Lt Gov Dewhurst Asks For Cost Estimates To Expand Border Security

Photo Credit: Breitbart Lt. Governor David Dewhurst asked the Texas National Guard (TNG) and Department of Public Safety (DPS) to provide cost estimates to expand the current border security operations underway along the Texas-Mexico border. In addition to expanding the operation to covering more of the border, the governor is asking for estimates to carry the operation through 2016.

“While defending our borders is, without question, a federal responsibility, Texas has an obligation to defend itself independently of the federal government when Washington fails to fulfill its Constitutional duties,” Dewhurst said in a letter to the DPS and TNG obtained by Breitbart Texas. “As policymakers continue discussion on how to fill the void left by Washington, it is important that the debate be informed by sound strategy and honest budgetary considerations.” Dewhurst’s letter is attached below for reference.

Dewhurst wrote the request to Colonel Steven McCraw, Texas DPS Director and Major General John Nichols, TNG Adjutant General. He requested the department leaders to provide cost estimates for the Offices of the Lt. Governor, Governor and Speaker of the House along with other lawmakers who are involved in the process.

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Obama’s Border Policy Fueled Epidemic, Evidence Shows

Photo Credit: CBS NewsBy Neil Munro.

The deadly EV-D68 enterovirus epidemic, which struck thousands of kids this fall, was likely propelled through America by President Barack Obama’s decision to allow tens of thousands of Central Americans across the Texas border, according to a growing body of genetic and statistical evidence.

The evidence includes admissions from top health officials that the epidemic included multiple strains of the virus, and that it appeared simultaneously in multiple independent locations.

The question can be settled if federal researchers study the genetic fingerprint of the EV-D68 viruses that first hit kids in Colorado, Missouri and Illinois to see if they are close relatives to the EV-D68 viruses found in Central America.

Officials ”have to do the genetic analysis” to disprove or prove the link, Nora Chapman, an enterovirus scientist at the University of Nebraska, told The Daily Caller.

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By Caroline May.

Thousands of family units that recently entered the United States illegally failed to appear before immigration judges between July 18 and October 7 of this year.

Documents from the Executive Office of Immigration Review provided to the House Judiciary Committee this week and exclusively obtained by Breitbart News offer a brief snapshot into the failure of certain undocumented immigrants who’ve been released into the United States to appear in immigration court.

According to the EOIR documents, in that two-and-a-half month period from mid-July to early October, immigration judges across the country rendered 3,885 decisions on removal cases dealing with “aliens” in family units. Of those decisions, 94 percent (3,661) were made “in absentia,” or the alien’s failure to appear resulted in an order of removal.

The document also showed that 9,874 cases were still pending over those months.

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Want to Stop ISIS? Secure the Border

Photo Credit: ISIS videoBy Shawn Moran.

A 25-year-old European male walks north, crossing a painted yellow line just outside an American Port of Entry. He heads towards the inspections area, careful to avoid the canine teams patrolling the pre-inspection areas. He picks a lane at random. He is carrying a larger than average backpack and is sweating, not from the weight, but from the fear that he will be stopped before carrying out his mission. This man is an ISIS jihadist. His mission is to attack America. His actions unleash a wave of terror, destruction and death, but that is just the beginning.

While first responders and Border Patrol Agents tend to the wounded and close the Port of Entry, other terrorist cells take advantage of tragedy. Several miles to the west of attack, a black Ford Suburban winds its way along deserted road, stopping near the north end of now unguarded border fence. Surveillance tapes will later show a group of six men crossing the primary border fence, scaling the secondary fence, and quickly crossing the border. Overwhelmed, understaffed and responding to a national crisis, no dispatcher or Border Patrol agent spots the illegal entry or the vehicle that drives them away. The evidence will later show the vehicle turning north, obeying all traffic laws and disappearing into American society. Otherwise occupied, understaffed Border Patrol agents will be unable to respond as more ISIS terrorist cells begin operations on American soil.

Unfortunately, this scenario is a real possibility today, because our borders are vulnerable and unsecured. But we can’t address the growing crisis through token measures or actions that provide no security. We need real solutions.

The solution is to focus on three simple strategies: (1) enforce our immigration laws; (2) support our Border Patrol Agents with additional training; and (3) give the proper number of hours for agents to effectively patrol and secure the border.

As threats from ISIS increase, the trends on the border are heading in the wrong direction. Even as encounters with illegal aliens increase, there is a decreased presence of agents and a lack of support from Washington for their efforts.

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Photo Credit: AP / Pablo Martinez MonsivaisNetanyahu to Obama: Hope Iran Won’t Get Nuclear Deal It Wants from You

By Patrick Goodenough.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised President Obama Wednesday for leading the effort against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but described the Iranian nuclear issue as “even more critical” and voiced the hope that negotiations with Iran would not leave it on the threshold of nuclear weapons capability.

“Israel fully supports your effort and your leadership to defeat ISIS,” Netanyahu told the president in the Oval Office during a media appearance before bilateral talks. “We think everybody should support this.”

“And even more critical is our shared goal of preventing Iran from becoming a military nuclear power,” he continued. “As you know, Mr. President, Iran seeks a deal that would lift the tough sanctions that you’ve worked so hard to put in place, and leave it as a threshold nuclear power. I fervently hope that under your leadership that would not happen.”

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'Armed Patriots': the Private Citizens Out to Secure the U.S. Border

Photo Credit: REUTERS / Rick Wilking By Lisa Maria Garza.

With binoculars in hand, an assault rifle slung over his chest and a Glock pistol on his hip, a man named Will scans the banks of the Rio Grande looking for anyone trying to cross from Mexico into Texas.

Will is a member of the Patriots, a group of heavily armed private citizens who use displays of force to intimidate people attempting to cross the border illegally. Since early summer the Patriots have patrolled an area near Brownsville, Texas.

“If you spot them and shine your light on them, that lets them know that you’re there,” said the 25-year-old construction worker from Indiana who flew to Texas for a stint with the Patriots. “Nine times out of 10, they’re not going to come over.

“Even if they are going to try to cross again, we’re still making it harder for them, and that’s the reason we’re here.”

The Patriots Information Hotline, a networking call center, estimates that 22 groups of “armed patriots” have sprung up along the border from Texas to California this year.

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Feds Force Public Schools To Enroll Illegal Immigrant Children With No Medical Screening

By Eric Owens.

Since October 2013, 50,303 “unaccompanied children” from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have crossed America’s porous Southern border to claim green cards via the immigration courts.

The Obama administration has sent none of these children home. Instead, federal officials have chosen to set aside normal immigration practices and to allow this wave of young illegal immigrants to apply for green cards via asylum applications and to disperse across the country.

With school now in session, these kids have enrolled in public schools nationwide.

In the event that any of these thousands of Central American children are carrying communicable diseases, experts claim, any subsequent health crisis will likely first manifest itself within a public school environment.

That’s alarming news. But wait! There’s more!

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Photo Credit: UPIAmerica: Obama Isn’t A Strong Leader

By Sam Rolley.

In light of widespread American perception that President Barack Obama has failed to adequately respond to national problems such as illegal immigration and the threat of Islamic State terrorists, the commander in chief’s rating for “strong leadership” has reached a new low.

According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Tuesday, a majority (56 percent) of Americans disprove of the president’s handling of international affairs. Fifty-two percent reported that Obama has been too cautious in responding to ISIS and 65 percent want more airstrikes on positions held by the terror group in the Middle East.

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Unaccompanied Alien Children "Crisis" Exposed as Fraud

Photo Credit: Conservative Treehouse

Photo Credit: Conservative Treehouse

The Conservative Treehouse has done yeoman’s work exposing the Obama administration’s many machinations over the manufactured border crisis. In a report published at Accuracy in Media earlier this month, I described how the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) program of the Department of Health and Human Services has exploded, spending almost $700 million so far this year, more than double that of 2013. Much of the information described in that report was initially dug up by the Treehouse.

As we described in the report, many of these “children” were not in fact children, but young men and women, many of whom were gang members or being actively recruited by gangs. Largely unreported were the 200,000 plus illegal alien families accompanying these youths. The Treehouse has now uncovered evidence of deliberate manipulation of the UAC numbers conducted by the Obama administration.

The U.S. Border Patrol has reported apprehension of 57,525 UACs in 2014, almost double the 2013 number. However another agency, the Executive Office for Immigration Review is tasked with actually confirming these numbers. It counts a total of 20,814, only slightly more than 2013, (20,778), and once again, most of these are not the young children the media has been showing heart-rending photos of. The fact is that there is no crisis of young, unaccompanied children flooding the border. There are entire families flooding the border.

It is difficult to know what to make of all this. Likely the Obama administration wants it that way. The AIM report described how Baptist Child and Family Services alone has received $280 million UAC grants in 2014. A leftist group connected to the radical amnesty activist group National Council of La Raza obtained over $122 million. If the number of unaccompanied children has not increased to justify this vast increase in funding, what did they receive all the money for? Were these monies actually reserved to place entire families? Now we know why the administration was so secretive about how many “children” were being housed at facilities around the country and where they were being sent. They weren’t children at all. Have you noticed that there is not so much news in the media today about the border “crisis”? That is because the crisis in housing for nonexistent youths no longer exists, if it ever did.

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Report: ISIS Studying Mexican Border

Photo Credit: TownHall

Photo Credit: TownHall

A new report obtained by Fox News from the Texas Department of Public Safety indicates that elements of ISIS are interested in the U.S.-Mexico border as a means of entry into the United States.

As Fox News’ Jana Winter reports:

“A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack,” warns the Texas Department of Public Safety “situational awareness” bulletin, obtained by
It notes no known credible homeland threats or specific homeland attack plot has been identified. That assertion was underscored by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who said Friday that DHS and the FBI are “unaware of any specific, credible threat to the U.S. homeland” from Islamic State.

The bulletin details numerous “calls for border infiltration” on social media, including one from a militant confirmed to be in Mosul, Iraq who explicitly beckons the “Islamic State to send a special force to America across the border with Mexico.”

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We The People Speak: Illegal Immigration Taking Away from Americans

Photo Credit: AP / Gregory Bull

Photo Credit: AP / Gregory Bull

By Mark Grabowski.

The main problems caused by illegal immigration are lost jobs, lower wages, stolen taxpayer resources, increased crime and domestic terrorism. Each of these problems harms Americans in many ways. These illegal kids are being let loose onto our streets with many different diseases. We quarantine animals before they come into our country before being released. Why are these illegals not being quarantined first before being sent into our streets with our children?

Millions of American citizens are out of work or unable to find a job because we have 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in America as a result of politicians such as President Barack Obama supporting illegal immigration instead of protecting Americans. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC estimates that illegal immigrants are stealing more than $125 billion worth of American taxpayer resources each year. Illegal immigrants are in our country against the wishes of American citizens. They are breaking our laws and, yet, as taxpayers we are forced to pay for their education, their health care needs, increased infrastructure to handle their presence in our land and increased costs in our courts and prisons. When American citizens need these taxpayer resources, we find illegal aliens filling our emergency rooms, classrooms and courthouses, demanding that we speak their language and provide free interpreters for them.

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Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

Illegal Alien Crime Victim Slams Boehner Absence at Border

By Matthew Boyle.

Several victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens criticized Speaker John Boehner’s absence at an event on the southern U.S. border in McAllen, Texas Saturday, saying the Ohio Republican and champion of immigration reform should witness the violence spilling over from Mexico first hand.

The group had earlier invited Boehner and his family to tour the border with them, but Boehner’s office has not responded to the letter or issued any public statement about it since the invitation.

“Thank you all for being here this afternoon—we came down here to McAllen, Texas, where we had sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner to come down and join us on this border to see firsthand the issues that are going on down here,” George Wilkerson, whose son Josh was murdered by an illegal alien in November 2010, said at a press conference on Saturday.

Behind Mr. Wilkerson was a tent with several empty chairs, underneath a banner reading: “McAllen TX Welcomes Spkr John Boehner & Family.”

“We are part of the victims of the problem out here—our son was murdered in Pearland, Texas, from an illegal immigrant,” George Wilkerson said at the event, hosted by the Remembrance Project—a group devoted to remembering victims of horrific crimes like murder and homicide committed by illegal aliens.

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Leaked CBP Report Shows Entire World Exploiting Open US Border

Photo Credit: Breitbart

Photo Credit: Breitbart

By Brandon Darby.

A leaked intelligence analysis from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reveals the exact numbers of illegal immigrants entering and attempting to enter the U.S. from more than 75 different countries. The report was obtained by a trusted source within the CBP agency who leaked the document and spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity. The report is labeled as “Unclassified//For Official Use Only” and indicates that the data should be handled as “Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU).”

The numbers provided are in graphics and are broken down into “OFO” and “OBP.” The Customs and Border Protection agency is divided into the Office of Field Operations (OFO) and the Office of Border Patrol (OBP). The OFO numbers reflect anyone either turning themselves in at official U.S. points of entry, or anyone caught while being smuggled at the points of entry. The OBP numbers reflect anyone being caught or turning themselves in to Border Patrol agents between the points of entry, or anyone caught at interior checkpoints by Border Patrol agents. The “OFO Inadmissible” designation to any individual from a nation other than Mexico or Canada means that U.S. authorities took the individuals into custody. Whether they were deported or given a Notice to Appear is unknown. It is important to note these numbers do not include data from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The unavailable ICE data are in addition to these numbers.

The report reveals the apprehension numbers ranging from 2010 through July 2014. It shows that most of the human smuggling from Syria and Albania into the U.S. comes through Central America. The report also indicates the routes individuals from North Africa and the Middle East take into the European Union, either to illegally migrate there or as a possible stop in their journey to the United States. The data are broken down further into the specific U.S. border sectors where the apprehensions and contact occurred.

Among the significant revelations are that individuals from nations currently suffering from the world’s largest Ebola outbreak have been caught attempting to sneak across the porous U.S. border into the interior of the United States. At least 71 individuals from the three nations affected by the current Ebola outbreak have either turned themselves in or been caught attempting to illegally enter the U.S. by U.S. authorities between January 2014 and July 2014.

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Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP


By Bob Price.

The death toll continues to climb in the Falfurrias death march region also known as the ranch lands and highways of Brooks County. The toll on illegal immigrants who have died attempting to cross these ranch fields and bypass the Border Patrol checkpoint located in the center of Brooks County now stands at 44 as a woman was found dead this week. A woman reported being raped by her fellow travelers earlier this week and another woman was seriously injured as she either bailed out of or was pushed from a vehicle she was riding in that was being pursued by a deputy sheriff.

A Guatemalan woman was found dead on Wednesday along the news natural gas pipeline being constructed in the western portion of the county. Breitbart Texas previously reported on this “illegal immigrant superhighway” which provides a direct south to north navigational aide but is surrounded by very soft sand that creates extra exertion that has claimed the lives of several people who are trespassing through the area. While she had only been deceased for about one day, her body was already massively disfigured by the heat, insects and animals. The 29-year-old woman was identified by Brooks County officials as Maritza Beatriz from Guatemala.

On Friday, a woman who entered the country illegally was captured by Border Patrol Agents who told Brooks County officials she had reported being raped earlier in the week. Because the alleged rape was reported within 96 hours after its occurrence, Border Patrol officials were instructed to take the woman to the hospital for rape testing. She reported she was sexually assaulted only in the form of oral sex. She will be examined and tested for other forms of sexual assault as well. “It is not uncommon for these women to not disclose the full extent of their sexual assault,” said Brooks County volunteer deputy Daniel Walden who is also a human trafficking instructor. More information will be made available about this case after her examination and testing is completed.

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All Tennessee’s Employment Growth Since 2000 Has Gone to Immigrants

By Marguerite Telford / CNBC.

The Gang of Eight immigration bill (S.744) passed by the U.S. Senate last June, and voted for by both Tennessee senators – Lamar Alexander (R) and Bob Corker (R), would have roughly doubled the number of new foreign workers allowed into the country, as well as legalized illegal immigrants. To put into context the possible effects of this legislation on Tennessee, the Center for Immigration Studies has analyzed recent government data on employment.

The analysis shows that, since 2000, all of the net increase in the number of working-age (16 to 65) people holding a job in Tennessee has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal). This is the case even though the native-born accounted for 60 percent of the growth in the state’s total working-age population.

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Boehner Tries To Resuscitate Dying Border Bill

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

In the Speaker’s lobby just off the House floor, members of Congress were full of recriminations over how the border bill had just died—until it sprang back to life.

Now they have emerged from a last minute conference meeting vowing to “stay until we vote” and planning another meeting for tomorrow morning at 9:00 am, although it’s unclear what changes either to the legislative package or the support for the current one will occur in the meantime.

Inside the meeting, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) vowed that if need be, he would miss his son’s upcoming wedding to stay in Washington to pass the bill.

But other lawmakers were punchy.

“Well, let’s see, I’ve been bitching about this for, what, 15 months? Democrats wants the votes and Republicans want cheap labor. They didn’t want to do anything with it, now they’re going to wait until the last minute? You know, I have a forum I’m supposed to be at, I can’t be, on this very subject,” Michigan Rep. Kerry Bentivolio said.

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Miller: US Should Stop Benefits, Like Health Care, for People in Country Illegally

Photo Credit: AP / Mark Thiessen

Photo Credit: AP / Mark Thiessen

By The Associated Press.

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Joe Miller says the U.S. should bill the governments of people who enter this country illegally for policing, housing, food and transportation.

Miller’s campaign Wednesday released a seven-point plan for addressing illegal immigration.

The proposal also calls for immediate completion of a fence along the southern border of the U.S. and stopping benefits, like health care, for people who are in this country illegally.

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Miller Outlines Seven-Step Plan to Address Border/Illegal Alien Crisis

Joe Miller outlined a seven-step plan today to address the growing crisis on our nation’s southern border.

“The crisis of illegal immigration we’re facing is not only unnecessary, it is being instigated by the Obama Administration,” said Miller. “It’s time we take some simple steps to ensure the integrity of our borders and the security of the American people.”

The seven-step plan consists of the following policies:

1. End all foreign aid to countries encouraging illegals to cross our borders.
2. Finish the border fence now.
3. Stop encouraging illegal entry with birthright citizenship.
4. Bill the governments of illegals for policing, housing, feeding, and transporting their citizens.
5. Implement E-verify now and fine companies for employing illegals.
6. End the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) lottery that gives citizenship to 55,000 random people every year.
7. Stop the endless benefits to illegals – healthcare, schooling, social services, etc. – which are a form of taxation on American citizens.

Earlier this week, Miller called on his Republican opponents to join him in calling for the President’s impeachment, in part due to Obama’s lawlessness on the amnesty issue. So far, his call has elicited no response.

Miller concluded, “With these seven, simple, common sense steps we could fix this problem once and for all. The crisis that the President and this Congress have essentially created is unconscionable. Promising a safe haven with many of the same benefits as citizens is unacceptable. It’s time for Congress not only to act with respect to fixing the problem, but also to hold Barrack Obama accountable.”