7 Questions for Those Who Say That Islam Is Just Like Any Other Religion

In defense of Donald Trump’s suggestion that Muslim immigration be restricted until we better understand the nature of the Jihadist terror threat, the following is offered up by our long-suffering Summer Intern @BiffSpackle:

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Democrats, progressives, and other miscreants: please feel free to answer any or all of these questions in the comments section.

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Another ‘Mentally Ill’ Muslim Excused for Stabbing Spree

…The rising number of attacks on Jews and synagogues in recent years has been well documented, but it has nothing to do with terrorism and certainly not Islamic terrorism, French authorities say.

The latest attack came in Strasbourg, France, where an Orthodox Jewish rabbi was attacked in broad daylight Friday and left hospitalized by a knife-wielding Muslim yelling “Allahu Akbar!”

The incident was immediately scrubbed by French police as “not terrorism related” in what has become a pattern across Europe, Canada and the United States.

Instead of calling it terrorism, the authorities initially refer to the assailant as mentally ill or “suffering from psychiatric issues,” as the Daily Mirror reported on the latest incident, which took place just outside the rabbi’s home about 500 yards from the main synagogue in the city’s Jewish quarter.

As recently as Aug. 11, a woman ran over two police officers in Montreal with her car while yelling “Allah!” and she was also deemed mentally ill by Canadian authorities, CIJ News reported. (Read more from “Another ‘Mentally Ill’ Muslim Excused for Stabbing Spree” HERE)

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Muslims Sue City for Rejecting Mega-Mosque

When the planning commission in Sterling Heights, Michigan, voted unanimously last fall to reject a mega-mosque in a residential area, an overflow crowd of residents could be seen on video shouting and cheering with joy . . .

But the Muslims ominously warned that they were not going away quietly.

On Wednesday they made good on their promise, suing the city for alleged civil rights violations, claims that the Obama administration appears all-to-eager to support.

WND reported that the Obama Department of Justice was secretly trying to intimidate the city earlier this year and now that appears to have been the case all along. The DOJ weighed in publicly Wednesday after the suit was filed with its own threatening language.

U.S. Attorney for Eastern District of Michigan Barbara McQuade told the Free Press, “The Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney’s Office have been conducting an independent investigation, and that investigation is ongoing.” (Read more from “Muslims Sue City for Rejecting Mega-Mosque” HERE)

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What’s the Bigger Threat: Radical Islam or Ourselves?

When will the “religion of peace” stop being so misunderstood and recognized as the noble social justice warriors that they are?

Maybe when stuff like this stops happening. Just last week, a police officer with Washington, D.C.’s Metro Transit was arrested on charges of assisting the (not according to Obama) Islamic State. Federal prosecutors say he had been under government’s surveillance since 2010 and travelled twice to Libya – a land known for its peace and tranquility – twice in 2011.

Hard to know how many American lives were just saved by such an arrest. What is clear, though, according to a recent story in the New York Times, is that there is little time to celebrate in America or elsewhere. One cockroach may have been crushed under the heel of our still feisty-at-times, but seriously limping, remnant of Western Civilization. Yet the broader infestation is relentless, vast, and coordinated to a degree that many remain in denial about.

European intelligence, which has had the unfortunate duty of connecting dots in the aftermath of wave after wave of deadly terrorist attacks in the last few years, has uncovered the existence of an elite intelligence and operations unit within Islamic State called the Emni. It has been recruiting and sending fighters abroad for at least two years under the command of the Islamic State’s most senior Syrian operative, with the assistance of a team of lieutenants spread out across the globe. Charged with sparking a reign of terror whenever and however they can.

So instead of crazy lone wolves inflicting happenstance workplace violence, we likely have a swarm full of jihadis who are holding hands in a human chain of malice extending across the globe. Looking to do the blood-curdling will of Allah.

Oh, and on top of all that, the good little hackers over at Islamic State – what difference do Hillary’s e-mail shenanigans make anyway, right? – has released a list of 700 U.S. Army soldiers it wants its followers to kill. Too bad we don’t have a better jobs program to keep them otherwise occupied.

So these guys are clearly focused and serious as a heart attack. Got it. Now let’s look at our side of the ledger. What kind of culture and leadership stands in the way of this death wish?

Um…Bueller? Bueller?

Let’s just say we aren’t, collectively speaking, led by a bunch of very righteous dudes at the moment.

For starters, an economist from the University of Chicago says his research indicates too many of America’s young men are content to spend their days unemployed, unmarried, living with their parents, and spending as much as 75 percent of their leisure time playing video games. Hence, there’s probably not a lot of guys ready and willing to jump on top of a grenade in that flaccid clan.

But that’s why we’ve got great leaders at the top. The kind of leaders who do the worrying for us so we never have to put the joystick down, and wipe the drool from our chin. Leaders like President Obama, who just this week showed us once again what a ninja he is when it comes to keeping his eye on the ball. Right?

No, he still can’t utter the phrase “radical Islamic terrorist,” but he can say “global warming” so fast that it makes time stand still. Not to mention American infrastructure comes to a screeching halt.

The Obama regime issued standards last week that will make it easier to block a wide range of projects in the name of fake science, including building bridges and expanding highways. So Unicorns 1, Just Trying to Get to a Freaking Job 0.

I guess we are going to have to leave it to the church, then, to clarify the difference between the darkness and the light. No flights of fancy there. Just truth. Pure truth.

Oh no. Pope Francis said what?

The leader of the Catholic Church pulled a full Obama last weekend by rejecting the phrase “Islamic violence.” Timed in the wake of one of his own priests having his throat slit wide open by an Islamic terrorist as he was celebrating Mass in France.

If he has to speak of “Islamic violence,” then Pope Francis said it is also his duty to speak of “Catholic violence.” Sadly, though, Francis had not yet reached peak SJW. He had to throw this politically-correct psychobabble in for good measure: “As long as the god of money is at the center of the global economy and not the human person, man and woman, this is the first terrorism.”

Right, because the son of a wealthy Arab family like Osama bin Laden plotted 9/11 in order to strike a blow for the global proletariat. Come on, man. Pope Francis might as well trade out those Hail Mary’s for a hearty Allahu Akbar and call it a day.

I’m sorry, but I don’t even know why the terrorists bother blowing themselves up anymore. They have clearly already won. The leaders of Western Civilization believe in imaginary creatures more than they do the very real threat at their doorstep, and they do so with a smug smile on their face.

So while that martyred French priest may have died with the words, “Begone, Satan!” on his lips and on his heart, it is clear he has very few wingmen. Islamic State, on the other hand, continues to draw both a crowd and plenty of blood, with nary an end to the carnage in sight.

Which ultimately and sadly begs this final question: whose lies will be more responsible for getting us killed in the end? Islam’s or our own? (For more from the author of “What’s the Bigger Threat: Radical Islam or Ourselves?” please click HERE)

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Muslim chaplain ministers at Camp Leatherneck during Ramadan

US Muslim Organization Puts up Billboard That’s Turning Heads

A Muslim-American organization has taken a bold step to strike at ISIS while at the same time defending Islam.

A billboard that reads, “HEY ISIS, You SUCK!!!, From #ActualMuslims,” was erected on a busy Chicago highway by the Sound Vision Foundation. In the top right corner it reads: “Life is sacred. Quran 5:32.”

Leena Suleiman, director of creative engagement for the nonprofit organization, explained the reason for the billboard, saying, “We launched the campaign in light of the constant pressure on American Muslims to condemn ISIS, especially since Muslims are the biggest victims of ISIS.”

She went on to say the billboard is meant to convey that ISIS does not represent the religion of Islam.

Suleiman remarked that while the response within the Muslim commuity has been positive, the larger response will be harder to gauge.

The billboard, she said, also represents the frustrations faced by Muslims striving for a peaceful existence who are put in the same category as ISIS terrorists.

According to Sound Vision’s executive director, Mohammad Siddiqi, the money for the billboard was raised by a group of concerned Muslim-American professionals.

Suleiman said in an interview with Chicago’s WMAQ-TV, “Obviously Muslims know that ISIS sucks, so the main audience is people who are not Muslims.” She continued, saying non-Muslims need to know that Muslims are not OK with ISIS.

When the billboard was posted on Twitter, people were quick to respond.

One person tweeted:

Another person wrote:

(For more from the author of “US Muslim Organization Puts up Billboard That’s Turning Heads” please click HERE)

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Facebook Blocks Michael Savage for Posting News on Islamic Crime

Facebook has temporarily blocked talk-radio host Michael Savage from posting stories to his page after he put up a link to a story about a Muslim migrant killing a pregnant woman in Germany.

A message from the social media giant on Savage’s page said: “You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature.”

The message then refers the user to Facebook’s “Community Standards” and states the block will be active for 21 hours.

Facebook’s “Community Standards” page lists “hate speech” as one of its prohibitions, along with “violence and graphic content,” and nudity.

The article linked by Savage was about a pregnant woman in Reutlingen, Germany, who was hacked to death with a meat cleaver by a 21-year-old Syrian refugee. (Read more from “Facebook Blocks Michael Savage for Posting News on Islamic Crime” HERE)

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Syrian_refugees_having_rest_at_the_floor_of_Keleti_railway_station._Refugee_crisis._Budapest,_Hungary,_Central_Europe,_5_Sep (2)

Syrian Refugee Hacks Pregnant Woman to Death in Germany

In what appears to be the third Islamic terrorist attack in Germany in just one week, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee reportedly killed a pregnant woman with a machete in Reutlingen, Germany. Two others were injured in the machete attack. Shockingly, this individual had already been involved in “previous incidents causing injuries to others,” according to Reuters, but was somehow released.

This comes on the heels of the larger terror attack on Friday in Munich where an 18-year-old Muslim with duel German and Iranian citizenship murdered nine people. Eye witnesses say he was shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Earlier in the week, an Afghani refugee injured five people with an axe on a train in Wurzburg. This all comes a week after the mega-terror attack in Nice, France where 84 people were killed at the hands of a Tunisian jihadist who plowed through a packed crowd with a large truck.

The common thread in the intensifying stream of attacks is not the weapon of choice; it’s not even the relationship with terrorist networks. It’s individual Muslim immigrants that came to Europe over the past year or past few decades who act upon the individual obligation to commit jihad. It goes without saying there are some Muslims that do assimilate and are patriotic, as demonstrated by the Muslim who wound up killing the jihadist in Reutlingen today:

However, clearly the large numbers of immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East have cultivated a climate of anti-assimilation and hostility to western culture. This is a long-term problem. Given the stark lessons from Europe’s suicidal immigration policies, why would we wait another day to fix our broken refugee system?

Just since the beginning of May, 4,990 Syrian refugees have arrived in the U.S., in addition to thousands more from other Middle Eastern countries. Incidentally, all but 13 of them, or 99.7 percent, are Muslim. Additionally, Congress is planning to bring in 4,000 more refugees from Afghanistan through the Special Immigrant Visa program.

If Republicans were serious about drawing a sharp contrast from the Democrats in order to keep the Senate next year they’d convene an emergency session in middle of recess, and at a minimum, halt the Syrian refugee program. They’d have their most vulnerable members hand this issue around the necks of their opponents rather than hide from it. Ultimately, if Republicans lose the Senate, thereby mitigating the benefits of electing a Republican president to a large degree, they will have nobody to blame but themselves. (For more from the author of “Syrian Refugee Hacks Pregnant Woman to Death in Germany” please click HERE)

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What Happened to Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric?

Donald Trump largely built his candidacy on three things:

1. Unprecedented free, unfettered media coverage. Far greater than all his primary competitors combined, in fact.

2. His own bravado, which was manna from heaven for a populace starving for anything other than the consultant-driven drivel typically served up.

3. Cynical manipulation of racial/religious identity politics.

It is that third item that it’s time to revisit in light of day two of the GOP convention, which closed with a Muslim prayer. See, much of Trump’s base really believed all that anti-Muslim rhetoric. In fact, his so-called “Muslim ban” was his most popular policy initiative according to all the exit polls nationwide.

But if there was ever any further confirmation needed this was all for show, and a con all along, tonight’s closing prayer was it. Not because it displayed religious pluralism. I don’t believe in Allah, which is why I’m not a Muslim. But I understand not everyone in America believes as I do.

Rather, because the pluralism on parade tonight is a complete and total repudiation of the canard Trump sold his base for months. As he cynically capitalized on liberal stereotypes of Republicans, because he’s a New York City liberal, too.

So all of you who overlooked the fact Trump is not and never has been with us on the issues, simply because you believed he shared your nationalist frustrations, you are now part of a select group of people. Those swindled by Donald Trump.

Now who’s the cuck? (For more from the author of “What Happened to Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric?” please click HERE)

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Baton Rouge Cop-Killer in Nation of Islam, Part of “Remote Mind Control” Group

By WND. The shooter who gunned down three Baton Rouge law-enforcement officers and injured three more has ties with the Nation of Islam.

Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri apparently coincided his 29th birthday – July 17, 1987 – with his rampage. In his extensive online presence, which included tweets, self-published books, YouTube videos and a website, he said he was once a member of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, but said he had no affiliations with outside groups.

“Yeah, I also was a Nation of Islam member. Don’t affiliate me with it. Don’t affiliate me with anything,” he said in one video. “I thought my own thoughts. I made my own decisions. I’m the one who’s got to listen the judgment. That’s it. And my heart is pure.”

Long made a video stating he went to Dallas after the police shootings and called killer Micah Johnson “one of us” . . .

Long was wearing black with his face covered when he began shooting “indiscriminately” as officers responded to a call about a man with an “assault rifle.” Long was killed at the scene. Officers initially thought two additional gunmen were involved, but later said there were no active shooters were in the city. (Read more from “Baton Rouge Cop-Killer in Nation of Islam” HERE)


CNN: Cop Killer Claimed Membership in Group for Those “Abused by Remote Brain Experimentation”

By Joshua Berlinger. Long followed several conspiracy groups devoted to government surveillance and monitoring. An email address linked to him showed that he was a member of a support group in an organization called Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance.

The group’s mission is to help those “marginalized and abused by … remote brain experimentation, remote neural monitoring of an entire humans body.”

On that site he’s identified as a “Buddy” representing other “targets” of government surveillance.

The FBI is vetting the claim Long made on YouTube that he was a member of the Nation of Islam. An official said the belief is that Long identified as being associated with the black separatist movement in some capacity but there is no indication he was directed by it. The law enforcement official said the FBI has no indication any black separatist or other domestic terrorist groups are supporting or sending people to kill cops. (Read more about killer’s affiliation with Nation of Islam, other groups HERE)

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These Are the Tools We Need to Win the Long War Against Islamist Terrorism

After the horrible terrorist attack in Nice, France, millions of Americans, Frenchmen, and others around the world are probably asking themselves what can be done to stop the seemingly unending wave of deadly Islamist terrorist attacks from Dhaka, Bangladesh to San Bernardino, California.

These attacks have been conducted using explosives, guns, and now an ordinary vehicle. Here in the U.S., Islamist terrorists have plotted or attacked the U.S. 25 times since the start of 2015, by far the most active period of terrorist activity since 9/11.

Now is not the time for a knee-jerk response, but it is time to take a serious appraisal of the threat and what we can do to stop it here at home.

The U.S. has faced 89 Islamist terror plots or attacks against the homeland since 9/11, with over a quarter of those occurring in the past 18 months.

Seventy-eight of these plots involved a homegrown, U.S.-born terrorist. Eleven plots have been successful, leaving 91 Americans dead while wounding and terrorizing countless more. Five of these successful plots have been in the past 12 months and have killed 68 Americans. Of course, if it were not for the work of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies, other plots would have succeeded, likely killing thousands more.

It is this reality of both success and failure that should drive our future efforts. Our greatest successes have been hard-fought victories achieved through difficult police work and the vigilance of our intelligence community. Undercover agents, wiretaps, examination of computer data, and many other tools have been essential to stopping Islamist terrorists. When we have failed to stop an attack, we often ask why our police and intelligence agencies failed to recognize and stop the threat.

Our greatest asset in preventing terrorism has been, and must continue to be, our law enforcement and intelligence communities armed with the tools and resources they need. Since 9/11, the U.S. has taken important steps in this direction, but we must continue to improve and refine these tools.

This does not mean our government can ignore our rights under the Constitution. Every program and law must meet constitutional scrutiny. But this does mean that within the bounds of the Constitution, strong and proactive investigatory tools should be given to our security forces with careful oversight from all branches of government.

In so doing we can maximize both our security and our liberty, rather than trading one for the other.

Aided by efforts in community outreach, counter radicalization, improved sharing between the FBI and local law enforcement, and other preventative approaches to terrorism, the U.S. can stop more terrorism before its strikes. (For more from the author of “These Are the Tools We Need to Win the Long War Against Islamist Terrorism” please click HERE)

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