George W. Bush Never Left D.C. Until the Day After Christmas, the Reason Why Is Incredible

It’s hard not to compare presidents and the habits that each one brought with them to the White House. Both men served during a time of war on terror, and both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama served two terms in office. When it came to Christmas, how the two U.S. presidents spent their Christmas holiday was completely different.

Western Journalism recently reported that the Obama’s travel to Hawaii just before Christmas and have done so since before Obama was elected as president. The cost associated with traveling to Hawaii is phenomenal, especially when one considers the human costs involved. The president’s family, staff, security detail, photographer, and Air Force One crew accompany the trip, most of whom must be housed, fed, and transported to and from airports, golf courses, and restaurants. Judicial Watch attempts to keep records of the Christmas in Hawaii costs and their reports can be read by clicking here.

Bush also celebrated Christmas away from Washington, but one interesting practice differentiated the two presidents in their Christmas-time habits. President Bush spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Camp David and would only leave Washington the day after Christmas. The reason why some may find surprising. In an article titled, “At Christmastime, George W. Bush was Santa, Obama is Scrooge,” Washington Times reporter Joseph Curl explained the reason behind it. Every year, President Bush gifted his entourage the ability for all of them, everyone associated with the president, to be with their families in Washington for Christmas.

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Shutdown: Bush’s Fault? (+video)

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph had a question on his mind that he couldn’t shake: who bears the brunt of the blame for the government shutdown? Who really is responsible for the mess we’re in right now? Is it President Obama or former President George W. Bush? He decided to take these questions to the heart of our misery: Washington D.C.

Despite the fact that “Dubya” has been out of office for the past five years, most of the respondents said former President George W. Bush is to blame for the shutdown.

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When Energy Dreams Fall Short

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

If the energy visions of past years had come true, throngs of Americans would be using switchgrass to fuel their cars and running their homes on electricity from nuclear fusion or carbon-capturing coal plants.

But reality has worked out differently.

Many of the nation’s most ambitious energy projects have fallen far short of their lofty goals, either because they were unrealistically optimistic, took too long develop or were abandoned as markets shifted. EPA offered a reminder of that reality this month, when it made sharp cuts in its production estimates for an advanced biofuel called cellulosic ethanol.

Some experts caution that struggling technologies can still strike gold, making it hard to judge when it’s too soon to stop investing in them.

“When do you know when to cut your losses?” asked Margot Anderson, executive director of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s energy project. “When is a flop a flop?”

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Amnesty-Backers Bring Bush Out of Retirement to Push for Bill

Photo Credit: Reuters Bush says immigration reform ‘complex,’ optimistic Congress can fix ‘broken system’

By Fox News. Former President George W. Bush expressed optimism Sunday that Congress will pass immigration reform legislation, expressing disappointment that his attempt failed but suggesting the timing is now right to “fix a broken system.”

Bush, out of office since 2009, expressed understanding about why the White House and both parties in Congress have wrangled over the issue point-by-point while the rest of America waits for them to resolve the issue of roughly 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.

“Sometimes, it takes time for some of these complex issues to evolve, the 67-year-old Republican said in an interview for ABC’s “This Week.” “And it looks like immigration has a chance to pass.”

Bush said immigration reform is very difficult to pass because it has “a lot of moving parts” and the legislative process “can be ugly.” Read more from this story HERE.


Photo Credit: APChair of House Homeland Security Committee: Senate bill throws ‘candy’ at border

By Kevin Cirilli. The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said on Sunday the Senate immigration plan just threw “a bunch of candy” at the border in order to gain votes.

“What the Senate just passed was, again, a bunch of candy thrown down there — a bunch of assets thrown down there to gain votes but without a methodical, smart border approach. We want a smart border and smart immigration plan, something that makes sense,” Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Texas) said on CBS’s “Face The Nation.” Read more from this story HERE.

Explosive: New NSA Whistle-Blower Claims Obama was – and Most Political/Military Leaders are – Under Surveillance (+video)

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Russ Tice, a former intelligence analyst and Bush-era NSA whistleblower, claimed Wednesday that the intelligence community has ordered surveillance on a wide range of groups and individuals, including high-ranking military officials, lawmakers and diplomats.

He also made another stunning allegation. He says the NSA had ordered wiretaps on phones connected to then-Senate candidate Barack Obama back in 2004.

“They went after–and I know this because I had my hands literally on the paperwork for these sort of things–they went after high-ranking military officers; they went after members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the–and judicial,” Tice told Peter B. Collins on Boiling Frog Post News.

He went on: “But they went after other ones, too. They went after lawyers and law firms. All kinds of–heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court that I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the executive service that were part of the White House–their own people.”

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George Bush’s Former Secretary of State Impressed with Obama’s Performance (+video)

Photo Credit: YouTube Colin Powell, who backed Obama in both 2008 and 2012, hits most of the major points important to RINO’s in this interview.

The good leftist he is, Powell talks about how he supports the amnesty bill and hopes Obama’s efforts in that area succeed.

Finally, Powell – like Obama’s buddy Rahm Emanuel – regrets letting a good crisis go to waste. He suggests that Obama screwed up in not immediately pushing for gun control immediately after Newtown:

President Obama Is Not Doing His Job

Photo Credit: White House FlickrGovernment is bad for personal freedom. That argument is premised upon the truism that everything government does interferes with freedom because it either prohibits or compels. Everything it owns it has taken from others. Much of what it says is divorced from the truth. President Obama, like President George W. Bush, has argued that his first job is to keep America safe, and if he impairs personal freedom in the process, that is a small price to pay for safety. Many of my colleagues in the media on the left and right have bought this argument, notwithstanding its fallacies.

Until now.

This past week, we learned that the IRS has targeted for additional scrutiny the tax exemption applications of groups with whose messages it disagrees. We also learned that the Department of Justice obtained the personal telephone records of hundreds of reporters and editors employed by the Associated Press without a search warrant issued by a judge. And during this past week we learned that the White House, the Department of State and the CIA all engaged in a conspiracy of disinformation so that the official version of events of what caused the murders of four Americans at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, would not impair Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.

The common threads in all of this government secrecy and lying are a general rejection of government’s moral obligation to tell the truth, a disturbing yet brazen willingness to evade and avoid the restrictions the Constitution has deliberately built around government, and a glib admission that the government can do as it pleases so long as it can politically get away with it.

The Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause requires that the government treat all similarly situated entities in a similar manner. The Constitution’s First Amendment prohibits the government from using the speech and expressive activities of persons in America as a basis for the disparate treatment of them.

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Bill Clinton Jokes About Having Bush Paint Him Naked

Bill Clinton joked on Thursday about wanting his fellow former president George W. Bush to paint him naked, now that he has become something of an amateur painter.

There were bursts of laughter as Clinton made the remarks about his counterpart’s hobby during a speech at the opening of the George W. Bush Library in Dallas…

He said that George W’s mother Barbara Bush had shown him some of his landscape and animal canvases and that he thought they were ‘great’.

Clinton then quipped: ‘I seriously considered calling and asking you to do a portrait of me until I saw the results of your sister’s hacked emails. ‘Those bathroom sketches are wonderful but at my age, I think I should keep my suit.’

He was referencing self-portraits found in hacked Bush family emails which appear to show paintings of the former president shaving in the shower and soaking in a bathtub.


Obama Praises Bush, Continues His Legacy (+video)

Photo Credit: Washington Examiner President Obama issued glowing praise for President George W. Bush at the opening of the Republican’s presidential library in Dallas, highlighting his predecessor’s push for immigration reform and overall character as commander in chief…

Despite his past criticism of the Republican president, Obama has increasingly adopted Bush’s policies, particularly on national security issues. And Obama invoked Bush in his push to achieve comprehensive immigration reform.

“Seven years ago, President Bush restarted an important conversation by speaking with the American people about our history as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants,” Obama said. “And even though comprehensive immigration reform has taken a little longer than any of us expected, I am hopeful that this year, with the help of Speaker Boehner and some of the senators and members of Congress who are here today, that we bring it home.”

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Students Force ex-Bush Official 'War Criminal' to Withdraw as Commencement Speaker

Photo Credit: AP

Leftist students at Swarthmore College, dissatisfied with their commencement speaker’s connection to the Bush administration, persuaded him to withdraw as speaker.

Robert Zoellick served as deputy secretary of state under President Bush in 2005, and is known for strongly backing the Iraq War. These views put him at odds with Swarthmore’s Quaker roots, said some students.

At a meeting last week, one student called Zoellick a “war criminal” who did not share “Swarthmore values.”

The student, identified as “Will L.” in a comment on an online article about the controversy, drew attention to the fact that Zoellick would be receiving an honorary degree: “I, and many others, are opposed to Zoellick’s honorary degree for a number of reasons. His tenure at the World Bank and as U.S. Trade Representative are among them. So is his time in the private sector, when he worked at Goldman Sachs and Fannie Mae — two institutions that would later become infamous for their role in the 2008 financial collapse. So is his role in helping build an ideological foundation for the Iraq War. His whole career has been built on one morally dubious enterprise after another.”

In response, Zoellick decided not speak at commencement, and said that he would refuse the honorary degree.

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