenthood executive turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson ripped Boyd’s targeted amendment, snarking that “apparently a 38% national abortion rate in the African-American community isn’t enough.”

“A female, African-American democratic state representative from Ohio presented this amendment to the Ohio Heartbeat bill. This amendment would have made an exception for African-American babies…because apparently a 38% national abortion rate in the African-American community isn’t enough,” posted Johnson to Facebook. “The amendment was struck down 11-7.”

(Read more from “Ohio Democrat Drafts Amendment Seeking to Make Black Babies Exempt From Pro-Life Law” HERE)

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Boston Marathon Bombing, 6 Years Later: Did Jihadi Wife Katherine Russell Escape Justice?

What did she know, when did she know it, and how could she not know? Six years after the Boston Marathon bombings, questions remain surrounding the role of Katherine Russell as a potential accomplice to the deadly crimes committed by Islamic extremists Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Katherine Russell (who sometimes went by her married name, Karima Tsarnaev) has never been charged in connection with the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing terrorist attacks, which killed three, resulted in 17 amputees, and wounded another 240 innocent people.

While the two perpetrators of the attacks have been brought to justice (with Tamerlan’s death and Dzhokhar currently locked up in a supermax prison), Russell has somehow escaped justice for potentially being an accomplice to a vicious Islamic terror attack on U.S. soil.

She who was born to a “tight-knit” Catholic family in Rhode Island, had excelled in school and enrolled in Suffolk University. Affectionately known to her friends simply as Katie, Russell was described as a popular, friendly person who had everything going for her.

Her life took a radical turn for the worst in 2009 after meeting Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a devout Muslim who would watch radical Islamic videos and generally hated what the United States stands for, according to a neighbor.

Russell converted to Islam in 2010 at the Masjid al Qur’aan in Boston. Later that year, she dropped out of college. She was rarely seen outside of the apartment (other than making her trips to and from work as a home health care assistant) she shared with her husband and young child, according to neighbors. This means that she was almost certainly present as her husband used their apartment (which was smaller than 800 square feet) to make pressure cooker bombs and watch radical jihadi videos.

Her defense team has framed her relationship with Tamerlan as an abusive one. They claim she worked tirelessly, and spent the rest of her time caring for their child and isolated from even the people inside her small home. They say she had no advanced knowledge of his plans.

However, there is more than just circumstantial evidence tying Russell to the terrorist act.

Months before the bombing, she conducted online searches on her Macbook computer for “wife of mujahedeen” and “If your husband becomes a Shahid, what are the rewards for you?” prosecutors said during the 2015 trial. Mujahedeen means people engaged in jihad, or Islamic holy war. A Shahid is a martyr for the religion of Islam.

Following the attacks, she seemed to justify the ruthless methods of her husband and brother-in-law, texting a friend: “Although a lot more people are killed every day in Syria and other places. Innocent people.”

She also retained radical Islamic propaganda videos on her personal computer, such as al Qaeda’s infamous “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom” video that has provided bomb-making guidance for countless jihadis.

After the bombing, police sought out the help of the local Boston community to help find the suspects they had identified through grainy photos. When pictures of Tamerlan’s face had started to appear on television, Russell called him to inform him, according to police sources, who told The Weekly Standard at the time.

Russell was profiled as someone who was well aware of the planning stages of the attacks in the movie “Patriots Day,” the 2016 film about the Boston Marathon bombings. Her lawyers insist that it unfairly portrays their client, while the filmmakers stand by their research related to her role in the attack.

Since the terror attacks, Russell has jumped around from state to state. She first attempted to move back into her family home in Rhode Island. Although there were signs of initial reconciliation, the efforts to bring her back into the fold failed after she clashed with her family over her Islamic faith, according to one relative.

She found a better fit in the New Jersey home of her late husband’s sisters, Bella and Ailina Tsarnaev, the latter who appears to be a radical Islamist. In 2015, she told her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend that she knew people who could set off a bomb in her home.

Russell has since remarried and had another baby, Ailina Tsarnaev said.

It remains unclear whether prosecutors will ever decide to pursue charges against Russell. She has kept an extremely low profile over the past year. In September 2016, authorities wanted to question her with regard to Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s activities. Russell released a statement through her lawyers in September 2016.

“The injuries and loss of life – to people who came to celebrate a race and a holiday – has caused profound distress and sorrow to Katie and her family. The reports of involvement by her husband and brother-in-law came as an absolute shock to them all,” the statement said. (For more from the author of “Boston Marathon Bombing, 6 Years Later: Did Jihadi Wife Katherine Russell Escape Justice?” please click HERE)

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Hospital Pressured Mom to Abort Her Baby to Cover up Drug Mistake, Lawsuit Claims

An Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit against a Peoria hospital for allegedly pressuring her to abort her wanted baby to avoid liability for having accidentally administered a drug that could have caused severe birth defects.

Reneizha Morris says that in November 2017, during a routine appointment at UnityPoint Health-Methodist’s area hospital, she learned she was pregnant with a healthy 7-week-old baby, ABC reports. But due to a “miscommunication,” she was allegedly injected with Methotrexate, which can cause severe birth defects.

Morris says the doctors held two meetings with her to inform her about the risks. She still wanted to give birth, but the hospital’s risk manager led her to schedule an abortion on November 29, which she refused after seeing an ultrasound of her child. Yet the risk manager allegedly called her family multiple times to keep pressuring her to abort, going so far as to offer her $2,000 for a consultation at a Planned Parenthood location in Chicago.

“Morris’s attorneys have found the hospital’s records suddenly trail off at this point on how and when she supposedly decided to terminate the pregnancy,” her attorneys explain, according to the Peoria Journal Star. “Following the canceled procedure, the hospital’s risk manager had two phone calls with her family, which have been omitted from the medical record. On December 5, the hospital’s risk manager asked Morris to come to the hospital to pick up $2,000 in cash and a letter stating the money was to be used for ‘a consultation’ at a Chicago-area Planned Parenthood clinic.”

Morris ultimately gave in and had her baby aborted on December 17, which her attorneys suggest she wouldn’t have done without the hospital’s repeated pressuring to do so — or if the hospital had informed her that because it had given her the wrong drug without warning her of the risks, it would be the one covering her child’s medical expenses. (Read more from “Hospital Pressured Mom to Abort Her Baby to Cover up Drug Mistake, Lawsuit Claims” HERE)

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Man Throws Child Over Balcony at Mall of America

A 5-year-old boy who was seriously injured when he was thrown from a third-floor balcony at the Mall of America near Minneapolis remains hospitalized. . .

Bloomington Police Chief Jeffrey Potts said Sunday that the boy is “still alive and receiving care,” and that the family wants privacy. Children’s Hospital Minneapolis had no information to release.

Potts said during a news conference that the boy fell nearly 40 feet after a man who apparently didn’t know the boy or his family threw him off the balcony Friday. Authorities haven’t released the boy’s name.

Twenty-four-year-old Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, of Minneapolis, is jailed on a suspicion of attempted homicide charge. Jail records don’t list an attorney for him. He could be formally charged as early as Monday. Potts credited bystanders and mall security for his quick capture. . .

Court records show that Aranda has a history of convictions for misdemeanor offense. He was charged in two previous incidents at the mall in 2015. Potts said some of those cases were handled through mental health court, but he didn’t elaborate. At one point, Aranda had a trespass notice banning him from the mall, but it was no longer in effect, Potts said. (Read more from “Man Throws Child Over Balcony at Mall of America” HERE)

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