The Overwhelming Majority of Americans Are Terrified of This Year’s Election Results

A strong majority of likely voters are afraid of the results of the general election, according to an AP poll published Thursday.

Eighty-one percent of likely voters reported they are afraid of at least one of the candidates winning the election in November. Twenty-five percent admitted they were afraid of both candidates.

Individually, 56 percent of voters reported they feared a Trump presidency, while 48 percent reported a fear of a Clinton presidency. Only 26 percent of Trump and Clinton supporters stated they would be excited if their respective candidate won the general election.

“If Hillary Clinton won, I’d probably consider suicide. I’m definitely not a fan,” Dennis Fernandez of Arizona told the Associated Press. Lawrence James, a voter in North Carolina added, “If Trump wins, well, we’ve already checked out Malta and New Zealand. I’m just not comfortable that he’s not going to make rushed, uninformed decisions.”

Fourteen percent of supporters for both candidates said they didn’t like the candidate they would be voting for. “I really don’t love either of the candidates. What do they say? It’s a choice between hot and hell,” Annette Scott, a New Jersey resident told the Associated Press.

According to a national CBS poll published Thursday, both Clinton and Trump earned very high negative numbers. 67 percent of voters rated Clinton as “not honest or trustworthy.” 62 percent of voters said Trump was “not honest or trustworthy.” (For more from the author of “The Overwhelming Majority of Americans Are Terrified of This Year’s Election Results” please click HERE)

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GOP Candidate Makes Shocking Statement When Asked If He’d Support Trump in General Election

A day after urging Ohio and Florida voters to make stopping Donald Trump their reason for casting ballots, Sen. Marco Rubio indicated he’s distancing himself from the pledge he made to support the eventual GOP nominee., even if it should be Trump.

“I don’t know,” Rubio said Saturday. “I already talked about the fact that I think Hillary Clinton would be terrible for this country, but the fact that you’re even asking me that question … I still at this moment intend to support the Republican nominee, but … it’s getting harder every day.”

Rubio cited the protests Friday in Chicago, which shut down a planned Trump rally and became violent. He blamed Tump’s language for creating the political environment in which America is “careening toward chaos and anarchy.”

“We settle our differences in this country at the ballot box, not with guns or bayonets or violence,” Rubio said. “You wonder if we’re headed in a different direction today where we’re no longer capable of having differences of opinion but in fact now protests become a license to take up violence and take on your opponents physically.”

Although Rubio invoked the Chicago protests on Saturday, he had made it clear Friday that stopping Trump was his real campaign goal. (Read more from “GOP Candidate Makes Shocking Statement When Asked If He’d Support Trump in General Election” HERE)

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Trump Just Got the News He Did NOT Want to Hear in These 2 Super Tuesday States

By Gerry Urbanek. While Donald Trump has so far met with overwhelming success throughout the Super Tuesday election, Ted Cruz has managed to win two major victories, one in his home state of Texas and the other in the state of Oklahoma.

So far, this makes him the only candidate to score against the current GOP front runner, claiming a total of 3 states, including Iowa earlier in the year.

Now that Cruz has claimed these states in the nomination process, it seems more likely than ever that he might be the only alternative to Donald Trump as the GOP’s nominee.

In Texas, Cruz is polling exactly as predicted he would, winning more than 39 percent of the vote compared to Trump’s 28 percent, according to exit polls by the Associated Press. Cruz also managed to clear Oklahoma by roughly 5 percentage points against Trump.

(Read more from “Trump Just Got the News He Did NOT Want to Hear in These 2 Super Tuesday States” HERE)


Another Super Tuesday State Has Just Been Called, 2 Candidates Are Neck and Neck in This State

By Kevin Whitson. With victories already declared in five states, Trump could be on his way to earning the nomination of the Republican party over rival candidates Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Trump was just declared the winner in TN and is neck and neck with John Kasich in Vermont . . .

As it stands, Trump has claimed victory in the following states; AL, GA, MA, TN, VA. Cruz won TX and OK. AR will likely go down as a victory for Trump as well. Currently he is leading in the state with 34.1 percent of the votes over Cruz’s 26.7 percent and Rubio’s 26.5 percent. However, only 11 percent of the precincts have reported their results. Other states have not yet reported results.

Marco Rubio may come away with his first primary victory in MN. As it stands with only five percent of precincts reporting, Rubio is leading with 32.8 percent of the vote, followed by Cruz at 28 percent and Trump at 22.2 percent. (Read more from “Another Super Tuesday State Has Just Been Called, 2 Candidates Are Neck and Neck in This State” HERE)

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Comedian Made STUNNING 2016 Presidential Prediction 8 Years Ago That’s Catching Everyone’s Attention

While Donald Trump’s rise to political prominence in the GOP might baffle some, at least one individual was predicting this phenomenon as far back as 2008.

On the Adam Carolla Show, comedian and host Carolla made this prediction while discussing the billionaire and poking fun at some aspects of his private life.

“He’s going to be president in eight years, you understand that everybody? You understand Donald Trump is going to be president? He will be president one day, it will be in our lifetime,” said Carolla.

Asked whether Trump would still be with his current wife Melania, Carolla jokingly responded, “No, no, no, no, because she will have seen her 38th birthday. There will be uh … I think they’re harvesting Eva Gabor’s eggs right now as we speak to make a new classy chick from ‘Classilvania’ for Trump to marry as his fifth wife.”

The comedian continued his predictions with a much more facetious tone, seeming to imitate Trump’s brash and sometimes simple way of speaking.

In regards to his children, Carolla noted that they would most likely be members of his cabinet. “The ‘Secretary of Class,’ that’s what you’ll be, Ivanka. Ivanka, you will be the ‘Secretary of Does Not Suck and Class.’” (Read more from “Comedian Made STUNNING 2016 Presidential Prediction 8 Years Ago That’s Catching Everyone’s Attention” HERE)

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REPORT: Ted Cruz Trying to Secure Rand Paul Endorsement

After winning the Iowa caucuses, [Ted Cruz] has suffered three consecutive third-place finishes. And after spending a year courting the religious vote, Cruz has seen his pristine image blemished by charges — directed at him by Trump and Rubio — that his campaign plays too rough . . .

The debate precedes a slate of Southern Super Tuesday primaries that has been Cruz’s focus — and from which, without a good showing, it may be hard for him to recover. That means that during the debate he’ll reinforce his pitch that he is a conservative-minded Southerner whom voters in states like Tennessee, Oklahoma and Arkansas can relate to. He’ll also be tailoring his message for his home state of Texas, which also votes on March 1 — and where anything short of a victory would be devastating.

“The fact that Texas is a must-win for Cruz makes me suspect a lot of his strategy will be aimed at fortifying his position there by really demonstrating knowledge and key issues for Texas voters,” said Phil Musser, a former Republican Governors Association executive director. “Home state appeal — and a win — is a must.”

In the lead-up to Super Tuesday, Cruz is seeking other ways to reinforce his Southern credentials. In recent weeks, he has been aggressively appealing to Rand Paul for an endorsement. Yet three sources close to the Kentucky senator said Paul had rebuffed Cruz, saying that he had no intention of endorsing anyone anytime soon. A Cruz spokesperson declined to comment. (Read more from “REPORT: Ted Cruz Trying to Secure Rand Paul Endorsement” HERE)

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Results of the Republican Caucus in Nevada

By Russell Berman. The seemingly unstoppable train that is Donald Trump rolled on in Nevada on Tuesday, as the outspoken billionaire dominated the caucuses to win his third Republican victory in a row. The Republican nomination for president is now clearly his to lose.

Despite reports of disorganization and chaotic balloting, the networks called the state for Trump as soon as the caucuses officially ended at midnight Eastern time. The early results gave him more than 40 percent of the vote, easily outpacing Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who were battling for second. Ben Carson and Governor John Kasich of Ohio lagged far behind in the single digits.

Following similarly dominant wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina, the Nevada victory gives Trump a head of steam going into the dozen states that hold primaries and caucuses next week on Super Tuesday. Polls show Trump leading many of those races, and the only event standing in his way is a Republican debate on Thursday night in Texas.

Speaking to cheering supporters at his headquarters shortly before 1 a.m. Eastern, Trump quickly looked ahead to Super Tuesday and began to lay his claim to the nomination. “It’s going to be an amazing two months,” he said. “We might not even need the two months, to be honest.” (Read more from “Results of the Republican Caucus in Nevada” HERE)


Trump Scores Big Win in Nevada

By Maeve Reston. Donald Trump notched a resounding win in the Nevada caucuses Tuesday, channeling the roiling anger of Republican voters against the establishment and sweeping almost every category of the electorate to build his dominance in the delegate count.

It was a stunning show of momentum for his campaign, one that made it increasingly difficult to imagine a scenario where any other GOP candidate wins the Republican nomination . . .

Not only was it a win in the Silver State, but it was a win with a huge margin. With 30% of the expected vote in at about 3 a.m. ET, Trump was dominating the race with 42.6%. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were in a narrow battle for second with Rubio at 24.4% and Cruz at 23.6%.

The results in Nevada, a state where 30 delegates are at stake, demonstrated the power of Trump’s appeal in this anti-establishment year. It also underscored his ability to use his media savvy and enormous popularity to sweep a state with complex caucus rules and where rivals were far more organized. (Read more from “Trump Scores Big Win in Nevada” HERE)

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The Media Is Lying. Hillary Did NOT Win Nevada

I spent the weekend listening to national media commentators (so called “experts”) gloat over Hillary’s “decisive victory” in Nevada and how she is now on firm footing to win the Democratic presidential nomination. The media is committing fraud- you are being lied to.

Hillary’s razor thin Nevada victory wasn’t a “decisive victory.” It was an embarrassment that required spending millions of dollars to garner a pathetic 6,316 votes in an anemic turnout.

“Decisive victory?” The national media is committing fraud. Hillary once led Bernie Sanders by 40 points in Nevada. She led by 25 points less than 30 days ago. She won by 5 points.

But more importantly, the turnout was embarrassing, especially considering the millions spent on TV advertising. Hillary not only spent millions to draw a measly 6000 votes, overall turnout was down one third from 2008.

And she lost by 70 points among voters who voted based on “honesty.” (Read more from “The Media Is Lying- Hillary Didn’t Win Nevada” HERE)

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Trump Won With ‘Falwell Factor’ in South Carolina

Donald Trump owes Jerry Falwell Jr. a big fat wet kiss.

Trump’s big win Saturday night falls largely on the shoulders of the son of the late great Jerry Falwell Sr.

After New Hampshire, I wrote Trump would “march South” triumphant, leaving that moderate, independent-leaning New England state and do surprising well in conservative, evangelical South Carolina.

There were some doubters. Cruz had done exceptionally well in Iowa, due to the evangelical voters.

But Falwell, a Southern Baptist, and his Liberty University, the South’s leading evangelical university, would weigh more significantly with evangelical voters in the Palmetto State, I argued.

And the exit polls prove that Trump won South Carolina because of a seismic shift of evangelical voters away from Cruz to the billionaire. (Read more from “Trump Won With ‘Falwell Factor’ in South Carolina” HERE)

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What Voters Did NOT Vote for in South Carolina

The minute the polls close following a contentious election, the first question on everyone’s mind is: who won? The question that is obviously never asked is: what won? That is because issues are never on the ballot; only personalities are on the ballot.

There are three indelible factors in politics that are often overlooked by those of us who live and breathe this stuff for a living. 1) Perception is reality, even if the reality is antithetical to the public perception of a candidate; 2) voters ultimately cast ballots for individuals based on persona, not a coherent set of principles; and 3) name ID is the single biggest determinant of success.

As a result, political commentators all too often think that because, in their minds, candidate A believes in one set of principles and candidate B believes in another set of principles, voters who chose candidate A desired those policies and principles over candidate B’s. Unfortunately, elections don’t work that way. Many voters have no idea where a candidate really stands on the issues and often think their candidate believes the very opposite of his real position.

Consider the following: By a margin of 70-20%, Trump supporters in South Carolina, according to a PPP poll, want the Confederate Flag to fly over the state capital. But here’s the kicker: Trump himself supported Nikki Haley’s decision to remove it! Again, perception is reality, even when the reality is antithetical to the perception.

More than 55% of South Carolina voters picked Trump and Rubio combined. But it’s quite evident from the exit polling and the mood of the electorate that voters did NOT vote for the following (positions taken by at least one of the aforementioned candidates):

Single-payer health care

Eminent domain

Women in combat

Being an “honest broker” between Israel and the Palestinians

Open borders

The homosexual agenda

Judicial supremacy

Abortion and funding Planned Parenthood

Raising taxes on the wealthy

Cutting deals with the Democrats and establishment Republicans

In fact, it’s quite evident that voters want the exact opposite. The GOP electorate is larger, more conservative, and more religious than ever. And the 800-pound gorilla in the room is immigration. You can’t have a party that ignores its base on such a critical issue for over 20 years and get away with it forever. Whether Trump is sincere or not will be determined in the future, but his initial decision to jump on this issue has forever cemented his perception as the anti-establishment candidate who will fight political correctness. Three-fourths of the voters support a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, an issue we were proud to spotlight early and often here at Conservative Review – long before Donald Trump ran for president.

In addition, among voters to whom “shared religious beliefs matter,” Trump won a plurality, despite the fact that, in reality, he is not very religious at all. But he still won in a record turnout among Evangelicals. Again, perception is reality. And although Cruz won a plurality among self-described “very conservative” voters, Donald Trump still placed a close second, which means he is clearly siphoning off large numbers of the core base in addition to non-ideological and new voters.

At this point, Donald Trump is the clear front-runner. But what is also the front-runner are the principles and issues we’ve spotlighted for so long and will continue to do so, irrespective of who wins the nomination. Men are fallible, but principles endure. (For more from the author of “What Voters Did NOT Vote for in South Carolina” please click HERE)

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Dr. James Dobson Just Endorsed This Candidate for President – 2 Big Reasons Why [+video]

Another presidential endorsement has come in, this time from a leading Christian figurehead, Dr. James Dobson. Dr. Dobson is an evangelical radio talk show host and psychologist who has been active in the political arena for over thirty years. On Wednesday, Dobson reiterated his December endorsement for Senator Cruz of the Republican party.

Dr. Dobson is the president of Family Talk, a nonprofit program which focuses on the “preservation of family”, as well as the former president of Focus on the Family. He has also authored over 30 books on the topic, advised three President’s, worked as an associate clinical professor at the University of Southern California, and earned his Ph.D. in child development, as well as numerous honorary doctoral degrees.

Dr. Dobson is viewed by some as an “expert” in family affairs. He dispenses mainly biblical advice focused on Christian marriages through his Family Talk radio program.

In a recent video, Dobson explains why Senator Cruz has his endorsement. “For us, the sanctity of human life and traditional marriage are non-negotiable. Ted has been relentless in defending the institution of marriage.” Furthermore adding, “after Donald Trump and Marco Rubio announced that they would accept the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage we knew we could not support them. Our decision was confirmed when they opposed Senator Cruz’s efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.” (Read more from “Dr. James Dobson Just Endorsed This Candidate for President – 2 Big Reasons Why” HERE)

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