HORRIFIC: Planned Parenthood and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Are ‘Humanizing’ Mice

On Monday’s “Pat Gray Unleashed,” Pat Gray and Keith Malinak discussed the controversy surrounding the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, a federally funded program on a mission to “humanize” mice in a horrific way.

In this clip, Pat cited a story published by WND on Sunday that detailed the process of procuring aborted baby fetuses — in some cases without the consent of the mother — in order to use them for experimentation that requires grafting aborted baby parts to lab mice. . .

Scientists use lab mice with intentionally compromised immune systems, and once the fetal tissue is attached, the mouse develops a “humanized” immune system ready for drug testing.

Clinics provide aborted fetal parts to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, which puts Planned Parenthood in the hot seat again, the practice of selling unborn baby body parts, sometimes without the consent of the mother. . .

Planned Parenthood denied the O’Keefe’s findings, calling the released video “selectively” edited. The mainstream media sided with Planned Parenthood and dismissed O’Keefe’s investigation entirely. Subsequently, the media rejected most of the investigations that O’Keefe released following the Planned Parenthood sting. (Read more from “HORRIFIC: Planned Parenthood and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Are ‘Humanizing’ Mice” HERE)

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University Actually Puts Student Protesters in Their Place After Demands to Cut Ties With ICE

Johns Hopkins University is standing firm in its ongoing commitment to train Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents despite protest from its student population.

Last Wednesday, JHU students protested the university’s continued ties with ICE by walking out of class (of course) and demanding the school stop its programs to help the agency. The university has, for years, contracted with ICE to train agents mainly through its medical school. Students have now staged four such protests, according to Campus Reform. . .

Student protesters circulated a petition created last July by associate professor Drew Daniel to demand JHU stop supporting ICE through its training programs. The protest gained more than 2,000 signatures, but failed to sway the school’s administration. . .

JHU President Ronald Daniels refused to give in to the protesters’ demands. Karen Lancaster, assistant vice president for external relations, told Campus Reform that “Johns Hopkins University respects and appreciates student and faculty efforts to engage in dialogue and debate on significant national policy issues, including the current discussion on immigration topics.” . . .

In a statement to WJZ-TV, a university spokesperson said the “specialized training and leadership programs with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency have no relationship to the enforcement of immigration policies by the current or any other administration.” (Read more from “University Actually Puts Student Protesters in Their Place After Demands to Cut Ties With ICE” HERE)

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Newspaper Drops Cartoonist After Reader Finds Nasty Hidden Message to Trump

The Butler Eagle newspaper in Pennsylvania fired syndicated cartoonist Wiley Miller on Monday after a reader reported a hidden anti-Trump message in Miller’s Sunday cartoon. The cartoon tells Trump to “go f*** yourself.”

. . .

“A reader brought to our attention that one of the syndicated comic strips which appears in the Sunday Butler Eagle may contain a hidden message which was apparently placed there by someone in the creative department of the creator of the comic strip or the syndication which controls it,” said Ron Vodenichar, Eagle publisher and general manager. “Neither the Butler Eagle nor any other newspaper that includes this strip had an opportunity to remove it even if they had discovered it before distribution.”

(Read more from “Newspaper Drops Cartoonist After Reader Finds Nasty Hidden Message to Trump” HERE)

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Pope Francis Makes Shocking Revelation About Another Scandal Same Week Research Reveals 80% of Priests are Gay

By Townhall. It’s not just the sexual abuse of children, mostly boys, by Catholic priests that have rocked the church—earlier this week Pope Francis confirmed that the mistreatment of women has been a problem in some congregations around the world as well.

In a shocking revelation, the pope said nuns have and continue to be sexually abused by Catholic bishops and priests, going so far as to say some have been sexual slaves.

The scope of the abuse of nuns by clergy members first came to light with the publication at the beginning of February of the monthly Vatican magazine “Women Church World.” The edition included Francis’ own take on the scandal — long known about by the Vatican but virtually never discussed — in which he blamed the unchecked power wielded by priests and higher clergy across the Catholic Church for such crimes.

An Associated Press journalist who first reported on the scandal last year asked Pope Francis on his flight home from the Arabian Peninsula on Tuesday whether enough was being done by the Church hierarchy to address the problem.

The pontiff conceded that it was a problem and said more action was needed. He insisted the will to confront the abuse is there, and stressed that the problem is not new, and that the Church has been working to address it for some time. (CBS News)

(Read more from “Pope Francis Makes Shocking Revelation About Another Scandal” HERE)

Explosive: Expose by French Researcher Claims 4 out of 5 Priests are Homosexual

By Connor Boyd. Eighty per cent of Vatican priests are gay and living in the closet, according to an explosive new book to be published next week.

The 570-page expose, titled In the Closet of the Vatican, claims that four in five clerics in the Roman Catholic Church are homosexuals – but aren’t necessarily sexually active.

French sociologist and journalist Frederic Martel, who spent four years conducting 1,500 interviews for the book, found that some priests maintained discreet long term relationships, while others lived double lives having casual sex with gay partners and using male prostitutes.

Martel, a former adviser to the French government who is openly gay, claims he spoke with 41 cardinals, 52 bishops and monsignors, 45 papal ambassadors or diplomatic officials, 11 Swiss guards and more than 200 priests and seminarians as research for the book. . .

Although the book doesn’t conflate homosexuality with the child sex abuse in the church, Martel claims gay priests do not want to report abuse on children in case their on homosexuality is exposed – according to sources familiar with the book’s contents. (Read more from this story HERE)

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Liberals Were Not Happy Over This Word President Trump Used to Describe Democrats During SOTU

Democrats really don’t like this word to describe their party or agenda. President Trump’s State of the Union did call for unity, but MSNBC host Kasie Hunt lamented that the president using the word “Democrat” instead of Democratic to describe the party was inherently partisan. Well, this set off similar reactions from the liberal Twitterverse.

(Read more from “Liberals Were Not Happy Over This Word President Trump Used to Describe Democrats During SOTU” HERE)

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‘The Theft of America’s Soul’: Phil Robertson Once Believed the Lies Destroying Our Nation. But He Has Good News, America

If you judged a book by its cover, you might expect Phil Robertson has bad news to share. The Robertson family patriarch, former “Duck Dynasty” star, and BlazeTV host’s latest book, “The Theft of America’s Soul: Blowing the Lid Off the Lies That Are Destroying Our Country,” has a title that doesn’t exactly convey hope for our country. How can you have hope for a country that has lost its soul? But friend, as Robertson writes, “Once you appreciate the bad news, you’ll appreciate the good news — and it’s really good.”

The bad news is that America is in cultural crisis. The country is divided along lines of class, race, age, identity, political party affiliation — there is some tribe for everyone to cling to and some excuse to hate everyone in another tribe. Robertson writes about how suicide rates are up. Stories of violent and senseless crime shock and horrify. We are drug-addicted, severely in debt, and murdering our children before they are born. Government leaders sow division and bicker along partisan lines rather than seek what is best for the country. How did we end up here?

Robertson begins his book by recalling a 1966 Time magazine article that asked the question, “Is God Dead?” Secularists, leaders in the culture, those running Hollywood, big business executives, university professors, politicians, and even some theologians of the time said “yes.” And for Robertson, it is this belief in the lie of God’s death, the rejection of His moral laws, the relativity of truth, and the promise of freedom without fear of divine judgement that are the cause of America’s cultural decay. He knows this because he used to believe that lie.

The first chapter of Robertson’s book is a gut-wrenching account of how he tried to live a life believing God was dead. He made himself the master of his own fate. He got high when he wanted to, drank as much as he liked, often too much. A husband and a father, he had sex with whomever he pleased and fought with whomever he pleased.

“For the first time, I was tasting what I thought was freedom — the drugs, the drinking, the sleeping around,” Robertson writes. And that freedom ruined his life. He lost his job, he nearly lost his marriage, and no matter how he tried, he could not escape the guilt and shame of his sins. “Freedom” was misery.

And then came the good news. At the lowest point of Robertson’s debauched life, a preacher shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him. For the first time in his life, he was told there is a God who is surely alive, who created the universe. This God created man for his fellowship, but sin had separated man from God. But loving man, God sent His son, Jesus, his very Word made flesh, into that creation for the redemption of mankind. Jesus healed the sick, restored sight to the blind, provided for the poor. And he was hated, feared, and executed on a cross. But Jesus took with him the sins of all the world on that cross. His death paid the penalty for that sin in place of man, fulfilling God’s justice and atoning for the sins of those who believe and repent. What’s more, three days after Jesus had been placed in a tomb, he rose from the dead. He had conquered death, forgiven our sins, given mankind a way to reunite with God, and promised to return and to give eternal life.

“The Bible showed how God was very much alive, and how he made a way for forgiveness of my sin,” Robertson writes. “He could free me of all my guilt and could solve my ultimate problem — death. The notion of freedom from guilt and death filled me with great peace, a peace of mind I’d never experienced.”

The rest of the book shows how from that point on, Phil Robertson was a changed man. He stopped getting high and drunk. He reunited his family and became faithful to his wife. He became productive, and with God’s blessing, started a successful business that has made him wealthy and turned him into a celebrity. He began to live a better way, became a good husband, father, and neighbor. And his message for America is that there is hope, there is good news, and you too can have your sins forgiven and live a better way.

Each chapter confronts a different lie that Americans believe: There is no devil; truth is relative; sex is for self-gratification; virtue is outdated; unity is not possible. Each chapter uses the truth of God’s word to expose these lies and call on all of us to reject them. There is not one page in this book that does not share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news of salvation for lost souls, and the hope of an eternal life filled with love, joy, and peace.

The message is simple:

The Almighty loves you, me, and the rest of America. He loves us so much, he sent Jesus to earth to teach us that perfect truth, to live a sinless life, and to conquer sin and death. What’s more, he clearly communicated the story of Jesus through the Scriptures. From Genesis to Malachi, the Almighty told us to pay attention because Jesus—the Savior of the world—was coming. From Matthew to John, the writers told us to pay attention because Christ had come. In Acts through Revelation, the writers reminded us that Christ was coming again, and when he comes, he’ll honor those who’d honored him, and punish those who fell for the evil one’s lies.

To the extent that Americans reject God’s truth, believe Satan’s lies, and seek the freedom to live our lives according to the wicked desires of all of our hearts, things are going to get worse. A republic of liars, thieves, murderers, and adulterers is no republic at all. You can’t have community when people treat each other badly. It’s God who commands us to love our neighbors. When a country rejects God, when it won’t follow his commands, the people won’t live together well.

Some will hate this message, as indeed Jesus himself was hated. Robertson is already being mocked for saying nothing more than God is offering “eternal heal care,” a salvation from death that no government program can provide. Robertson is aware of his critics.

I suppose some who are under the delusions of the evil one will read this book, challenge my love for them, and maybe even accuse me of hate speech for calling out their sin. I suspect they’ll call me a crazy old graybeard for preaching the truth in these pages the only way I know how. They can say whatever they like, because the truth is, I’ve given my life to this message and I only know one way to preach it—with great zeal.

Well, are the mockers and the scoffers any better off than he is?

Phil Robertson is not judging America. As he testifies in this book, he is every bit a sinner as the rest of us. But he found freedom from that sin, and he’s telling America we can have that freedom too, if we want it. And if the country hears this good news, if we embrace God’s truth, America might regain her soul. And we might all live well together. (For more from the author of “‘The Theft of America’s Soul’: Phil Robertson Once Believed the Lies Destroying Our Nation. But He Has Good News, America” please click HERE)

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‘MAGA’ Teen’s Attorney Announces He’s Coming for Nathan Phillips

One of the attorneys representing Nicholas Sandmann said that a defamation lawsuit is forthcoming against Nathan Phillips, the activist who falsely claimed that a group of “MAGA” hat-wearing teenagers from Covington Catholic High School threatened him last month in Washington, DC. . .

Wood, whom former CBS host Dan Rather once nicknamed “attorney for the damned,” was recently hired to represent the publicly-maligned 16-year-old student. He told Life Site to expect “the first round of civil lawsuits in the next two weeks.”

Wood was asked by Life Site about the status of an inquiry commissioned by the Covington Diocese into whether Sandmann and his classmates had in any way tried to harm or scare either Phillips or a fringe group of Black Hebrew Israelite protestors in the aftermath of the March for Life on Jan. 18. Wood responded that he and his team are “confident that any objective review of the evidence will conclude that Nick did nothing wrong.”

“Nick remained calm and well-mannered despite being confronted by an activist beating a drum within inches of his face while chanting loudly,” he said. “Nick did not utter one word except to quietly urge a classmate to refrain from making any comments that might aggravate the situation created by Phillips and the Black Hebrew Israelites.” (Read more from “‘MAGA’ Teen’s Attorney Announces He’s Coming for Nathan Phillips” HERE)

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Surprise! Trump Triggered Liberals With This Remark About Elizabeth Warren

By Townhall. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Saturday officially launched her 2020 presidential campaign. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to comment on the latest Democratic challenger to enter the race.

Clearly, Trump’s tweet was meant to be read with sarcasm. Warren is the one who got herself in this mess. . .

Of course, liberals were triggered by what Trump said. Apparently referencing the Trail of Tears (because, you know, Warren is likely to be crying on the campaign trail) is suddenly racist, insensitive and down right disgusting.

(Read more from “Surprise! Trump Triggered Liberals With This Remark About Elizabeth Warren” HERE)

EXAMPLE: Liberal Press Totally Freaks Out About Donald Trump, Jr.’s Follow-up Tweet

From Newsweek:

Donald Trump Jr. followed his father’s foosteps and used disparaging references to Native Americans in order to insult Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recent 2020 presidential campaign announcement.

The president’s 41-year-old namesake took to Twitter and Instagram to tout his dad’s latest “Pocahontas” comment directed toward Warren’s past claim to minimal Native American heritage. The elder Trump was already being denounced by Native American groups last month for mocking Warren with Wounded Knee and Little Big Horn comments they said “descecrated” the memory of their ancestors. But Trump Jr. doubled down on the culturally insensitive negavitity by lauding a Twitter joke about “genocide” and calling it “SAVAGE!!!”

The term is frequently used in online banter to indicate a particularly nasty comment, but historically was used by white Americans and European settlers to refer to Native Americans.

Trump needles new presidential candidate Warren on Native American claims

By Fox 5 News. President Trump wasted little time Saturday before needling newly declared presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren over her controversial efforts to align herself with Native Americans.

Warren, Democratic Massachusetts senator, officially announced her candidacy on Saturday in Lawrence. Touting a progressive agenda, she didn’t refer to recent controversies over her longstanding claims about having a Native American heritage.

No matter. Within hours, Trump made it clear he was happy to reference the issue himself, even if she wouldn’t. He did so on Twitter, where he made light of Warren and threw down a campaign gauntlet. (Read more from “Trump needles new presidential candidate Warren on Native American claims” HERE)

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School Hires Combat Vets With Semiautomatic Rifles to Protect Students From Active Shooters

A school in Florida is taking school safety so seriously that it has hired two combat veterans armed with semiautomatic rifles to patrol and guard the campus against potential threats, according to The New York Times.

Manatee School for the Arts in Palmetto, Florida, hired the school guardians to comply with state legislation requiring schools to have at least one “safe-school” officer. Principal Bill Jones said they have good reason to go above and beyond the minimum requirements.

“We’re not looking for a fair fight,” Jones said of potential active shooter situations. “We’re looking at an overwhelming advantage.”

One of the guards has 15 years of infantry experience, and the second veteran guardian will start working later in February. Jones wanted combat veterans who can be trusted to react quickly and correctly under fire. . .

“Assault rifles, whether you are for them or against them, are prolific in our society,” Chief Scott Tyler said in December to the Herald-Tribune. “So why would we not want the school guardian to have parity with that potential threat?” (Read more from “Florida School Hires Combat Vets With Semiautomatic Rifles to Protect Students From Active Shooters” HERE)

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Ocasio-Cortez Hearing Goes Viral. Here’s What the Video Didn’t Show.

By Daily Wire. Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her minions in the media clipped a 5-minute video of a House Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday which quickly went viral — but excluded a follow-up response that put a damper on Ocasio-Cortez’s pontificating.

In a video shared on Twitter by actor James Corden, and retweeted by Ocasio-Cortez, the 29-year-old politician used the opportunity at the hearing to promote her anti-establishment brand.

Ocasio-Cortez claimed that it was “already super legal, as we’ve seen, for me to be a pretty bad guy,” as she questioned several people about what she was allowed to do with her “special-interest, dark-money-funded campaign” money.

The video was retweeted over 350,000 times in under 24 hours and was viewed over 19 million times.

The video conveniently did not include the follow-up response by IFS Chairman Bradley A. Smith, who was asked by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) to correct the record on a line of misleading questioning by Ocasio-Cortez.

(Read more from “Ocasio-Cortez Hearing Goes Viral. Here’s What the Video Didn’t Show.” HERE)


White House blasts Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal: ‘Central planning disaster’

By The Hill. The White House lambasted the Green New Deal climate resolution spearheaded by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) this week slamming it as a “central planning disaster” and “a roadmap to destroy the American Economy.”

White House spokesperson Judd Deere said in a statement to The Hill that President Trump “has vowed that America would never be socialist, and this administration will fight this central planning disaster,” adding that the plan was a “roadmap to destroy the American Economy.”

Politico first reported Deere’s comments regarding the resolution.

Ocasio-Cortez introduced a resolution on Thursday that would push the U.S. to reduce carbon emissions through the economy.

The proposal has a goal of creating millions of “good, high-wage jobs” by working toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. (Read more from “White House blasts Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal: ‘Central planning disaster'” HERE)

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