Joe Arpaio Issues Challenge to ‘Comedian’ Sacha Baron Cohen

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio dared Sacha Baron Cohen to “come and interview me in English … so we can go man-to-man” Thursday after footage of an embarrassing interview between Arpaio and a disguised Cohen aired on the comedian’s show “Who Is America?” Sunday night.

Republican Arizona Senate candidate Arpaio acknowledged that he “made a bad mistake security-wise” by talking to Cohen, who claimed to be a Finnish celebrity, in an interview with the Washington Examiner after a town hall Thursday night.

“Get the guts, get out of your undercover role, come and interview me in English, of course, so I can understand him so we can go man-to-man,” Arpaio told the Washington Examiner. “He won’t have the guts to do that. Maybe he will, I don’t know.”

Cohen appeared to convince Arpaio, 86, to say he would accept a “blowjob” from the president in the footage that aired Sunday but was taped in August 2017. . .

Cohen went undercover as multiple characters to exploit Republicans and Democrats, including Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and former Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott for his show. (Read more from “Joe Arpaio Issues Challenge to ‘Comedian’ Sacha Baron Cohen” HERE)

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Socialist Darling Compares Debate to ‘Catcalling’; Twitter Goes to Town

Thursday after Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro challenged Democratic House nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to a debate, socialist darling Ocasio-Cortez responded by comparing Shapiro’s offer, which included a payment of $10,000 to either her campaign fund or charity, to “catcalling.”

Twitter had some things to say about her analogy.

Of course, Shapiro chimed in:

Because how else do you respond to that kind of eyewash? (For more from the author of “Socialist Darling Compares Debate to ‘Catcalling’; Twitter Goes to Town” please click HERE)

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Facebook Takes Their Anti-Gun Stance to a Whole New Level With THIS Policy Change

The issue of 3-D printed guns has been controversial over the last few weeks. Court proceedings and lawsuits have been nonstop and it’s all to answer one question: should 3-D printed guns and their data be treated as a firearm or intellectual property.

Facebook has now decided to weigh in on that debate. The social media giant is now removing content that details how an individual can develop a 3-D printed gun, Reuters reported.

“Sharing instructions on how to manufacture firearms using 3D printers or CNC milling machines is not allowed under our Community Standards. In line with our policies, we are removing this content from Facebook,” a company spokesperson told CNN in a statement.

The sudden change means that if a person wants to share blueprints with friends and family and the link is posted to the social media website, it will not be accessible.

Gun rights activists believe this is Facebook’s attempt at shutting down, which was started by a coalition of pro-gun groups — consisting of the Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, The Calguns Foundation and the California Coalition of Federal Firearms Licensees — where they posted the same exact blueprints Defense Distributed planned on posting beginning Aug. 1.

(Read more from “Facebook Takes Their Anti-Gun Stance to a Whole New Level With This Policy Change” HERE)

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Hispanic Restaurant Owner Recipient of Death Threats, Outrage Mob After Hosting This Politician

By The Blaze. A Hispanic restaurant owner in Houston was forced to shut down his eatery’s social media presence after his established faced a barrage of online hate and negative reviews for hosting Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

On Friday, El Tiempo Catina posted a picture of Sessions posing with the son of restaurant co-owner Dominic Laurenzo after Sessions finished his meal of fajitas, according to KTRK-TV. Sessions visited the restaurant after meeting with federal prosecutors about violent crime and illegal immigration.

The restaurant said it was an “honor” to serve the top law enforcement officer in the nation, a distinction that was apparently out-of-line the restaurant quickly learned.

The backlash against Laurenzo, his restaurant, and his family was so swift that he decide to deactivate all social media channels for the restaurant. Some critics even hurled death threats at his family. . .

“We have gotten so many complaints and comments. And threats, death threats. This has been extremely shocking to our family,” he explained to KHOU-TV. (Read more from “Hispanic Restaurant Owner Recipient of Death Threats, Outrage Mob After Hosting This Politician” HERE)


Restaurant Owner Apologizes Amid Backlash for Photo With Attorney General Jeff Sessions

By KHOU. A Houston culinary dynasty has come under fire after a photo with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions began circulating online.

Sessions is pictured with El Tiempo restaurant co-owner Dominic Laurenzo during a recent visit to Houston.

Sessions’ tough stance on immigration, coupled with the perceived endorsement by the Tex-Mex restaurant, has resulted in a hailstorm of complaints and even death threats.

Laurenzo’s Restaurants president Roland Laurenzo says in no way does the social media post equate to an endorsement of Sessions’ politics. He says the company feels quite the opposite.

Laurenzo says the photo was taken with his son Dominic at the El Tiempo restaurant on Navigation Boulevard after Sessions finished his dinner. (Read more from “Restaurant Owner Apologizes Amid Backlash for Photo With Attorney General Jeff Sessions” HERE)

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WaPo Hits Ocasio-Cortez With Epic Fact Check, Dismantles Many of Her Claims. She Responds.

As if it couldn’t get much worse for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Washington Post hit the rising progressive star with a massive fact check on Friday, finding that many of her recent claims are downright false. . .

1. Ocasio-Cortez claimed: “Everyone has two jobs.” The facts say: “The data is pretty clear that this statement is poppycock.” In fact, the July jobs report showed only 5.2 percent of Americans hold two jobs.

2. Ocasio-Cortez claimed: “ICE has a bed quota.” The facts say: “As our friends at PolitiFact documented, this is an urban legend.”

3. Ocasio-Cortez claimed: The “upper-middle class does not exist anymore in America.” The facts say: It has actually grown 16.5 percent since 1979.

4. Ocasio-Cortez claimed: Medicare for all is “much cheaper than the current system.” The facts say: It’s a downright lie, which the Washington Post has already awarded three Pinocchios. Indeed, Medicare for all would cost $33 trillion over the next 10 years.

(Read more from “WaPo Hits Ocasio-Cortez With Epic Fact Check, Dismantles Many of Her Claims. She Responds.” HERE)

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How Did an Aircraft Thief Takeoff Without a License or Clearance? Here’s What Experts Believe.

Experts are trying to determine exactly how a suicidal baggage handler was able to hijack an empty Alaska Airlines plane from Seattle airport and perform advanced stunt maneuvers before crashing to his death. . .

“They don’t necessarily use a key so there’s a switch that they use to start the aircraft,” National Transportation Safety Board official Debra Eckrote said Saturday as she spoke with media about the theft of Horizon Air Q400. . .

Russell had a security clearance that allowed him access to the planes, but lacked a license to fly it.

“He did say he spent a lot of time with video games,” said Mark Rosenker, a former chairman of the NTSB, told CBS News. “There are video games that deal with a simulation of this aircraft. And the fidelity is amazing. You could learn a great deal from playing these types of games.”

Witnesses filmed the plane performing barrel rolls and loop-the-loops during a 90-minute joyride. Military planes pursued the plane, chasing it away from highly-populated areas. The plan flew toward Ketron Island where it crashed into a ball of fire, reports state. At one point, he flew the plane upside-down. (Read more from “How Did an Aircraft Thief Takeoff Without a License or Clearance? Here’s What Experts Believe.” HERE)

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ICE Uncovers Major Ring of Businesses Using Illegal Alien Labor

In a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid on Thursday, over a dozen people were arrested for hiring illegal immigrants for cheap labor.

Warrants were obtained for 11 of the businesses in Minnesota, Nebraska and Nevada, according to the Washington Times.

133 illegal immigrant workers were detained in the findings as well.

According to Kare 11 News, ICE agents carried out their search warrants on Christensen Farms locations in Appleton and Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, as well as in Atkinson, Nebraska. Several other Nebraska farms were also raided.

Minneapolis’ Star Tribune reports that “Christensen Farms is one of the largest pork producers in the country, with nearly 1,000 employees and firms in several Midwest states.”

ICE also reported that “they may also have been exploited as part of this alleged criminal conspiracy.”

More specifically, they predict that the illegal immigrant workers were coerced into working in rough conditions by force and by threat of being reported.

In addition, the migrants had to cash in their paychecks at a remittance business, where taxes were removed but not given to the government.

“These illegal aliens were allegedly required to cash their paychecks at an illegal remittance business for a fee, have tax money deducted from their pay even though this money was never paid to the government and were coerced to remain quiet about this criminal activity,” an ICE news release said.

“These targeted businesses were knowingly hiring illegal workers to unlawfully line their own pockets by cheating the workers, cheating the taxpayers, and cheating their business competitors,” Tracy J. Cormier, special agent in charge at Homeland Security Investigations in St. Paul, Minnesota, said.

Seventeen of these people were identified as the ring leaders. Arrests haven’t been made on a handful of them.

ICE reported that this raid was a part of a 15-month investigation of the companies who were accused of hiring immigrants illegally.

Those who were arrested have been placed in custody until their cases are processed.

Of the 133 illegal immigrant workers, some will remain in detention, but some will be released with a future court date.

This is with the hope that they will be deported when their case is finished.

One activist from the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee, Brad Sigal, found the raid cruel.

“You can’t just look at the Trump presidency and see this as an isolated case — that suddenly he cares about the rights of workers,” he said. “This is just one more attack on the workers, whose lives are going to be dramatically worsened by this.” (For more from the author of “ICE Uncovers Major Ring of Businesses Using Illegal Alien Labor” please click HERE)

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It’s Official: The Date for Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Hearing Has Been Set

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has officially released the dates for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing to become the next justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

The hearing will begin on Tuesday, September 4 and is expected to span three or four days. Opening statements will be made on the first day, with questioning starting on Wednesday, September 5.

“As I said after his nomination, Judge Kavanaugh is one of the most respected jurists in the country and one of the most qualified nominees ever to be considered by the Senate for a seat on our highest court. My team has already reviewed every page of the over 4,800 pages of judicial opinions Judge Kavanaugh wrote, over 6,400 pages of opinions he joined, more than 125,000 pages of records produced from his White House legal service, and over 17,000 pages in response to the most comprehensive questionnaire ever submitted to a nominee,” Grassley released in a statement. “He’s a mainstream judge. He has a record of judicial independence and applying the law as it is written. He’s met with dozens of senators who have nothing but positive things to say. At this current pace, we have plenty of time to review the rest of emails and other records that we will receive from President Bush and the National Archives. It’s time for the American people to hear directly from Judge Kavanaugh at his public hearing.” (Read more from “It’s Official: The Date for Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Hearing Has Been Set” HERE)

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Here’s Why Authorities Waited for Months to Raid the Muslim-Extremist Compound

The owner of the New Mexico property raided by authorities last week said he had notified police about seeing a child that appeared to be the Georgia toddler who had gone missing last year, NBC News reported, raising questions about why it took so long for authorities to raid the compound and discover the appalling conditions.

Jason Badger owns the land in Taos County where investigators discovered child remains on Monday following Friday’s raid of the compound where 11 children were found starving. Badger said he called police about four months ago after he realized that a missing child poster of Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj he had seen looked like a boy who lived on the remote compound.

Remains, possibly belonging to Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, were found on what would have been the boy’s fourth birthday. His mother, Hakima Ramzi, said she has not seen her son since his father disappeared with him from Jonesboro, Georgia, in December. . .

The Taos County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Steve Fuhlendorf told NBC News that officers had followed up Badger’s tip, but that Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj wasn’t spotted in aerial and ground photos taken.

“It’s not that it was being ignored at all, but there are certain things under those circumstances that under the law, that they’re allowed to do,” Fuhlendorf said. “We still don’t know if they actually saw the boy in question. All we know is that they thought they saw somebody that may have looked like him, and that was not sufficient to be able to get a search warrant and go in and proceed from there.” (Read more from “Here’s Why Authorities Waited for Months to Raid the Muslim-Extremist Compound” HERE)

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A New Poll Has Very Bad News for Nancy Pelosi

. . .Only 27 percent of Americans believe that the Democratic party should keep Pelosi as their leader according to a new poll.

Even among Democrats, Pelosi’s approval barely stays positive, with 50 percent saying she should keep her leadership position, and 49 percent saying she should be replaced.

The American Barometer poll from Hill.TV and HarrisX comes at a time when more Democrats are speaking out against Pelosi, and Republicans are using her extreme comments to campaign against Democrats in more moderate districts. . .

“Democrats are split on whether to keep Nancy Pelosi as leader and independents and most voter groups want someone else to step up,” said Dritan Nesho of HarrisX. “The findings suggest a yearning for change.”

Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammill, rejected that conclusion when asked by the Hill to comment on the poll. Instead, Hammill pointed to similarly low polling for House Majority Leader Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). (Read more from “A New Poll Has Very Bad News for Nancy Pelosi” HERE)

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