Alaska GOP Passes Measures to Block Tea Party or Libertarian Takeover

Photo Credit: Fox News

Photo Credit: Fox News

The Alaska Republican Party has taken measures to prevent a takeover by libertarian and Tea Party activists.

The new rules say a person has to be registered as a Republican for at least four years before seeking a top leadership position, and they require all candidates for the party’s statewide offices to be vetted by a special committee before they can run. The rules were adopted on Saturday, at the Alaska Republican Party’s biannual convention. Party Chair Peter Goldberg says the changes are a reaction to a coup staged by a group of Ron Paul supporters at the 2012 convention.

“Two years ago, people that were not Republicans were registering to become Republicans on the day of their district conventions and participating,” says Goldberg. “That’s really not appropriate.”

The insurgents elected a libertarian-leaning chair and vice chair, but the Alaska Republican Party’s old guard kicked them out of office last year.

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Is Alaska Republican Party Platform Being Hijacked?

photo credit: donkeyhoteyAnchorage, AK – Restoring Liberty received word last week of an effort underway to convene a series of closed-door invitation-only meetings intended to rewrite the Alaska Republican Party Platform in order to make it “reasonable-sounding to the average voter.”

Multiple conservative leaders in Anchorage have voiced concern over the secret meetings they believe are designed to purge the platform of social conservative values.

New information lends the appearance of a coordinated effort with acting State Chair Peter Goldberg and RNC representative Mike Shirley who were carbon copied on an email outlining the agenda for the “platform workshops.”

Such a move is sure to raise tensions ahead of the Juneau Convention scheduled for early May.

Many are already upset that the left-leaning State Central Committee voted to hold the State Convention off the road system for the second time in the last four years, presumably to block participation from more conservative areas of the state. The trip to Juneau is cost prohibitive for many.

The 2008 and 2012 Conventions on the road system ended poorly for party boss Randy Ruedrich and his “moderate” friends. After narrowly escaping majority opposition led by Joe Miller and former Governor Sarah Palin who sought to remove him as party chair in 2008, Ruedrich shut down the 2012 Convention prematurely in order to avert a rules change that would have done exactly that.

A subsequent reconvene granted at the parliamentarian’s insistence that the party comply with Robert’s Rules was also shut down when the former party chair took to the public airwaves and the press to discourage participation in order to block a quorum.

Coming on the heels of media reports linking US Senate candidate Dan Sullivan to a left-leaning cabal of outside billionaires seeking to remake the Republican Party by offering amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and pushing the door open for acceptance of gay marriage, more traditional Republicans are understandably nervous.

In the email forwarded to Restoring Liberty, failed 2012 party chair candidate Bruce Schulte opined that “our platform should not be an Albatross hung around the neck of every Republican regardless of the office they seek or the makeup of their constituency.”

It also outlined a list of objectives for the re-write: including, to “make the platform more inclusive of different perspectives [and] demographics . . . more positive . . . Alaska-centric . . . [and] to avoid alienating too many people.”

Attachments were provided to guide the process, inclusive of Republican platforms from Alaska, Utah and New Mexico, as well as those of the Alaska Democrat and Libertarian platforms.

Restoring Liberty was not invited, nor are we privy to who was blind copied on the email.

Alaska Republican Party Meltdown Continues

Anchorage, AK – Saturday’s meeting of the Alaska Republican Party Central Committee at the Millennium Hotel was marked by more unrest as an elected officer from District 10 was escorted off the premises by police.

Unbeknownst to Daniel Palmer, who was elected at his last District Convention as a member of the Central Committee, Chairman Peter Goldberg reportedly dissolved his district by fiat on Friday before the meeting convened on Saturday.

Apparently the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary had vacated their positions.

In a subsequent email, Goldberg maintained that “the Rules give me the authority and mandate that the district should be declared unorganized.”

Palmer maintains he was never contacted, saying he only found out when he arrived. Party policy has always been that any registered Republican may attend as a guest if the requisite fee is paid.

The rub came in when Mr. Palmer decided to record the meeting. According to witnesses, the Central Committee subsequently voted through a temporary measure that would disallow the meeting to be taped.

One member compared the heavy-handed approach of the Central Committee Leadership to “Gestapo tactics.”

When Palmer refused to turn off his video camera, party officials called the APD and prevailed upon Hotel Security to trespass Mr. Palmer, who was subsequently escorted out by Anchorage Police.

Chairman Goldberg has warned Mr. Palmer, “If you come to another meeting with your recording equipment and the body of the membership does not want you to use it, and if you refuse to comply with that directive, you will again be removed.”

It’s hard to imagine what information is so sensitive as to warrant this level of secrecy. Palmer maintains that he is only trying to serve the people who elected him, and he feels recording the meetings is the most effective way to keep them informed.

The incident highlights the deep fissures within the party precipitated by the 2010 Write-In campaign of Senator Lisa Murkowski waged against the party nominee, and exacerbated by the Central Committee’s ouster of duly elected leadership after the Ron Paul contingent won the top leadership posts at the 2012 party convention.

Mr. Palmer says his district is mobilizing for an emergency meeting to redress the situation.

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Alaska Republican Party Loses Another Popularly-Elected Official

Photo Credit: dmcdevitOn July 4, 2013, the Secretary of the Alaska Republican Party, Alicé Leuchte, resigned from the increasingly troubled state party, claiming that she was not only “blocked from contributing the expertise I promised the Delegates at the State Convention, but I have also found myself serving alongside fewer and fewer properly elected officers.” Here’s her letter of resignation:

Dear Fellow Republicans:

I came to the Alaska Republican Party as an outsider, and volunteered to work for Alaska Republicans. I brought with me my experiences within the Republican Partyof Virginia and affiliated organizations, as well as my creative talents and skills gained in my professional life in New York, Miami and elsewhere. Due to rare circumstances, I was able to volunteer these resources to the Alaska Republican Party on a full-time basis throughout a two-year term.

Looking back at the past year, I have not only been blocked from contributing the expertise I promised the Delegates at the State Convention (32:25), but I have also found myself serving alongside fewer and fewer properly elected officers.

A Party that claims fealty to constitutional, self-government must have leadership that is concerned with the integrity of the political process, and willing to serve a common set of rules and principles. The rules and platform of a Party are the guidelines on how the leadership of a Party is to represent and serve the members. If you are currently in a leadership position, and not interested in serving Alaskans within those parameters, you may soon find yourself standing alone.

Thankfully, the responsibility of maintaining integrity in our political process doesn’t just fall to leadership, but to all Alaskans. Our strength is in our numbers, and together we have the strength to restore our representative, republican system – with or without the blessing of those occupying leadership roles. It is not a State Chairman or a State Executive Committee that determines the values and policies of the Republican Party within Alaska. It is Alaska Republicans that dictate the direction of our Party.

Therefore, I am calling on all Alaska Republicans to restore the representative, republican nature that should guide our Party, and organize under the Founding values that we share. How this is done I will leave to you.

In closing, here is my official statement:

I was elected to the office of Secretary in order to serve Alaska Republicans, safe guard the representative process and promote republican principles. The organization currently known as the Alaska Republican Party does not serve these interests, and I refuse to cooperate with those who abuse volunteers, violate the trust of voters, accept donations from unions and seek influence through intimidation and coercion. Therefore, I will continue to serve the trust given to me by Alaska Republicans, and disavow this organization. Thank you.

Constitutionally yours,
Alicé Leuchte
Former Secretary of the Alaska Republican Party

Alaska GOP Coup a Bad Sign for National Party’s Future

The Republican Party of Alaska has become a perfect microcosm for everything that is wrong with the Republican Party today. It has all the problems that have cropped up in other state GOP organizations gathered together in one state and taken to their worst extreme.

Abuse of power, disenfranchisement of grassroots members, misappropriation of funds, purges of members, negation of the electoral process and what amounts to a full-scale coup have all been used to keep an established party elite in power against the will of the people.

A backlash against these tactics is inevitable.

The Alaska GOP refused to properly seat elected Chairman Russ Millette and subsequently attempted to remove Vice Chair Debbie Brown when she assumed the Chairmanship. This past week, the takeover of the party was confirmed when the Central Committee rejected appeals from Millette and Brown, reaffirming the unelected installation of establishment favorite Peter Goldberg as the new party Chairman. Goldberg will be the fourth Chairman the party has had in a year, a very unhealthy sign for any organization.

In the interim, they also carried out purges of party members from other leadership positions, including declaring the entire elected membership of their District 12 Executive Committee to essentially not exist. From the lowest Precinct Committeeman to the District Chairman, the entire District was unseated with no due process, not even a hearing, at the whim of party leaders who didn’t like having an entire District in disagreement with their actions.

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Alaska Talks Liberty Featuring Dave Nalle, Robby Wells and Mystery Guest from Fairbanks AK

Russ Millette, host of Alaska Talks Liberty, will be featuring Dave Nalle of the Republican Liberty Caucus and political reporter for the Washington Times. Additional guest Robby Wells; 2016 Presidential Candidate, along with a mystery guest from Fairbanks Alaska. They will be discussing the corruption in the Alaska Republican Party. Tune in to his radio show Tuesday May 28th at 3 PM AK Time.

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The Alaska Republican Party Coup Saga Moves to Homer

Photo Credit: dmcdevitThe State Central Committee (SCC) of the Alaska Republican Party will be meeting in Homer Alaska on Saturday May 25th for their quarterly leadership meeting. It should be a lively one.

This saga all began back in April of 2012 at the Republican State Convention where the state delegates elected Russ Millette as the new chair and Debbie Brown as the new vice chair. This represented a tremendous values shift away from the established party leadership that has ruled for over a decade.

From that moment on, the old guard has been working feverishly to nullify the state convention election results and keep their established leadership cabal in power indefinitely. Back in January, chair-elect Russ Millette was ousted by the smaller State Executive Committee (SEC) on the charge of failure to raise money just two hours before he was to be seated. Debbie Brown then advanced to party chair. She was likewise purged in a similar manner in April on the charge of failure to raise money. Both are appealing their removal from office at the upcoming SCC meeting in Homer.

In the meantime, a few of the individual political districts such as Districts 8 (Palmer), District 10 (Big Lake), and District 12 (Eagle River) have rejected this leadership usurpation by issuing individual district resolutions pledging to follow their duly elected leadership despite the noise and political machinations of those that have dug into the political system like Tennessee ticks.

As the meeting in Homer rapidly approaches, a new twist has been added in the form of an individual district resolution from District 30 (Kasilof & Homer) that proposes that the SCC confirm Peter Goldberg (or someone else) as interim chair until the September SCC meeting, at which time a new chair and vice-chair would be elected by the SCC. While on the surface this may look a lot like a compromise to promote unity within the Alaska GOP, in reality it would divide it like the Colorado River cutting through the sandstone of the Grand Canyon.

First of all if this resolution is adopted, the SCC would legitimize the coup d’état by confirming Peter Goldberg or someone else interim party chair. Secondly, this would disenfranchise the several hundred elected state delegates who voted at the 2012 Republican State Convention. Thirdly, this would sanction a “do over” election in a much smaller and controllable SCC venue. Lastly, this would upend and go-around any appeal that may be made by Russ Millette or Debbie Brown to keep their elected positions.

The crux of this issue really exceeds intraparty personality bickering. This is about something much larger and scarier that can affect every Republican and eventually every American. This is about the sacred respect for the succession of political power by majority vote. The U.S. Constitution and our Republican form of self-government are all built on the same foundation stone — the respect by both the winning and losing parties for the results of free and fair elections. In the past this mutual respect has provided for the orderly transfer of political power and has prevented many civil wars. The ARP is about to set a horrible precedent by nullifying a statewide election that if left unchecked, could spread like a cancer throughout our entire political system and eventually threaten the very foundation of our republic itself. We cannot allow this to happen.

The Republican State Central Committee (SCC) is composed of all of our elected state and federal legislators, the governor and lieutenant governor, as well others such as district chairs and bonus votes. Make your voice heard as to which direction you wish the Alaska Republican Party to go. It is my firm belief that the despite our current challenges and individual drifting, the Republican Party platform still rings closest to that of our Founding Fathers proclamation of individual liberty and limited government. It is up to us — you and I as rank and file Republicans, to dip our torch back into the pitch of freedom, relight it, and use it to guide the path of our footsteps much as it successfully guided our ancestor’s through two centuries of the darkest and stormiest nights into the green valleys of the greatest prosperity the world has ever known.

Alaska Talks Liberty Topic: The Future of The Alaska Republican Party

Russ Millette, host of Alaska Talks Liberty, will be featuring various guests this week. They will be discussing The Future of The Alaska Republican Party. Please tune in to his radio show Tuesday May 21st at 3 PM AK Time.

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Debbie Brown No Longer Chair of the ARP? Not So Fast Says Party Secretary

In a letter dated April 9, 2013 and distributed today, Alaska Republican Party Secretary Alicé Leuchte stated that “Debra Holle Brown is the current State Chairman.”

Ms. Leuchte, one of only two remaining members of the slate of non-establishment candidates elected during the 2012 state convention whom the RINO establishment has not attempted to remove from office, explained that the April 8 effort to remove Ms. Brown as chairman was invalid because:

⋆ The outcome was predetermined (March 12) before charges were even filed (March 14);
⋆ 25% of the voting membership did not call the meeting (March 24-26);
⋆ The complaint did not go through the proper process before the call of the meeting; and
⋆ The complaint was reviewed by the new Rules Committee and was determined to be unfounded (April 6).

Ms Leuchte also notes that the National Republican Party website incorrectly lists past chairman Randy Ruedrich as the Excecutive Director of the ARP, as the “Alaska Republican Party does not currently have an Executive Director.”

In anticipation of the effort to depose her, Chairman Brown ordered that the ARP office be locked down prior to her departure from the state earlier this week for a meeting with the national Republican Party.

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