Pastor: Keep Killing Babies Because I Hate Trump

For the latest misadventures in “absolute NeverTrumpism corrupts every bit as much as absolute AlwaysTrumpism,” I give you Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile.

The headline of his piece in the Washington Post is “Overturning Roe v. Wade isn’t worth compromising with Trump, my fellow evangelicals.” He leads it off by imploring that “we are going to give an account to God for our complicit silence before the immoral policies and actions of the Trump administration.”

Already, the pastor’s point of view is plagued by an idolatrous level of concern for Trump, to the point of insisting that his fellow evangelicals snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on the issue of life. Which just so happens to be the pre-eminent moral concern of the Word of God, but other than that, no big thang.

Anyabwile is so blinded by his anti-Trump idolatry that he’s urging the very “complicit silence” he condemns when it comes to stopping America’s infanticide holocaust. Ironic, I know, but this is the age of self-refuting arguments and the death of self-awareness, after all.

This pastor is urging believers to explicitly disobey the Word of God when it says “rescue those being taken away to death and hold back those being led away to slaughter.” This pastor is urging believers to side with those whose “hands shed innocent blood,” which the Scriptures also say are among those things “the LORD hates.” And he’s doing so from a platform that frequently gives space for trolling God and His love, like its recent headline “why can’t we hate men” and last Christmas when it again questioned whether Jesus Christ ever existed.

On second thought, maybe this is the proper platform for Anyabwile’s idolatrous polemic, because whether he knows it or not, he’s trolling God, too. It’s just that the Washington Post is more honest about it.

In case you’re wondering why I’ve used the terms “idolatry” or “idolatrous” several times already, it’s because I’m trying to drive the point home this is idolatry. Whenever we permit anything other than God to determine for us what is right or wrong, we are practicing what the Bible calls idolatry, which is a fancy, stained-glass word meaning “worshipping or following after a false god.”

Anyabwile is saying not to explicitly do what God says is right here, because Trump. In other words, he is the NeverTrump version of heretical clowns like Paula White, peddler of the fake so-called prosperity gospel and a documented fraud, who has sadly found some renewed legitimacy through her ability to shamelessly shill for Trump.

I’m sure Anyabwile would agree with me about the likes of White, all the while missing the plank in his own eye. See, God doesn’t permit us not to do what’s right because it may cause us to align with and/or work alongside those we find questionable, repulsive, or offensive. Quite the contrary, God works through sinners all the time — because all of us are sinners.

Sure, plenty of Christians twist this teaching every election season when they compare their favorite misbehaving politicians favorably to King David, all the while conveniently leaving out details like David’s peccadilloes that caused the death of his child, a civil war in his kingdom, and persistent strife in his family. So, yes, God loved and used David. But no, David’s sins did not go unpunished, and often the consequences were suffered by others, too.

Because God can walk and chew gum at the same time, he can use problematic people while simultaneously holding them accountable for their misdeeds. His people, bought by His blood and guided by His Spirit, should be able — and definitely willing — to do the same.

Abraham Lincoln is considered by many to be among America’s greatest presidents. He also was far from perfect. For much of his political career, he was in favor of letting slave states remain so, and during one of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates he said the following:

“I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, [applause]-that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.”

And yet, despite these statements, we still call Lincoln the “Great Emancipator.” Why? Because he was. The same guy who said those dreadful things also lost his life in the cause of freeing the slaves.

Human nature is a complicated thing. We are all made in the image of God, and yet are all capable of falling very far from God at any given moment (or a lifetime) as well. This is why we all need the Savior. Great men sometimes fall. Bad men sometimes rise. Heroes of the faith like David and Samson had licentious blind spots. Powerful preachers like Spurgeon save souls one minute and struggle with depression the next.

The one constant here is God — the same yesterday, today, and forever. And that is why imperfect people can perform, by His grace, His perfect and pleasing will. Both the just and the unjust alike, as Christ said, are loved by God enough to each be tools of His love and mercy at any given time.

And if it is a profane man like Trump, who would be among the least likely politicians we could ever imagine to appoint the Supreme Court that ends America’s greatest moral evil, then by all means blessed be the name of the Lord. For all such blessings really flow from Him anyway, not from a politician.

A pastor, like Anyabwile, should know this. (For more from the author of “Pastor: Keep Killing Babies Because I Hate Trump” please click HERE)

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State Department Employee Pleads Guilty to Producing Child Pornography

An Alexandria man pleaded guilty today to production of child pornography.

According to court documents, over at least a two year period, Skydance MacMahon, 44, conspired with an adult in Canada to produce over a thousand sexually explicit images and videos of minor children in Canada. These images and videos were produced at the direction of MacMahon using Skype and hidden cameras. MacMahon distributed these image and video files to other users and consumers of child pornography by providing access to the files on his cloud storage services and also by directly sending the files to other users. In addition to the child pornography images and videos MacMahon himself created, he also received and possessed thousands of images and videos of child pornography.

During the time he committed these offenses, MacMahon was a Digital Media Administrator at the Foreign Services Institute of the U.S. Department of State in Arlington.

MacMahon pleaded guilty to conspiring to produce child pornography and producing child pornography. He faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years and a maximum penalty of 60 years in prison when sentenced on October 12. Actual sentences for federal crimes are typically less than the maximum penalties. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after taking into account the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

This case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse. Led by U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS), Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state and local resources to better locate, apprehend and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the Internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims. For more information about Project Safe Childhood, please visit

G. Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, Nancy McNamara, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, and Steve A. Linick, Inspector General for the Department of State, made the announcement after U.S. District Judge Anthony J. Trenga accepted the plea. Assistant U.S. Attorney Whitney Dougherty Russell is prosecuting the case.

Significant assistance was provided by the FBI’s Cincinnati Field Office, the U.S. Department of State Office of Inspector General’s Cyber Forensic Division, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Halifax Regional Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Special Prosecution Section, the Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service, the Arlington County Police Department, and the Arlington County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

A copy of this press release is located on the website of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia. Related court documents and information is located on the website of the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia or on PACER by searching for Case No. 1:18-cr-261.

Flashback: That Time the NYT Editorial Board Pleaded With Justice Kennedy to Not Retire…Ha Ha Ha

Maybe deep down the Left knew this day was coming. It doesn’t make it any less devastating for them. Rumors of Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement have been swirling for years—and now that day has arrived. On July 31, he will be making his exit. And the Trump White House has another vacancy to fill, the second in 18 months. Conservatives are primed to have a solid majority on the high court, which could expand in the coming years. Trump will remain president until 2020 and right now, it’s very likely he’ll win a second term. A new Supreme Court nominee added to the bench will greatly improve his chances, which means we shouldn’t be shocked if the Left goes barbarian horde on whoever is selected. Yet, that’s for another time. Let’s go back to April, where The New York Times editorial board printed an open letter to Justice Kennedy to not retire for the sake of the country:

Dear Justice Kennedy,

As you have no doubt heard, rumors of your impending retirement are, for the second year in a row, echoing around Washington and across America. While you and your colleagues on the Supreme Court were listening to the final oral arguments of the term in recent days, those rumors were only growing more insistent.

How can we put this the right way? Please don’t go.

Sitting between the four liberal justices and the four conservatives, you are the most powerful member of the most powerful court in the country, as you have been for at least a decade. Your vote, more than that of any other justice, has delivered landmark legal victories for Americans of all political stripes, from gays and lesbians seeking equal rights to African-American college students seeking a better education to deep-pocketed corporations seeking to spend more money influencing politics.

(Read more from “Flashback: That Time the NYT Editorial Board Pleaded With Justice Kennedy to Not Retire…Ha Ha Ha” HERE)

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Socialist Candidate Pulls a ‘Seismic Political Upset’ Against Democratic Party Boss

The Democratic party faced an enormous shakeup Tuesday when an unlikely socialist candidate beat a powerful 10-term incumbent for one of New York’s seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. . .

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old member of the Democratic-Socialists of America, knocked out machine-boss incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y), who was widely considered a candidate to follow Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as the leader of Democrats in the House of Representatives.

“We saw these numbers coming in, we couldn’t believe it. We checked, we reloaded, this is a seismic political upset!” said MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki in his typically breathless fashion.

“To put this in some perspective,” he explained, “Joe Crowley has been there since 1998, he was thought to be the next Democratic leader in waiting potentially a speaker of the house here, he runs the Queens county democratic party in the old sense of the word.”

Ocasio-Cortez won the 14th district in New York which includes Queens and a portion of the Bronx. Crowley spent $1.09 million on the campaign in the same time that Ocasio-Cortez spent only $127,000. (Read more from “Socialist Candidate Pulls a ‘Seismic Political Upset’ Against Democratic Party Boss” HERE)

Assault Weapons Ban Dies After Months of Fighting

An effort to revive a proposed ban on the sale of assault weapons failed in the Delaware Senate on Tuesday, effectively defeating the most controversial gun control measure pending before the Legislature.

Two Democrats sided with Republicans in opposing the maneuver, including Sen. Brian Bushweller of Dover and Sen. Bruce Ennis of Smyrna. That left Democrats two votes short of the 11 needed to bring the measure to the floor.

“It’s very unfortunate that we didn’t have the votes to even have a debate on the issue,” said the bill’s chief sponsor Sen. Bryan Townsend, D-Newark. “I’m a little surprised not to have the vote of all my Democratic colleagues, except for Sen. Ennis.” . . .

“The process that we have followed so far that caused the bill to lose in committee was consistent with my view on the bill,” Bushweller said. “I didn’t see a point in continuing a process that already resulted in what I think is the right thing to do with the bill.”

Tuesday’s vote marked the second defeat for Senate Bill 163 this month and a major loss for gun control advocates who pushed for reform in the wake of recent high-profile mass shootings. That includes Gov. John Carney, who had both called for the legislation to be introduced and urged for it to get a vote on the Senate floor. (Read more from “Assault Weapons Ban Dies After Months of Fighting” HERE)

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Largest in History: Ex-CIA Engineer Charged With Massive Leak to Wikileaks

By Politico. A former CIA computer engineer has been indicted on charges he masterminded what appears to be the largest leak of classified information in the spy agency’s history.

Joshua Schulte, 29, was charged in a new grand jury indictment with providing WikiLeaks with a massive trove of U.S. government hacking tools that the online publisher posted in March 2017, the Justice Department announced on Monday.

Schulte was previously facing child pornography charges in federal court in New York, but the indictment broadens the case to accuse him of illegally gathering classified information, damaging CIA computers, lying to investigators and numerous other offenses.

In January, attorneys involved in the child porn case revealed in court that Schulte was the target of a major investigation into WikiLeaks’ release of a CIA collection known as “Vault 7.” (Read more from “Largest in History: Ex-CIA Engineer Charged With Massive Leak to Wikileaks” HERE)


Ex-CIA Worker Charged for Massive Leak of ‘Vault 7’ Hacking Tools to Wikileaks

By South China Morning Post. A former employee in the CIA’s cyber-spying operation was indicted Monday on charges of leaking hacking tools to WikiLeaks in one of the most damaging of the agency’s breaches in recent years.

Joshua Schulte, 29, was charged with leaking unspecified information on the Central Intelligence Agency’s intelligence-gathering capabilities to a group identified only as “Organisation-1”, which then released the information on the internet.

While the indictment gave no other details, in earlier filings Schulte’s lawyer indicated the investigation involved the leak to WikiLeaks of the “Vault 7” collection of hacking tools, malware, viruses, trojans, and “zero day” exploits which comprised the CIA’s most valuable tools for tapping into adversaries’ computers.

WikiLeaks began releasing the 8,761 documents from Vault 7 in March 2017, embarrassing the agency and providing professional and amateur hackers around the world with the same tools that US spies used. (Read more from “Ex-CIA Worker Charged for Massive Leak of ‘Vault 7’ Hacking Tools to Wikileaks” HERE)

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Watch: Analysts Claim Trump Admin Is Operating Concentration Camps

Two MSNBC analysts falsely claimed on Friday that the Trump administration is operating concentration camps for illegal immigrant children who are separated from their parents.

Guests Stephanie Cutter and Michael Steele made the remarks, which went completely unchallenged by host Stephanie Ruhle. . .

“We can’t find a solution to this problem without harming children? Without putting them in concentration camps?” Cutter asked, according to the Free Beacon.

“I call this a concentration camp for kids,” Steele said. “When you give kids 22 hours of lock-up time and two hours of airtime, what else can it be? And if this is where this country’s going, the American people need to wake up and pay attention, because your kids could be next.”

(Read more from “Watch: Analysts Claim Trump Admin Is Operating Concentration Camps” HERE)

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‘We Do Not Separate Babies From Adults’: DHS Denies Allegation It ‘Ripped’ Breastfeeding Baby From Mother

Department of Homeland Security officials on Friday flatly denied a widely reported allegation that border authorities forcibly separated a breastfeeding baby from her mother while she was awaiting prosecution for entering the country illegally.

“We do not separate babies from adults,” a DHS official told reporters during a background briefing. “It’s a bright line.”

CNN first reported that an illegal immigrant from Honduras claimed federal authorities took her daughter while she breastfed the child at an immigration detention center in McAllen, Texas, on Tuesday. The CNN report was picked up by several national media outlets, including the Huffington Post, The Daily Beast and Vox, sparking further condemnation of the Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant families caught crossing the border illegally.

The CNN report did not quote the mother herself, but rather an attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project who had reportedly interviewed the woman. A Customs and Border Protection spokesman denied the allegations in a statement to CNN on Wednesday. . .

Also Friday, the Department of Justice confirmed that 1,995 migrant children were separated from 1,940 adults from April 19 through May 31. The adults in that group were prosecuted for illegal entry, immigration violations, and in some cases, other criminal conduct. DOJ officials did not release a breakdown of the children’s ages or the charges brought against the adults. (Read more from “‘We Do Not Separate Babies From Adults’: DHS Denies Allegation It ‘Ripped’ Breastfeeding Baby From Mother” HERE)

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WATCH: The Latest ‘Reality Check’ Takes On The Left’s Obsession With Hating Chick-fil-A

On Thursday, MRCTV uploaded the latest episode of “Reality Check” with Brittany Hughes. The topic of this installment was the progressive movement’s seeming obsession with Chick-fil-A:

While the world was anxiously awaiting news of whether North Korea would agree to give up their nukes and maybe we have a prayer of peace, the Left was whining about a chicken sandwich. And while they were busy telling gay folks what nuggets they can and can’t eat, guess what Chick-fil-A was doing? Actually helping people – you know, as Christians tend to do.

After the intro, Hughes jumped right in:

… they are at it again. And this time, The Huffington Post has openly declared that gay people are not allowed to eat at Chick-fil-A because their CEO is a Christian who believes in traditional marriage. And somehow this means that the entire restaurant chain hates gay people and serves their famous milkshakes up with a big old side of bigotry.

. . .

Immediately after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando back in 2016, Chick-fil-A was one of the first businesses to respond to the tragedy. It didn’t matter one bit that the shooter had targeted a gay nightclub, they immediately began offering free food to law enforcement at the scene; they opened up on a Sunday to offer free food to people who were lined up to give blood to the wounded; and they asked that they not be given any recognition for any of it.

(Read more from “WATCH: The Latest ‘Reality Check’ Takes On The Left’s Obsession With Hating Chick-fil-A” HERE)

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California Teacher ‘Investigated’ for Showing Pro-Life Video That Medically Describes Abortion

A seventh grade teacher in California is reportedly under investigation by the Sacramento City Unified School District for showing a pro-life video that medically describes abortion and a music video by rapper Nick Cannon, wherein he thanks his mother for refusing to abort him in the womb.

The pro-life video in question features a former abortionist turned pro-lifer named Dr. Anthony Levatino. Levatino, in collaboration with pro-life group Live Action, medically describes what an abortionist does during first and second trimester abortions in at least two different videos (both posted below), though it’s unclear which one was allegedly shown to the middle schoolers.

The former abortionist performed hundreds of abortions before his adopted daughter was tragically killed outside their home by car. “I looked at the remains of a pre-born child whose life I had ended, and all I could see was someone’s son or daughter,” Levatino explained of his conversion.

On Tuesday, school district spokesman Alex Barrios told The Sacramento Bee that the videos allegedly shown are “completely inappropriate for the classroom” and do not “meet the district’s approved family life and sexuality curriculum.” The district “will address this matter with the seriousness it demands,” added Barrios.

Parents complained to the teacher in question and school principal Cristin Tahara-Martin, reports the paper. “We all know that the subject of abortion is sensitive, complex and controversial, and I personally don’t think it belongs as a topic to go into in any depth in a seventh-grade class,” said one anonymous mother. Abortion “requires a thoughtful, nuanced discussion,” she added. (Read more from “California Teacher ‘Investigated’ for Showing Pro-Life Video That Medically Describes Abortion” HERE)

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