Rep. Tlaib Endorses Boycott of Israeli University

When it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., endorses boycott of Israel at all costs — even disregarding over 7,000 Arab college students at an Israeli university.

The newly elected congresswoman was photographed this week endorsing a boycott against a prestigious university in Israel. But this is not simply another Israeli university. The school that Rep. Tlaib is attempting to isolate has the highest proportion of Arab students in the entire country.

The University of Haifa has the largest percentage of Arab students in Israel: 41.1 percent of the 18,000 students enrolled there are Arabs, according to a 2017 Israeli government study. Rep. Tlaib is targeting a student population that contains over 7,000 Arabs.

Tlaib, an ethnic Arab whose parents grew up in territories controlled by the U.K. and later Jordan, identifies as a Palestinian national. She has fully endorsed a total boycott of the State of Israel. She has referred to the country as an apartheid state, claiming that the country suppresses religious and ethnic minorities. However, Israel’s Arab population is thriving. The government study shows that Arab-Israeli enrollment in the university system continues to break all-time highs year after year, and the number of Arabs students attending universities in Israel has grown over 79 percent since 2010.

Rep. Tlaib’s obsession with the world’s lone Jewish state became clear on her first day in Congress, when her staff replaced Israel with “Palestine” on a map in her office.

Her boycott against Israel is hardly the only evidence of the Michigan congresswoman’s Islamic supremacist bigotry. She has frequently advocated for radical groups and individuals on the campaign trail and during her time in Congress.

Tlaib’s personal associations show a disturbing trend. She has been photographed with supporters of U.S.-designated terrorist organizations in Hamas and Hezbollah. Moreover, she regularly keynotes fundraising events held by the Hamas-tied Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). This weekend, she is scheduled to speak at a CAIR-Michigan fundraiser alongside a radical Imam who has described homosexuality as a “disease” and a “repugnant shameless sin” that should be punishable by death. (For more from the author of “Rep. Tlaib Endorses Boycott of Israeli University” please click HERE)

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Trump Grounds All Boeing 737 Flights, Along With Other Countries

On Wednesday, President Trump announced that the United States will ground all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes in the United States, joining the European Union, India, and China, among others, which have suspended flights by the airplane after the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 on Sunday that killed 157 people. Trump stated, “Those planes are grounded effective immediately. Safety is our paramount concern.” . . .

Last October, a Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight was lost over the Java Sea, killing 189 people. After that incident, the FAA sent out an emergency airworthiness directive to carriers and pilots in training on the 737 MAX 8 “to disengage the aircraft’s automated controls if there are anomalies.”

As The Daily Wire reported on Tuesday, the European Union and India announced they were banning the Boeing 737 Max from flying over their airspace, according to the BBC. The United Kingdom and China had banned the airplane already; the FAA in the U.S. had said the plane was airworthy, although Southwest Airlines, which operates 34 Boeing 737 Max airplanes, the most of any in America, said passengers booked on any flight with that airplane will be permitted to change their reservations. American Airlines, which operates 24 of the planes, stated its “standard policies for changes still apply.”

India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation said the 737 would be grounded “immediately,” adding, “These planes will be grounded till appropriate modifications and safety measures are undertaken to ensure their safe operations.” The EU Aviation Safety Agency stated the flights would be banned “as a precautionary measure.” It also stated, “The accident investigation is currently ongoing, and it is too early to draw any conclusions as to the cause of the accident.” . . .

Boeing has described the 737 series, which includes the 737 Max 7, 737 Max 8, 737 Max9, and 737 Max 10. Each new edition features more seats, as the “most popular jet aircraft of all time.” The 737 Max 8 typically contains between 162-178 seats, with a maximum of 210. It has a range of 6,570 kilometers, or roughly 4082 miles. It is almost 130 feet long and has a wingspan of almost 118 feet. As with the other aforementioned planes, its engine is a LEAP-1B from CFM International. (Read more from “Trump Grounds All Boeing 737 Flights, Along With Other Countries” HERE)

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Conservatives Outraged After Facebook Deletes Former Breitbart Editor’s Account

By The Hill. The deletion and subsequent restoration of the Facebook account of a former Breitbart editor sparked outrage from conservatives on Tuesday.

Raheem Kassam‏ tweeted early Tuesday that his account had been deleted. . .

Facebook said it had removed a page that violated its community standards for praise, and then accidentally removed the profiles of that page’s administrators.

It was not clear what page administered by Kassam was removed for violating Facebook’s community standards, or why it specifically was removed. . .

“How come it is only right wing/conservative accounts that get “removed in error” pending “investigations”?” Kassam tweeted after Facebook’s statement on his account was released. “And who watchers the watchers in this regard?” (Read more from “Conservatives Outraged After Facebook Deletes Former Breitbart Editor’s Account” HERE)


James O’Keefe Claims Proof Facebook Censored Conservatives

By Newsmax. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas says a former Facebook employee has proof the social media giant’s practices for limiting harassment and hate speech is designed to censor conservative accounts.

“It’s clear that Facebook is targeting the language of the right,” O’Keefe says in a video published to his site Wednesday. . .

“We fired this person a year ago for breaking multiple employment policies and using her contractor role at Facebook to perform a stunt for Project Veritas,” a [Facebook] spokesperson told The Verge. “Unsurprisingly, the claims she is making validate her agenda and ignore the processes we have in place to ensure Facebook remains a platform to give people a voice, regardless of their political ideology.” (Read more from “James O’Keefe Claims Proof Facebook Censored Conservatives” HERE)

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Yes, Trump Anxiety Disorder Is a ‘Real’ Thing

. . .During normal times, therapists say, their sessions deal with familiar themes: relationships, self-esteem, everyday coping. Current events don’t usually invade. But numerous counselors said Trump and his convulsive effect on America’s national conversation are giving politics a prominence on the psychologist’s couch not seen since the months after 9/11—another moment in which events were frightening in a way that had widespread emotional consequences.

Empirical data bolster the anecdotal reports from practitioners. The American Psychiatric Association in a May survey found that 39 percent of people said their anxiety level had risen over the previous year—and 56 percent were either “extremely anxious” or “somewhat anxious about “the impact of politics on daily life.” A 2017 study found two-thirds of Americans’ see the nation’s future as a “very or somewhat significant source of stress.” . . .

Jennifer Panning, a psychologist from Evanston, Illinois, calls the phenomenon “Trump Anxiety Disorder.” She wrote a chapter on it in a collection by mental health experts called “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” In an interview, she said the disorder is marked by such symptoms as “increased worry, obsessive thought patterns, muscle tension and obsessive preoccupation with the news.”

A study from the market research firm Galileo also found that, in the first 100 days after Trump’s election, 40 percent of people said they “can no longer have open and honest conversations with some friends or family members.” Nearly a quarter of respondents said their political views have hurt their personal relationships. (Read more from “Yes, Trump Anxiety Disorder Is a Real Thing” HERE)

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It Takes Rep. Chip Roy Less Than 2 Minutes to Shame Congress for Failing on Border Security

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, took to the House floor Wednesday and unloaded on his fellow lawmakers for planning to leave town without securing the border.

His speech is not even two minutes long, and yet he makes a comprehensive case that Congress is derelict in its duty to protect America.

(For more from the author of “It Takes Rep. Chip Roy Less Than 2 Minutes to Shame Congress for Failing on Border Security” please click HERE)

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Large Group of Migrants Tunnels Under Arizona Border Wall

Border patrol agents in Arizona this week were overwhelmed after the largest caravan of migrants ever to cross into the United States tunneled beneath the border wall near San Luis, Arizona. According to ABC News, the migrants immediately turned themselves into Customs and Border Protection.

“Migrants can be seen marching toward Border Patrol agents by the hundreds,” reports ABC News. “Smugglers dug a series of seven holes, only a few feet long beneath the steel border fence, with hundreds going beneath the wall and a smaller number clambering over it.”

The migrant group included 376 people, 179 of which were reportedly children, 30 of whom were unaccompanied minors. While the number of illegal crossings has dropped significantly since its peak in 2001, Customs and Border Protection says the demographics of today’s migrants have noticeably changed due to the overwhelming number of parents crossing with children.

“Parents with children now comprise over 80 percent of the total apprehensions of those crossing the 2,000-mile long border with Mexico,” reports ABC News. “The vast majority of them, like the group near Yuma Monday, surrender immediately or seek out Border Patrol agents in order to begin the asylum process.”

One particular case highlighted by ABC News was a man who paid coyotes $5,000 to lead him and his 12-year-old daughter up from Guatemala to the U.S. border, leaving behind his wife and two daughters. The case recalls that of the crying girl in the famous Time photo whose mother also took her from her family via coyotes. (Read more from “Large Group of Migrants Tunnels Under Arizona Border Wall” HERE)

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The Fate of the Gofundme Campaign for Trump’s Wall

The government remains shut down. We’re past the 20-day mark, and we’re all still alive. There aren’t dead bodies in the streets. Democrats, the Trump White House, and congressional Republicans remain deadlocked on the border wall funding, and Trump said he would not sign any spending package without it. There is a border crisis. So, why not start a GoFundMe for the wall. Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage started one, with a goal of raising a $1 billion. It’s raised over $20 million in 25 days. Over 300,000 people have contributed to it. Here’s the description again:

The government has accepted large private donations before, most recently a billionaire donated $7.5 Million to fund half of the Washington Monument repairs in 2012; this is no different.

Like a majority of those American citizens who voted to elect President Donald J Trump, we voted for him to Make America Great Again. President Trump’s main campaign promise was to BUILD THE WALL. And as he’s followed through on just about every promise so far, this wall project needs to be completed still.

. . .

Well, it was a good run, but the campaign wasn’t successful. Maybe the writing was on the wall; $1 billion is quite the goal, but the amount of money raised in this period of time was pretty solid. Alas, GoFundMe will be refunding all of the money after Kolfage changed the mission campaign; he now says a nonprofit will be established with the funds. GoFundMe spokesperson Bobby Whithorne said, “If a donor does not want a refund, and they want their donation to go to the new organization, they must proactively elect to redirect their donation to that organization” (via The Hill):

GoFundMe said Friday that it would refund $20 million raised by more than 300,000 donors for President Trump’s border wall after an account aiming to raise $1 billion for the wall changed part of its campaign.

(Read more from “The Fate of the Gofundme Campaign for Trump’s Wall” HERE)

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Pittsburgh Moves To Eviscerate Second Amendment Rights

Well, this was expected. After the horrible shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last October, the city is now moving to ban assault-style rifles, ban certain types of ammunition, and allow courts to ban gun ownership for people who are deemed dangerous. The city has suffered a terrible tragedy when vicious anti-Semite Robert Gregory Bowers shot and killed 11 people. He wounded six others, including four police officers. Police shot bowers after a gunfight. He eventually surrendered to police. Bowers deserves everything he gets in the court of law.

Yet, as with most reactions to these tragedies by liberal America, it’s knee-jerk. All three proposals represent a dangerous encroachment on constitutional rights. The Steel City is following Boulder, Colorado, which also banned so-called assault weapons (i.e. AR-15s) within the city limits. There is a grandfather clause, however, permitting current owners who had already owned these rifles to keep them as long as they receive a certificate by the local sheriff’s office. It’s not a registry, but it sure sounds like a rest run for one.

The only provision that could prevent future tragedies is the law that would permit authorities to ban gun ownership to individual deemed dangerous, but what are the criteria? This law, along with the many being proposed, is something that both sides could come together on to debate, especially if the language and protocols were thoroughly hashed to prevent abuse. On paper, it’s common sense—and it could serve the public interest, but loose phrasing is highly subjective. Laws like these should be a long, tedious, and hyper-analytical process to avid government denying Americans’ constitutional rights to gun ownership, which you know happens in these deep-blue corners of America.

The Pittsburgh proposals are arguably unconstitutional and local gun rights groups have also noted Pennsylvania state law barring localities from enacting stricter gun control laws than those already on the statewide books. (Read more from “Pittsburgh Moves to Eviscerate Second Amendment Rights” HERE)

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Hoax? Former Navy EOD Officer Explains Why ‘Bombs’ Addressed to Democrats Almost Certainly Meant to Be Intercepted

Former Navy explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) officer Tom Sauer authored a viral Twitter thread concerning the potentially explosive packages addressed to prominent Democrats on Wednesday. According to Sauer, it’s extremely likely that the packages were meant to be intercepted and cause political damage, as opposed to actual attempts to harm targets.

Sauer, whose identity has been verified to The Daily Wire, used his expertise to analyze an image of a package addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, which was first obtained by CNN. The former bomb disposal officer, who emphasized that he only spoke on behalf of himself, told The Daily Wire that the makeup of the device appears to indicate that it was intended to be intercepted. “It’s highly, highly unlikely that this was a genuine attempt,” he explained. “This is like holding up a bank with a toy gun.” ​

When asked by The Daily Wire about the parody ISIS flag sticker reportedly identified on the package, Sauer said this seems to be yet another signal that the package was meant to be intercepted to “scare the hell out of people” and not actually cause damage. “That’s going to get flagged right away,” he said.

“It reeks of amateur hour,” said Sauer, with regard to new reports on “shards of glass” and “Sulphur” being identified within the device. “Glass is fairly light,” he explained. Typically you’d find metal or rocks as the device would be heavier and thus more damaging, though glass “is no picnic.”

(Read more from “Hoax? Former Navy EOD Officer Explains Why ‘Bombs’ Addressed to Democrats Almost Certainly Meant to Be Intercepted” HERE)

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Turkey Releases U.S. Pastor After 2 Years in Prison

By NPR. Roughly two years after Turkish authorities detained Andrew Brunson on suspicion of espionage, the U.S. pastor is a free man once more. Turkey ordered his release Friday, ending a case that heightened tensions between Turkey and the U.S.

A court in the western city of Izmir actually sentenced Brunson to a little more than three years in prison, according to Turkey’s state news agency Anadolu. However, as NPR’s Peter Kenyon in Istanbul explains, the court says he will serve no more time, considering his health issues.

“The court also lifted judicial controls on Brunson — that means restrictions on his movements have been lifted and he is now free to leave the country,” Kenyon reports. The prosecutor had asked for a 10-year sentence.

The evangelical pastor wept in court upon hearing the news of his release, Reuters reported. Prior to the ruling, he said, “I am an innocent man. I love Jesus, I love Turkey.” After he listened to an alleged witness, he said, “I do not understand how this is related to me.” (Read more from “Turkey Releases U.S. Pastor After 2 Years in Prison” HERE)


U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Leaves Turkey After Being Detained for 2 Years

By Fox News. President Trump drew loud cheers at a rally on Friday evening when he announced that Pastor Andrew Brunson — newly released from Turkey and heading home — is expected to visit him in the Oval Office on Saturday.

“We bring a lot of people back,” the president told the crowd in Lebanon, Ohio, near Cincinnati. It was an apparent reference not only to the release of Brunson, but to the negotiated return of three American hostages from North Korea in May. President Trump also won the release of three UCLA basketball players who were detained in China last November.

Earlier in the day, Trump spoke with reporters about Brunson, after it was confirmed that the 50-year-old North Carolina pastor was beginning his journey home after being detained for two years.

“He’s, I think, in good shape,” the president said. “He’ll be stopping most likely in Germany for a full check-up and then he’s going to be coming to the Oval Office, most likely on Saturday.

“But we’re very honored to have him back with us,” Trump continued. “He suffered greatly, but we’re very appreciative to a lot of people.” (Read more from “U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Leaves Turkey After Being Detained for 2 Years” HERE)

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