Murkowski, Key Vote in Kavanaugh Confirmation, Reveals How She Feels About Allegations

By Fox News. Just days before Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee plan to hold a critical vote on whether to recommend Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the full Senate, a key swing vote Republican senator, Lisa Murkowski, seemed to suggest that her support for the nominee is wavering.

“We are now in a place where it’s not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified,” Murkowski said in an interview on Monday night. “It is about whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed.”

Asked Tuesday about whether an FBI inquiry into the decades-old allegations against Kavanaugh should occur — a repeated demand by Democratic lawmakers — Murkowski replied, “It would sure clear up all the questions, wouldn’t it?”

Murkowski’s comments put her at odds with her Republican colleagues in the Senate, including Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who have said the Senate, not the FBI, has the constitutional duty to investigate the Kavanaugh claims.

The FBI would need explicit White House instruction to conduct a probe into the allegations against Kavanaugh, Fox News has learned, because they fall well outside any applicable statute of limitations for a federal crime. (Read more from “Murkowski, Key Vote in Kavanaugh Confirmation, Reveals How She Feels About Allegations” HERE)


Trump Accuses Democrats of ‘Con Game,’ Republicans Set Friday Committee Vote on Kavanaugh

By ABC News. The Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday announced a vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for as early as 9:30 a.m. Friday, just hours after he and one of his accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, are scheduled to tell senators their dramatically different stories about her allegation he sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school.

In the face of strong opposition to Kavanaugh, some Senate Republicans have indicated they are eager to vote on his nomination even before they hear from Ford.

“Immediately following the conclusion of Thursday’s hearing, the Senate Judiciary Committee should vote up or down on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination,” Sen. Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican, said in a statement Tuesday.

The top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, immediately called the Republican move “outrageous.” (Read more from “Trump Accuses Democrats of ‘Con Game,’ Republicans Set Friday Committee Vote on Kavanaugh” HERE)

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Stephen King Exposes the Real Reason the Left Hates Kavanaugh in Two Tweets

On Tuesday, author and ardent leftist Stephen King took to Twitter to unleash venom on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and in the process revealed one of the main reasons why the Left has such hatred for the man — and it’s certainly not because of these vague, unsubstantiated, and uncorroborated accusations enabled by shoddy reporting, either.

“If ‘white male entitlement’ was in the dictionary, it could be illustrated by Brett Kavanaugh’s photograph. The thought of this closed mind on the Supreme Court for the rest of my life sickens me,” wrote King in a tweet.

And there you have it: Kavanaugh is loathed because he is a successful white male, unable to claim any victimhood credit. The judge belonged to a frat, he played football, he’s religious, he claims he was a virgin until well after high school, he was popular and had lots of friends, graduated at the top of his class and has achieved real success. . .

King followed it up with more nonsense: “While in college, Brett Kavanaugh was a heavy drinker and an enthusiastic party-boy. Those behaviors change with age, but the attitudes and assumptions which drove the behaviors rarely do,” he wrote.

(Read more from “Stephen King Exposes the Real Reason the Left Hates Kavanaugh in Two Tweets” HERE)

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Whoa, Nelly: WSJ Columnist Notices Something Odd About WAPO’s Initial Report on Kavanaugh Accuser

Okay—so, the Brett Kavanaugh drama is heating up. Christine Blasey Ford has lobbed a grenade at Judge Brett Kavanaugh, accusing him of a drunken episode in which he attempted to sexually assault her at a party some 30-plus years ago. Kavanaugh was 17-years-old. It’s a serious charge—and it should be dissected before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Give Ms. Ford her day to detail this episode…if she can find the time. The committee and Ford’s lawyers, one of which, Debra Katz, is publicly anti-Trump (she’s and more of an operative) are still trying to hash out the details. Par for the course, right; it’s all about getting that delay. Delay for the midterms in an effort to run out the clock on this Supreme Court nomination. Democrats think they can increase their weak position on the Hill by weaponizing a possibly false charge to win more clout in D.C.

Ford’s story is shaky from the get-go: a 30-plus year allegation, which Kavanaugh has denied. Then, Mark Judge and Patrick Smyth (aka “PJ”) have straight up said they have no recollection of the night in question, the incident, and even the party itself. Ms. Ford says a party happened, but cannot remember whose house it was, how she got there, or how the whole gathering came about. But first, there’s some news about The Washington Post story that juiced this story into hyperspace. It was the piece in which the details of the account are explained in detail, and Ford’s name was revealed to the country. . .

Ford said she told no one of the incident in any detail until 2012, when she was in couples therapy with her husband. The therapist’s notes, portions of which were provided by Ford and reviewed by The Washington Post, do not mention Kavanaugh’s name but say she reported that she was attacked by students “from an elitist boys’ school” who went on to become “highly respected and high-ranking members of society in Washington.” The notes say four boys were involved, a discrepancy Ford says was an error on the therapist’s part. Ford said there were four boys at the party but only two in the room.

Okay—well, she didn’t tell anyone before her couple’s therapy in 2012. Uh, that’s a lie. She reportedly told someone days after this allegation because Christina King Miranda said she remembered it being the talk of the school, though she doesn’t know Ford and has no first-hand knowledge of the account. She believes Ford, however. Uh, that’s tells us nothing, lady. . .

Now, Kimberley Strassel had a lengthy thread on Twitter last night, where she obtained an email through a source from reporter Emma Brown to Mark Judge, who was cited in the account. Strassel cites one part of that email:

In addition to Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, whom she called acquaintances she knew from past socializing, she recalls that her friend Leland (last name then was Ingham, now Keyser) was at the house and a friend of the boys named PJ.”

(Read more from “Whoa, Nelly: WSJ Columnist Notices Something Odd About WAPO’s Initial Report on Kavanaugh Accuser” HERE)

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Democrats Have to Be Horrified as Avenatti Announcement Wrecks Their Entire Case

By Conservative Tribune. . .As The New Yorker was publishing yet another uncorroborated allegation against Kavanaugh, this time involving a party during his years at Yale, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer was busy getting in on the attention. In a tweet, he said he had evidence of malfeasance by both Kavanaugh and his high school friend which sounded an awful lot like a conspiracy theory.

“I represent a woman with credible information regarding Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge,” Avenatti’s first tweet began.

. . .However, this really does take the cake. Apparently, during a background check of Kavanaugh, both the FBI and the Trump administration completely missed that a judge on the D.C. Circuit Court was running a secret drug-and-alcohol gang rape group during high school which he decided it would be a great idea to allude to in his yearbook.

This was the eventual problem with the circus strategy the Democrats have pursued with Kavanaugh, both before and after Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations came to light: Attention-seeking tactics attract attention-seekers. Ford and Kavanaugh’s newest accuser, Deborah Ramirez, aren’t prima facie ridiculous, even if their accounts seem felicitously timed and are backed up by a grand total of zero corroboration. . .

This is the kind of insanity the Kavanaugh hearings will eventually devolve into unless the Democrats back away. If they were to back down, of course, that would mean Kavanaugh would sail through. That’s not likely to happen. But if Avenatti turns this into a conspiracy hunt, he’s going to end up tarnishing the credibility of the entire strategy. (Read more from “Democrats Have to Be Horrified as Avenatti Announcement Wrecks Their Entire Case” HERE)


Third Kavanaugh Accuser, a Former U.S. Mint Employee, ‘100 Percent Credible,’ Avenatti Says

By USA Today. A third woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct will come forward in the next 48 hours, according to Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for adult film star and alleged President Donald Trump mistress Stormy Daniels.

Following a Monday hearing over Daniels’ lawsuit against Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen over a hush-money deal, Avenatti told reporters he has been hired by a former employee of both the State Department and the U.S. Mint who has information of a sexual nature about Kavanaugh and his high school friend Mark Judge.

“It will relate to how they behaved at countless house parties,’’ Avenatti said.

Avenatti also told reporters the woman, whom he did not name, has multiple security clearances and will “literally risk her life’’ by coming forward. He called her “100 percent credible,’’ saying she has multiple witnesses to corroborate her story and would be willing to take a polygraph if Kavanaugh does as well.

Avenatti didn’t disclose how his client met Kavanaugh and Judge or reveal details on the timing of the alleged misconduct. (Read more from “Third Kavanaugh Accuser, a Former U.S. Mint Employee, ‘100 Percent Credible,’ Avenatti Says” HERE)

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Mega-Pastor: Ten Commandments No Longer Applicable

A mega-pastor of one of the largest “evangelical” churches in the U.S. is attacking the Old Testament again, this time insisting Jesus rendered the Ten Commandments null and void, issuing one new law “as a replacement for everything.”

Andy Stanley, pastor of the 34,000-member North Point Community Church in suburban Atlanta, who famously advised his flock to “unhitch” from the Old Testament in a sermon last spring, has now penned an article promoting his new book saying laws such as “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” and “Thou shalt not kill” are no longer relevant to Christians living in the New Covenant era.

“You’ve heard the story before: A group of Christians puts up a monument of the Ten Commandments in a public space or on government property,” begins Stanley in his article titled, “Why do Christians want to post the Ten Commandments and not the Sermon on the Mount?” “Someone says it violates the separation of church and state. The Christians say taking it down would violate their freedom of speech. There’s some back and forth in court and both sides say some not-so-great things about the other. Rinse and repeat. But how many times have you seen Christians trying to post the text of the sermon on the mount in a public place? Or the all-encompassing commandment Jesus gave us? ‘A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another — John 13:34 The one commandment! Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? But if we’re going to create a monument to stand as a testament to our faith, shouldn’t it at least be a monument of something that actually applies to us?”

Stanley goes on to write that the Ten Commandments are from the Old Covenant, which he says “played a significant role in God’s creation of the nation of Israel. It gave them moral guidelines and helped separate this new nation from their neighbors. This was part of the formal agreement (or covenant) God created with his people, but Jesus’ death and resurrection signaled the end of that covenant and all the rules and regulations associated with it. Jesus didn’t issue his new command as an additional commandment to the existing list of commands. He didn’t say, ‘Here’s the 614th law.’ Jesus issued his new commandment as a replacement for everything in the existing list. Including the big ten. Just as his new covenant replaced the old covenant, Jesus’ new commandment replaced all the old commandments.”

The implications of that unequivocal statement have been staggering to other Christians who point out how the words of Jesus and the apostles seem to contradict them flatly and reject such a conclusion. (Read more from “Mega-Pastor: Ten Commandments No Longer Applicable” HERE)

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Obama Snaps on Crowd During Rally

Former President Barack Obama took a moment during a Friday rally in Philadelphia to deliver a stern rebuke for some of the young people in the audience.

“I’m talking to you, young people!” Obama snapped as he pointed into the crowd, where he said some young people were paying more attention to their phones than they were to him.

“You! Pay attention!” he yelled.

According to a scorecard kept by The American Mirror, part of what the young people might have been missing was Obama talking about himself.

The site reported that Obama “said ‘I’ 56 times, ‘Me’ 5 times, and ‘My’ 4 times, talking about himself a total of 65 times, or once about every 30 seconds.”

Obama also had harsh words for voters who fail to do as he directs and vote for the Democrats he supports, CBS reported.

“But, some people may not have heard the news yet. So I’m heard to deliver it. This November’s election is more important than any I can remember in my lifetime,” he said.

Obama admitted that politicians always say the upcoming election is crucial.

“This time, the stakes really are higher,” added. “The consequences of any of us sitting on the sidelines are far more dangerous.”

Obama went on to play the gender card.

“Pennsylvania’s a great state, but let me just say Pennsylvania right now, you have no women in Congress. You can send seven Democratic women to Washington if you vote! And I will tell you — and Michelle didn’t put me up to this — stuff works better when women are involved,” Obama said.

During his speech, Obama said voters needed to ensure that the White House would face opposition in the years to come.

“The Republicans in Congress right now … they’re no check on the White House. They’re bending over backwards to shield … folks from scrutiny and accountability,” he said, according to Fox News. “So look, I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. You know this. Here’s the good news. On Nov. 6, you have a chance to restore some sanity to our politics.”

Obama did not mention President Donald Trump by name, but said all Americans “should be concerned about the current course of this country.”

In response, Republicans pointed out that during Obama’s presidency, America’s economy — and its citizens — suffered greatly.

“On President Obama’s watch, we had our slowest economic recovery since World War II and Democrats lost more than 1,000 seats,” said Michael Ahrens, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, according to the Daily News. (For more from the author of “Obama Snaps on Crowd During Rally” please click HERE)

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GOP Rep Gets the Last Laugh After Siblings Bash Him in Opponent’s Campaign Ad

. . .Case in point: Paul Gosar couldn’t have been too thrilled when six of his siblings came out with an advertisement urging Arizonans to vote against him.

Gosar, a staunch conservative and Republican congressman seeking re-election in Arizona, was hit with a scathing political ad from his opponent, Democrat David Brill.

The ad featured six of Gosar’s siblings, David, Tim, Jennifer, Gaston, Joan and Grace, hammering home the point that Gosar “is not working for you.”

Apparently, the bitter sibling rivalry began in earnest last year when Paul Gosar called the violent Charlottesville riots a leftist plot meant to undermine Trump. Subsequently, Paul Gosar also accused liberal billionaire George Soros of being a Nazi collaborator. . .

Instead of worrying or lamenting over his siblings’ surprise attack, Paul Gosar seemed to take in stride and fired back a brutal shot.

(Read more from “GOP Rep Gets the Last Laugh After Siblings Bash Him in Opponent’s Campaign Ad” HERE)

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Bombshell: Rosenstein Conspired to Wiretap Trump to Invoke 25th Amendment?

By Fox News. The Trump administration was rocked Friday afternoon by a bombshell report saying Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last year suggested secretly recording President Trump to expose chaos in the White House and enlisting Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

Rosenstein adamantly denied the accusations.

“The New York Times’s story is inaccurate and factually incorrect,” he said in a statement to Fox News. “I will not further comment on a story based on anonymous sources who are obviously biased against the department and are advancing their own personal agenda. But let me clear about this: Based on my personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment.” . . .

But the Times report is sure to roil a White House already suspicious of some elements within the DOJ and FBI, as Trump complains regularly about the Russia probe he calls a “witch hunt.” Rosenstein oversees that probe.

“I have requested that the Judiciary Committee convene hearings with Mr. Rosenstein, and others who are alleged to have been in the room at the time, in order to ascertain the truth,” said a ststement fromk Rep. Matt Gaetzx, R-Fla., on Friday night. “Needless to say, if these inflammatory and disturbing claims are true, they constitute grounds for Mr. Rosenstein’s immediate removal.” (Read more from “Bombshell: Rosenstein Conspired to Wiretap Trump to Invoke 25th Amendment?” HERE)


Trump Allies Want Rod Rosenstein Fired After Reports He Discussed Removing the President

By USA Today. Allies of President Donald Trump are calling for the firing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after reports surfaced that he discussed invoking the 25th Amendment and suggested wearing a wire during encounters with the president.

Rosenstein, who oversees the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, has been in danger of firing for months. House Republicans filed articles of impeachment against him in July. Reports continue to mount that Trump is considering his ouster.

The calls for Rosenstein’s firing appeared to increase at the same time special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has picked up speed and took out several in the president’s circle with indictments, guilty pleas or cooperation agreements. Rosenstein was given charge of the Mueller’s investigation after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself because he served as an adviser to the Trump campaign.

The New York Times report was met with an unusual welcome by Trump supporters. Some Republican members of Congress and hosts on Fox News pointed to the article as a rationale to further look into the claims or fire Rosenstein.

(Read more from “Trump Allies Want Rod Rosenstein Fired After Reports He Discussed Removing the President” HERE)

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Watch: CNN Interview Goes Bad as Ex-FBI Asst. Director Savages Ford Accusations

A CNN interview on Wednesday with former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker didn’t work out quite the way the network was probably hoping after Swecker said the recent accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would not hold up in court.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin asked Swecker a series of questions regarding the FBI’s involvement with the accusations of sexual assault made by California university professor Christine Blasey Ford against Kavanaugh. . .

Swecker confirmed during the CNN interview that the FBI won’t handle the case.

“The FBI has no independent jurisdiction to open up a stand-alone investigation of rape allegations or assault allegations that may have taken place 36 years ago,” Swecker said. “That’s a local crime. Unless it involves a federal official or on federal land, or has some federal nexus, there’s just no jurisdiction to do it.”

“There just can’t be any forensic evidence. I would be shocked if they brought a garment forward that might have DNA or something like that,” Swecker said.

Swecker went on to say that the evidence would be “strictly interviews” of the alleged victim, the alleged perpetrator, anyone else who might have been at the party, her therapist or anyone else she may have confided in about the incident. (Read more from “Watch: CNN Interview Goes Bad as Ex-FBI Asst. Director Savages Ford Accusations” HERE)

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3rd Person in Room During ‘Kavanaugh Attack’ Comes Forward and Blows Story Apart

The left’s characterization of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is falling apart after another individual identified as being present during the alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh has come forward and rejected the accuser’s story.

In a letter sent to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California professor Christine Blasey Ford said there were four people besides herself at the party when she was allegedly assaulted by Kavanaugh.

One of those four people, Patrick J. Smyth, a high school classmate of Kavanaugh, provided the Senate Judiciary Committee with a letter rebutting Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh, according to CNS News.

“I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as ‘PJ’ who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post,” Smyth said in his statement published by CNN.

Smyth went on to claim “no knowledge” of the party Ford described.

“I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.”

Smyth also commented on Kavanaugh’s character and his treatment of women.

“Personally speaking, I have known Brett Kavanaugh since high school and I know him to be a person of great integrity, a great friend, and I have never witnessed any improper conduct by Brett Kavanaugh towards women,” Smyth said.

Smyth’s statement makes him the third person to deny Ford’s claims out of the four individuals Ford said were present at the party.

Kavanaugh was the first person to deny Ford’s claims.

“This is a completely false allegation,” Kavanaugh said in a statement on Monday.

“I have never done anything like what the accuser describes — to her or to anyone,” Kavanaugh continued, “Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday.”

Kavanaugh also expressed a desire to talk with the Senate Judiciary Committee “in any way,” unlike Ford, who will only testify if she gets an FBI investigation, according to Fox News.

“I am willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary Committee in any way the Committee deems appropriate to refute this allegation, from 36 years ago, and defend my integrity,” Kavanaugh said.

Ford also identified Kavanaugh’s friend and former classmate, Mark Judge, who denied the allegations as well.

“In fact, I have no memory of this alleged incident,” Judge said in a statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. “Brett Kavanaugh and I were friends in high school but I do not recall the party described in Dr. Ford’s letter. More to the point, I never saw Brett act in the manner Dr. Ford describes.”

Ford’s story seems to be in shambles with three out of four alleged witnesses have said the assault never happened. (For more from the author of “3rd Person in Room During ‘Kavanaugh Attack’ Comes Forward and Blows Story Apart” please click HERE)

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