Will Amazon Ban the Bible Next?

By WND. In a very disturbing move, Amazon has removed the books of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, the psychologist whom critics have dubbed “the father of conversion therapy.” In other words, for claiming that sexual orientation is not innate and immutable, and for claiming that change is possible, Dr. Nicolosi’s books must be banned. . .

After all, it is the Bible that condemns same-sex relationships and the Bible that speaks of those who once practiced homosexuality but do so no more (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-11). These people, today, would be known as “ex-gays.” And it was Dr. Nicolosi’s life work to help people with unwanted same-sex attractions.

Why, then, should Amazon ban his books but continue to sell the Bible, which provides the theological underpinnings for Dr. Nicolosi’s scientific work?

After all, gay critics of the Bible refer to the so-called “clobber passages,” referring to verses that have been used to speak against homosexual practice. If these verses, then, have brought such harm to the gay community, why shouldn’t the book containing these verses be banned? . . .

And what about the books that come to different scientific conclusions than the LGBT activists and their allies? And the books that challenge the goals of LGBT activism in society? And the books that reiterate the Scriptural prohibition of same-sex relationships? (Read more from “Will Amazon Ban the Bible Next?” HERE)


Amazon Stops Selling Books by Catholic Psychologist Amid LGBT Activist Pressure

By The Christian Post. Amazon has permanently removed from its website books by Joseph Nicolosi, who was often referred to as the “father of conversion therapy,” in a move some say portends censorship of anything Christian regarding sexuality.

For months the global online retail giant has been petitioned by LGBT activists who have urged the company to discontinue selling the works of Nicolosi, a clinical psychologist and Catholic author who died in 2017, NBC reported this week. Nicolosi wrote several works about homosexuality in men and therapeutic approaches for persons with same-sex attraction.

A Change.org petition that was launched five months ago and has garnered over 80,000 signatures that asks Amazon to stop selling his books links conversion therapy to aversion therapy practices such as electroshock and taking medications to “cure” homosexuals into becoming heterosexual. In the past few years, several states have adopted bans on so-called conversion therapy for minors. LGBT activists assert the practice is harmful, discredited, and contributes to the suicide of LGBT persons. . .

Amazon also disallowed Catholic attorney David A. Robinson from selling his book on the platform in which he shares his personal story of leaving homosexuality. Robinson’s short book, Orientation and Choice: One Man’s Sexual Journey, was sold on Amazon for nearly a year before it was removed last week. When Robinson inquired why this happened, an Amazon representative informed him in an email — which was forwarded to CP — that during a review they found his work was in “violation of our content guidelines” but did not explain why or point out which parts were objectionable. (Read more from “Amazon Stops Selling Books by Catholic Psychologist Amid LGBT Activist Pressure” HERE)

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Federal Judge Blocks Heartbeat Law, Citing an ‘Insurmountable’ Barrier to Abortion

Earlier this week, a federal judge blocked Ohio’s pro-life “heartbeat law” from taking effect as planned.

Ohio’s law bans abortion at six weeks, the point where an unborn child’s heartbeat can be detected. A federal judge appointed by George W. Bush ruled Wednesday that that restriction ran up against Supreme Court precedent set in case of Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, under which states cannot impose an “undue burden” on abortion access.

“This Court concludes that [the ‘heartbeat law’] places an ‘undue burden’ on a woman’s right to choose a pre-viability abortion, and, under Casey, Plaintiffs are certain to succeed on the merits of their claim,” Judge Michael R. Barrett ruled on Wednesday.

Barrett also wrote that the law “will have the effect of preventing nearly all abortions in Ohio” and therefore, “One could characterize the obstacle Ohio women will face as not merely ‘substantial,’ but, rather, ‘insurmountable.’”

The American Civil Liberties Union, which joined with abortion provider Planned Parenthood’s legal efforts on the case, celebrated Wednesday’s court order.

“Abortion bans like this one have been blocked across the country by numerous courts,” Freda Levenson, legal director for the ACLU of Ohio, said in a statement. “Today the Court has upheld the clear law: women in Ohio (and across the nation) have the constitutional right to make this deeply personal decision about their own bodies without interference from the State.”

“Today’s ruling keeps abortion legal for all Ohioans, but we know the fight does not stop there,” added abortion clinic Preterm-Cleveland executive director Chrissy France. “We will continue to fight for all women and people who can become pregnant to have access to abortion care.”

Barrett’s ruling went on to say, however, that plaintiffs’ arguments that Ohio “is making a deliberate effort to overturn Roe and established constitutional precedent” would have to “be made to a higher court.”

And that’s just the kind of fight that the state’s Republican Governor Mike DeWine was expecting.

“Governor DeWine has long believed that this issue would be decided by the United States Supreme Court,” spokesman Dan Tierney told Reuters in an email after Wednesday’s court order.

After similar bills faced two vetoes from former Ohio Governor John Kasich, DeWine signed the heartbeat bill into law in April. Ohio is one of several states that have passed sweeping pro-life laws this year — much to the chagrin and dismay of abortion proponents nationwide. (For more from the author of “Federal Judge Blocks Heartbeat Law, Citing an ‘Insurmountable’ Barrier to Abortion” please click HERE)

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Meet the Pro-Life Former Trump Official Trying to UNSEAT One of Virginia’s Top Infanticide Proponents

He’s a former Trump administration official. He loves basketball, speaks fluent Spanish, and at 32 years old, Nick Bell is running a one-man campaign to replace one of one of the Virginia state legislature’s key abortion proponents.

It’s one of the hottest days of the sweltering, humid Northern Virginia summer as Bell sits down at a sandwich shop with me just a few minutes from his home in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Annandale. Over his roast beef and cheddar sandwich, Bell says that he’s running a pro-life insurgency campaign for the Virginia House of Delegates to help make his home state into “something that people can be proud of” again after the commonwealth’s infanticide fiasco earlier this year.

Bell isn’t running against the lead sponsor of Virginia’s now-infamous infanticide bill, Democratic lawmaker Kathy Tran; instead, his district (the 39th) is located right next to Tran’s, where he’s running against Tran’s fellow abortion supporter Democratic delegate Vivian Watts.

“I always say Vivian Watts makes Kathy Tran look like an angel,” Bell explains. “She has this long history of being very pro-abortion.”

Watts supported Tran’s infanticide bill in the subcommittee that voted to move forward on the bill. In the past, Bell says, Watts also opposed “many versions” of the state’s 1997 partial birth abortion ban and and also voted against “every single version” of a 2003 Virginia abortion law that prohibits doctors from making an “outright act” to kill a child who survives an abortion, but doesn’t prohibit them from letting them die.

That loophole, Bell explains, is what informed Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s January comments about keeping infants “comfortable” while deciding whether or not to let them die.

“So one of my positions is we need to put a bill forward like the [federal Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act] to say, ‘Okay, we have to provide medical care to babies who survive a failed abortion,’” Bell explains.

Bell also realizes that because he’s running in deep-blue Northern Virginia against a longtime state legislator, the odds are stacked heavily against him. However, he says that he’s banking on hopes that the infanticide fiasco went too far, even for those who call themselves “pro-choice.”

“I think people are horrified of what [pro-abortion Democrats] are doing,” Bell says of the “extreme position” of the state’s infanticide bill. “Obviously my district is majority pro-choice, but we’re not talking about abortion in the first trimester; we’re talking about killing babies who are born or are one, two, three days before birth.”

Bell also says that he plans to get his message out to the people of his district with good old-fashioned door-knocking, reaching out to churches, and sending out mailers informing voters of his and his opponent’s position on the life issue “because people actually don’t know what’s going on” or the extent of Virginia’s current abortion laws, which allow for “abortion up until the moment of birth,” or that “Democrats are trying to make it available for any reason whatsoever.”

“Face-to-face contact is so big,” Bell adds while discussing door-knocking. “You can get a lot of mailers, but if you don’t see the person face to face, that’s extremely important.”

That’s also going to be quite a task, given that Bell says his campaign is currently a one-man show.

“Right now, it’s only me, so I am just doing this all myself,” Bell informs me. He adds with a smile, “How many nonprofits or campaigns can say 100 percent of their dollars go directly to the voter contact? I can say that.”

Bell, a lifelong Virginian except for the three years he spent teaching English and moonlighting in semi-professional basketball in Spain, said that when he first heard about the abortion bill, he was “shocked, horrified.”

“I couldn’t believe that my state would allow that,” he recalled. He also notes that, following the infanticide fiasco, “Virginia was called out as being an embarrassment to the whole nation,” which he says was a “huge part” of motivating his campaign. “I want to change Virginia from being a point of embarrassment and shame into something that people can be proud of,” Bell says. “And killing babies after they’re born or right before they’re born is not what I want Virginia to be known for.”

Nick Bell is the son of former Republican Senate candidate and Reagan administration official Jeffrey Bell, one of the key proponents behind supply-side “Reaganomics.” Nick himself has also worked in a Republican presidential administration, having previously served as a special assistant to the assistant secretary for policy at the Trump Labor Department.

But the young Republican also knows that he can’t run a successful campaign on a single issue alone; another big area where he plans to focus his messaging, he says, is on Northern Virginia’s tolls and traffic, especially for those who have to drive to Washington, D.C., or Maryland for work.

He says he wants to eliminate “all the toll lanes” on the area’s highways and “convert them to regular lanes so everyone can use it.” Now, he adds, people “can’t get back to their family because they see these huge lanes with no one on them and they’re stuck in this insane traffic.”

When he’s not trying to add a pro-life voice to the Old Dominion’s legislature, Bell says that he likes to blow off steam by playing basketball.”I love basketball,” Bell explains. “I love to get out there and shoot around outside in my neighborhood.” The multiple basketballs sitting in the back seat of his stick-shift four-door sedan out in the parking lot prove he isn’t kidding around about that.

Overall, despite the hard few months ahead of him, Bell says that he feels “super optimistic and energized” about his campaign.

Bell continues to say that a big part of his optimism at this stage is his view that “the Democrats are so apart from the people,” because he’s “never thought of another issue where the voting populace is farther from a certain political party” than on the issue of late-term abortion and infanticide.

“I think if you went outside and asked 100 people, ‘Do you support killing babies after they’re born?’” Bell concludes, “it would be 99.9 to one, no way.”

(For more from the author of “Meet the Pro-Life Former Trump Official Trying to UNSEAT One of Virginia’s Top Infanticide Proponents” please click HERE)

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Mini AOC Parody Account Shutdown After Horrific Attacks from the Left

The Left has, once again, proven how truly disgusting they are. Their nasty tactics have hit a new low. Ava Martinez, known to most of us as “Mini AOC,” frequently recorded parody videos and took photos making fun of the real Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Apparently AOC fans didn’t like the 8-year-old’s content so they started doxxing and threatening Martinez and her family.

The girl’s stepfather, Salvatore Schachter, took to Twitter to explain why all of Martinez’s accounts were suddenly deactivated and all content was removed:

. . .

“She’s disappointed at not doing Mini AOC going forward but we explained that this is for the best and she’s okay with it,” Schachter said. “The world has seen Ava’s beauty, talent, and charm, which was the whole reason for Mini AOC to begin with and no amount of hate or anger will change that. Also, like Ava says, ‘try using your words.'” (Read more from “Mini AOC Parody Account Shutdown After Horrific Attacks from the Left” HERE)

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Islamic Teacher Who Sent Porn to Student Gets 10 Years

An Islamic teacher who taught at a mosque in Washington, DC, has been sentenced to ten years in prison for sending pornographic videos and committing a sex act with a 15-year-old over FaceTime.

The federal judge, in accordance with mandatory minimum sentencing laws in Virginia, sentenced Seitu Sulayman Kokayi, 30, to ten years in prison for exposing himself and persuading the 15-year-old girl to meet him for sex in a hotel room, the Washington Post reported last Friday. . .

Prosecutors say Kokayi also showed interest in supporting Islamic State extremism. . .

Attorneys for Kokayi argued that his interest in extremism and relationship with the girl were overblown, saying that he never exposed himself to the girl. The attorneys also argued that he shared propaganda to promote a discussion and had no intention of joining the Islamic State.

Prosecutors pushed for a 25-year sentence, given that Kokayi tried to sway girls as young as 16 years towards extremism and send them sexually explicit content. But Brinkema did not consider that as part of her sentence due to the mandatory minimum. (Read more from “Islamic Teacher Who Sent Porn to Student Gets 10 Years” HERE)

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Mother of ‘Drag Kid’ Blasts ‘Convicted Pedophile’ for Sexualizing Her Child, Goes After Conservative Media

In an Instagram post published last week, Wendy Napoles, the mother of 11-year-old Desmond Napoles — a so-called “drag kid” known as “Desmond is Amazing” — blasted a “convicted pedophile” blogger for sexualizing her young son, calling his statements “highly inappropriate.” Napoles also took a shot at “conservative media” for allegedly suggesting she is “purposely attracting pedophiles.”

“This is extremely disturbing. Convicted pedophile Tom O’Carroll has written a blog post stating that Desmond is hot & feels sexy performing,” wrote Napoles. “He also sexualizes fellow drag kid Queen Lactatia.” . . .

Turning her attention to “conservative media,” Napoles blasted, “First, the Conservative press is currently accusing us of purposely attracting pedophiles & accusing the LGBTQ community of supporting this,” she claimed. “What Tom O’Carroll has said is out of our control & we do not know him or associate with him or any other pedophiles or sex offenders. I think if a pedophile wants to act on their urges, NO child is safe.” . . .

“Desmond does not move in a sexual manner or strip, at all,” she claimed. “He has done costume reveals that reveal a fully covered costume underneath. He is never ‘scantily clad’ or nearly naked & always is age appropriate. He does celebrity impersonations & does not choose to do sexy celebrities.”

However, Desmond’s parents made waves last year when the “drag kid” performed a dance number in full drag at a New York City gay bar. As he removed his jacket and bounced around on stage, howling men handed him dollar bills. The jaw-dropping event, captured on video, sparked backlash from the public, calling attention to Napoles seemingly engaging in the sexualization of her own child through such “drag” performances. (Read more from “Mother of ‘Drag Kid’ Blasts ‘Convicted Pedophile’ for Sexualizing Her Child, Goes After Conservative Media” HERE)

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State Loses Hundreds of Teachers After They Are Ruled Ineligible

You would think that in the midst of a national teacher shortage, states would be willing to undue some of the stifling regulation tape in order to make it easier for teachers to teach. However, taking the exact opposite tact, Mississippi has decided to begin enforcing licensing regulations more consistently; the end result is that Jackson Public School District is losing 236 teachers. Similarly, school districts throughout the state are finding themselves minus teachers they were expecting for the upcoming school year.

All 236 of the Jackson teachers were first-year teachers holding a temporary license that enabled them to teach. And all 236 are ineligible to teach next year because they failed to meet the licensing requirements for second-year teachers.

No doubt, when squinting at this story really hard the teachers deserve some of the blame. Based on a story in Mississippi Today, though, the lion’s share of the blame lies elsewhere—most notably on the Mississippi Department of Education. Whatever blame the teachers may deserve is most likely for trusting other people tasked with helping them through the licensing process.

Education leaders like district superintendents and college deans of education have said they thought that candidates had three years to meet the licensing requirements, and only had to show that candidates were making progress toward completion in order to renew the special non-renewable license for nontraditional teachers. In years past, this has been the case with teachers using this license.

Mississippi Department of Education officials say that the rules for the license have never changed and that problems are arising now because of a misunderstanding with local school leaders.

(Read more from “Southern State Loses Hundreds of Teachers After They Are Ruled Ineligible” HERE)

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Model Deluged with Hate Mail for…Getting Pregnant?

A long time ago, in an America far, far away, people would celebrate women upon whom God bestows the gift of carrying new life, even if those women happened to be Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. In 2019, however, the rules have changed. Just ask Samantha Hoopes, who told Fox News in a lengthy interview about the hate mail she received just for announcing her pregnancy.

As noted by LifeNews, Hoopes announced her pregnancy this past April in an Instagram post that extolled the power of womanhood to bring forth new life into the world. “We are so happy to finally announce baby Palella arriving in August!” wrote Hoopes. “This journey so far has opened my eyes to how beautiful the woman’s body is! It’s truly incredible what nature can do and what love between two people can create.” . . .

“I have people going into my DMs saying their goodbyes to me or that they’re leaving me forever because I’m pregnant,” Hoopes told Fox News. “This one kid wrote, ‘Wow, I followed you since I was 15 and now I’m 20. You’re pregnant now and I just wanted to say goodbye.’ Alright, goodbye, I don’t need you in my life anyway. But I am getting messages where it sounds like I’m dying or something because I’m pregnant. One wrote ‘It’s been fun these past five years. Goodbye.’ But again, you don’t need those type of people in your life.” . . .

“Really, pregnancy is so beautiful. You’re creating a baby. You’re creating a life,” she said. “You’re creating the next generation. We have the capability to do that and I’m just in awe of it all. Yes, I’m getting cellulite that I didn’t have before, but this is a beautiful moment in my life. And my bump has become my biggest accessory. I love showing off my bump in tight clothes because it’s so cute.” (Read more from “Model Deluged with Hate Mail for…Getting Pregnant?” HERE)

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Kamala Harris: Bring Back Busing, Because Schools Are ‘as Segregated’ Today as They Used to Be

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., currently two of the four highest-polling Democratic presidential hopefuls, could not have more divergent views when it comes to the benefits of busing.

Busing is the practice of moving minority students to schools, often outside of their own districts and typically using buses, in order to promote desegregation. There is currently a law in place to prevent the use of federal funds from being used for the purposes of busing “to overcome a racial imbalance in any school or school system or to carry out a plan of racial desegregation.”

During NBC News’ Democratic debate on June 27, Harris challenged former Vice President Joe Biden’s civil rights record. She told a story about a young girl who was bused to school during the early years of desegregation. “That little girl is me,” she concluded to cheers.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Harris elaborated on her views on busing. “I support busing,” she said. “Listen, the schools of America are as segregated, if not more segregated, today than when I was in elementary school. And we need to put every effort, including busing, into play to de-segregate the schools.” She added that “where states create or pass legislation that created inequality, there’s no question that the federal government has a role and a responsibility to step up.”

That same day, Sanders was asked about busing on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

“No, we’ve — busing is certainly an option that is necessary in certain cases, but it is not the optimal,” Sanders answered. “Does anybody think it’s a good idea to put a kid on a bus, travel an hour to another school and to another neighborhood that he or she doesn’t know? That’s not the optimal. What is the optimal is to have great community schools which are integrated, that’s what I think most people want to see. That’s what I want to see.” (For more from the author of “Kamala Harris: Bring Back Busing, Because Schools Are ‘as Segregated’ Today as They Used to Be” please click HERE)

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Doctors Repeatedly Asked If She Wanted an Abortion. She Ignored Them and Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy

In Scotland, a young pregnant mother was repeatedly advised to abort her baby over medical concerns. Her son was just born a few weeks ago.

A report at The Scotsman tells the story of 21-year-old Lauren Webster and her newborn baby boy, Ollie, who was born weighing 5 lbs 14 oz on May 23.

Webster, the story explains, had previously gone through two miscarriages, and scans revealed a bladder blockage; she was “asked by medics repeatedly” if she wanted to abort her unborn child.

After seeing some problems on her 13-week scan, a doctor at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow first asked if Webster wanted an abortion, citing a low chance of the child’s survival. When she declined, doctors agreed to monitor the pregnancy via weekly scans.

“Every week she was asking me if I wanted to terminate,” Webster recalled. “She said she had to ask me.”

Webster remembers that that “was around Christmas time and I was feeling very down” as a result.

“I said to her ‘don’t ask me that again because I’m keeping it,’” Webster added. “By 18 weeks she had noticed that the bladder had repaired itself.”

Additionally, doctors were also worried about the possibility that Ollie might have Edwards syndrome, also known as Trisomy 18, a rare genetic condition with a very short life expectancy.

“She asked me again if I wanted to terminate, saying he wouldn’t survive beyond four if it was Edwards syndrome,” Webster recalled.

Despite the warnings that her child might not survive, Webster told the Scottish outlet that she had a “gut feeling” that the baby would make it. Later, she said, she left the doctors “gobsmacked” when Ollie came into the world just fine, aside from showing up a few weeks early. According to the story, the bladder issue fixed itself and specialists ruled out another “serious condition” Ollie was initially thought to have.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was very scared because of what had happened before … But I just had a gut feeling that this was my time,” Webster said. “Everything they told me turned out not to have happened.”

Now, despite all of the worry, Webster says, baby Ollie “sleeps good and is feeding well.”

The new mom also has some advice for anyone else facing a challenging or devastating diagnosis: Don’t give up on life.

“If someone else was to go through that experience,” Webster said, “I wouldn’t want them to terminate because you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“I just think everyone should read my story and never give up hope,” Webster added.

A sad story from Ireland underlines the point. Following legalization of abortion in Ireland, a couple opted for an abortion after getting a diagnosis of a fetal abnormality. A later test, however, would show that no abnormality was present, meaning that the couple had aborted a healthy child for no reason. (For more from the author of “Doctors Repeatedly Asked If She Wanted an Abortion. She Ignored Them and Gave Birth to a Health Baby Boy” please click HERE)

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