Ben Rhodes Invokes Bin Laden to Shame Trump — Then the Seal Who Shot Him Spoke Up

Former Obama foreign policy advisor Ben Rhodes took a shot at President Donald Trump on Wednesday after learning that the White House had revoked former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance.

Citing Brennan’s involvement in the raid that killed 9/11 terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Rhodes seemed to suggest that proved Brennan was above reproach.

. . .

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ISIS Fighter Wanted for Murder Posed as a Refugee to Get Into the U.S.

An ISIS fighter who posed as a refugee to get into the United States was arrested in California by FBI agents this week.

Before his detainment, forty-five year old Omar Ameen was wanted for the murder of an Iraqi police officer and officials allege he engaged in a number of terrorist activities in his home country. . .

“Ameen, originally of Rawah, in the Anbar province of Iraq, fled Iraq following the alleged murder, and later settled in Sacramento as a purported refugee. It is alleged that Ameen’s family supported and assisted the installation of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) in Rawah, and that Ameen was a member of AQI and ISIS,” the Justice Department released. “It is also alleged that he participated in various activities in support of those terrorist organizations, including helping to plant improvised explosive devices, and committing the murder that is the subject of the extradition request. Ameen concealed his membership in those terrorist groups when he applied for refugee status, and later when he applied for a green card in the United States.” . . .

“The Iraqi arrest warrant and extradition request allege that after the town of Rawah, Iraq fell to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) on June 21, 2014, Ameen entered the town with a caravan of ISIS vehicles and drove to the house of the victim, who had served as an officer in the Rawah Police Department,” DOJ says. “On the evening of June 22, 2014, after the caravan arrived at the victim’s house, Ameen and other members of the convoy allegedly opened fire on the victim. Ameen then allegedly fired his weapon at the victim while the victim was on the ground, killing him.” (Read more from “ISIS Fighter Wanted for Murder Posed as a Refugee to Get Into the U.S.” HERE)

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Suspect From Extremist Muslim Compound Is an Illegal Alien

One of five suspects arrested at an “extremist Muslim” compound in northern New Mexico is originally from Haiti — and has lived in the U.S. illegally for more than 20 years, federal officials said Wednesday.

Jany Leveille, 35, was detained by immigration officials Tuesday and soon must appear before a judge to resolve her immigration status, which could lead to her deportation, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said in a statement. . .

Leveille moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., from Haiti in 1998 after her father died, Von Cehelet Leveille, the woman’s brother, told Reuters. She has moved several times since coming to the U.S., living in Georgia, Philadelphia and New York after separating from her husband, the brother said.

Leveille lived at the New Mexico compound with her current husband Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and their children since January, prosecutors said. She has six children, ages 1 to 15, her brother told Reuters. . .

The children discovered at the compound earlier this month were both trained to use firearms and taught multiple tactical techniques in order to kill teachers, law enforcement officers and other representatives of institutions they found corrupt, state prosecutors said on Monday. (Read more from “Suspect From Extremist Muslim Compound Is an Illegal Alien” HERE)

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Lois Lerner Case Explodes: McCain’s Campaign Supposedly Involved in a Nasty Way

. . .One of a number of scandals that plagued President Barack Obama and his administration involved the IRS targeting tea party groups after 2010. It seemed that their tax-exempt status requests were denied or delayed due to intense political partisanship in the agency.

In May 2013, The Washington Post reported that the IRS’s exempt-organizations division director Lois Lerner “let slip” the week prior “that low-level IRS staffers had focused extra scrutiny on conservative groups with words such as ‘tea party’ or ‘patriot’ in their names.” . . .

When President Donald Trump was sworn into office, some held out hope that the perceived injustices from Obama’s tenure would somehow be made right. However, in September 2017, Trump’s administration had already preemptively declined to pursue criminal charges against Lerner “based on the available evidence,” according to Fox News.

But more has since been uncovered about the scandal. Government watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained and released “internal IRS documents, including material revealing that Sen. John McCain’s former staff director and chief counsel on the Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee, Henry Kerner, urged top IRS officials, including then-director of exempt organizations Lois Lerner, to “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.”

Meeting notes from April 30, 2013, involving Kerner, Lerner, “and other high-ranking IRS officials” were obtained by JW. With the meeting taking place only 10 days before the IRS scandal exploded into the public view, they are particularly incriminating against Kerner and Lerner. (Read more from “Lois Lerner Case Explodes: McCain’s Supposedly Involved in a Nasty Way” HERE)

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Judge Now Receiving Death Threats Over Muslim Compound Ruling

A New Mexico judge’s life was threatened and her courthouse was placed on lockdown after she cleared the way for five defendants arrested on child abuse charges at a squalid makeshift living compound, where a 3-year-old boy’s body was found, to be released on bail pending trial, officials said.

Judge Sarah Backus became the target of a backlash following her ruling Monday that prosecutors failed to show the defendants, arrested at the compound on suspicion of training 11 children to use firearms for an anti-government mission, posed a threat to the community, instead ruling that they were entitled to be released on bail pending trial.

“One caller told a court staffer that he wished someone would come and smash the judge’s head. Another caller said that her throat would be slit,” Barry Massey, spokesman for the New Mexico Administrative Office of Courts, told ABC News on Wednesday. “Then there were other calls that threatened violence against all the staff in the courthouse.”

By Tuesday afternoon, the staff at the Taos County courthouse where Backus works had received roughly 200 angry phone calls and emails blasting her decision, Massey said.

Massey said the threats against Backus and the entire staff of the courthouse in Taos, New Mexico, prompted the sheriff’s department to lock down the courthouse for several hours on Tuesday afternoon. (Read more from “Judge Now Receiving Death Threats Over Muslim Compound Ruling” HERE)

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Watch: Punk Rocker Jumps off Stage, Attacks Trump Supporter in Middle of Concert

. . .A fan of the once-big band Social Distortion went to a recent show in Sacramento and says that the lead singer attacked and brutally beat him because he was a supporter of President Trump.

Tim Hildebrand, who describes himself as a “Republican farmer,” says the singer, 56-year-old Mike Ness, began ripping on Trump — and America — during the band’s July 15 show at Ace of Spades. Hildebrand took offense, according to CBS Local Sacramento. . .

He said he told Ness, “I pretty much said I paid for your music, not your politics.” Then Ness “takes his guitar off, jumps off the stage and proceeds to punch me multiple times in the head,” Hildebrand said.

Afterward, the lifelong Social Distortion fan says he was dragged out of the venue, but has filed a police report and plans to press charges. “Someone that has the status that he does shouldn’t get away with assaulting someone.”

Hildebrand says he was badly injured in the attack, suffering two black eyes, a split lip, a concussion, and some loose teeth. And he says other fans of the band took part, too. (Read more from “Punk Rocker Jumps off Stage, Attacks Trump Supporter in Middle of Concert” HERE)

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Media Conspiracy Theories About Devin Nunes Are Getting out of Control

. . .The Washington Post headline was “Devin Nunes, in secretly recorded tape, tells donors GOP majority is necessary to protect Trump: ‘We’re the only ones.’” The article by Isaac Stanley-Becker is downright hilarious. It makes Maddow seem calm.

It notes that Nunes publicly speaks in the same way he was “caught” speaking at the fundraiser, but adds that there is a nefarious new step of coming up with the crazy idea that Democrats might want to impeach the president even though the aggressive special counsel has not provided any reason for impeachment:

… Nunes took the new step of tying the investigation to the midterm elections this fall. In comments captured in an audio recording aired Wednesday by ‘The Rachel Maddow Show,’ Nunes laid out in stark terms the rationale for preserving the GOP majority in Congress.

‘If Sessions won’t unrecuse and Mueller won’t clear the president, we’re the only ones, which is really the danger,’ Nunes said at an event for Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, referring to Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, and Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel. Sessions said last year that he would keep his distance from inquiries related to the 2016 election, owing to his role in Trump’s campaign — a move that has frustrated the president, leading him to blame his own attorney general for the ‘Russian Witch Hunt Hoax.’

. . .

And I think at this point we can all agree that The Washington Post is not going to hold the FBI or DOJ accountable for any misdeeds in recent years. This is the paper, after all, that has yet to have one of its own reporters even mention the latest news with Bruce Ohr, much less write the dozens of hard-hitting investigative pieces people have every right to expect at this stage.

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This Cake Baker Won at the Supreme Court. Now the State Is Trying to Get Revenge

Masterpiece Cakeshop’s Jack Phillips, who won a Supreme Court case in June, is once again being harangued by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for refusing to bake a cake with a pro-LGBTQ message. Alliance Defending Freedom filed a federal lawsuit late Tuesday night against the commission on his behalf, over the state’s second attempt to compel him to bake a cake with a message that violates his religious beliefs.

Two months ago, the Supreme Court ruled that Phillips ought not to have been forced to bake a cake with a pro-LGBT message for a same-sex couple’s wedding, because the court found that the commission was overtly hostile to the baker’s religious beliefs.

Now, the commission is once again going after Phillips, this time to compel him to bake a cake celebrating a “gender transition.”

On June 26, 2017 — the same day the Supreme Court announced it would take up the cake baking case — an attorney, who is identified in the court filings as Autumn Scardina, asked Phillips to bake a cake that is blue on the outside and pink on the inside to celebrate his decision to live as if he were a woman. When Phillips declined, Scardina filed a complaint with the commission that July, alleging that he was unlawfully discriminated against.

Just weeks after Philip’s victory at the Supreme Court, the commission issued a probable cause determination, stating that there was enough evidence to back up Scardina’s claim that Phillips had broken the law by declining the order for the custom cake. (Read more from “This Cake Baker Won at the Supreme Court. Now the State Is Trying to Get Revenge” HERE)

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Stripped of His Security Clearance John Brennan Doubles Down on the Resistance

On Wednesday President Trump officially pulled the security clearance still held by former CIA director John Brennan. Brennan responded to the move on Twitter within hours of the announcement.

In recent days, Brennan has issued regular defenses of former White House staff Omarosa, who secretly recorded Chief of Staff John Kelly in the Situation Room.

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The Washington Post Crosses a Very Dangerous Line

At what point do outlets like The Washington Post, The New York Times and CNN cross the line from being far-left sites who irrationally despise President Donald Trump to potentially inciting indiscriminate violence with truly despicable and dangerous words? . . .

In an outrageous screed going after Trump titled “The Path to Autocracy is all too familiar,” the liberal propaganda sheet for the “Resistance,” attached a photo of “Hitler youth” gleefully burning books. . .

Fully understanding that multi-billionaire Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos may himself be biased against Trump and may not grasp – or choose to ignore — the escalating danger of such potentially violence-inciting pieces, there are still some well-respected “adults in the room” at the paper who most certainly do understand that threat.

Where are their voices? Why are they silent? Who has the courage and decency at that paper to say that these reprehensible connections of the President of the United States to Hitler, the Holocaust, and genocide must stop?

Not only are they obscenely insulting to the millions of Jews and others put to death by Hitler and his collection of Nazi psychopaths, but they are purposeful lies seeking to facilitate a desired political outcome for reasons of ideology. (Read more from “The Washington Post Crosses a Very Dangerous Line” HERE)

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