Professor Says God Did Not Have Consent for Virgin Birth

In what is presumably a “MeToo” homage, Eric Sprankle attempted on Twitter this week to redefine Christ’s miraculous conception as something nonconsensual. . .

Sprankle’s Twitter profile lists him as an associate professor of clinical psychology and sexuality studies. It also lists sex workers’ rights, cats, secularism, Poe, Manson and also Ave Satanas, which means “Hail Satan.”

He is identified as an associate professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato, on the university’s website. His personal webpage states that he is “promoting sexual health by reducing shame and respecting bodily autonomy.” . . .

Christians are regular convenient marks for blasphemy and ridicule – given Christ’s call to turn the other cheek. But during Advent it seems to ramp up, polluting the time of anticipation of Christ’s birth each year.

. . .

Another post just days before Sprankle’s claim that God lacked consent with Mary was also instructive:

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Justice Kavanaugh, Supposed Slayer Of Women’s Abortion Rights Just Sided…With Liberals On Planned Parenthood

Editor’s Note: Restoring Liberty strongly warned readers several months ago (HERE) that Kavanaugh was not who many conservatives thought he was. This recent pro-Planned Parenthood move — where he sided with Establishment-controlled John Roberts — is yet additional evidence that Kavanaugh’s presence on the Supreme Court will likely be a grave disappointment to patriots.


Justice Kavanaugh, Supposed Slayer Of Women’s Abortion Rights Just Sided…With Liberals On Planned Parenthood

Yes, there still a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always give you what you want. That’s how liberals think. Today was another reminder that at times, justices don’t go the way you want. For the pro-life movement, they learned that when Justice Brett Kavanaugh decided to side with the liberal members of the court and refuse to hear arguments concerning states being allowed to defund Planned Parenthood in Medicaid programs. Kavanaugh sided with Chief Justice Robert and the liberal wing of the court. It only takes four justices to allow for arguments—and Justice Clarence Thomas was not happy that his colleagues decided to pass on this subject. He’s been equally huffy concerning the court’s refusal to hear any ore pro-Second Amendment lawsuits (via Washington Examiner):

In an early decision involving abortion, newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sided with liberals in declining to hear a case that could have allowed states to defund Planned Parenthood in state Medicaid programs.

My colleague Kimberly Leonard has more background and details of the cases, but the basic gist is that lower court rulings prevented Louisiana and Kansas from blocking abortion provider Planned Parenthood from participating in Medicaid. The Supreme Court has now decided to pass on the cases.

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Hit List: Actor Finds the Hollywood Left’s Dirty Laundry… It’s Pretty Homophobic Too

The social justice warrior Twitter police are on the prowl. Any tweets deemed… problematic could land you in the doghouse, cost you hosting gigs, or ruin special moments, like young collegiate athletes winning the Heisman. Here’s the thing: no one cares. To many people who are rational, you know—folks who aren’t bleeding heart progressive cancers, no one cares what a 15-year-old says on social media. It’s not a reflection of who they are. Also, did I miss the memo where teenagers no longerdo dumb things? Of course they do. It’s part of growing up, which is why USA Todaygoing after Oklahoma University’s Kyler Murrayis straight trash. Apparently, the young Murray made some homophobic tweets…when he was 15 years old. Murray apologized, but he didn’t need to. In fact, he shouldn’t. . .

He’s not the only one who has faced the wrath of the Twitter police. Kevin Hart had to walk away from an Oscar hosting gig because of problematic tweets as well. . .

[Explicit tweets:]

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Clinton’s Show Is Tanking – This Is How They’re Trying to Sell Tickets Now

By Daily Wire. Perhaps they should have known from Day One of their 13-stop speaking tour, when they drew just 3,300 people to a 19,000-seat arena. . .

Some tickets for one stop in Canada for their “An Evening With the Clintons” tour sold for just $5, but now they’ve cut prices by nearly 60% in a deal with Groupon to draw more people. . .

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, a liberal and longtime supporter of both Clintons, last week mocked the pathetic speaking tour. . .

“I get reassigned to another section as the Clintons’ audience space shrinks. But even with all the herding, I’m still looking at large swaths of empty seats — and I cringe at the thought that the Clintons will look out and see that, too. It was only four years ago, after all, that Canadians were clamoring to buy tickets to see the woman who seemed headed for history. I can’t fathom why the Clintons would make like aging rock stars and go on a tour of Canada and the U.S. at a moment when Democrats are hoping to break the stranglehold of their cloistered, superannuated leadership and exult in a mosaic of exciting new faces.” (Read more from “Clinton’s Show Is Tanking – This Is How They’re Trying to Sell Tickets Now” HERE)


Desperate Measures! Bill and Hillary Clinton Resort to Using Groupon to Sell Half-Price Tickets After Their 13-Stop Paid Speaking Tour Fails to Draw the Crowds

By Daily Mail. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been forced to resort to selling half price tickets for their 13-city tour on Groupon in a desperate bid to put bums on seats.

The former president and first lady launched their tour in a Canadian hockey arena last Tuesday to an underwhelming crowd and swaths of empty seats.

Ticket prices were plummeting shortly before the event, with the cheapest seats selling on Stubhub for single-digits – $6.55 Canadian Dollars, or less than $5.

Now the couple are taking drastic action to avoid another embarrassment on the next stop on their An Evening With the Clintons tour.

They have slashed tickets by up to 60 per cent, and even offered them on Groupon, to try and entice more fans to come and listen to them speak. (Read more from “Desperate Measures! Bill and Hillary Clinton Resort to Using Groupon to Sell Half-Price Tickets After Their 13-Stop Paid Speaking Tour Fails to Draw the Crowds” HERE)

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Trump Nominates Attorney General With Anti-Roe v Wade Past

After a month of speculation, President Donald Trump has selected William Barr to be his new permanent attorney general.

“I want to confirm that Bill Barr, one of the most respected jurists in the country, highly respected lawyer, former attorney general under the Bush administration, a terrific man, a terrific person, a brilliant man,” Trump said Friday, CNN reports. “I did not know him until recently when I went through the process of looking at people and he was my first choice from day one, respected by Republicans and respected by Democrats.”

A veteran of the CIA and Justice Department since the 1970s, Barr has already held the position of Attorney General during the first Bush administration, for which the Senate confirmed him unanimously.

“The president’s selection of Bill Barr as the next attorney general is a continuation of this law and order presidency,” said Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, who has been serving in a temporary capacity ever since Trump fired his predecessor Jeff Sessions last month. “Bill is supremely qualified, highly respected at the Department of Justice, and will continue to support the men and women in blue. I commend the president for this excellent choice.”

Trump asked for Sessions’ resignation the day after the 2018 midterm elections, in which Republicans expanded their control of the Senate but lost the House of Representatives. The president had long been dissatisfied with the pro-life appointee’s handling of both the Russia investigation and scandals involving the previous administration. (Read more from “Trump Nominates Attorney General With Anti-Roe v Wade Past” HERE)

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Head of University Calls to Give 6 Year Olds Voting Rights

Children as young as six should be able to vote in general elections to tackle age bias in society, Cambridge University’s head of politics has said.

Professor David Runciman said the British voting system was weighted against the young because older people yield far more votes, a problem made worse by an ageing population. . .

‘I would lower the voting age to six, not 16, and I’m serious about that,’ he said. ‘I would want people who vote to be able to read, so I would exclude reception. . .

‘It is never going to happen in a million years but as a way of capturing just how structurally unbalanced our democracies have become, seriously, why not? Why not six-year-olds?’ he asked. . .

‘If you are in your 20s, you are not represented in your parliament, you keep losing elections and you are expected to care about the future, the environment, the unborn… it is your job as a young person to somehow take up causes that old people are a little bit long in the tooth to worry about.’ (Read more from “Head of University Calls to Give 6 Year Olds Voting Rights” HERE)

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Teacher Fired for Using Wrong Pronoun for Transgender; 100 Students Protest Firing

By Newsweek. A high school teacher in Virginia has been fired after refusing to refer to one of his students using [her] preferred pronoun.

Peter Vlaming, a French teacher at West Point High School, was fired after the School Board voted 5-0 in favor of terminating his role.

The decision was made after Vlaming disobeyed orders to refer to a ninth-grade student as a male following [her] gender transition. The case is believed to be the first of its kind in the state, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Vlaming, who has worked at the school for seven years, told the school his Christian faith prevented him from using the preferred pronoun of the student he still saw as female. (Read more from “Teacher Fired for Using Wrong Pronoun for Transgender; 100 Students Protest Firing” HERE)


West Point Students Walk out of Class to Support Fired Teacher

By The Virginia Gazette. About 100 middle and high school students in West Point held a walkout in support of a teacher who was fired for refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred pronoun.

The West Point Public School Board voted unanimously 5-0 Thursday night to support division Superintendent Laura Abel’s recommendation to terminate French teacher Peter Vlaming’s employment, saying his actions harassed and discriminated against the student and were insubordinate.

The walkout began at 12:15 p.m. outside of the high school, and students trickled out of the school to protest the firing.

Students held signs reading “Justice for Vlaming” and “Save Vlaming,” as well as made shirts with French flags and signatures from classmates on them.

The students joined hands, formed a resistance chain around the high school’s front lawn and chanted “Justice for Vlaming” and other supportive chants during the walkout. (Read more from “West Point Students Walk out of Class to Support Fired Teacher” HERE)

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He Played Handball for Australia’s Men’s Team. Now Transgender, He’s Dominating Women’s Handball.

Standing at six-foot-two and weighing-in at 220 pounds, male-to-female transgender handballer Hannah Mouncey is dominating at the women’s Asian Championships in Japan. . .

According to Handbolls Kanalen, Mouncey scored four goals in a match against Kazakhstan on Friday and contributed a combined eight goals in matches against Japan and Iran.

“Australia defeated Iran by 29-24 and the result may turn out to be gold worth. If they finish in fifth place or better, Oceania is winning a World Cup through the Asian Championship. It also means that IHF will not have a wild card to share,” reports the Swedish outlet.

Due to Mouncey’s weight, height, and testosterone levels, he was barred from entering the Australian Football League, Women’s (AFLW) draft, last year. Mouncey wrote a piece for The Guardian in September blasting the AFL for their regulations. He noted specifically that the weight regulation is a form of “body shaming” and a blow to all women, transgender or not.

“My biggest concern is the fact that weight is being used as one of the key physical measures for possible exclusion. Forget the fact that in a game that has such an emphasis on endurance and speed, being heavy is not necessarily an advantage and think about the message it sends to women and girls about their bodies: if you’re too big, you can’t play. That is incredibly dangerous and backward,” Mouncey said.

(Read more from “He Played Handball for Australia’s Men’s Team. Now Transgender, He’s Dominating Women’s Handball.” HERE)

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GOP Fails Pro-Life Voters by Refusing to Defund Planned Parenthood

As the final weeks of the GOP-controlled Congress draw to a close, pro-life voters look on with great disappointment at the Republican politicians who failed to follow through on their most crucial promise: to defund Planned Parenthood. In about a month, Democrats will take over the House of Representatives and any hope of stripping the abortion giant of federal funding will pass away.

With precious little time left in the lame-duck session, GOP congressional leaders have chosen to ignore the persistent urgings of pro-life leaders. Just last week, leaders from Live Action, Students for Life America, the Susan B. Anthony List, Heritage Foundation and the March for Life sat down with White House officials to remind them of the paramount campaign promise that catapulted this administration to victory. . .

In separate letters sent to the president, Live Action President Lila Rose and Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins pleaded with Trump not to let millions of pro-life Americans down by compromising on what is for many the number-one reason they voted Republican.

While Trump has threatened to veto a proposal that compromises on his agenda, House Republicans have made it clear that they will not cede ground when it comes to Planned Parenthood, according to Politico. Alice Miranda Ollstein notes that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz “briefly tried — and failed — to rally support for one last bid to push through Planned Parenthood cuts, Obamacare repeal and other conservative priorities,” but most of his Republican colleagues dismissed these concerns amid fears of a government shutdown over Trump’s border wall. (Read more from “GOP Fails Pro-Life Voters by Refusing to Defund Planned Parenthood” HERE)

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George H.W. Bush’s Beloved Service Dog ‘Sully’ Has A Heartwarming New Mission

The relationships between dogs and Presidents of the United States have always captivated and warmed the hearts of Americans. Now President George H.W. Bush’s service dog is melting the hearts of people everywhere as he prepares for a new mission of service to wounded soldiers.

On Sunday, Bush’s spokesman, Jim McGrath shared a powerful and iconic photograph clearly showing the loyalty Sully had to the 41st president. The image showed Sully laying beside the coffin covered in the American flag with the fitting caption:

Sully was later seen by the former president’s side at the U.S. Capitol.

President Bush passed away surrounded by his loving family Friday evening at 94 years old. Sully flew with Bush’s coffin to Washington, D.C. The Labrador Retriever was named after an airline pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, known for the “miracle on the Hudson” emergency landing of a US Airways Airbus in 2009.

Sullenberger commented about his namesake on Twitter on December 3.

Later this week, Sully returns to America’s VetDogs in Smithtown, New York where he will stay for the holiday season. At 15 months old, Sully was taken to the VetDogs prison puppy program, where inmates taught him the foundations of service dog training. Sully later honed his skills at the VetDogs facility in Smithtown.

Following his holiday visit in familiar surroundings, the presidential service dog will take on his new duties at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s Facilities Dog Program in Maryland. The center recommended Sully as a perfect match for Bush when the Labrador was 2-years-old.

In his new duties at Walter Reed, Sully will work with SGT Dillon and SGT Truman, two fellow service dogs. The dogs will work with wounded soldiers and active duty personnel while they undergo physical and occupational therapy at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

According to PEOPLE, Sully will work with soldiers who have suffered amputated limbs.


Sully provided invaluable service to President Bush, helping him cope with life after the loss of his beloved wife, Barbara, in April. Now he serves other veterans who have risked their lives for our country in combat. We don’t yet know who will have the honor to be Sully’s next handler at Walter Reed.

Follow Sully Bush’s Instagram account to keep up with the latest updates on this famous and loyal service dog. One of his last posts showed Sully laying beside President Bush as he voted in the midterm elections. Another post showed him helping with some Christmas decorations.

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