CNN Blackout on House Democrat Under FBI Investigation

By Peter Hasson. It has been 24 hours since news broke that Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Bob Brady is under FBI investigation for allegedly paying his primary opponent to drop out of the race, but CNN has published zero articles and devoted zero airtime to the story.

The FBI was granted a search warrant for Brady’s campaign email, [email protected], as part of its investigation into payments Brady’s campaign allegedly made to 2012 primary opponent Jimmie Moore. Two of Brady’s political consultants have already been charged in connection with the investigation.

A search of CNN’s website shows the news outlet has yet to publish an article acknowledging the investigation into the congressman.

And while CNN devoted plenty of coverage to President Trump’s feud with Lavar Ball, the father of UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, the network has yet to even acknowledge the investigation into Brady on-air since the news broke, according to broadcast monitoring service TVEyes.

CNN isn’t the only major network keeping its viewers in the dark about the Brady investigation. MSNBC also has yet to mention the story on-air since it broke. (Read more from “CNN Blackout on House Democrat Under FBI Investigation” HERE)


FBI Investigates Congressman for His Campaign Paying Opponent to Quit

By The Daily Beast. The FBI said it is investigating Rep. Bob Brady (D-PA) for an alleged scheme to pay his primary opponent to drop out of a 2012 race against him and for allegedly lying to investigators.

The revelation came from a search warrant application unsealed in a Pennsylvania federal court on Monday, which was first reported by Seamus Hughes. An FBI agent asked a judge to authorize access to Brady’s personal email account on the belief it holds evidence contradicting an anticipated defense about the campaign payments. The judge approved the warrant and the FBI said it got one CD worth of data from the email account.

Brady’s congressional office in Washington, D.C., could not be reached for comment. Brady has not been charged with a crime.

Jimmie Moore ended his campaign for the Democratic nomination in February 2012 after allegedly receiving $90,000 from the Brady campaign. The FBI said the payments were routed from the Brady campaign to businesses owned by his aides. Then the money was transferred to one of Moore’s aides, who used it to pay for services rendered to the Moore campaign. (Read more from “FBI Investigates Congressman for His Campaign Paying Opponent to Quit” HERE)

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Fed Officials Fear Financial Market ‘Imbalances’ and Possibility of ‘Sharp Reversal’ in Prices

Federal Reserve officials expressed largely optimistic views of economic growth at their most recent meeting but also started to worry that financial market prices are getting out of hand and posing a danger to the economy.

Minutes from the Oct. 31-Nov. 1 Federal Open Market Committee meeting indicate members with almost universally positive views on growth — the labor market, consumer spending and manufacturing all were showing solid gains. While there were disagreements on the pace of inflation, and even a discussion about changing the Fed’s approach to price stability, the sentiment otherwise was largely positive.

Moreover, they said the picture could get even better if Congress lowers corporate taxes as part of the reform plan making its way through the Senate . . .

Stocks have been on a tear throughout 2017, setting a series of record highs and adding trillions in value. That’s come both on the heels of stronger corporate earnings and hopes that the tax reform plan, which would take the corporate rate from 35 percent to 20 percent, becomes a reality . . .

Some members feared what would happen if the market suddenly took a hit . . .

Concerns about the surge in stocks are not new at the Fed, but most officials have downplayed the idea that the market is in a bubble. Wall Street also has been at odds about the market, with Bank of America Merrill Lynch warning of a market top coming in 2018 though Goldman Sachs has predicted another big year.
(Read more from “Fed Officials Fear Financial Market ‘Imbalances’ and Possibility of ‘Sharp Reversal’ in Prices” HERE)

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With TSA on the Ropes, Holiday Travel May Be a Bear

The Transportation Security Administration has bad news for tens of millions of Thanksgiving holiday travelers: Lines at airports may be even longer than usual as the agency tries once again to plug security holes in its baggage screening.

TSA is scrambling to respond to yet another damning investigation of its screening effectiveness, for the second time in little more than two years. And the agency is already phasing in revised security procedures — including those for passengers’ electronic devices — that could cause “a slight increase in wait times,” new TSA Administrator David Pekoske said in an interview.

“The procedure is new,” Pekoske said. “It’s new to passengers. It’s somewhat new to our screeners.”

The additional delays may not be as horrendous as the hourslong queues that left many passengers stranded at airports in the summer of 2016, a year after TSA leaders launched a crash course in security improvements in response to a previous failing grade from its inspector general.

But Pekoske said travelers could experience some of the longest wait times of the year on Sunday when many return home from the holiday. TSA has projected that more than 2.6 million passengers and airline crew members will be screened on Sunday alone, potentially making it one of the agency’s top five busiest days ever. (Read more from “With TSA on the Ropes, Holiday Travel May Be a Bear” HERE)

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Roy Moore Communications Director Resigns

By Ken Meyer. Roy Moore‘s communications director has resigned as his boss continues to fend off the sexual misconduct allegations hovering over his Alabama senate run.

The Washingtonian has received confirmation that John Rogers is no longer part of Moore’s controversial campaign.

(Read more from “Roy Moore Communications Director Resigns” HERE)


Spokesman for Senate Candidate Roy Moore Resigns

By Greg Toppo. The communications director for U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore has resigned, Moore’s campaign said Wednesday, as the Alabama Republican combats allegations that he harassed and sexually assaulted girls as young as 14.

The Washingtonian first reported Wednesday that John Rogers, Moore’s spokesman, had left the campaign. The Reuters news agency reported Wednesday that Rogers decided to leave the campaign on Nov. 17, according to a campaign statement.

“As we all know, campaigns make changes throughout the duration of the campaign,” campaign Chairman Bill Armistead said in the statement. “John made the decision to leave the campaign last Friday — any representations to the contrary are false — and we wish him well.” . . .

News of Rogers’ departure came one day after President Trump all but endorsed Moore and defended him against any charges of inappropriate behavior, telling reporters at the White House, “Roy Moore denies it; that’s all I can say.” (Read more from “Spokesman for Senate Candidate Roy Moore Resigns” HERE)

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Did Hillary Channel Cash to Journalists for Trump-Dossier News Stories?

By WND. Were Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paying U.S. journalists who wrote Russia-related stories before and after President Trump’s election?

Fusion GPS – the firm behind the Hillary Clinton- and Democratic National Committee-funded “Trump dossier” – paid at least three unidentified journalists who reported on Russia-related issues, according to newly filed documents to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Who were the journalists who received Fusion GPS cash between June 2016 and February 2017? And exactly why were they being paid?

It’s unclear, as that information is redacted or not revealed in court documents filed Tuesday, according to the Washington Examiner.

The paper said the discovery “could be a breakthrough for House Republicans, who are exploring whether Fusion GPS used the dossier, which was later criticized for having inaccurate information on Trump, to feed anti-Trump stories to the press during and after the presidential campaign.” (Read more from “Did Hillary Channel Cash to Journalists for Trump-Dossier News Stories?” HERE)


‘Mrs. Clinton Is a Fraud’: Bongino Rips Hillary’s ‘Deception’, Book Tour Share This Email

By Fox News Insider. Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino called Hillary Clinton a “fraud” and ripped her radio interview with Salem Network’s Hugh Hewitt.

Brian Kilmeade played tape of the interview, noting how Clinton failed to connect with the electorate and express herself as an agent of change after President Obama’s term expired.

Clinton said that following a two-term president of her own party was like facing a “historic headwind.”

“That’s because she sat in front of focus groups and changed her positions by the day,” Bongino said.

(Read more from “‘Mrs. Clinton Is a Fraud’: Bongino Rips Hillary’s ‘Deception’, Book Tour Share This Email” HERE)

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Rule by One Man: Judge Declares Sanctuary Cities Law of the Land

Isn’t it interesting how whenever a state wants to uphold federal immigration laws, federal judges say they are preempted by the federal government from enforcing the law? Yet, whenever neo-confederate sanctuaries nullify immigration law, it is not only upheld, but the courts say the federal government is powerless to enforce the law of national sovereignty.

Amidst a slew of liberal judges imposing nationwide preliminary injunctions on DOJ’s policy of curtailing federal law enforcement grants to sanctuary cities, a San Francisco judge has now implemented a permanent block. Judge William H. Orrick issued a preliminary injunction back in April based on Trump’s political statements with no valid standing from the jurisdictions in question.

In a rich irony, Judge Orrick, an Obama donor, cited separation-of-powers doctrine as well as the Fifth and 10th Amendments in siding with sanctuary cities.

Yes, evidently according to liberal judges, states are reduced to rubble and can’t decide election law and district maps or uphold federal immigration law … but, suddenly, when they want to nullify something manifestly within the powers of the feds, they cite the 10th Amendment! And the irony of separation of powers is lost on him, because nobody is willing to apply that doctrine to the runaway judiciary.

Advocates of judicial supremacy always erroneously cite the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution as proof that states must abide by lawless decisions, but they are missing the proper interpretation of this clause: abiding by federal statute on national issues, such as immigration.

Dale Wilcox of the Immigration Reform Law Institute, which filed an amicus brief siding with the government in this case, observed the dangerous precedent set by this ruling.

“If the Supremacy Clause is irrelevant, the result will be a country where agenda-driven politicians are free to choose which federal laws they will obey and which they will defy. This sets a horrible precedent that should be reversed on appeal,” said Wilcox, in a comment to CR.

Imagine if a governor would declare that because he disagrees with some of our foreign wars, he will not deploy his state’s National Guard units to the theater of war. Would courts then say the feds are impotent and incapable of forcing them to comply?

In his April ruling, Judge Orrick contended that only Congress has the spending power and that “federal funding that bears no meaningful relationship to immigration enforcement cannot be threatened merely because a jurisdiction chooses an immigration enforcement strategy of which the President disapproves.”

Judge Orrick is willingly overlooking the laws on the books.

Last month, when a Chicago judge issued a similar order, I noted that the federalism and separation-of-powers arguments are completely bogus:

Cities like Chicago are taking active steps to undermine, thwart, and downright prohibit police from cooperating with ICE, as required by law (8 U.S.C. 1373). There is no practical way for the federal government to exercise this solemn responsibility if states are active accomplices to the assault on the national sovereignty.

Moreover, 8 U.S.C. 1373 was enacted as part of the 1996 Welfare Reform Act to ensure that illegal aliens don’t benefit from public assistance. By definition, any grant program would benefit illegal aliens were it to be funneled equally to jurisdictions saturated with illegal aliens. Thus, the federal conditions on the executive order are not extraneous to the policy goals of the underlying grant as they would be if, say, the federal government cut off transportation funding to a state for implementing an undesirable social policy related to gender-neutral bathrooms. In this case, the law is designed to target the recipients of benefits, not a social behavior.

Also, as we explained in a previous sanctuary case, the federal government is only limited from using the spending power to coerce states into abiding by a power not within the province of the federal government, such as the drinking age. Immigration, on the other hand, much like deploying the military, is one of the most foundational federal powers.

It is truly disgusting how illegal aliens can get standing to sue for money that statute prohibits them from receiving, yet taxpayers can’t get standing to sue sanctuaries.

In a twist of cruel irony, in July, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court declared the entire state a sanctuary state by barring law enforcement from cooperating with ICE detainers. The man who originally got standing and won that case, Sreynuon Lunn, was subsequently arrested for allegedly slapping a 65-year-old wheelchair-bound woman in the face and stealing $2,000 from her after she exited a bank.

A government of one man

Being a federal judge is an amazing job, especially if you don’t believe in law and the Constitution.

According to our prevailing, albeit erroneous, conception of the judiciary, a liberal judge can grant standing to a plaintiff on any political matter; unilaterally serve as a legislature or executive veto on broad-based policy; apply the ruling nationwide; overturn 200 years of precedent, the Constitution, and statute; and have the new decision be regarded as sacred precedent, and then never stand for reelection.

As James Madison wrote in Federalist 47, “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”

Yet, the judges have even more power than all three branches combined; they have the power of an emperor. Think about it — even a law that passes the legislature and is signed into law and is upheld for 200 years is not permanent. Yet, the minute a liberal judge overturns our laws, history, and traditions, that is considered permanent precedent. They have the ability to engage in an ad hoc constitutional convention on a daily basis.

This is why I laugh at those who suggest an Article V convention will result in a liberal takeover or “runaway convention.” Why would they undergo the arduous process of winning a targeted amendment in 38 states when they can get a single Obama donor within one of the many permanent circuits they hold to change our most foundational laws and constitutional clauses?

Our entire political debate over the issues is meaningless when unelected judges could win 100 years’ worth of political battles overnight without firing a shot and without incurring any backlash from the electorate.

What is so disgraceful is that there is no sense of urgency in Congress to fix the courts and not a single bill has been advanced to remove immigration from the jurisdiction of lower courts. Instead, the focus is all amnesty all the time.

The stolen sovereignty has gotten so bad that now the federal government cannot even protect us from the worst criminal aliens. At some point, this is the fault of the other two branches, not the judiciary.

Judges have “neither force nor will” to back up their usurpations. It’s time for Trump to demand from Congress the force and will to cut off all funds to sanctuaries in the upcoming budget bill and put the lawless judges in their place. (For more from the author of “Rule by One Man: Judge Declares Sanctuary Cities Law of the Land” please click HERE)

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Trump Pardons Thanksgiving Turkeys, Can’t Resist Making Joke About Obama at the Same Time

President Donald Trump on Tuesday continued the presidential tradition of pardoning a turkey ahead of Thanksgiving, granting a reprieve to a bird named Drumstick and landing a jab against his predecessor in the process.

“I’m pleased to report that unlike millions of other turkeys at this time of year, Drumstick has a very, very bright future ahead of him,” he said.

The lighthearted ceremony at the White House Rose Garden included a joke at the expense of his predecessor, according to NBC News.

Trump began by explaining what will become of Drumstick and an alternate who will also be spared the dinner table on Thursday, Wishbone.

“Upon being pardoned, Drumstick and his friend Wishbone will live out their days at Gobblers Rest, beautiful place,” he said. “It’s custom built, it’s an enclosure on the campus of Virginia Tech.”

At that exhibit, Trump said the birds will “join Tater and Tot, the two turkeys pardoned last year by President Obama.”

Pivoting to the previous administration, Trump noted that he has been “very active in overturning a number of the executive actions” enforced during the Obama administration.

That pattern, however, will not extend to the poultry pardons, Mediaite reported.

“I have been informed by the White House counsel’s office that Tater and Tot’s pardons cannot under any circumstance be revoked.”

Trump concluded that the turkeys spared a year ago can “rest easy” under a new administration.

As The Western Journal reported, Drumstick and Wishbone were nominated for the pardon by Carl Wittenburg, whose family raised them.

Ahead of the ceremony, he explained some of the characteristics that made them stand out among the roughly 80 birds in their flock.

Wittenburg said he paid attention to “their character, their temperament, their showmanship and how they looked strutting their stuff.”

Most important, he added, is the bird’s ability to “handle the show.”

The White House posted a Twitter poll seeking the public’s input on which turkey Trump chose for the pardon.

Drumstick, who won the survey despite Wishbone’s last-minute public appearance at the White House briefing room Tuesday, behaved admirably during the ceremony. Trump also gave himself high marks.

“I feel so good about myself doing this,” he said before issuing the pardon. (For more from the author of “Trump Pardons Thanksgiving Turkeys, Can’t Resist Making Joke About Obama at the Same Time” please click HERE)

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DOJ Moves to Strip Citizenship for Immigrant Child Sex Abusers

The Department of Justice on Tuesday filed lawsuits to revoke the U.S. citizenship of five immigrants who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing minors in incidents determined to have taken place before they became naturalized, Fox News has learned.

These individuals, according to the Justice Department, “unlawfully procured their U.S. citizenship by concealing sexual abuse of minor victims during the naturalization process.”

“Committing fraud in any immigration matter undermines the integrity of our immigration system, and is a betrayal of the American people’s generosity,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “It is especially appalling when it also involves the sexual abuse of children.”

The lawsuits were filed in the Southern District of Florida, the Northern District of Illinois, the Northern District of Texas and the Southern District of Texas.

According to the Justice Department, the citizenship of a naturalized U.S. citizen can be revoked under the Immigration and Nationality Act if naturalization was illegally procured through the concealment of information. (Read more from “DOJ Moves to Strip Citizenship for Immigrant Child Sex Abusers” HERE)

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Earthquake WARNING: US Struck by 134 Tremors in ONE WEEK on Most DANGEROUS Fault

Last week a series of 10 mini-earthquakes struck Monterey County in the US state, raising fears a monster tremor could devastate the region.

A powerful, 4.6 magnitude quake 13 miles northeast of Gonzales, along the San Andreas Fault, was the largest to strike the region.

The San Andreas Fault – a 750-mile fissure that runs the length of California – is thought to be long overdue a “Big One” earthquake measuring magnitude 7 or greater.

Since last week, a whopping 134 earthquakes within three miles of that 4.6 tremor were recorded, USGS said.

Of those earthquakes, only 17 were stronger than a 2.5 magnitude and six greater than 3.0, USGS said. (Read more from “Earthquake WARNING: US Struck by 134 Tremors in ONE WEEK on Most DANGEROUS Fault” HERE)

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Uber Hid Hack That Exposed 57 Million People

Hackers stole the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers from Uber Technologies Inc., a massive breach that the company concealed for more than a year. This week, the ride-hailing firm ousted its chief security officer and one of his deputies for their roles in keeping the hack under wraps, which included a $100,000 payment to the attackers.

Compromised data from the October 2016 attack included names, email addresses and phone numbers of 50 million Uber riders around the world, the company told Bloomberg on Tuesday. The personal information of about 7 million drivers was accessed as well, including some 600,000 U.S. driver’s license numbers. No Social Security numbers, credit card information, trip location details or other data were taken, Uber said.

At the time of the incident, Uber was negotiating with U.S. regulators investigating separate claims of privacy violations. Uber now says it had a legal obligation to report the hack to regulators and to drivers whose license numbers were taken. Instead, the company paid hackers to delete the data and keep the breach quiet. Uber said it believes the information was never used but declined to disclose the identities of the attackers.

“None of this should have happened, and I will not make excuses for it,” Dara Khosrowshahi, who took over as chief executive officer in September, said in an emailed statement. “We are changing the way we do business.” (Read more from “Uber Hid Hack That Exposed 57 Million People” HERE)

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