Armed Homeowner Kills Alleged Intruder

By Breitbart. A homeowner in Clayton County, Georgia, awoke to banging sounds Friday morning, grabbed a rifle, and shot an alleged intruder multiple times.

Portia Bruner posted a video in which Clayton County Police Major Anthony Thurman identified the alleged intruder as 18-year-old Jayven Jackson. . .

11 Alive reports that the homeowner was awakened by banging sounds around 3 a.m. Fox 5 reports Jackson was allegedly banging on the homeowner’s door before breaking a window then reaching through the window to unlock and open the door. . .

Thurman affirmed that “people have the right to defend themselves,” and he stressed that no charges have been brought against the homeowner for the actions he took. (Read more from “Armed Homeowner Kills Alleged Intruder” HERE)


Police: Homeowner Will Not Be Charged in Intruder’s Death

By Fox 5. . .It happened along Jenni Circle near Jonesboro. The homeowner told police he woke up to a loud banging on his front door.

The homeowner said the intruder then broke a window reached through an unlocked the door and came inside. Clayton County Police said the homeowner grabbed a rifle to defend himself and fired several shots.

The suspect later died at the hospital. (Read more from “Police: Homeowner Will Not Be Charged in Intruder’s Death” HERE)

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Trump Has a BIG WARNING for Companies Who Discriminate Against Him

By The Blaze. President Donald Trump said that he would consider taking action against big tech companies that he thought were discriminating against him during the election.

In a phone-in interview with Joe Kernen on CNBC Monday, the president accused companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon of colluding with the Democrats against his campaign in 2016.

“I can tell you they discriminate against me,” Trump responded to Kernen. “You know, People talk about collusion. The real collusion is between the Democrats and these companies because they were so against me during my election run. Everybody said if you don’t have them you can’t win, well I won, you know, and I’ll win again, because we’re doing well.”

Kernen later asked the president if he believed that the companies had monopolistic power and perhaps anti-trust action was needed by the government against them.

“Every week you see them going after Facebook, and Apple, and all of these companies that are, you know, great companies,” Trump said of authorities in Europe. “But I will say that the European Union is suing them all the time. (Read more from “Trump Has a BIG WARNING for Companies Who Discriminate Against Him” HERE)


Donald Trump Tweets Support for Conservative Voices Banned from Twitter

By The Daily Beast. President Trump tweeted his support for conservative voices that have been banned from Twitter on Sunday morning. The tweet was sandwiched between tweets offering self praise over the tariff deal with Mexico and criticism of former president Barrack Obama. “Twitter should let the banned Conservative Voices back onto their platform, without restriction,” Trump wrote, adding, “It’s called Freedom of Speech, remember. You are making a Giant Mistake!” (Read more from “Donald Trump Tweets Support for Conservative Voices Banned from Twitter” HERE)

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Oh, so That’s Who the Liberal Media Thinks Will Indict Trump as AG

. . .The Trump impeachment/Trump is out of office dream scenarios that this “facts first” network tossed in there last week. The brave, brave souls at Newsbusters are tasked with covering the daily insanity that has ensued since the 2016 election. On June 8th’s episode of Trump Derangement Theater, CNN speculated that a new president would indict Trump in 2021 under…Attorney General Sally Yates. Tim Graham has more on CNN Host Brooke Baldwin’s venture into fantasyland:

CNN’s Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin… asked legal analyst Renato Mariotti to explain an article he wrote for Politico magazine gleefully exploring “How Trump Could Be Prosecuted After the White House,” arguing that “winning the election might be Trump’s best path to avoid being charged with a felony.” . . .

BALDWIN: So, Renato, if we take Speaker Pelosi at her word, it assumes, number one, that he doesn’t get reelected in 2020, and, number two, that a prosecutor would indict him on the evidence in the Mueller report or perhaps other ongoing investigations. And so you wrote this piece in Politico about what that could look like. How might this play out?

MARIOTTI: Well, what I would expect is a Democratic president, if — I assume he or she would leave that to the attorney general. There’s a pretty broad consensus amongst federal prosecutors, former federal prosecutors that you have highly prosecutable evidence in the Mueller report of obstruction of justice.

Sally Yates, for example, who might be the next attorney general, said publicly that she thought Trump would be indicted if he was not president. So what I would expect is an indictment, at least a three- count indictment for obstruction of justice for Trump trying to fire Mueller, trying to limit the scope of the investigation, and then trying to get the former White House counsel to create a false record.

(Read more from “Oh, so That’s Who the Liberal Media Thinks Will Indict Trump as AG” HERE)

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Wealthy Millennials Are Leaving These States – and Moving to These Instead

By Fox Business. Wealthy millennials are not interested in trying to make it in the city that never sleeps. In fact, according to a new study, they are actually leaving New York state altogether.

Based on data provided by the IRS from the 2015 to 2016 tax year, a June 2019 SmartAsset study listed New York as the top state rich millennials are fleeing.

“Wealthy” or “rich” millennials were defined as those younger than 35 with a gross annual income of $100,000 or more. The data was compiled by deducting the number of affluent millennials leaving the state from the number of those moving in, which resulted in almost 5,000 departures for the year reviewed. . .

California topped the list, with a net inflow of 3,597 wealthy millennials into the state. They’re also moving to Washington State, Texas, Colorado and Florida.

“Rich millennials are moving to the coasts,” the survey noted. “Seven of the states in our top 10 are either on the East Coast or the West Coast. With Texas on the Gulf Coast, that makes Colorado and Tennessee the only landlocked states in the top 10.” (Read more from “Wealthy Millennials Are Leaving These States – and Moving to These Instead” HERE)


Where Rich Millennials Are Moving in 2019

By Smart Asset. . .Rich millennials are moving to the coasts. Seven of the states in our top 10 are either on the East Coast or the West Coast. With Texas on the Gulf Coast, that makes Colorado and Tennessee the only landlocked states in the top 10.

The Northeast isn’t popular with wealthy millennials. Save for New Jersey, which made the top 10, the Northeast isn’t a popular destination for the wealthy under 35. Five of the bottom 10 states (Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New York), plus the District of Columbia, are located in the Northeastern region of the U.S. (Read more from “Where Rich Millennials Are Moving in 2019” HERE)

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Mexican Military Begins Taking Action Against Illegal Aliens

By The Blaze. The Mexican military has deployed and is taking action against migrants after Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador struck a deal with President Donald Trump to prevent the implementation of tariffs on Mexican imports. . .

The Mexican National Guard is targeting migrants just north of the Guatemalan-Mexican border, where migrants hitch a ride north on a train known as “The Beast,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“The National Guard was placed on one side, a moment that was used by more than 200 migrants who got off the train and fled,” Nataniel Hernández Núñe, director of the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Center, told Mexican media. . .

According to El Universal, migrant apprehensions in Mexico have increased 200 percent after Trump publicly threatened Mexico with tariffs. Because Mexico agreed to increase their immigration efforts — which they are clearly doing — Trump announced Friday that he would not move forward with the tariffs. (Read more from “Mexican Military Begins Taking Action Against Illegal Aliens” HERE)


Dow Futures Jump More Than 100 Points After US-Mexico Reach Deal to Avoid Tariffs

By CNBC. Stock futures indicated that the Dow Jones Industrial Average would open more than 100 points higher Monday in the wake of President Donald Trump’s decision to suspend planned tariffs against Mexico.

Trump announced on Friday that he would not impose 5% tariffs on Mexican exports, after Mexico agreed to strengthen immigration enforcement.

But Komal Sri Kumar, president of Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, thinks this boost will be short lived.

“There is still uncertainty around the treaty because the president can still impose tariffs if Mexico doesn’t comply with the deal,” Kumar said. “What does this mean? It means that, if the U.S. feels Mexico isn’t doing enough to stop immigration into the U.S., tariffs will be imposed. My feeling is this is going to happen sometime in the next few months.”

On Friday, the Dow closed 263.28 points higher at 25,983.94 to post its best week since November on hopes that the Federal Reserve would move to slash interest rates after job numbers came in lower than expected. (Read more from “Dow Futures Jump More Than 100 Points After US-Mexico Reach Deal to Avoid Tariffs” HERE)

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Two Former GOP State Senators Found Dead Days Apart

By Townhall. Within the span of two days, two former Republican State Senators were found dead.

Last week, Arkansas State Sen. Linda Collins-Smith was shot and killed outside of her home in Pocahontas, about 130 miles northeast Little Rock. She died of a gunshot wound and her body was found wrapped in a blanket. Her death is being investigated as a homicide. . .

Former Oklahoma State Sen. Jonathan Nichols was found two days later dead in his home in Norman, 20 miles south of Oklahoma City. He died of a gunshot. Investigators say a gun was on the table near Nichols’ body, The Oklahoman reported. Police say the case is still pending investigation, Fox News reported.

Nichols served in the State Senate from 2000 to 2012. He was most recently serving as senior policy adviser to House Speaker Charles McCall. (Read more from “Two Former GOP State Senators Found Dead Days Apart” HERE)


Funeral Set for Former Senator

By Arkansas Times. Funeral arrangements were announced today for Linda F. Collins (as the funeral home identified her; she’d been known in her political career as Linda Collins-Smith, but was divorced last fall from retired Judge Philip Smith). She was found dead at her home near Pocahontas earlier this week and the suspected homicide remains under investigation. The obituary at Fears Funeral Home suggested memorials to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. It noted her career:

Linda accomplished much good during her lifetime. She was a former Arkansas State Representative and former Arkansas State Senator. In addition, she was a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. She was a member of the following organizations: Gun Owners of America, Arkansas Hospitality Association, National Federation of Independent Business, Arkansas Chamber of Commerce, Randolph County Arkansas Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Arkansas Lodging Association, Lower Mississippi Delta Development Council, and the Arkansas Federation of Republican Women. Linda was also proud to be the founder of the Randolph County Tourism Association and a supporter of the Patriots of Act 746, in Arkansas.

(Read more from “Funeral Set for Former Senator” HERE)

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Meadows Drops a Major Truth Bomb About the FBI’s Involvement in the Russia Probe

By Townhall. House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) on Friday talked about the Russia investigation with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“Within 60 days of them opening the investigation, prior to Bob Mueller coming on, the FBI and the [Department of Justice] knew that Christopher Steele was not credible, the dossier was not true and George Papadopoulos was innocent,” Meadows explained. “When you look at that foundation, it’s all built on a foundation of sand. That’s going to start to show up very soon.”

The bureau relied on Christopher Steele’s dossier, which was conducted on behalf of the Clinton campaign, to obtain a surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. The FBI refused to do their due diligence and actually verify what was said in the document. They treated it like gold, like absolutely everything in it was true. And that’s how we got the Russia probe.

(Read more from “Meadows Drops a Major Truth Bomb About the FBI’s Involvement in the Russia Probe” HERE)


Rosenstein Predicts Barr’s Critics May One Day Realize His Obstruction Decision Was ‘Reasonable’

By Washington Examiner. Rod Rosenstein predicts Attorney General William Barr’s detractors who criticize him for his handling of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation may come around one day.

No stranger to controversy himself, the former deputy attorney general stressed to the New York Times that Barr made the right call when he determined there was insufficient evidence to initiate criminal prosecution against President Trump for obstruction of justice.

“A few years from now, after all of this is resolved, some of Barr’s critics might conclude that his approach was a reasonable way to navigate through a difficult situation,” he said.

A redacted version of the report Mueller’s report laid out 10 instances in which Trump might have obstructed justice, but Mueller declined to make a determination on the matter, citing a Justice Department guideline that sitting presidents cannot be indicted. Mueller also did not find sufficient evidence to establish criminal conspiracy took place between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

Before the report’s release in April, Barr released a summary of its principal conclusions which said he and Rosenstein decided there was not sufficient evidence to establish an obstruction crime had occurred. Still, although Trump says he has been vindicated, Democrats argue Mueller’s refusal to clear Trump on obstruction provides them a road map to continue to investigate and possibly seek impeachment. (Read more from “Rosenstein Predicts Barr’s Critics May One Day Realize His Obstruction Decision Was ‘Reasonable'” HERE)

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U.S. Makes HUGE Deal with Mexico

By Fox News. The U.S. has reached an agreement with Mexico that heads off the start of tariffs on Monday.

The deal, announced by President Trump via tweet on Friday night, is said to include plans to return migrants seeking asylum to Mexico, where they will remain until their claims can be processed.

“I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico. The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the U.S. on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended,” he said. “Mexico, in turn, has agreed to take strong measures to….stem the tide of Migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border. This is being done to greatly reduce, or eliminate, Illegal Immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States. Details of the agreement will be released shortly by the State Department. Thank you!”

Trump had taken a tough position toward Mexico earlier in the day, tweeting, “If we are unable to make the deal, Mexico will begin paying Tariffs at the 5% level on Monday!” Mexico was able to avoid these tariffs on farm and agricultural products, according to Trump’s announcement.

Mexico promises to deploy its National Guard throughout Mexico, particularly at the border, increase actions to dismantle human trafficking operations to smuggle individuals across the border, and take extra steps to coordinate with the American government to share information and “better protect and secure our common border,” according to a statement from the State Department. (Read more from “U.S. Makes Deal with Mexico” HERE)


Trump Calls off Plan to Impose Tariffs on Mexico

By The New York Times. . .The president’s threat that he would impose potentially crippling tariffs on the United States’ largest trading partner and one of its closest allies brought both countries to the brink of an economic and diplomatic crisis — only to be yanked back from the precipice nine days later. The threat had rattled companies across North America, including automakers and agricultural firms, which have built supply chains across Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Businesses had warned that the tariffs would increase costs for American consumers, who import everything from cucumbers to refrigerators from Mexico, and prompt retaliation from the Mexican government in the form of new trade barriers that would damage the United States economy.

But the trade war ended before it began, forestalling that economic reckoning and an intraparty war that Mr. Trump had created by threatening tariffs to leverage the immigration changes he demanded. That tactic had drawn stiff protests from Republicans, including many senators, who have long opposed tariffs and worried the measure would hurt American companies and consumers. (Read more from “Trump Calls off Plan to Impose Tariffs on Mexico” HERE)

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This Prediction from Maxine Waters Is Being Thrown Back in Her Face After Deal with Mexico

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is facing some ridicule from supporters of President Donald Trump after she predicted he would “cave” on the threat to impose tariffs on Mexico. . .

Just hours later, the president tweeted that he had reached an agreement with Mexico and he called off the threat of tariffs.

“Mexico will take unprecedented steps to increase enforcement to curb irregular migration, to include the deployment of its National Guard throughout Mexico, giving priority to its southern border,” read a statement from the state department. . .

Waters, undeterred, retweeted a post claiming that she was correct in her prediction that he would “cave” in order to avoid implementing the unpopular tariffs on Mexico.

(Read more from “This Prediction from Maxine Waters Is Being Thrown Back in Her Face After Deal with Mexico” HERE)

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People Are Canceling Netflix and Disney—and the Revenue Losses Are Growing by the Hour

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus never waste an opportunity to tell the American public living in red states how much they hate them. From Netflix showing movies that could meet the legal definition of sexual assault of children to making cartoons about babies in drag (while ignoring customer concerns) to Disney’s CEO complaining about Alabama abortion laws, people are sick of their entertainment companies pushing a hard-left agenda.

Now these services are not only going after conservative values but are actively trying to harm conservative states, reports Fox News. “Earlier this week, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos issued a statement on the growing movement in Hollywood to boycott Georgia over the new pro-life legislation which prohibits abortions if a baby’s heartbeat is detected, which is roughly six weeks into the pregnancy.” . . .

A new initiative called Red Petition is asking everyone to cancel their streaming accounts. Those of you who already did cancel one of these services for political reasons can still fill out their form so they can keep a running tally of how much the sermonizing Hollyweirdos are costing their bottom line. The numbers are climbing every day, but if the president tweeted this out, imagine how much worse it would get for these companies. That would be some good entertainment.

. . .

The losses are growing by the hour. (Read more from. “People Are Canceling Netflix and Disney—and the Revenue Losses Are Growing by the Hour” HERE)

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