New Poll: Guess Who the Majority of Voters Blame for Family Separation at the Border? The Results Are Surprising

By Townhall. . .According to a new poll from Rasmussen Reports, the majority of voters are holding illegal aliens accountable for the current separation crisis, not Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement or President Trump (bolding is mine).

Most voters blame the parents of the separated children at the border for the latest illegal immigration crisis, not the federal government.

When families are arrested and separated after attempting to enter the United States illegally, 54% of Likely U.S. Voters say the parents are more to blame for breaking the law. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 35% believe the federal government.

To help understand the current political debate over the children issue, a closer look shows that 82% of Republicans and 56% of voters not affiliated with either major political party feel the parents are more to blame for breaking the law. But 60% of Democrats say the government is more to blame for enforcing the law.

. . .

In the meantime, Congress is working on a number of immigration bills in an attempt to fix the problem. The House is expected to take a vote Thursday, with moderate and conservative Republicans split on a number of illegal immigration issues. (Read more from “New Poll: Guess Who the Majority of Voters Blame for Family Separation at the Border?” HERE)


House Republicans Cancel Immigration Votes in Embarrassing Setback

By Washington Times. Staring at a certain defeat, House Republicans canceled votes on their immigration compromise Thursday — an embarrassing setback for leaders who thought they had finally been able to wrangle some unanimity on an issue that has bedeviled them for years.

Lawmakers emerged from a closed-door evening meeting to say their new goal is a vote sometime next week, after they try to make tweaks to win over conservatives while keeping moderates on board.

The vote on the “moderate” compromise bill was postponed just hours after a more conservative bill failed in the House by a 231-193 vote. More than three dozen Republicans joined Democrats to kill the legislation.

Worried about a twin rejection on the same day, Republican leaders decided on a cooling-off period. (Read more from “House Republicans Cancel Immigration Votes in Embarrassing Setback” HERE)

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U.S. Military Pilots Hit by Mysterious Lasers

American military personnel piloting aircraft over the Pacific Ocean have been targeted in a series of apparent attacks reminiscent of previous, more serious Chinese military operations.

According to The Wall Street Journal, nearly two dozen incidents in recent months share the same troubling details.

Lasers originating from the East China Sea and surrounding areas were aimed at the aircraft, according to multiple U.S. military sources. The first known incident was in September and the latest came in recent weeks.

Experts believe additional attacks likely occurred but went unreported by the pilots involved.

Though still a major security issue, officials say the lasers used did not appear to be military grade. Instead, they were believed to be the type of commercial laser pointer readily available in stores and online.

Based on the common civilian and military uses of the area, the U.S. has not confirmed if some or all of the attacks were coordinated by Chinese personnel. The lasers appeared to have been based on fishing vessels, some of which were based in China.

The recently announced laser threat comes after reports of similar tactics being used on a larger scale by Chinese military forces based in East Africa.

Earlier this year, four reported incidents in Djibouti included lasers being directed at American pilots.

In three of those cases, the lasers being used were believed to be military-grade devices. The fourth appeared to have been a commercial product.

The source of the three military-grade laser attacks was identified as an area of a Chinese military base built in recent years near an existing U.S. base. American troops stationed there work on sensitive technology and operations, including drones.

Two pilots reported a range of effects after a laser was pointed into their aircraft as they flew over Djibouti this spring.

Among their reported symptoms were dizziness and impaired vision. The U.S. pilots reported seeing “rings” in their field of vision after the incident.

Even commercially available laser pointers can have serious negative consequences, including temporarily blinding pilots, and can result in criminal charges against individuals misusing the products.

While American officials do not consider the latest incidents near the East China Sea to be high-level threats, they are concerning — especially in the wake of reports that China had engaged in a different type of sensory attack against Americans.

Business Insider cited a statement by China’s Defense Ministry, which said it had “already refuted the untrue criticisms via official channels.”

Earlier this month, the U.S. government issued a warning to Americans living in China amid a spike in unexplained medical symptoms.

The U.S. Department of State confirmed “a number of individuals” were flown out of China and back to the U.S. for treatment after experiencing the mystery illness.

“Medical professionals will continue to conduct full evaluations to determine the cause of the reported symptoms and whether the findings are consistent with those noted in previously affected government personnel or possibly completely unrelated,” said State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert at the time. (For more from the author of “U.S. Military Pilots Hit by Mysterious Lasers” please click HERE)

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Islamic Radical Suspected of Killing Eight in New York Praises Allah and Defends ISIS

Sayfullo Saipov, an Islamic radical charged with killing eight in Manhattan in October of 2017, interrupted a judge in court Friday to invoke Allah and defend the Islamic State.

Saipov, who hails from Uzbekistan and whose name translates to “Sword of Allah,” is accused of using a rental truck on October 31, 2017, to mow down 8 people on a bike path near the World Trade Center and seriously injure dozens more. He requested permission to speak in court Friday directly after U.S. District Judge Vernon S. Broderick set the date of Saipov’s trial for October 7, 2019.

Saipov, speaking through a translator, then ranted for 10 minutes about his sole devotion to Allah and to the jihad ISIS is waging. Broderick interrupted Saipov to read him his rights and to warn him that whatever he said could be used against him in court. Saipov was reportedly unfazed.

“I understand you, but I’m not worried about that at all,” Saipov continued through his translator, according to the Associated Press. “So the Islamic State is not fighting for land, like some say, or like some say, for oil. They have one purpose, and they’re fighting to impose Sharia on earth.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Beaty objected to Saipov’s speech on the grounds that it was “terrorist propaganda,” and that Saipov would normally be restricted from engaging in such speech in jail. Broderick, however, allowed him to continue, saying that he believed Saipov was coming to the end of his remarks. (Read more from “Islamic Radical Suspected of Killing Eight in New York Praises Allah and Defends ISIS” HERE)

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James Woods Eviscerates Obama Legacy, Posts His Own Version of Time Cover

By Conservative Tribune. The liberal media has declared all-out war on President Donald Trump, evidenced by their incessant and self-righteously indignant negative coverage of virtually everything he says and does.

The latest outrage du jour for the virtue-signaling liberal media is the “zero tolerance” border policy — based on court precedent set in 1997 and clarified in 2016 — that results in illegal immigrant families being temporarily separated when detained and processed following illegal entry into the country.

That policy from the administration has been likened to the vile and despicable acts of the Nazis, and the media has gleefully perpetuated the notion that Trump and his administration have taken delight from splitting up families and throwing children in “concentration camps.”

Along those lines comes the latest magazine cover from TIME — who have a history of slamming Trump on their covers — which juxtaposes a smugly smiling Trump looking down on a sobbing illegal immigrant girl who’d been detained with her mother at the border.

There’s just one big problem with TIME’s cover and accompanying piece — the separation of illegal immigrant families at the border didn’t start with the Trump administration, but occurred under the past few administrations as well, including that of former President Barack Obama.

(Read more from “James Woods Eviscerates Obama Legacy, Posts His Own Version of Time Cover” HERE)


Crying Toddler on Widely Shared ‘Time’ Cover Was Not Separated From Mother

By NPR. In the image, a little girl wails in uncomprehending sadness and anxiety.

Her face flushed nearly as pink as her shirt and shoes, she stares up at her mother and a U.S. official, both too tall to be seen. The 2-year-old Honduran child’s panic is so palpable, it’s difficult for a viewer not to feel it, too. . .

There’s a complication, though: The little girl was not ultimately separated from her mother, according to her father. The man, whom Reuters identified as Denis Valera, has told multiple media outlets that mother and daughter were detained together while seeking asylum in Texas. (Read more from “Crying Toddler on Widely Shared ‘Time’ Cover Was Not Separated From Mother” HERE)

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McCain Staffer Had Nasty Plan for Tea Parties

The IRS targeting of tea party and Christian groups during the 2012 presidential election campaign, when Barack Obama was seeking his second term, was just one of many examples of the deployment of the federal bureaucracy for political purposes during the previous administration. . .

Judicial Watch has obtained internal IRS documents that show a staff-level employee for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., urged the IRS to audit the targeted groups until it became “ruinous” for them.

Henry Kerner was McCain’s staff director and chief counsel of the Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee at the time. He since has been appointed by President Trump to the United States Office of Special Counsel.

“The explosive exchange was contained in notes taken by IRS employees at an April 30, 2013, meeting between Kerner, [former IRS official Lois] Lerner, and other high-ranking IRS officials. Just ten days following the meeting, former IRS director of exempt organizations Lois Lerner admitted that the IRS had a policy of improperly and deliberately delaying applications for tax-exempt status from conservative non-profit groups,” Judicial Watch said. . .

“The Obama IRS scandal is bipartisan – McCain and Democrats who wanted to regulate political speech lost at the Supreme Court, so they sought to use the IRS to harass innocent Americans,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. (Read more from “McCain Staffer Had Nasty Plan for Tea Parties” HERE)

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Left-Wing Magazine Fact-Checker Falsely Implies Vet Is a Nazi – Check What Just Happened to Her ‘Career’

Talia Lavin, whose tweet about a Pasco veteran’s tattoo implied he was a Nazi, has apologized to him and resigned from her position as a fact-checker at the New Yorker magazine.

But in another tweet, Thursday evening, Lavin also lashed out at the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, saying it unfairly targeted her in its own tweet about combat-wounded veteran Justin Gaertner.

“This has been a wild and difficult week,” Lavin said in the tweet. “I owe ICE agent Justin Gaertner a sincere apology for spreading an rumor about his tattoo. However, I do not think it is acceptable for a federal agency to target a private citizen for a good faith, hastily rectified error.” . . .

Lavin, 28, of Brooklyn, said she was unfairly targeted by ICE because her former publication has been critical of the agency, caught up debate over the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from families illegally entering the United States — a policy enforced by ICE.

“I wasn’t the genesis of this rumor; there are tweets still up with tens of thousands of likes explicitly calling the tattoo ‘Nazi,’” Lavin said in a message to the Tampa Bay Times. “My own tweet was responsive to extant scrutiny, and I deleted it and issued a correction within 15 minutes, long before ICE could have been aware of it. I was targeted because I was part of a news organization critical of ICE.” (Read more from “Left-Wing Magazine Fact-Checker Falsely Implies Vet Is a Nazi – Check What Just Happened to Her ‘Career'” HERE)

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Pentagon Covering Up Fact That Female Officers Nearly Sank USS Fitzgerald?

An anonymous email came in over the transom this morning:

Hi, Stacy.
During the early weeks after the USS Fitzgerald was speared by a lumbering Philippine container ship, it was noteworthy that the captain and a couple of admirals were publically named, but not the actual officer in charge, the officer of the deck. (OOD) The other person who should have kept the Fitz out of trouble is the person in charge of the combat information center, the Tactical Action Officer. That individual is supposed to be monitoring the combat radar, which can detect a swimmer at a distance of two miles.

Not until a year later, when the final reports are made public and the guilty parties have been court-martialed, does the truth come out. The OOD was named Sarah, and the Tactical Action Officer was named Natalie, and they weren’t speaking to each other!!! The Tactical Action Officer would normally be in near constant communication with the OOD, but there is no record of any communication between them that entire shift!

Another fun fact: In the Navy that won WWII, the damage control officers were usually some of the biggest and strongest men aboard, able to close hatches, shore up damaged areas with timbers, etc. The Fitz’s damage control officer was also a woman, and she never left the bridge. She handled the aftermath of the accident remotely, without lifting a finger herself!

Look it up: The OOD was Sarah Coppock, Tactical Action Officer was Natalie Combs. . . .

When I noticed last year that they were doing all they could to keep the OOD’s name out of the headlines, I speculated to my son that it was a she. Turns out all the key people (except one officer in the CIC) were female!

Indeed, I did some searching, and Lt. Coppock pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty. Lt. Combs faced a hearing last month:

In an 11-hour hearing, prosecutors painted a picture of Lt. Irian Woodley, the ship’s surface warfare coordinator, and Lt. Natalie Combs, the tactical action officer, as failing at their jobs, not using the tools at their disposal properly and not communicating adequately. They became complacent with faulty equipment and did not seek to get it fixed, and they failed to communicate with the bridge, the prosecution argued. Had they done those things, the government contended, they would have been able to avert the collision.

That two of the officers — Coppock and Combs — involved in this fatal incident were female suggests that discipline and training standards have been lowered for the sake of “gender integration,” which was a major policy push at the Pentagon during the Obama administration. (Read more from “Pentagon Covering Up Fact That Female Officers Nearly Sank USS Fitzgerald?” HERE)

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Peter Strzok Has Lost His Security Clearance

By The Daily Caller. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday that former FBI official Peter Strzok has lost his security clearance amid an internal disciplinary review.

“Mr. Strzok, as I understand, has lost his security clearance,” Sessions told radio host Howie Carr.

Strzok was escorted out of FBI headquarters on Friday, the day after the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released its long-awaited report about the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Strzok, who served as deputy chief of counterintelligence, was one of the top investigators on the Clinton probe and the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

While on the investigations, Strzok and his mistress, an FBI lawyer named Lisa Page, exchanged numerous anti-Trump text messages. (Read more from “Peter Strzok Has Lost His Security Clearance” HERE)


Sen. Lindsey Graham Asks Horowitz If Strzok or Mccabe Misled Investigators

By Fox News. Sen. Lindsey Graham is calling on the Justice Department to set the record straight about an alleged meeting involving then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, agent Peter Strzok and attorney Lisa Page, in which “an insurance policy” against a possible Trump victory in the 2016 election purportedly was discussed.

In a letter obtained by Fox News, Graham, R-S.C., formally asked Inspector General Michael Horowitz to resolve conflicting statements about a meeting discussed in text messages between Strzok and Page, his colleague and lover.

In a text from Strzok to Page dated Aug. 15, 2016, the pair discussed “an insurance policy” in the event that Donald Trump went on to win the presidential election.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office – that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take the risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40,” the text read. (Read more from “Sen. Lindsey Graham Asks Horowitz If Strzok or Mccabe Misled Investigators” HERE)

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Bad News: It Looks Like the DOJ Official Who Tipped off Podesta Is Unlikely to Face Legal Consequences

A former FBI director and the counsel of a government watchdog group talked to The Daily Caller to give their opinions on the ramifications of the conduct of former Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik. . . .

He also emailed Clinton’s 2016 campaign chair, John Podesta, with a “heads up” on when the some of her emails would be released publicly. . .

Regarding Kadzik’s conduct, former FBI assistant director Ron Hosko told The Daily Caller, “(B)ased on the findings of the IG, and their analysis, I don’t see Kadzik’s activities as a violation of law.”

“If there were some more affirmative evidence of a covert exchange, a quid pro quo like the passing of sensitive or confidential investigative information in exchange for the employment of Kadzik’s son, or Kadzik trying to influence investigative activity or outcomes coupled with a job request and response, then there might be a claim of bribery or obstruction of justice.”

“Here, though, I think the IG is making the strongest case, one of poor judgment against ethical standards that DOJ employees are expected to adhere to,” he added. “Within the FBI, one could face sanction for poor judgment and creating the appearance of impropriety. I’d think DOJ would examine this similarly.” (Read more from “Bad News: It Looks Like the DOJ Official Who Tipped off Podesta Is Unlikely to Face Legal Consequences” HERE)

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‘Smash Them, Burn Down Their Tent’: Socialist Leader During Anti-GOP Rant

A college socialist leader suggested during a speech last week that conservative organizations ought to be smashed and have their tents burned down, but later claimed it was a joke.

Florida International University student Andy Vila, chairman of a Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter, delivered a speech about fighting capitalism, conservative values, and President Trump, who he deems a “fascist.”

During the “How to Fight Fascism and the Right” spiel, Vila posed the question, “Now that I know how Right-wingers will act, how can I smash them?”

“We’re gonna talk about how this ideology manifests on a college campus here in America. We’re gonna talk about Turning Point specifically,” Vila said, according to The Washington Examiner. . .

Vila believes TPUSA enables fascism and accused its members of using racial and homophobic slurs in the name of free speech. Vila said when TPUSA held an anti-socialism event last semester, his group “strategized.” (Read more from “‘Smash Them, Burn Down Their Tent’: Socialist Leader During Anti-GOP Rant” HERE)

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