Wow. Just Wow. Watch the Senate GOP Video That Launched a Thousand WTFs

So, it seems the Republicans in the Senate have decided to launch a new PR campaign. Which makes total sense, since the only thing lower than Congress’ approval rating is the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

But is this the best way to get people to start liking Senate Republicans?

Initial reaction: Jeez, what a bunch of dorks.

Second reaction: Wait a minute. Ok. So we have Mitch McConnell (F, 42%) and his Senate lackeys bragging about all the great “accomplishments” they’ve achieved this year. That’s ok, maybe, but here’s a question.

Which one of these “accomplishments” advanced small-government conservatism?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Oh, right. None of them. (For more from the author of “Wow. Just Wow. Watch the Senate GOP Video That Launched a Thousand WTFs” please click HERE)

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Why the GOP May Only Have 75 Days Left to Live

maxresdefaultSome personal and brutally honest thoughts on where things stand, how we got here, etc. These thoughts are my own, and not reflective of any campaign (though I am a Ted Cruz supporter).

Months ago, before the voting started, I said and wrote this GOP primary would be a revolution because the system had betrayed too many people to get away with it this time. Either it would be Donald Trump’s French Revolution-style angry, secular mob, which does throws the bums out but produces too much untold collateral damage for a culture to recover from (and the French haven’t). Or Cruz’s values-driven American-style Revolution, where we return to first principles and actually try to win a national election on what’s in our platform for a change.

I said that there would be no middle ground. That if you didn’t want whatever Trump is serving, it was time to coalesce behind Cruz. Most conservatives did, which is why Cruz has gotten this far against all odds.

Sadly, some didn’t.

Some of them got caught up early in a cult of personality and now refuse to walk away; despite the fact Trump has abandoned his last pretend shred of conservatism. So they double-down instead, like the friend who blames you for telling him his girlfriend is cheating on him.

Another group of people are mostly principled folks who believe the GOP must be destroyed in order for conservatism to rise again. Therefore, they’re either supporting Trump or not supporting Cruz because they don’t want to see Humpty Dumpty put back together. These are the folks who find anything they can wrong with Cruz’s conservative bona fides, straining a gnat to swallow a camel despite Cruz’s exemplary Liberty Score® here at CR. Although I have been frustrated by these folks at times, I know many of these people and understand their impulse to burn the village to save it.

These are the Trump voters/sympathizers the GOP created out of deserved backlash. In another cycle, before they had felt this betrayed or were thinking more clearly, these voters would’ve been with Cruz on day one. And if Cruz doesn’t pull this thing out, they will regret it later when we reach Peak Trump in the fall and as a result, President Hillary. This is why St. Paul tells us “in your anger do not sin.”

Others are people who, if you polled them on the issues, are pretty conservative. But they watch Fox News or consume other media for information and vote mainly on name I.D. For example, look at how when Trump’s alleged insurgency wins a primary, no other non-establishment candidate win their primaries. Why — because these people vote strictly on name I.D. And when one candidate gets 60 times more media coverage than anyone else, these are the results you get.

This is how we repeatedly let the media that hates us — and that includes Fox — pick our nominee for us. When this is over, the movement needs to have a serious conversation about creating a real multi-media platform that includes television, and is capable of competing with Fox by the time 2020 begins. Otherwise, we’re always going to be treading water here.

Finally, there were those desperate for relevance, ratings and a seat at the table. So they became Trump’s sycophants. When this is over, either in Cleveland or November, these same people will have so tarnished their credibility they will attempt to rewrite history by claiming they weren’t really with Trump, but just trying to make the best of what wasn’t an ideal situation. The people will say that we had no real alternative to Trump so it was him or Jeb Bush, which is a lie, but these people are proven liars — and liars lie. Or they may just accept their newfound status, and shamelessly and immediately glom onto the first populist cult of personality for 2020. Doing the time warp again for another national TV slot or paycheck.

But we will remember them, because links on the Internet never forget. We don’t have to blacklist them, for they black-listed themselves. All we have to do is compile the names. They’ve already conveniently self-identified.

These groups, combined with the migration of a herd of messianic Obama voters now seeking salvation via this cycle’s megalomaniac (which I documented earlier this week), is Trump’s coalition.

This brings us to the rest of the Republican Party.

Both establishment and mainline Republicans never saw this coming because both the disease and its antidote confirm their systemic failure/sellout. For the establishment that stands for nothing other than corporatism to acknowledge that populist backlash would require an admission of their own fecklessness. However, if there’s one thing the establishment hates even more than populism, it’s conservatism because these people, too, are progressives (if they have any ideology). That hatred willfully blinded them to the only antidote to Trumpism and certain doom in the fall—Cruz’s campaign. Hence, they are now drowning in a pool of their own blood.

Meanwhile, mainline Republicans — who talk a good conservative game but then usually do the system’s bidding when push comes to shove — had all of their “unity candidates” soundly rejected by an electorate more interested in a reckoning. The talented Marco Rubio’s fall from grace, which included an embarrassing beat down in his own state, was their last gasp. Voters turned their backs on these candidates because mainline Republicans first turned on them when they tried to defund Obamacare, primary progressive GOP sellouts or attempt just about anything to save either the country or the Republican Party.

The mainliners looked down on us, and said “the media says we can’t win so why fight.” A self-fulfilling prophecy, because you lose 100% of the battles you don’t fight.

Unfortunately, these mainline Republicans failed to see the writing on the wall before it was too late. Pondering the lint in their navels about Cruz’s tone and lack of dimples. So Rubio stayed in the race at least two weeks longer than he should have, which handed Trump the delegate lead ever since. Furthermore, John Kasich remains in the race to this day for reasons only Allah knows. But what these two did do is stop Trump from ever facing a true challenge from a co-equal revolutionary before the voters.

Thankfully, mainline Republicans have one more chance.

While Trump still faces an uphill climb to 1,237, if Cruz doesn’t win Indiana (or at least split the delegates there) the perception will be that it’s over. Though there are still several states remaining that favor Cruz, that perception will be difficult to overcome. Therefore, Indiana becomes the new Wisconsin. And how did Cruz wallop Trump in Wisconsin? Mainline Republicans like Scott Walker got off the bench and got into the game, which expanded Cruz’s base of committed grassroots supporters.

And now in Indiana those same mainline Republicans will determine in the next week if they’d like to suffer the wrath of the Trump Cult now, or the wrath of the voters later in November. Because this presidential election is going to be determined between the Indiana primary and the convention. If Trump comes out of Cleveland the nominee, the GOP will lose and lose big in November for reasons I will explain in another column for another day.

Here’s the bottom line — the Republican Party has about 75 days to decide if it wants to continue to exist or not. (For more from the author of “Why the GOP May Only Have 75 Days Left to Live” please click HERE)

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Gov. Nathan Deal

No Conviction, No Courage: The GOP’s Treacherous Deal

By Alan Keyes. The GOP governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal has, as Bryan Fischer wrote “has vetoed a religious liberty bill which is about as mild a bill as you can imagine. It would have protected pastors from being forced to perform sodomy-based weddings, and protected churches and other faith-based organizations from being forced to rent out their facilities for wedding ceremonies which celebrate the infamous crime against nature.” Fischer see Deal’s actions as an example of “how we are losing America: one cowardly governor at a time.”

Fischer is understandably outraged by Gov. Deal’s brazen betrayal of the moral conservative voters who supported him trusting that “a Republican and self-identified Southern Baptist” would support the Georgia Legislature’s to thwart ongoing efforts by homosexuals to force Americans to abandon their Biblical faith in God’s benevolent will for human procreation. In this respect, Deal’s action is deeply treacherous. But is it cowardly?

Deal certainly appears to lack the courage of his convictions. But this is only if we assume that, on issues of Christian moral principle like gay marriage, he ever had the convictions ascribed to him. Georgians should be the last people to forget the fact that Jimmy Carter’s apparently sincere self-identification as a Southern Baptist did not prevent him from accepting the Democrat Party’s obdurate stand in support of the so-called “right” of parents to procure the murder of their nascent offspring. It has not prevented self-identified Christians of other denominations (including both Anglican and Roman Catholics) from rejecting God’s plainly stated Biblical prohibition against male homosexuality.

So, given the experience of at least forty years, it makes no sense to trust that an elected official will stand firm on issues of moral principle simply because he or she self-identifies as a Christian. Is the Republican Party label any more trustworthy in this regard? Then Governor Sarah Palin appointed former Planned Parenthood board member Morgan Christen to Alaska’s Supreme Court. Of the unrepentant pro-abortion Christen, Palin wrote, “I have every confidence that Judge Christen has the experience, intellect, wisdom and character to be an outstanding Supreme Court Justice.” (Read more from “No Conviction, No Courage: The GOP’s Treacherous Deal” HERE)


Ted Cruz: Anti-Gay Marriage Crusader? Not So Fast

By Heidi Przybyla. Senator Ted Cruz, who wants to be the Republican Party’s lead crusader against gay marriage, ducked the opportunity to play a critical role in turning back the movement in its infancy.

In 2003, the year Cruz became Texas’s top government litigator, the state lost a crucial case as the U.S. Supreme Court decided that state laws banning homosexual sex as illegal sodomy were unconstitutional. The decision in Lawrence v. Texas paved the way for the court’s consideration of gay marriage. “The final victory for gay rights was foreshadowed when the court decided Lawrence v Texas,” predicted Walter Dellinger, a former U.S. assistant attorney general and solicitor general who’s argued numerous cases before the Supreme Court. . .

As Texas solicitor general when the Lawrence v. Texas case came before the Supreme Court, Cruz was “very much in the middle of all this drama,” said Mitchell Katine, who was local counsel to the two gay men at the center of the case, John Lawrence and Tyron Garner. . .Yet “Cruz remained absolutely silent,” Katine said. The case remained assigned instead to a Harris County district attorney.

Through a spokesman, Cruz said he didn’t step in because the case was criminal in nature and his office primarily handled civil cases. Yet six of the nine cases Cruz argued before the nation’s highest court were criminal in nature. . .

Interviews with a dozen former fellow law students, professors, lawyers and government officials show that his lack of involvement in the Lawrence case is part of a broader narrative about the Texas senator’s relationship with the gay community: While he has consistently opposed gay rights, he has often stayed away from the front lines of the fight and even courted gay donors. (Read more from this article HERE)

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At Least 180K Join GOP as Pennsylvania Primary Nears

When Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Donald Trump square off in Pennsylvania’s April 26 Republican presidential primary, they will find themselves competing for votes from a rapidly changing base.

At least 128,000 voters statewide have changed their registration since Jan. 1 to join the party. Nearly 85,000 of them had been Democrats; 42,000 were independents or third-party voters. The GOP has also racked up 55,468 more first-time registrants.

The changes reflect what experts are calling an unprecedented number of party switches before a primary election.

That raises questions: Are Democrats and other voters flocking to the GOP in support of one of its three candidates? Or could they be plotting to stuff the ballot boxes for a Republican they think their nominee can beat in November?

“I don’t think we can say there’s one reason here,” said G. Terry Madonna, the veteran pollster who directs the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College. “But in the Philadelphia suburbs, if people are switching, some of that would be strategic: Vote for Trump because he would be the weakest candidate against [Hillary] Clinton.” (Read more from “At Least 180K Join GOP as Pennsylvania Primary Nears” HERE)

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The Choice for the GOP: Salvation or Annihilation

With 13 GOP candidates for president now sitting on the sidelines and winner-take-all states right around the corner, it might seem as if we have reached the homestretch of the primary season.

Likely, though, the exact opposite is true and we’re really just getting started.

See, so far the race for the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential nomination has already rendered one undeniable verdict — everybody the system said was worthy of sustaining it has been soundly rejected by the voters.
This leaves us with two options.

Though Donald Trump is a progressive and the consummate insider by his own admission, the reason the status quo has reacted to him the way a vampire reacts to garlic isn’t just because of his lack of character, integrity, and high negatives makes his election unlikely. Let’s face it, the status quo has overlooked such electability warning flags in the past in order to maintain its grip on the reins of power. The status quo would rather lose elections than lose control.

Rather, it is the fact that Trump is running on the populist economic message that rightly rejects bad corporatist boondoggles deceptively advertising themselves as “free trade,” as well as the disastrous impact unfettered legal and illegal immigration has had on the real wages of middle class Americans. Of course, by his own admission again, Trump has used that very same corrupt immigration system to his advantage as a corporatist himself, but though he is more than a flawed vessel for it his message is true nevertheless. Thus making Trump’s troubling candidacy the result of the GOP ignoring these warnings and laments for decades going back to Pat Buchanan.

In fact, Trump is essentially running on Buchanan’s message (even mirroring his controversial penchant for drawing moral equivalencies between Israel and the Palestinians) minus Buchanan’s staunch social conservatism.

Then there’s Ted Cruz, who though a member of the most august body in American politics, the U.S. Senate, is really the consummate outsider, for Cruz dares to bring forth into the hallowed halls of gangster government what they revile the most. Real conservativism and loyalty to the Constitution’s limits on government power.

If the vampires in the status quo see Trump’s candidacy as their garlic, then Cruz is the Cross. A reminder of all the lies, deceptions, and treachery they have foisted upon their conservative base from the moment Reagan left the national stage. Garlic is but a painful repellant to the vampire, but the Cross is an existential threat that leaves a permanent mark. Sort of like a scarlet letter that reminds everybody you’re a child of darkness.

And now that the race is down to these two, this is the choice before the Republican Party. Will it go with the French Revolution of Trump, as in the bloodthirsty revolt of the peasants with pitchforks? Or will it go with the American Revolution of Cruz, and pledge its lives, fortunes, and sacred honors to advance a party platform it’s been willfully ignoring since before Al Gore invented the Interwebs?

Currently, Trump has only won 43 percent of the delegates needed to secure a majority of at least 1,237. Cruz sits comfortably in second place with 34 percent of the delegates, and is even closer to Trump when measuring the percentage of the vote won so far: Trump 34, Cruz 29.

These facts obviously run counter to Fox News’ ‘All Trump All the Time’ schedule of schilling, err, I mean, programming. But perhaps an alleged assault on a female reporter by one of Trump’s most senior staffers will finally put a dent in that sordid love affair, and let some fresh air into the room.

Then again, Trump did appear as grand marshal in a parade that one time to support Israel, so Olly Olly Oxen Free! I guess you can all stop trying to save American Exceptionalism now and simply ignore all the lies Trump has dumped on you and your country, because who on earth can compete with that.

Trump’s lead really begins to look tenuous when you consider how it has been built with the help of Democrats and Independents voting in “open” primaries that have consistently drawn larger-than-normal turnout. Moving forward, 21 of the remaining 34 contests are closed primaries of only Republican voters — amounting to 792 delegates (or more than half of what is still available). And in the “closed” primary and caucus states held since Iowa kicked things off, Cruz has outperformed polling expectations in every single one of them.

Not a bad trend line, indeed, as we move into the realm of “Winner Take All” states on March 15 and beyond. Where nine states and territories are winner-take-all in the strictest sense, and most of the remaining 18 states left on the primary calendar are winner-take-all by congressional district.

In fact, if you tally all the delegates earned by Cruz, Rubio and Kasich combined at this point, they lead Trump by more than 100. And if #NeverTrump is indeed what increasingly motivates voters as candidates bow out and alternatives are chosen, it isn’t a stretch to say Cruz could soon move into the pole position for securing the nomination. Heck, Cruz would have the delegate lead right now had Rubio dropped out after Super Tuesday mortally wounded his candidacy.

But if principle won’t finally, now, with the future of the country potentially hanging in the balance move the status quo, perhaps its survival instinct will? Two more national polls this week have Hillary Clinton spanking Trump, and Trump now has the highest unfavorability of any domestic politician in the history of the ABC News/Washington Post poll. And that comes after months of Trump receiving the best media coverage he could’ve hoped for.

So the ball is now in the Republican Party’s court. It can either unite behind Cruz and finally keep its word to advance conservativism to its base for once, or face the guillotine this Fall with Trump as a cancerous standard-bearer who will metastasize all the way down the ballot.

For the GOP its salvation or annihilation — and there is no middle ground. (For more from the author of “The Choice for the GOP: Salvation or Annihilation” please click HERE)

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GOP Hopefuls: Confronting ‘New York Values’ Is Key to Saving the USA

It started off as a throwaway line, what Ted Cruz said about “New York values”— an echo of old political shorthand like “San Francisco values,” a phrase which encodes as much or as little as the audience that hears it chooses. But Donald Trump took public umbrage at this remark, and blew it sky high at the GOP debate by invoking the heroism of cops and firemen on 9/11, to the roaring approval of the Charleston, S.C. audience — and even of Sen. Cruz, an expert debater, who applauded Trump’s brilliant chess move.

Online, pundits at conservative venues such as National Review and Commentary (both New York City-based) grumbled at Cruz and reluctantly sided with Trump. The normally sensible Texan Kevin Williamson warned in a Tweet that in bashing New York, Cruz risked offending “everyone who lives in a city.” Cruz quickly backed off, and on his face you could almost see a red line striking three words out of a printed speech forever.

Not so fast, Republicans. Granted, the line itself may be more liability than asset in a national election, but as a native New Yorker who loves the place, who worked and scraped to live there for most of his life, I can tell you that New York City, no less than Detroit, is a rich mine of insights on how not to govern anyplace, anywhere, ever. The ideology that rules the Five Boroughs is a laundry list of toxic political correctness. If you’re not willing to criticize the “values” that prevail in New York City, which America’s elite (who mostly live there) are busily stuffing down the throats of the rest of the country, then you have no business running for office as a Republican. It’s time to go Texan or go home.

What do we mean by “New York values”? Not the courage of first responders and stoicism of stunned civilians, that got us through the day of burning towers and the months of the smell of death in 2001. Public servants are equally brave in every city in America, and citizens from Sandy Hook to San Bernardino pull together after disasters.

We don’t mean the grudging, good-humored tolerance that keeps us from strangling each other on crowded subways, or even the crackpot determination to live without a driver’s license, whatever the cost in rent, taxes, or troubles. (I got my license at age 36, and still prefer using Uber, even in Dallas.)

We don’t mean the courage and civic-mindedness of recent Chinese immigrants, who gathered in Queens last year to protest loudly and mostly in Mandarin against Mayor de Blasio’s placement of a homeless center for drug addicts smack-dab in their working class neighborhood.

We don’t mean Archbishop Fulton Sheen, or Tony Bennett or William F. Buckley or Norman Podhoretz. We don’t mean Wall Street, or Broadway.

We mean the policies and politicians that New Yorkers inflict on themselves, and the social attitudes that they use their vast influence to impose on the rest of America. A city as naturally rich, with as many inbuilt advantages as New York, has only just barely survived collapse several times (in the mid-70s, then again in the early 90s) thanks to those policies. They would break any lesser city and if they are not contained they will devastate America, leaving only a few wealthy enclaves intact — including, no doubt, Manhattan. The rich we will have always with us.

The mayor of New York City is radical leftist Bill de Blasio, who in the 1980s went to Nicaragua to help the Sandinistas impose their totalitarian system on that hapless country. Imagine if some conservative city elected a former volunteer for South Africa’s apartheid government… you can’t, can you? We don’t do that sort of thing, but New York liberals do, with a blasé chuckle. It’s par for the course. New York is a city where:

More black babies are aborted than are born. In fact, its abortion rate is one of the highest in America.

Pro-life pregnancy centers are targeted by the city and the state, constantly harassed, and always fighting in court to keep their doors open.

It’s illegal even to ask a potential employee if he has a criminal record.

Police are no longer permitted to stop and frisk potential suspects — a practice that helped slash New York’s once staggering murder rate, and saved thousands of black and Latino lives.

Al Sharpton is taken seriously as a “community leader.”

The authorities will no longer focus on mosques as potential terror centers.

Refusing to accept an employee’s “transgender” fantasies, and let him use the ladies’ locker room, can earn you a $250,000 fine.

The teachers unions which elected De Blasio won’t let the city remove abusive instructors from public schools, sometimes for years. Instead, such teachers collect their full salaries while sitting in “rubber rooms,” doing crossword puzzles or surfing the Internet.

There is a state income tax, a city income tax, and a special “unincorporated business tax” that targets hard-pressed freelancers.

The gay lobby is so powerful that the Catholic archbishop threw in the towel, and let sex activists march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, which marks the conversion of Ireland to Christianity.

Let me clue you in on a secret about New York: There aren’t so many New Yorkers there — not natives, anyway. Every year the place is flooded by ambitious valedictorians from all across the country who are fleeing their “small-minded” home towns or want to make it big in “The City.” That limitless demand for housing, which remains in fixed supply, has exactly the effect on its price that you might expect.

With a few elite exceptions, the public schools are outright unusable — chaotic holding tanks for juvie and Riker’s Island. So for each child you hope to raise in your small house or apartment, figure in the cost of 12 years of private school. The nuns are mostly gone, so Catholic schools aren’t as cheap as they used to be, but their underpaid, hard-working teachers are still the backbone of education in New York City.

The city is run by the renters, so landlords and home builders are harried by outdated rules such as rent control and “stabilization,” and a truly crackpot law grants “squatters’ rights” to anyone who stays on your couch for more than a couple weeks — so be careful in your choice of house guests.

Kennedy Airport makes New York City a border town as much as Brownsville, TX, and our country’s refusal to deport illegals or even check immigrants’ visas means that New York’s welfare rolls and hospitals are constantly flooded with recent arrivals from Afghanistan and Honduras. Who foots the bill to deliver their anchor babies? The hapless taxpayers of New York.

Those of who grew up there get squeezed out, priced out, taxed out, and at the first chance flee to the suburbs, as both of my sisters did. The middle and working class whites who elected Mayor Rudolph Giuliani just in time to save the City from David Dinkin’s Democrat crime wave have largely relocated to Long Island. Left behind are the valedictorians; the middle class who bought their homes back before a one-family house in an ugly, distant neighborhood cost $1 million; the people in rent-fixed apartments who’d be crazy ever to move; and the millions in public housing who largely live on the dole.

This is not the model our Founders had in mind for a sustainable republic, and it’s not the place that ought to be setting the trend for America. It’s a wonderful, unique city that can only survive in a weird symbiosis with a stodgier, saner hinterland that reins in its excesses. Republicans who emerge from the New York milieu, such as Nelson Rockefeller, John Lindsay, Rudolph Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg (now an independent), and New Jersey’s Chris Christie, ought not to set the tone for the national party. Even New Yorkers know that. We count on the rest of the country to save us from ourselves. (For more from the author of “GOP Hopefuls: Confronting ‘New York Values’ Is Key to Saving the USA” please click HERE)

Watch a recent interview with the author below:

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Bush Proves GOPe Stunningly Tone Deaf

It is patently evident that the fate of the nation lies solely in the hands of the American people. Both political parties have serious flaws.

The Democrats have become the party of Socialists and, thus, offer nothing for the future of America except dependence on government which ultimately and historically leads to iron-fisted control of the people. The get-free-stuff crowd eventually comes to the harsh reality that under Socialism the hand-outs become more and more meager as the government determines what, when and how much. The heavy burden of Socialism eventually takes its toll. Over time, it spurs a desire for freedom, self-determination and free-market capitalism as it again beats in the melancholy hearts of the down-trodden who were so eager to give up their freedom and independence. That is the future offered by the Democrat Party.

The Republican Party, by contrast, touts Constitutionally based freedoms and a free-market where the people are not constrained by a heavy-handed government, but are driven by their own energies and desires to personally succeed and grow a nation with liberty at its core. That is the future that may still be offered by the Republican Party — if it does not let its old-establishment leaders get in the way. The greater the distance by the GOPe from the nation’s founding values and ideals, the greater the rebellion from the base that is refusing to be pushed around.

The cold reality of the extent of the divide within the party came when it was reported by the Associated Press that GOP establishment Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush says that he finally “got it” in regard to the angry mood of the American people. The U.S. News & World Reports’ headline reads, “Bush tells AP he misjudged intensity of anger among GOP voters before his White House campaign.” Though his campaign is most associated with the old-party elites, Bush is not alone in that potentially terminal disconnect.

The old dogs of Capitol Hill, too long cushy in their jobs, now fear the new bloods that look to turn them out into the streets. The GOP establishment (GPOe) has been amply and repeatedly warned about neglecting the concerns of its constituency.

An example of such a warning is an article I wrote, “The Spine of the GOP,” on May 3, 2011, citing what amounted to years of desertion by the GOP establishment. The initial outsiders became the conservative and moderate voters within the party. Governor Bush confirmed what middle America has long known, elitist Republicans — who also hold disdain for so-called outsider Republican candidates in the race of for the Presidency — had become increasingly detached. They were more immersed in retaining power and control than in serving the people.

Consider that the following article was written as a warning to the GOP establishment five years ago. With some ironic déjà vu, note that Donald Trump was also in the aim and was the bane of the GPOe back then. The mood of the electorate was souring with the American people already fed-up with promises not kept by elected officials.

“The Spine of the GOP,” by Sharon Sebastian, May 3, 2011 —

“Myopically, Republicans are asking themselves – why are voters swooning over Trump?

Republican voters began feeling disenfranchised in 2005-2006 when core conservative principles were discarded by a GOP in search of the independent and liberal vote. The outcry of being constituents without representation rang true in conservative circles. Unwarranted spending sprees and unprotected borders had dire consequences for the GOP in 2008 as liberals swept the vote. Once burned, voters today warn that a GOP that compromises values, rights and freedoms could mean the death knell of the party. In 2010, after two harried years of Barack Obama, voters put the GOP on life-support, which opened the door for a fragile recovery – a recovery that relies on spending cuts, defunding Obamacare, restraints on the EPA and an end to onerous backdoor, economy-killing government regulations. The Republican Party has prospects for new life – a half-life at best – until it proves itself to be a party of leadership in defense of the Constitution, adherence to fiscal responsibility and Americans’ God-given rights and liberties.

On such unsteady ground, GOP candidates fear Donald Trump. Consensus is that the appeal of Trump is his bluntness, his unreserved frankness about the dire condition of the country and who put us there. Trump wisely acquiesced that if his joining the race as an Independent would assure re-election of Barack Obama, then he would not do it. Trump says his focus is to make certain that Obama does not see another four years in office. Trump appears to have no interest in being eviscerated by the American people as the historical spoiler who helped push the nation into its demise by aiding, inadvertently or not, in the re-election of Barack Obama.

Politicians need to know that the American people are in no mood. If politicians are sitting in Congress taking up space and enjoying top of the line benefits, free gas, and a free ride at the expense of American families, then voters are done with you. If a politician is willing through compromise to sell-out this nation’s future, voters are done with you. If a politician abuses and refuses to listen to constituents’ concerns whether at town halls or on phone calls, they are done with you. And, if politicians disregard a revival of Constitutional principles, the balancing of the budget, the guidance of the founding faith and the immeasurable sacrifice and value of our men and women in the military, voters are done with you.

The American voter is developing a fine sense of detecting political double-speak versus earnest representatives who say what they mean and mean what they say. To restore this nation, politicians with a spine, who will not back down on issues of major consequence, must become America’s future leaders. Those who leech off of this nation, as it struggles for survival, are the antithesis of our founding fathers and have become the enemy within. Though a few slipped through during the last election, serial compromisers need not apply. Whether in office or running for office, it will not be wise to test the ire of the American voter with old style GOP give-away-the-farm politics as usual.”

So, where does the nation stand five years later? That Barack Obama is the root cause of and, with determination, accelerated the failing of our nation at home and abroad is now part of history. The final chapter of his legacy is to be written in 2016 with more threats of unconstitutional executive orders. Fully aware of Obama’s goal to downgrade America under the guise of “transformation”, the established, old-guard Republicans did little to abate his executive lawlessness, and indeed aided and abetted in some cases. Such cooperation and compromise with Obama’s agenda and the unprecedented empowerment of his presidency by Congress assigns cause for America’s demise to both sides of the aisle. It bears repeating. Those in Congress that took a stand against the tide of a progressively socialistic and weakened America — those politicians with a spine who will not back down on issues of major consequence — must become America’s future leaders.

Reminiscent of the quote from the late baseball manager Yogi Berra, the warning in the article posted five years ago to the GOPe, is today “like déjà vu all over again.” That Jeb Bush just now realizes that he “misjudged the intensity of the anger of the GOP voter” confirms that which the base of the party was already sorely aware. His statement gives credence that in regard to the established Republican elites, the Constitutionally-grounded, traditional voice in the GOP was being ignored. Today, that voice is making itself heard. They refuse to remain a constituency without representation. Beyond the halls of Congress and the campaign trail, Americans will have the final say. Voting to preserve our nation is the final message that must be delivered in what is, unquestionably, a struggle for America’s future. That is the most critical warning of all. (For more from the author of “Bush Proves GOPe Stunningly Tone Deaf” please click HERE)


Sharon Sebastian, author of the book, “AGING: WARNING– Navigating Life’s Medical, Mental & Financial Minefields,” is a columnist, commentator, and contributor in print and on nationwide broadcasts on topics ranging from healthcare, culture, religion, and politics to domestic and global policy. Sebastian’s political and cultural analyses are published nationally and internationally.

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Top 10 GOP Betrayals in 2015

2015 will likely be remembered as the year the GOP base finally rebelled against the party leadership, taking the half-century long schism within the party to the point of no return. The betrayal by the party establishment was so profound and blatant that GOP voters everywhere discovered what many of us have known for years – the party establishment does not share our values.

It’s not that there is anything new about the party establishment shying away from providing a bold contrast to the Democrats. This divide within the party was reflected in the battles between Eisenhower and Taft, Rockefeller and Goldwater, Reagan and Ford/Bush, and Gingrich and Dole. It’s that there are graver consequences to not providing that bold contrast, and the people have noticed it.

This ain’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party; nor is this the party of Tip O’Neill or even Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer of the early ‘90s who supported border security and religious freedom respectively. This is the party of transgenders, illegal aliens, and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the party of licentiousness, totalitarianism, and post-Americanism. So yes, the consequences of remaining silent and even tacitly supporting this agenda are more deleterious than the ineptitude of former GOP House Minority Leader Bob Michael in fighting Democrats of yesteryear.

Last November, Americans went out and voted for a GOP Congress. Out popped Democrat policies, much like the rigged ballot machines in Maryland that would render Republican votes as Democratic ones. As Chuck Schumer jubilantly declared following the omnibus bill, “the bills we’re passing reflect Democratic values.” He boasted that “even though we’re in the minority, we are passing a program that we have been for all along.”

Let’s take stock of the top 10 betrayals of this year that have precipitated the final divorce of the GOP elites and its party base:

1. Re-electing John Boehner

This year started with a Speaker’s fight after the American people rose up spontaneously and flooded the capitol with tens of thousands of calls demanding the resignation of John Boehner. Following Obama’s executive amnesty, it was revealed that Boehner told Obama “do what you gotta do,” which was emblematic of his broader modus operandi of giving Obama everything he wanted. The voters were onto his betrayal, yet despite the spontaneous groundswell from their constituents, all but 25 members voted to reelect Boehner as Speaker. Their reason? An instinct for self-preservation and fear of intimidation by insiders outweighed the unanimous voice of their constituents. The year ended with the people rising up once again to force Boehner out of the Speaker’s chair, but despite the warnings of the GOP base, they replaced him with Paul Ryan, a craftier salesman for the capitulation agenda.

2. Funding the Entire Amnesty Program

In the greatest executive power grab of the modern era, Obama suspended immigration law in an act that even King George lacked the authority to do. Yet, Congress fully funded Obama’s amnesty both in last December’s budget bill, then in March, and every budget bill thereafter, despite promises to defund it. Even though the courts halted part of the program, the DACA amnesty and the complete suspension of Secure Communities and deportations have gone into effect. We are paying for it to this day, and as a result, the border surge is continuing.

3. Corker-Cardin Iran Deal

With news reports that Obama spied on Israel and members of Congress while promoting his Iranian alliance, we are still seeing the fallout of the most treasonous alliance cut by a modern president with an enemy nation. Despite the bipartisan public outrage over the Iran deal, Republicans not only declined to defund it, but they passed the Corker-Cardin bill. That bill gave Obama implicit blessing and legitimacy from Congress by essentially granting approval by default with just one-third of the Senate. Additionally, Mitch McConnell blocked all conservative amendments that would have embarrassed Democrats so that they could be provided a loin cloth and shielded from any blowback. Since then, Republicans have abandoned any meaningful opposition to the Iran deal, despite the fact that the details and the betrayal continue to worsen by the week.

4. Social Issues, Religious Liberty, and Judicial Tyranny

In June, we had a bloodless coup de ta from the federal courts, culminating with the SCOTUS decisions on marriage, Obamacare, and disparate impact. Decisions like these will remake America forever if nothing is done to reverse the courts’ power grab, but you would never know it from watching the behavior of the GOP. Many members failed to even issue press releases. They are done talking about marriage and have not proposed a single piece of legislation protecting religious liberty or reclaiming power from the courts. In fact, Republican leadership even blocked conservatives from using a special legislative process to circumvent a filibuster and place, on Obama’s desk, two resolutions nullifying anti-religious liberty edicts enacted by the D.C. municipality government.

Now we have people being thrown in jail for not signing marriage licenses, private business owners fined for not baking cakes, and schools and institutions turned upside down over the transgendered agenda. Republicans don’t want to utter a peep about these issues. This is one case where inaction truly speaks volumes and represents a monumental betrayal.

5. Funding of Planned Parenthood

While Republicans have agreed to continue funding Planned Parenthood for years, this year represents a most jarring betrayal. With the ubiquitous videos showing PP openly bragging about harvesting and selling baby organs, Republicans had a once-in-a-generation opportunity to simply cut off taxpayer funds in the budget bills (the bills that actually mattered). Yet, they couldn’t stand before the American people and say “not one penny of taxpayer funds for a private organization under criminal investigation for harvesting baby organs.” Sadly, a number of establishment pro-life organizations, which decided to play interference for leadership, were exposed as frauds.6. Criminal Justice Deform

This is the year that, thanks to Obama’s war on law enforcement, the two decade long trend of declining crime was reversed in many major cities. Rather than drawing a bold contrast and continuing the GOP tradition of standing with the silent majority of the country on law and order Republicans helped codify Obama’s agenda in multiple ways. Similar to the gang of eight on immigration, Republicans responded to Obama’s program of early release from prisons with a bill of their own to retroactively release violent drug and firearms offenders from federal prison. They have used the House and Senate judiciary committees as conduits for the left wing soft-on-crime agenda. Likewise they have done nothing to investigate the DOJ’s racist strong-arming and intimidation practices against local police departments. Instead the GOP gave the DOJ more funding to get involved in local law enforcement matters.

7. The Great Fiscal Betrayal

Ok, so Republicans have given up on defending our sovereignty, security, and civil society, but aren’t they fiscal conservatives? Not a chance. Republicans reversed the only fiscal gains they’ve secured since winning back the House in 2011 by busting the budget caps and essentially vitiating the budget control act. They suspended the debt ceiling twice this year, the latter time extending until the end of Obama’s presidency. Additionally, they passed a $70 billion highway bailout, 5-year extension of No Child Left Behind programs, and passed a massive Medicare doc fix bailout that will cost $500 billion over 20 years without any conservative structural reforms.

8. Obamatrade

Even those conservatives who are generally predisposed to support trade deals should be appalled by the lengths GOP leaders went to hand Obama one of his biggest political victories this year. They spent an entire month ignoring Obama’s fundamental transformation of our nation and begged Democrats to support their own party leader’s bill by offering them all sorts of goodies.

9. Islamic Refugees from the Middle East and Africa

Following the Paris terror attacks, and even before the San Bernardino terror attack, some friends told me not to worry about defunding refugee resettlement and move on to focus on some other issues. The issue had been won already, they said; there was no way Democrats could get away with continuing to bring in more refugees in light of the news. Well, despite the torrent of news about the break down in vetting of Tafsheen Malik, Republicans funded every aspect of Obama’s refugee program without placing any restrictions on immigration from the Middle East. Instead, the GOP passed a phony refugee bill, a visa waiver bill that did nothing but promote Obama’s distraction (it also contained a waiver Obama is now utilizing), and blocked all conservative amendments despite promises for an open amendment process.

10. Surrendering the Power of the Purse

The sum total of all the legislative betrayals this year, culminating with passage of the omnibus, is that Democrats know with absolute certainty Republicans will never use the budget process to stop even the most harmful policies. Obama now has his final year to fundamentally transform America with a clear playing field and the full confidence that he will not face any opposition.

The good news? You can’t fool all the people all the time. This year voters will respond to these betrayals, and if the polls are any indication, it appears the establishment is in for a rough 2016. (For more from the author of “Top 10 GOP Betrayals in 2015” please click HERE)

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Poll: Americans Trust GOP over Democrats on Guns, Terrorism and Economy

A PEW Research Poll released December 15 shows the American public trusts Republicans over Democrats when it comes to guns, terrorism, and the economy . . .

According to PEW, the public supports Republicans on guns by a margin of 43 percent to 37 percent. Regarding the “terror threat,” the public sides with Republicans over Democrats 46 percent to 34 percent. On the economy they side with Republicans by a margin of 42 percent to 37 percent. . . .

Regarding the public’siding with Republicans over Democrats when it comes to guns, the different approaches of the two parties are stark. Republicans reacted to the San Bernardino terror attacks by focusing on border security and mental health, whereas Democrats reacted by wanting to expand gun control and introducing a ban on the manufacture of AR-15s and related weapons.

When it comes to terrorism, 46 percent of the public believes Islam is “more likely than [other religions] to encourage violence among its believers” versus 45 percent who do not. And when broken down by party affiliation, only 30 percent of Democrats believe Islam tends toward violence while 65 percent of Republicans believe it does. (Read more from “Poll: Americans Trust GOP over Democrats on Guns, Terrorism and Economy” HERE)

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These Two GOP Candidates Have Been Cut From Main Debate Stage

When the Republican presidential hopefuls take the stage in Milwaukee on Tuesday night for their fourth debate, familiar faces will be missing from the prime-time lineup — Mike Huckabee and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

On Thursday, Fox Business Network, the host of the debate, announced on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” the qualifiers for the main stage, and Mr. Christie and Mr. Huckabee — who had been slipping in recent polls — did not quite make the cut.

Then lineup for the main stage debate will be Donald J. Trump, Ben Carson, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Gov. John R. Kasich of Ohio and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

To qualify for the prime-time debate based on the network’s criteria, candidates needed to score at least 2.5 percent or higher in an average of the four most recent national polls through Nov. 4. Those below the 2.5 percent average in the polls could qualify for the so-called undercard debate, as long as they hit at least 1 percent in at least one of the four most recent national polls.

Dropping off the main stage is a huge blow to Mr. Christie, who has struggled to gain the traction for which he’d hoped ever since announcing his bid, and who saw his “tell it like it is” message inadvertently usurped by Mr. Trump’s freewheeling, tell-it-like-it-is campaign. (Read more from “These Two GOP Candidates Have Been Cut From Main Debate Stage” HERE)

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