Creepy Trolls at Alaska Dispatch Cyber-Stalk Joe Miller’s Pregnant Daughter

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[UPDATE: After receiving numerous untoward comments on her own web page from Alaska Dispatch readers, Kelsey Miller wrote her own response to this unwelcome intrusion on her and her husband’s privacy. You can read it HERE.]

Just when you think the media can’t go any lower, along comes online news blog Alaska Dispatch to put the ‘ass’ in class. These folks are proving to be the kind of ‘journalists’ that have to look up to the supermarket tabloids.

On Wednesday an anonymous editor reported a post on Joe Miller’s personal Facebook page (not his political Facebook page) to raise funds for his daughter and son-in-law who are serving as Christian missionaries in Mexico.

Along with a description, replete with false juxtaposition of Joe Miller’s political views on limited government and personal responsibility, Alaska Dispatch also provided a link to the couple’s personal blog, and a picture. They are expecting their first child and, due to their status as full-time missionaries, solicited funds from their network of friends and donors to cover the cost of her maternity, as well as funds for a reliable vehicle.

Alaska Dispatch was obviously trying to score cheap political points, but anyone familiar with the evangelical missionary movement knows that fund-raising of this type is standard operating procedure. In fact, some mission organizations require deputation to raise a support team of regular donors and prayer partners.


Not only is this type of trolling by putative news organizations inappropriate, it could come with significant liability should it expose anyone to harm.

Children of politicians have always been considered off-limits, at least until Sarah Palin came on the scene. Now it appears the Alaska media is gearing up to give Joe Miller ‘the Sarah Palin treatment.’

Apparently the Alaska Dispatch’s hatred for Joe Miller cannot be satiated by lies and gratuitous smears. Now they stoop to attack his children. Have they no shame?

It’s a rhetorical question. There is no sewer these people won’t plumb in an attempt to get someone else dirty. They are cellar-dwellers.

The Alaska Dispatch appears to be a mere political mouthpiece that owner/publisher Alice Rogoff-Rubenstein is funding to protect her husband’s multi-billion-dollar empire, a massive recipient of corporate welfare. The Carlyle Group largely subsists off of federal contracting and ANC tax offsets.

FEC reports indicate that Ms. Rogoff-Rubenstein has given political donations to both Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich. Enough said.

Alaska Dispatch should remove said post, and offer a public apology. If you agree, you can contact Alaska Dispatch at (907) 743-0744.

Also, as the currency of an online publication is the traffic to its blog, I encourage you to NOT go to their website or click on ANY of their stories.

To ensure that Alice Rogoff-Rubenstein ends her political meddling in Alaska, she needs to understand that most Alaskans see through her media-charade and recognize it as nothing more than a tool to perpetuate crony capitalism.

(As of tonight, Sept. 26, 2013, Joe Miller is discontinuing his personal Facebook page. If you would like to connect with Joe on Facebook, please like his political page.)

[UPDATE: After receiving numerous untoward comments on her own web page from Alaska Dispatch readers, Kelsey Miller wrote her own response to this unwelcome intrusion on her and her husband’s privacy. You can read it HERE.]

LA Times: Why Did the FBI Have an Informant in Joe Miller Campaign?

fultonThe Los Angeles Times reported today that, “Now that the mole who helped bring down the leadership of the Alaska Peacemaker Militia has talked publicly, the big question on some minds in Alaska is: Why was federal FBI informant William Fulton involved in political campaigns?”

The LA Times interviewed not only Fulton, but also Joe Miller and 2010 Lieutenant Governor Candidate Eddie Burke who hired Fulton as his campaign manager. Fulton’s FBI handler also commented for the article.

During Joe Miller’s interview, he was asked about the impact of the handcuffing and what he thought about an FBI informant working in Alaska politics:

The widely reported arrest of a journalist at a town hall meeting “absolutely” was detrimental to his campaign, Miller said Monday in an interview with The Times.

“I’m a strong supporter of the 1st Amendment, and I had close friends that had been supporters of my campaign question, ‘Why would Joe Miller handcuff a journalist?’ For crying out loud, I wasn’t even in the building,” Miller said. “It was utilized as a political weapon against us in the state.”

Miller said he is now troubled that Fulton, whose personal politics turn out to be not at all aligned with the far right, was injecting controversy into his campaign and was also working on the campaign of Burke, another right-wing candidate who lost — all during 2010, when he was a paid informant for the FBI.

Miller recalled the well-publicized election of 2008, when longtime U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens lost his bid for reelection after being convicted of failing to report gifts from an oil industry lobbyist at the end of a long investigation waged by the FBI in Anchorage. The charges were dismissed in 2009 on the U.S. Justice Department’s own motion when it was learned that potentially exculpatory evidence had not been turned over to the defense. But by then, Democrat Mark Begich had won Stevens’ seat.

“This is the second U.S. Senate race in Alaska that the FBI has had some involvement in,” Miller said. “I’m certainly not expressing any type of conspiracy theory about the FBI causing any kind of trouble to my campaign, but it’s conceptually troubling to me that you have a paid informant working on multiple campaigns answering to the FBI, being debriefed by the FBI, and I really think it’s incumbent on that agency to come clean about the scope of this individual’s employment and the level of involvement the FBI had in that.”

Read more from this story HERE.

Federal Informant Admits Working for the Left During 2010 US Senate Handcuffing: “I was working for you, you sons of bitches, and nobody knew it”

The liberal Huffington Post reported today that Bill Fulton, the individual responsible for the handcuffing of the Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hopfinger at a Joe Miller for US Senate event, “was a federal informant at the same time.”

And, as it turns out, Fulton was also masquerading as a conservative the whole time, not only while volunteering for Joe Miller, but while acting as the campaign manager for rightwing lieutenant governor candidate Eddie Burke as well.

Fulton told the Huffington Post that he was a real honest-to-goodness liberal, bragging that he not only voted for Obama – twice – but that also, “he was working for you [the liberal press], you sons of bitches, and nobody knew it.”

And it appears Fulton is continuing his leftwing jihad. He claims that Miller wore a bullet proof vest the night of his primary victory because he “was a paranoid guy with a bunch of guys with guns that like to hang out with him.” What Fulton leaves out is that he followed Miller around at convention central, warning him of threats against him and insisted that Miller put on Fulton’s personal vest.

Fulton concludes his interview saying that his federal informant business is “booming this year because of Obama and gun control, man. If you look at the right wing, the growth in the militia organizations, the growth in the border organizations, the amount of firearms, the type of rhetoric that is now used, we have a major issue.”

Restoring Liberty Now Second Most-Read Alaskan News Site

This past weekend, the Restoring Liberty news site passed another milestone. As of Friday, it now exceeds the liberal Fairbanks News Miner in Internet traffic ranking, leaving only the Anchorage Daily News with more US web users.

This is an exciting development. As reported earlier this month, Restoring Liberty surpassed the traffic of the Alaska Dispatch blog. The Dispatch blog, founded and funded by Alice Rogoff, wife of billionaire and former Carter-adviser David Rubenstein, seems to have a single purpose: tearing down any efforts to reform the corrupt political establishment in Alaska (Ms. Rogoff has not responded to Restoring Liberty’s written request for an investigative interview). Profit seems to be no objective as it reputedly sucks in millions of dollars per year and is quite staff-heavy. Advertising revenue is likely a mere fraction of expenses.

Similarly, the News-Miner has significant funding behind it. The paper, the oldest in the State of Alaska with the second-highest circulation, is controlled by the family trusts of Dean Singleton and Richard Scudder, the founders of the MediaNews Group. This entity also owns 56 other newspapers throughout the United States as well as KTVA in Anchorage, the television station that was caught attempting to fabricate a story about my campaign and child molesters in 2010.

Although rarely reported by either biased outlet, both the News-Miner and the Alaska Dispatch filed lawsuits connected with my campaign. The Alaska Dispatch remains embroiled in litigation in an attempt to secure legal fees against me related to the Fairbanks North Star Borough case.

As many computer-savvy readers already know, Internet rankings are not entirely static. But at the time of the writing of this column, the national ranking for stands at 12,038, Fairbanks News-Miner – 12,303, Alaska Dispatch – 13,167, KTUU – 15,644, the Juneau Empire – 29,324, KTVA – 70,022, Alaska Public Radio – 105,178, and the Mat-Su Frontiersman – 223,982. [Current statistics for each site are available from]

The fact that Alaskans are turning away from our corrupted media to solid conservative sources is incredibly encouraging. Please support our efforts by advertising at Restoring Liberty. And let your favorite businesses know about Restoring Liberty as well. Advertising revenue will allow us to hire staff reporters so that we can fully displace the biased press from the State of Alaska. You can also contribute by sending us tips ([email protected]) and by providing original content on liberty-oriented topics.

Kathleen and I thank you for your readership, prayers, and other support. May God Bless our efforts together to Restore Liberty!