Accepting Homosexuality Led to Accepting Transgenderism and Will Likely Lead to Accepting Pedophilia

In simple terms, the system suggests that cultures evolve through a pattern like this: Thesis (a new idea) –> antithesis (opposition to new idea) –> synthesis (compromise). (No doubt some will call this an oversimplification of the process. But I believe it accurately depicts cultural evolution.) . . .

First the dialectical process transformed our nation’s views on marriage and divorce. While the statistics on marriage and divorce are not as easily defined as some think, there is no doubt that, throughout the 20th century, particularly the latter half, marriage rates declined and divorce rates increased. Yet numerous studies have shown that children fare best in a family led by one father and one mother.

Next, the dialectical process transformed the nation’s views on homosexual practices. Prior to the publishing in the late 1940s of Alfred Kinsey’s biased and highly flawed studies on Americans’ sexual beliefs and practices, most Americans viewed homosexual practices as aberrant and abhorrent. But in the decades directly following Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, acceptance of homosexual practices gradually increased. And now those who are willing to speak of the dangers of homosexual practices find ourselves in an ostracized minority.

The latest sexual taboo to be challenged is transgenderism. I know this one well, because my father chose to be a “woman.” When my dad pursued his strange lifestyle, he was among a tiny minority, and most considered him to be an anomaly. Now, transgenderism is gaining the widespread acceptance homosexuality reached over the last few decades. . .

In this fallen world, the dialectic process tends to more commonly evolve downward rather than upward. We’re more likely to gravitate toward decadent practices than to noble changes such as the abolition of slavery. For example, many predict that the next sexual taboo to be normalized will be pedophilia. And we can only imagine the depths such regressions will reach from there. (Read more from “Accepting Homosexuality Led to Accepting Transgenderism and Will Likely Lead to Accepting Pedophilia” HERE)

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The National Emergency Panic Is Another Opportunity for Activist Judges to Embarrass Themselves and the Constitution

Legal challenges to President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration are already piling up in the courts, as his political opponents look to a legion of black-robed oligarchs to stop the border security move.

But, if we’re being honest, the script at this point is pretty predictable, and it’s another opportunity for activists in the judicial branch to turn themselves into a joke. Even President Trump came into this fight ready for lefty lawfare:

“We will have a national emergency, and we will then be sued, and they will sue us in the 9th Circuit, even though it shouldn’t be there, and we will possibly get a bad ruling, and then we will get another bad ruling, and then we will end up in the Supreme Court,” said a frustrated Trump while making the declaration on Friday, adding that he hopes to get a “fair shake” at the Supreme Court.

The executive powers outlined in the National Emergencies Act of 1976 have been invoked a grand total of 58 times without controversy since the law’s inception. Thirty-one of those declarations are still in effect.

As LevinTV host Mark Levin explained late last week:

While the National Emergencies Act of 1976 should be rarely used for real emergencies, it has in fact been used over fifty times without controversy. The fact is the leftwing media and the RINOs do not view illegal immigration and the cumulative importation of millions of aliens into our country in violation of federal law as a big deal. If they did, they would’ve acted long before Trump became president. The president rightly does view it as an emergency. The law itself, as used by the president, does not violate separation of powers in this instance as it is applied quite narrowly, with the president moving around funds which he is empowered to do by Congress.

So, situations in foreign countries including Yemen, the Ukraine, Nicaragua, and Somalia are appropriate places for presidents to use statutory powers to declare an emergency and move funds around, but to do so when our own country is plagued by human trafficking, a border-driven drug crisis, and illegal alien crime? When our laws are being outright mocked and when our asylum system is being used as a backup plan for lawbreakers? Well, that’s a constitutional problem.

We’ve seen this all before: Activist judges will rule the way activist judges will rule, and lawfare-driven activists will seek them out to advance their agenda. The question is, what will the American people and their representatives do about it? My colleague Daniel Horowitz has a few ideas. (For more from the author of “The National Emergency Panic Is Another Opportunity for Activist Judges to Embarrass Themselves and the Constitution” please click HERE)

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Pelosi’s Untouchables

Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., are becoming examples of a new super-class of human being, riding roughshod over all their peers, proudly displaying their ignorance of, and hatred toward, all things American. They are Pelosi’s Untouchables.

Deriding the traditional patriotism and conservatism of the American people, the socialist club in Congress spews kook theology, far-left ideology, and outrageous cultural Marxism. They are the tip of the sword that will skewer this nation and engulf us all into a prolonged civil war based on race and religion. And Pelosi is allowing all of it.

Our Judeo-Christian roots of Western civilization are under attack every time these women open their mouths and spew their poison. It used to be that we were outraged every time Pelosi misquoted the Bible or used Jesus as a reason to steal money from some and give it to others. In fact, only ten years ago, we were all made aware of the Left’s intent to increase government and “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.

But now, up is down. Wrong is right. Our differences are thrown up by these Untouchables as reasons for personal privilege, and the entire Democrat Party’s kookiest ideas are considered mainstream by the sycophantic, loathsome press. They are hell-bent on destroying our entire system, our values, and our common interests. Their supremacist views will destroy Western civilization.

Pelosi pretends not to hear some things, then, responding only to massive pressure, pretends to be authoritative and suggest sham apologies. But she allows these Untouchables to foment hatred and introduce wild points of view that stand as complete opposites to what have been our policies as a nation forever. Fundamental transformation, right on schedule.

I don’t know any other way to put it. It feels good to say America will never be a socialist country. It feels good to say we’re making American great again. But watching Pelosi applaud a group of anti-Semites and radical communists who are “leaning in” on their very loud hatred of America the way we knew it means we are falling, and very fast.

Just like a seventh-grade teacher who will not stand up to a few thugs in her classroom, there will be chaos. Pelosi is fooling herself if she thinks the fact that she’s a woman is enough. These women, whose privilege derives from the color of their skin and the hatred in their hearts, will take over and impose chaos.

Their upside-down views on America are heralded. We hear of nothing else. Their views are not compatible with an America that can be great. Their views are not compatible with an America that can be proud. Their views and the chips on their shoulders are not compatible with a free and color-blind society that allows for diversity of opinion, love, and peace.

Pelosi said she’s not in the censorship business, so she won’t condemn the fakestinian Tlaib. She won’t remove the malicious anti-Semite Islamist Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee, and the favored communist Ocasio-Cortez is a hot mess but determined. While she continues to allow these Untouchables to perform their hate-show, we will be at war in the streets in no time. (For more from the author of “Pelosi’s Untouchables” please click HERE)

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The Pagan Religious Power of ‘My Truth’

The dumbassery is coming quicker now, the devolution accelerating. Last week was a banner week for the minions of hell. How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways:

A Virginia state delegate, Kathy Tran, introducing legislation for baby-killing up to and including during labor.

The Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, who is also a doctor, following that up by inferring that post-birth infanticide is now on the table as morally justifiable.

The Oregon governor pushing legislation in her state for compulsory government home visits upon a new baby being born.

A Baltimore lesbian being kicked off an LGBT commission because she refused to refer to a male rapist as a “she.”

And yet another cross-dresser screaming at people who wouldn’t kiss their ring and call them the pronoun of their insane choice.

That last example happened at Alamo car rental. If that’s not a metaphor for certain death, I don’t know what is.

What a grotesque level of chaos over the fundamentals of human life. However, none of these were what punched me in the gut quite like this totally depraved juxtaposition in a headline from Life News: “New Jersey Protects Pregnant Cows”

The Romans 1 of it all hits like an avalanche. It is evil showing you not just the darkness unchecked, but the unbridled mockery of the light that is its soundtrack.

Such was the song of two pro-abortion lawmakers inspired by a pregnant cow that escaped from a truck destined for the slaughterhouse. That cow and its calf now live, I kid you not, in an animal sanctuary, and the bill would make it a crime to kill pregnant cows, punishable with a fine of up to $10,000 and up to 18 months in prison.

There’s a golden calf joke in there somewhere.

Not to be outdone, I then found out that Kathy Tran herself – on the very same day she introduced her baby-killing bill – also submitted a bill to protect the lives of gypsy moths and canker-worms.

Lord. Have. Mercy.

So be in no way surprised that Washington Democrat Sen. Patty Murray just blocked Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse’s bill to reject the possibility of infanticide after failed abortions. The people doing this aren’t just lost. They are repeatedly telling you in more and more preposterous ways how they believe themselves to have found something better than the Gospel.

Not something merely different. Not just another of multiple possible ways of viewing the world. But it’s the moths and the cows versus the babies, and they are all in – Aztec priest standing over the mouth of a volcano style – on the sanctity of the former and the disposability of the later.

That’s the murderous pagan power of “my truth.” It is a religious spirit par excellence. It will never compromise with you. It will never pay you the courtesy of shaking the dust from its feet and simply moving on.

It is the Borg. It must assimilate you or else. Even your free time, when Super Bowl commercials become the Woke Olympics. Nothing is sacred to the sacrilegious, except their shamelessness. (For more from the author of “The Pagan Religious Power of ‘My Truth'” please click HERE)

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Where’s the Beef, Mueller?!

In a brilliant series of 1984 Wendy’s commercials, gravel-voiced character actress Clara Peller ridiculed a competitor’s meager portions by demanding “where’s the beef?” In today’s parlance, we might say that the ads went viral.

Presidential candidate Walter Mondale tapped the popular ads that primary season for a “zinger” that mocked rival Gary Hart’s much-ballyhooed but insubstantial policy proposals. “Where’s the beef?” Mondale demanded in March. It was another way of saying the Emperor has no clothes.

The phrase entered American slang repertoire for a season, and then fell into disuse. I remembered it again, recently, when the mainstream media and their fellow Democrats were disappointed to learn that the president’s son called two business associates, not his father, between his calls to arrange a 2016 meeting with Russians.

Democrats had tantalized their media playmates with the prospect of a smoking gun. Young Trump’s call logs showed the numbers as “blocked,” but they were decodable. This was a mystery that could and would be solved. Democrat members of the House Intelligence Committee feigned smug insider confidence that the evidence establishes the president’s guilt.

When Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana was asked to confirm on camera that Donald Trump Jr. phoned his father that day, which would suggest collaborating with him on Russian collusion efforts, the Intelligence Committee member was coy. “Stay tuned,” he said.

He simply could not bring himself to disengage from what he certainly knew to be a false claim. Anything goes against Donald Trump. And Rep. Carson wasn’t alone. Dozens, maybe hundreds, of television and newspaper stories referenced the blocked phone numbers. The New York Times called it “one of the more tantalizing mysteries of the whole Russia affair.”

But it doesn’t seem so tantalizing anymore. We stayed tuned, as Rep. Carson counseled, and aren’t very impressed with the beef portions that we waited for. There is a pattern here. Democrats insinuate dark conspiracies, then retreat behind a solemn veil of confidentiality when it comes time to back their accusations up.

Robert Mueller is an experienced prosecutor with all the coercive assets of the Justice Department at his disposal. He won’t go home empty-handed. He is thoroughly networked with federal prosecutors in big cities across the nation. If he shakes any tree hard enough, something will surely fall out of it.

His franchise has been extended beyond its original expiration date. Democrats who objected to the expense of Independent Counsel Ken Starr’s investigation of Bill Clinton have nevertheless signed on for Mueller’s budget of about $10 million per year.

Despite an unlimited budget and an open-ended mandate, the Mueller team’s indictments and court filings have not indicated any criminal activity by Trump or the Trump campaign.

The FBI has seized Trump’s personal attorney’s files, emails and hard drives, and mounted a shock-and-awe raid on his associate Roger Stone as if he were a cartel kingpin. Yet the court filings that flowed from that have not indicated that Trump or his campaign had any advance knowledge or rendered any support of the Russian activities.

Asking the Russians what they know about your opponent is not a crime. If that’s collusion, then the Clinton campaign has to answer for the Christopher Steele dossier, based in part on inquiries he made of Russian intelligence officers.

And “if it were a crime,” as Jonathan Turley wrote in The Hill, “then journalists, campaigns and public interest groups would be subject to regular criminal prosecution.”

The question has ripened. The American people are entitled to ask Democrats in the mainstream media and Deep State alike: “where’s the beef?”

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How Do Democrats Sleep at Night?

Kathy Tran, the Democrat state representative of Virginia’s 47th district who introduced the heinous abortion bill, fought back against allegations that her bill equals infanticide with a short video about the bill that doesn’t explain much.

Because of an honest response she gave to a pointed question in Virginia’s state House, Tran believed that the bill’s intent had been misconstrued and she wished to set it right. In the video, Tran said that late-term abortions are already available to Virginians under certain circumstances “with the approval of medical doctors.” Plural. She says her bill does nothing to change that. Then she said that her bill simply allows women to make these decisions “in a timely manner.”

Apparently the “timely manner” of murdering innocent life is hobbled by current Virginia law, which states that three doctors need to consent to murder before it is allowed. Apparently that either takes too damn long, or abortion advocates have a tough time finding three doctors who will consent to murder just because the mother said so. Tran’s bill drops the requirement for three doctors down to one. So much for no changes to the “doctors” requirement!

Now we read that Tran is “offended” by the blackface image in Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook and is joining the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus in calling for the governor’s ouster. She is not upset at all that the governor, a pediatric physician, is okay with actual infanticide.

How in the world do Democrats sleep at night?

I’m not defending blackface or KKK hoods, but dammit, the cavalier discussion of taking the life of an innocent baby didn’t make this Tran woman even lift an eyebrow, but a thirty-some-year-old image of probably Halloween costumes drove her over the edge.

The Democrats like to say that wealthy billionaires control the Republican Party. In some instances that’s true; corporate welfare is certainly something that has not yet been thoughtfully discussed in the age of Trump and needs to be discussed, but it goes for both parties. Democrats neglect to inform people is of their own wealthy billionaires and industries that their bills of death support. Like the abortion industry, the human trafficking industry, the illicit drug industry, and the welfare industry.

The constant drumbeat of “for the children,” “for the little guy,” and the ultimate insult to God and our collective intelligence, “doing the Lord’s work,” that the Democrat propagandists repeat to pacify the dimwitted and the disturbed can only be true if turned upside down.

We’re told it’s a woman’s right to have an abortion in America, at the point of birth, without any second opinions. Is that “for the children” too? Maybe it’s for the “little guy?” Let’s hear about how late-term abortion is “doing the Lord’s work.”

Whenever a Democrat says that what they’re doing is “for the children,” it is most certainly for the exploitation of children.

Whenever a Democrat says that their focus is on “the little guy,” it means it’s for the mammoth drug cartels or the fat pigs at the labor trough.

And whenever a Democrat says they’re doing “the Lord’s work,” they mean Lucifer himself. (For more from the author of “How Do Democrats Sleep at Night?” please click HERE)

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Where in the World Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?!

The Associate Justice has not made a public appearance, as of today,* for 51 consecutive days. Her most recent appearance occurred on December 15, 2018, when she recorded an interview at “The Museum of the City of New York,” broadcast on a few different networks in early January. (1) However, it has been 60 days since she was last seen on the bench – December 6, 2018. (2)

Moreover, Justice Ginsburg has canceled or missed at least three recent public appearances. She canceled one event on January 29 entitled, “An Evening With Ruth Bader Ginsburg” at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. (3) She also canceled her appearance at 92nd Y Street Jewish Cultural Center in New York where she was slated to have a public conversation with David Rubinstein on February 6. (4) Earlier, Ginsburg missed all oral arguments from January 7 through January 16, as well as all non-argument sessions and conference days with the court up to that point since her hospitalization. (5)

As of yesterday, Justice Ginsburg – who normally averages one or two major public appearances per week – has completely cleared her public speaking and engagement schedule until July of this year. (6)

There still isn’t any official word if Ruth Ginsburg is going to be at the State of the Union Address Tuesday. However, it isn’t uncommon for Supreme Court Justices to skip those, either. For example, Antonin Scalia did not attend the State of the Union for 20 consecutive years. (7) Ginsburg has also chosen to skip the SOTU. After engaging in a spat with President Trump last year, Ginsburg did not attend the State of the Union.

Justice Ginsburg’s absence from office and public life has led some in conservative camps to suggest that she has died or is hiding. Progressives have lampooned that suggestion, noting that Ginsburg has been in communications with a documentary crew as recently as last week, and that she has continued to read transcripts of oral arguments (supposedly with the full approval of Chief Justice John Roberts). (9)

Allegedly, Ginsburg is also writing opinions for court cases whose oral arguments she wasn’t able to attend due to her medical limitations. (10) Whatever her status, no one on the left or right can say for sure where Justice Ginsburg is, and what further medical issues she may be suffering from. This has led to rampant speculation and some reporting errors. Recently, “Fox and Friends” reported that the Justice had passed away. (11)

The US Supreme Court is set to reconvene for oral arguments on February 19, following its standard one-month break after the two weeks of arguments in January. All eyes will be on Washington DC to see if Justice Ginsburg will be able to attend those deliberations.

If she doesn’t show up publicly before then, speculation as to her well-being will continue to mount. Already, nonmainstream websites are claiming that Justice Ginsburg has contracted pneumonia. Some of this has probably been motivated by the December 21 report of Dr. Raja Flores, chair of thoracic surgery at Mount Sinai Health System in New York, who predicted, following Ginsburg’s lobectomy: “As long as she recovers from surgery well, she should be fine. I don’t think people should worry,” Flores said. The biggest risks, he said, will be pneumonia and blood clots. (12) Nevertheless, progressive fact checking websites Inquistor and Snopes both flatly reject reports of Ginsburg suffering from any such conditions. (13)

The anonymous posting website called 8chan – popularized by Q followers – has reported (via a “Lindsey B.” who claims to be at Ginsburg’s hospital) that the justice has contracted pneumonia and is in a medically induced coma. She suggests Ginsburg’s location is somewhere in the Nevada Dessert. But after posting one photo, “Lindsey B.” has gone silent. The image that she posted has since been enhanced, revealing a person with her mouth open, but Ginsburg’s identity cannot be verified due to the poor overall quality of the picture. (14) Of course, there’s no way to authenticate this story, even though it has already traveled far and wide via social media.

Perhaps these reports of the associate justice’s debilitating health issues are nothing more than fake news. But the drama will continue as long as Ginsburg’s extended – and highly unusual – absence from public life continues. Given her office, transparency is in order but seems to be as absent as the associate justice herself.

*Editor’s note: This article was written on February 4, 2019. Importantly, several MSM stories today (February 5) have reported that a few attendees at a musical function in Ginsburg’s honor last night claimed to have seen Ginsburg briefly but, of course, no one got a photo. Given Ginsburg’s absence from the public for weeks, the lack of any cell camera footage from last night’s alleged appearance raises real questions as to whether she was really there.



(3) (this link announcing her cancellation was already taken down by this community center. However, the original text from the Skirball Community Center can be read here:













John Nelson is a graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Marine Engineering and 10 years of experience in his field. John also is Maritime subject material expert in maritime and other related engineering affairs and is a frequent contributor to the Kenai Peninsula’s “Bird’s Eye View.” John has been engaged in numerous political campaigns, assisting in messaging, activism and consulting.

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Veteran: “I Do Not Recognize My Country. This Is Not the America I Grew up in, or Honorably Served”

I don’t know how you feel about your future, but I am concerned about the very survival of our Blessed Nation, the U.S. Constitution, our fundamental freedoms, and our academic institutions with their Secular Socialist indoctrination of our youth, our future leaders. This subtle moral decline following the removal of God from our nation, schools and public square has been going on for decades. Now it seems to have reached a crucial point, especially following the midterm election of Democratic Socialists and Muslims to the U.S. Congress. Unfortunately, I do not recognize my country. This is not the America I grew up in, or honorably served.

Never have I seen such absolute hatred demonstrated daily toward our president as we see against President Trump by the mainstream media, Hollywood, Democrats and elitist Republicans. Its alarming to see the corrupt Republican leadership in the Senate and Congress blocking President Trump’s agenda along with the total corruption of the FBI, DOJ, CIA and IRS in their attempt to destroy President Trump and his presidency. And, never have I seen such hate and disrespect toward Constitutional Justices as we witnessed against Justice Kavanaugh and also against anyone supporting President Trump.

The Mueller investigation is an absurd illegal corrupt investigation based upon lies and false evidence. Their latest gestapo-like break-in and raids on anyone associated with President Trump is alarming. Their wiliness to rapidly prosecute anyone associated with the Trump administration and the obvious unwillingness to prosecute anyone associated with these government agencies, the Obamas or the Clintons that have habitually lied and falsified documents shows an alarming judicial double standard.

Why is this happening? And why such hate? President Trump is a threat and real present danger in exposing the lies and corruption of the Deep State, The Democratic Party, the elite establishment in the Republican Party and the out-of-control bureaucracy (now the fourth branch of government).

Why are the Senate and House Democratic Leaders so adamant to impeach President Trump? Why do the Democrats want to maintain open borders and encourage the invasion of illegal aliens coming into our nation? Why is our country so culturally divided? Why is there such hate throughout our nation?

Please consider reading DEATH OF A NATION, by Dinesh D’Souza and watch the DVD if you wonder why. I have read several of his books and other excellent books on Trump and the Deep State. I found this book to be historically informative and extremely alarming on how “We the People” have been lied to and deceived by our elected politicians, especially the Progressive Secular Socialist Democrats.

The main purpose of government is national security. Our government has failed to protect its citizens from this invasion of drugs, crime and human trafficking. President Trump is actually changing this, and they hate him. Let us persist in supporting President Trump. Let’s make “America Great Again” – but first we must make “God Great Again”. It is only through prayer and God’s Divine guidance can our country be saved. If God is for us, who can be against us? In the end God wins. What side of history do we want to be on?

The 2020 election (local, state and national) is crucial in restoring our Judeo-Christian Heritage, American Exceptionalism and a turning point in saving our nation from the Progressive Secular Socialist Democratic Machine!


From the author: A historian I am not, nor am I an expert in history, America’s Christian heritage or Christianity. I am merely a God-fearing Christian, concerned citizen, veteran, patriot, parent, and grandparent. I am an American. Thus, this writing reflects only the views of a common man who is very concerned with our future, future generations and the future of our nation. With God’s grace I hope to start bringing the truth back into our way of thinking and living and bring God back to the center of our lives and our nation. To truly be a “Nation Under God”.

Dr. Sutley graduated from Loyola University College of Dental Surgery with residency training in oral and maxillofacial surgery at Tripler Army Medical Center. He also received a Masters of Higher Education Human Development from Georgia Washington University. Dr. Sutley retired after 22 years of military service in 1995 as a Colonel, having served as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon during that time. He then served as an Assistant Professor and program director in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Medical College of Georgia for two and half years. In 1998, Dr. Sutley entered private practice in Fairbanks Alaska for 19 years before retiring in 2017.

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One Shutdown Is Over but Another One Is in the Near Future

Honestly, I wish he had maintained the shutdown until Democrats felt the heat and started seeing the light. Of course, I am not one of the 800,000 furloughed federal employees. It’s not fun not to take in a paycheck, to wonder how you are going to pay the rent. I have worked without getting paid in the past. At first, I was tempted to quit right away. Fortunately, I held my peace and backpay came my way. I am sure well-meaning people who work for the Feds are glad that they can be fed and feed their families.

Still, the federal government employs too many people. A cursory list of the furloughed federal workers from US Senator Pat Leahy reveals 3,600 weather forecasters. I can watch Fake News to get the real scoop on the weather. How about laying off the 52,000 IRS employees and abolishing the federal income tax, too? They’ve been on everyone else’s phones and monitoring their emails. It’s time for them to get real jobs and stop living off our tax dollars (literally and figuratively).

Last week, libertarian conservative John Stossel showcased the power of the people, the individual American citizens who picked up their own trash (and other people’s). The TSA should be privatized ASAP. Better yet, why even have them, since some studies suggest that their invasive searches into our luggage—and our bodies—is not that effective. Israel has two walls, but they don’t have their own version of the TSA. Can we switch with them? . . .

The Democratic Party is not going to sign off on any compromise which will undermine their future. President Trump needs to get work and realize that there is no “Art of the Deal” to fix this Washington crisis. Abraham Lincoln didn’t make a deal with Democrats during the Civil War. They either had to accept the results of Election 1860 or leave the country. Besides, he had compromised during his first campaign, stating that he would not abolish slavery, but stop its spread to further territories.

President Trump has compromised enough. On security of our nation there can be no compromise. Lincoln broke the law by directly appropriating funds from the United States Treasury to ready the Union army. The tens of thousands of Latin American migrants marching toward and crowding around our Southern Border is a national emergency. President Trump, build that wall! Declare a national emergency, and spare no expense to secure the homeland! (Read more from “One Shutdown Is Over but Another One Is in the Near Future” HERE)

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Our Cultural Twilight Is Real and Spectacular — and Pathetic

Behold: a most fitting epitaph for the artist formerly known as Western Civilization (video here).

“I’m a ma’am … suck my d***!”

That infamous line, which proves truth is indeed stranger than self-parody, was recently uttered by Savanna Maria Garcia, a human being sadly suffering from gender dysphoria, who lost his/her considerable poop in a profanity-laced tirade when someone referred to him/her by the wrong pronoun, at a car rental shop, of all places.

At least Pompeii met its fate under a heap of volcanic ash. We will breathe our last during a spot-free rinse.

This further confirms that our cultural decline is both real and spectacular. It’s also rather pathetic. There will be no Visigoths coming over the wall. No waves of Roman legions coming to conquer us. Nor any Islamic hordes putting their scimitars to our necks (as much as they might like to). Nay, other woebegone cultures were at least granted a warrior’s death as they assumed the position for the ash heap of history.

They died with their boots on. We, apparently, are doomed to suffer a far more ignominious end: an overdose of booty calls. Brought to our collective knees by a motley crew of cowards, charlatans, and the chronically confused like Garcia, mainly because we just couldn’t be bothered with defending our way of life or we were too afraid of offending those trying to undo it.

And if you think that’s going too far, consider that we only know about Garcia’s outburst because he/she proudly posted the video on his/her Facebook page for all other non-gendered beings of nonspecific cellular matter to see. It’s like the mob outside Lot’s house proudly taking selfies right before the sulfur fell. Meanwhile, if you refuse to affirm Garcia’s psychosis on Facebook, you may be banned for violating its terms of surrender … err, service.

We use to pray for those given over to their debased minds. Now they prey upon us.

We can’t excommunicate “Catholic” governors who declare killing sprees. We also can’t get Republicans to defund the group that does most of the killing. But we can cower at the charge of the light-in-the-loafers brigade. Our rainbow-branded tyranny, for which not even critical-thinking lesbians are lesbian enough any more.

We are on the precipice of becoming the generation Reagan once warned us about: the generation sentenced to lament what it was once like in America when men were free. Check that; future generations won’t put up with us assuming someone’s gender like that, so never mind. (For more from the author of “Our Cultural Twilight Is Real and Spectacular — and Pathetic” please click HERE)

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